I was drawn to linguistics by my fascination with different perspectives on the human experience, and how these perspectives can affect meaning expressed by language. For this reason I'm particularly intersted in polysemy, conceptual metaphors, and semantic change. Though I focus on these concepts in the domains of spatial relations and argument structure, I'm generally interested in what drives the development of the patterns and categories found in language in all its domains, as well as if and how they can be modeled.

Additionally, I have an affinity for the languages of the Caucasus, especially Kartvelian languages Georgian and Svan, and Nakh-Daghestanian language Tsova Tush. I've also worked with various other languages, including Italian, Turkish, Kiowa, Shanghai Wu Chinese, and Tswefap Bamileke-Nda'nda'.

Though I'm still in the process of developing my computational skills, I'm interested in how linguistic phenomena like polysemy and metaphor can be approached in computation, and how these complex concepts can in turn enhance technology and information.