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The Phonology Lab uses a shared Google calendar for reserving Lab resources. This system is fairly informal and intended to be collegial, so please be considerate of others when resolving conflicts.

Use the online calendar to reserve:

  • Lab rooms
  • recording equipment
  • subject stations for perception experiments
  • workstation/equipment for production experiments
  • Lab computers
  • other Lab equipment

You must use the Lab credentials to create or modify events in the calendar. (Calnet authentication is required to access these credentials. Contact Ronald Sprouse if you are denied.)

You may have difficulty logging in to the calendar if you are already logged in to a google service as a different user. You can either 1) log out of the google services, then log in as the shared lab user; or 2) switch to a different browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome, if you are already logged in using Firefox).

To make a reservation, create an event in the calendar and include your name and a brief description of the resources you are reserving, such as the room number, in the event title. It is fine to have overlapping events in the calendar, but check to make sure that a reservation you are creating doesn't overlap with another reservation for the same resource. It is good form to include your contact information when creating an event so that your colleagues can contact you if they need to work out the scheduling of a resource with you.

Note that the calendar has a public URL, and confidential information should never appear in the calendar. Do not include subject names or contact information when reserving slots for running experiments, for instance. To do so would violate your CPHS protocols!

Subject scheduling database

The Lab's Subject Scheduling Database is used to create sign-up slots for your experiment subjects. You specify your available times to run subjects, and then you can tell participants to "please visit the experiments" web page to choose a time. This is most helpful when you need to schedule a lot of people. The database software will send an e-mail message the day before the experiment both to the subject and to you.

This database is only for communicating with potential subjects; you must also reserve the experiment resources (room/equipment) in the Lab calendar, as described above.

Only experiment adminstrators can create and modify experiments and associated time slots. Contact Ronald Sprouse if you are unable to authenticate as an administrator.

When you create an experiment, choose your dates carefully. The software will let you enter illegal dates (e.g. dates in the past; Feb. 31) but will then fail to display your experiment. Also, your experiment will disappear from the list once the end date is reached. If your experiment disappears before you have completed running subjects, simply create a new experiment and set of time slots.

Experiment volunteers

The Lab maintains a list of subjects who have expressed an interest in participating in speech experiments. Consult Ronald Sprouse for access to this list.

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