Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology

The study of language sound systems at Berkeley ranges from physiological study of speech production, and psychological and even neurological investigation of speech perception, to the broad cross-linguistic observations of phonological typology, and the formal systems developed in phonological theory to tie everything together. One of the key strengths of our research and our graduate training program is our commitment to integrating knowledge and ideas from the full range of research on sound systems.

Core Faculty

Larry Hyman
Sharon Inkelas
Keith Johnson
Susan Lin

Other Linguistics Faculty

Susanne Gahl
Andrew Garrett
Richard Rhodes

On-campus colleagues

Kristen Hanson
Richard Ivry
Darya Kavitskaya
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton
Frederic Theunissen

Recent graduates (since 2008)

Clara Cohen (San Francisco State)
John Sylak-Glassman (Johns Hopkins)
Melinda Fricke (Penn State)
Dominic Yu (Apple)
Reiko Kataoka (San Jose State Univ.)
Yao Yao (Hong Kong Polytechnic)
Charles Chang (Boston Univ.)
Shira Katseff (GN ReSound)
Eugenia Antic (FactSet)
Molly Babel (Univ. British Columbia)
Teresa McFarland (UC Berkeley)
Sam Tilsen (Cornell University)
Gabriela Caballero (UC San Diego)
Christian Dicanio (SUNY Buffalo)
Marc Ettlinger (Martinez VA Hospital)
Yuni Kim (Univ. of Manchester)
Anne Pycha (Univ. Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Key contributions of our faculty

  • Larry Hyman
    • African and other tone Systems
    • Theory of Phonological Typology
  • Sharon Inkelas
    • Optimal Construction Morphology
    • Child Phonology
  • Keith Johnson
    • Exemplar-based theory of speech perception
    • Sociophonetics of talker identity
  • Susan Lin
    • Ultrasound imaging of adults and children
    • Articulation of complex segments