Amalia Horan Skilton

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Berkeley

I am a linguist and fieldworker with an areal commitment to lowland South America.

My research centers on pragmatics, semantics, and the social dimensions of language: sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. I also study phonetics and phonology. I have conducted over 20 months of in situ fieldwork on Ticuna (Ticuna-Yuri) and Máíhɨ̃ki (Tukanoan), two languages of northwestern Amazonia.

Contact Me

Email: amalia dot skilton at berkeley dot edu
Mail: 1203 Dwinelle Hall, Berkeley CA 94720
Office: 1314 Dwinelle Hall

Away from Email

I will be in rural Peru conducting fieldwork on Ticuna from May 16 to August 22, 2018. During this time I will not have regular access to my email.


  • May 2018: I presented a talk titled "'Nominal tense' in Ticuna is not tense' at Semantics in Underrepresented Languages of the Americas (SULA) 10. Handout here.

  • April 2018: I traveled to the Netherlands. There, I presented talks titled "Perceptual and attentional features in Ticuna demonstratives" at Leiden University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

  • January 2018: I traveled to Salt Lake City for the Linguistic Society of America and Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas annual meetings. My LSA talk was titled "Coding evidence time in the Ticuna noun phrase"; slides available here. My SSILA talk was titled "Perceptual features in Ticuna demonstratives"; slides here.

  • December 2017: I traveled to Australia to present papers at the Australian Linguistic Society annual meeting and Association for Linguistic Typology biannual meeting. My ALT talk was titled "Noun class skewing and social deixis in Ticuna." Slides available here.

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