Saturday, October 4

8:00        Registration opens; coffee/breakfast

9:00-9:10 Welcome

Session I
9:10-9:50  “The Ordering of Affixes and Mirror Principle Violations in Wolof”
Leston Buell (Leiden Centre for Linguistics), Mariame Sy (Columbia University) & Harold Torrence (University of Kansas)

9:50-10:30 “On the order of morphemes in Georgian verbs and substantives”
Alice Harris (SUNY Stony Brook)

Coffee Break

Session II
10:40-11:20 “Affix ordering in Sierra Popoluca (Mixe-Zoque)”  
Lynda Baudreault (UT Austin)
11:20-12:00 “Phonological Interpretation of Syntactic Heads: Affix Ordering in Qafar”        
Pierre Rucart (Université Lyon 2)

1:30-2:20  Invited talk: Keren Rice (University of Toronto)
“Forming the Athabaskan verb: What role for phonological factors”

Coffee break

Session III
2:30-3:10 “Spatial affixes in syntax”
David Stringer (Indiana University)

3:10-3:50 “Multiple preverbation in Homeric Greek: Affix-order constraints in Path coding”
Caroline Imbert (CNRS - DDL/Université Lyon 2)

3:50-4:30 “On the order of local case affixes”
Nina Radkevich (University of Connecticut)

Session IV 
4:40-5:20 “Affix ordering in the Ojibwe word: evidence for phrasal movement”
Eric Mathieu (University of Ottawa)

5:20-6:00 “On morphosyntactic domains in Oji-Cree”        
Tanya Slavin (University of Toronto)

Sunday, October 5

Session V

9:00-9:40 “Agglutinating order”
Jorge Hankamer (UC Santa Cruz)

9:40-10:20 “Gradient morphotactics in Tagalog”
Kevin Ryan (UCLA)

10:20-11:10 Invited Talk: Sharon Inkelas (UC Berkeley)
“An inside-out approach to Multiple Exponence” 
(with Gabriela Caballero (SUNY Stony Brook))