Line Mikkelsen

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

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syntax, semantics, morphology, Danish and other Germanic languages, Karuk and other languages of California, philosophy of language
Research areas: Syntax & Semantics

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Personal Statement

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2004. Her research interests are the syntax, semantics, and morphology of natural language, and the relations among these. She works on Danish (and other Germanic languages) and Karuk, a Hokan language of Northern California.  She has worked on noun incorporation, definiteness marking, expletive constructions, relative clauses, and copular constructions (the last is the topic of her dissertation). She is currently investigating verb phrase anaphora, the internal structure of complex DPs and information-structural effects on word order. She has a long-standing interest in philosophy of language and is affiliated with the department of philosophy .

Selected publications

 "Same but different"  Linguistics & Philosophy 38(4):289-314 (2015) With Daniel Hardt. pdf

"VP anaphora and verb-second order in Danish" Journal of Linguistics 51(3):595-643 (2015). pdf

"Licensing Trouble"  Linguistic Inquiry 45:4 (2013) With Mark Norris and Jorge Hankamer. 

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"Definiteness marking and the structure of Danish pseudopartitives." (Jorge Hankamer). Journal of Linguistics 44:2, 317--346 (2008). [pdf]

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"Specification is not inverted predication." In Masako Hirotani (ed.) Proceedings of NELS 32, 403-422 (2002).

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