CUSP 11:

California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics

where and when

CUSP 11 will be held on Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28, 2018, in 370 Dwinelle Hall at the University of California, Berkeley.


Participation in CUSP is free and open to interested faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. For organizational purposes, please fill out the RSVP form to let us know that you are coming (even if you are not presenting), no later than Wednesday, October 24, 2018.


Saturday, October 27
9:30–10:00 Coffee and brief welcome
Session 1 Chair: Virginia Dawson
10:00–10:30 Maura O’Leary (UCLA) and Adrian Brasoveanu (UCSC): The Lexical Temporal Properties of Nominal Predicates
10:30–11:00 Sarah Hye-yeon Lee (University of Southern California): The Interpretation of the Comparison Class in Degree Predication
11:00–11:30 BREAK
Session 2 Chair: Emily Clem
11:30–12:00 Erika Petersen (Stanford): I-implicatures and the manner/result complementarity hypothesis
12:00–12:30 Anastasia Smirnova (San Francisco State): A puzzle for a Neo-Davidsonian analysis of event nominals
12:30–2:00 LUNCH (google map of some recommended places)
Session 3 Chair: Rachel Rudolph
2:00–2:30 Prerna Nadathur (Stanford): Causal dependence in ability and actuality
2:30–3:00 Longlu Qin (Stanford): Yaobushi-conditionals in Mandarin Chinese: Causal Relations and Counterfactual Interpretations
3:00–3:30 BREAK
Session 4 Chair: John MacFarlane
3:30–4:00 Sven Neth (UC Berkeley): Chancy Modus Ponens
4:00–4:30 Jose Armando Fernandez Guerrero (UCSD): Mirativity in Ch’ol: The Clitic =ME
4:30–5:00 Beth Sturman (UCLA) and Jessica Rett (UCLA): Exclamation intonation
6:00–8:00 DINNER (Tharaphu Burmese Street Food)
Sunday, October 28
9:00–9:30 BREAKFAST
Session 5 Chair: Tessa Scott
9:30–10:00 Margaret Kroll (UCSC) and Tom Roberts (UCSC): I hold these truths to be self-evident: The semantic and pragmatic contributions of of course

Margaret Kroll (UCSC) and Amanda Rysling (UCSC): Evaluating truth: Experimental evidence from appositives and conjunctions     CANCELLED

10:00–10:30 Virginia Dawson (UC Berkeley): Paths to exceptional wide scope: Choice functions in Tiwa
10:30–11:00 BREAK
Session 6 Chair: Amy Rose Deal
11:00–11:30 Peter Alrenga (UMass Amherst / UC Berkeley), Daniel Hardt (Copenhagen Business School), Line Mikkelsen (UC Berkeley) & Yenan Sun (University of Chicago): same in arguments and predicates

Conference Location

CUSP will be held in 370 Dwinelle Hall. Dwinelle Hall is large and notoriously difficult to navigate. Please see these maps (ground level, upper level) to locate Room 370 within the building. (Experienced CUSPers will note that CUSP 11 is in the same location as was CUSP 6.)

Getting to campus and parking

The UC Berkeley campus is easily accessible by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport). Use the Downtown Berkeley station.

Parking can be difficult on and around campus, and will be especially restricted on Saturday due to a football game. Those who arrive relatively early on Saturday (say by 10am) should be able to find parking in any of the public lots near the campus. Note that it will not be possible to park on campus itself on Saturday as the lots are reserved for those with football parking permits. On Sunday, you may be able to park behind Dwinelle Hall and pay for a permit at the yellow machine.

A final note: there is street and metered parking near the University, but be diligent about reading parking restrictions, as the regulations and schedules are strictly enforced by the City of Berkeley.

Contact info

Questions can be directed to Amy Rose Deal,


CUSP 11 gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics and the UC Berkeley Department of Philosophy and the organizational support of the Research Group in Formal Semantics.