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Troubleshooting the Ultrasonix system

The major problem we have with the Ultrasonix Tablet is that the built-in display often flickers and sometimes goes dark. An external monitor is located next to the Ultrasonix to work around this issue, and a second monitor is located in the soundbooth. These are attached to the Ultrasonix machine's single external display port via a splitter.

Unfortunately, if both external monitors are plugged into the video splitter when the Ultrasonix is turned on, then neither monitor will be detected. To avoid this problem, follow the instructions for starting Ultrasonix *exactly*.

  • If the external monitors are not detected at boot time, shut down the Ultrasonix, unplug one of the monitors from the splitter, and restart. After Windows has finished starting you can plug the second external monitor into the splitter.

You can diagnose monitor problems by observing the external monitors' behavior at boot time. If you have correctly started the Ultrasonix (i.e. only of the external monitors is plugged into the splitter, and that monitor is powered on), then you should see the Ultrasonix machine's boot screen on the external monitor about four seconds after pressing the power button on the Ultrasonix. This screen has the words 'BIOS settings: <F10>' and 'Boot Menu: <F2>' in the lower righthand corner and persists for only a few seconds.

If you do not see those words on the external monitor's boot screen, then it is likely that you have not started the Ultrasonix correctly and both external monitors are plugged into the splitter. Shut down and try again.

If you do see those words on the external monitor's boot screen, but then the external monitor goes dark and does not return after 60 seconds or so, then it is possible that Windows has chosen a video mode that the external monitor is not capable of displaying.

  • To enable display on both the built-in and external monitors, press Ctrl-Alt-F12 (all three keys simultaneously) to pull up the Intel Graphics Control Panel. Under General Settings select the Clone Dell 1905FP profile and click OK.

If the built-in monitor on the Ultrasonix is not working, which makes it impossible to follow the preceding instructions for selecting the display profile, do this first:

  • If the built-in monitor is dark, wait at least 60 seconds after boot for Windows to finish starting. Press Ctrl-Shift-t (all three keys simultaneously), which should force the external monitor to be used as the primary display and turns off the built-in display. Now you should be able to see what you are doing and select the correct display profile.
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