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Access and layout of the Lab

The Phonology Lab is located in 50-52 Dwinelle on the classroom side of Level C, along with the offices across the hall (49-57 Dwinelle).

  • Room 50 is the 'bullpen' for grad students and visitors. The Lab printer is also here.
  • Rooms 51 and 53 have small sound booths for running perception experiments.
  • Room 52 has a large sound booth and is primarily used for speech production experiments.
  • 55 contains the Lab library and sometimes houses visitors.
  • 57 is the SpARCL room for sociophonetic research.

Graduate students and visitors who need unrestricted access to the Lab should contact Keith Johnson or Susan Lin for permission to obtain a key, and Ronald Sprouse for an alarm code and instruction on how to use it.

Lab security

The Phonology Lab is located in the public portion of Dwinelle Hall. This part of the building is open on evenings and weekends, and is usually bustling with people. It is important to keep in mind that there are people out there who would be very happy to take our computers off our hands. Arm the alarm system when the space is not in use!

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