Turkish rug TURKISH ELECTRONIC LIVING LEXICON (TELL) -- Version 2.0 (2009)

TELL is a database of 30,000 Turkish words representing both print dictionaries and the actual knowledge of two native speakers. TELL was constructed from a master list composed of the following: 17,000 headwords from the 2d edition of the Oxford Turkish-English dictionary, 20,000 headwords from the 3d edition of the Oxford Turkish English-dictionary, 175 place names from an atlas of Istanbul, and 5,000 place names from a telephone area code directory of Turkey. Once duplicates were removed, the resulting list contained some 30,000 lexemes. These were elicited, in various morphological contexts, from two native speakers from Istanbul. The resulting database contains orthographic representations of these 30,000 headwords as well as phonemic transcriptions of all elicited forms. The native speakers knew, and supplied pronunciations for, some 17,500 of the elicited lexemes. In addition, TELL supplies morphological roots for approximately 17,000 lexical items; etymologies are supplied for around 11,000.

TELL was developed in the Linguistics Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Funding for the development of TELL was provided by the Hellman Faculty Fund, by National Science Foundation Awards #SBR-9514355, #SBR-9911003, #0002099 and #0515237 to Sharon Inkelas, the latter two projects in collaboration with Prof. Kemal Oflazer, currently of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Principal contributors to the TELL project at UC Berkeley include Aylin Kuntay, John Lowe, Orhan Orgun, Ronald Sprouse, and Russell Rhodes.

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