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The annual report is a collection of research papers that we compile through-out the year for our own records and for our colleagues at other institutions who may wish to see advance copies of work that is in progress at Berkeley. Please click on the links below to see the table of contents.

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Annual Report for 2005

Annual Report for 2006

Annual Report for 2007

Annual Report for 2008

Annual Report for 2009

Annual Report for 2010

Annual Report for 2011

Annual Report for 2012

Annual Report for 2013

Annual Report for 2014

Annual Report for 2015



The papers posted here are drafts of papers that are ready for submission to a peer reviewed journal. They have been revised on the basis of review by fellow lab members and usually after feedback from conference audiences. When a published version of a paper is available we will indicate the proper citation in the table of contents and ask you to please read and cite the improved peer-reviewed version.


Lab members, please send your contributions for the annual report to Keith Johnson as a PDF file with no headers or footers. Contributions are accepted, and posted, throughout the year.