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be na friend! (vocative) pl béénii Source(s):C&M

bebenéh particle about, approximately, roughly Source(s):DCAU

bébeenéihi- vai to be beautiful, pretty 3 changed béébeenéihit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bebee'éi- vai to have curly hair Source(s):DCAU

bébi'ini- vai to give thanks, show appreciation Source(s):C&M

bebiis- pv properly, correctly Source(s):C&M

bebiisih- vta 1) to repair s.o. (animate obj.) 2) make s.o. right again, as in resting a tired horse Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

bebiisiihi' adv properly, correctly Source(s):C&M

bebiistii- vai 1) to fix something, repair something 2) to do something correctly Source(s):DCAU

bebiistoo- vai to act correctly Source(s):C&M

bebii3en- vta to fix up or repair s.o. Source(s):C&M, LJC

bebii3en- vti to fix up or repair s.t. Source(s):Cowell p.c.

bebii3enéihi- vai to have been corrected, made proper Source(s):C&M

bece'éenoo ni-dep shoulder 3 poss. hice'éenoo Listen: nece'éenóó (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

becé'i'oo ni-dep cheek pl becé'i'óóno Source(s):DCAU

becóó ni-dep thigh pl becóówo 3 poss. hicóów Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beh- pv all Source(s):C&M

béh- pv might, if, potential Source(s):C&M

behiihi ni everything Source(s):C&M

behiihi' adv all, entirely, as a whole Source(s):DCAU, C&M

behiikóóhu- vai to all go someplace Source(s):C&M

beh'éihi'eibéé- vai to be old Source(s):C&M

beh'eihóóx na old horse Source(s):DCAU

beh'iihehihi' na little old man (diminutive) pl beh'éihehihó' Source(s):C&M

beh'iihehi' na old man pl beh'iihohó' obv. sg. beh'iihehihó obv. pl. beh'iihohó Listen: beh'iihehi' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

beh'iihehiini- vai to be an old man Source(s):DCAU

bei ni needle, pin pl beihó Listen: bei (AB) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béici3 ni-dep tooth pl béicito 3 poss. hiniici3 Source(s):DCAU

béihko' na squash pl béihkou'u Listen: bexko' (AB) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beihooó ni-dep collarbone Source(s):DCAU

beis- pv all Source(s):C&M

beisiihi' adv 1) all, entirely, completely 2) everyone Listen: beisiihi' (ZM) , beisiihi' (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

béiso- vii to be whole Source(s):DCAU

béi3e'ee ni-dep hair on one's head pl béi3e'éenó 3 poss. hinii3e'ee Listen: hinii3e'ee (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

bei3éés ni scalp pl bei3eesii Source(s):DCAU

bei3ón ni-dep tongue pl bei3óno 3 poss. hinii3ón Listen: hinii3ón (LD) Source(s):DCAU

bei3óó ni-dep penis 3 poss. hinii3óó Source(s):ALKms, AD (Arapaho Dialects), DCAU

béiteh'éi na-dep friend, partner 3 poss. hineiteh'eiho Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beitooó ni-dep throat 3 poss. hiitooó Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

bei' particle suppose that ..., "let's pretend that ..." Source(s):DCAU

bei'ci3éib- vai to have money Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béi'ci3eiceeteyehi3i' na (pl.) ball bearings Source(s):LJC

bei'ci3éinii'ehihi' na ['little metal bird'] hummingbird Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

béi'ci3eiséénok na 'metal rope' cable Source(s):LJC

béi'ci3eiyeini3ee- vai to have iron or metal horns Source(s):C&M

bei'ci3éii ni (pl.) money Source(s):DCAU

béi'ci3e' ni 1) metal, iron, steel 2) coin, money pl béi'ci3éi'i Source(s):DCAU

bei'ci3ééyookuu ni eyeglasses, glasses Source(s):DCAU

bei'i ni shell, seashell pl bei'ii Listen: bei'i (WiC) , bei'ii (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béi'ici3éihi- vai to be red hot Source(s):C&M

bei'icitee- vii to be red hot Source(s):DCAU

béi'inéihi- vai to be painted red ceremonially Source(s):C&M

béi'ini- vai to have been painted red ceremonially Source(s):C&M

béi'ini- vii to be painted red Source(s):C&M

béi'i'ei- vai to paint oneself red Source(s):C&M

béi'i'éiniiciihéhe' ni ['little shell river'] North Platte River

Bei'i'iiniicie placename the name of several rivers including the North Platte River and the Michigan River Source(s):Cowell ms

béi'iisóó ni doll Source(s):DCAU

béi'oo'oee3- vti to paint s.t. red Source(s):DCAU

bei'téi na-dep louse, bedbug pl béi'téiwó', beteiwó' obv. sg. béi'téiw Source(s):DCAU

ben ni pus Listen: ben (AB) Source(s):DCAU

béne- vai to drink Source(s):DCAU

benéhe' ni island pl benóh'o Source(s):DCAU

bénes ni-dep arm pl benéxo Note: Possibly archaic. bénes AO Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

benéét ni drink Source(s):DCAU

beniice' ni summer Source(s):DCAU

beniiihi' adv quilled, decorated with quill work

beniiinén na 1) ?member of a group such as a ceremonial Lodge 2) soldier pl beniiinénnó' Listen: beniiinén (LD) , beniiinénnó' (LD) Source(s):TA, DCAU

beniiinóókee na military officer pl beniinóókeeno' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

beniini- vii to be full of pus 3 changed beeniini' Source(s):DCAU

beniisice'éé' ni ['hairy potato/sphere'] peach pl beniisice'éi'i Source(s):DCAU

benii3it- vti to drink s.t. Source(s):DCAU

beniixóxko'ó' na ['it has a bearded chin'] (mountain) goat pl beniixóxko'ou'u Source(s):DCAU

bénii'owuuni- vii to be spring Source(s):DCAU

bénii'owuusiis ni April Source(s):DCAU

benohéino'oowu' ni bar, saloon Source(s):DCAU

bénohóóxobei- vai to water horses, give water to horses Source(s):C&M

benoucét- vti to taste s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

benóucob- vti to taste s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bénou'oo- vii to have an odor, smell 3 changed béénou'oo' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

benóu'oo- vai to have an odor, to smell Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bénoob- vta to smell s.o. (anim. obj.) 3:3' changed beenóówoot Source(s):DCAU

benóót- vti to smell s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bes ni 1) wood, piece of wood 2) stick, rod pl béxo Listen: bes (AB) Source(s):DCAU

bés- vta to hit s.o., as with a bullet or arrow Source(s):C&M

bescóoó' ni chest 3 poss. hiscóoó' Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

bésen- vta to touch s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

besénowuun- vta to vote for s.o. 3:3' changed beesenowuunoot Source(s):DCAU

béses ni-dep lip pl bésesii 3 poss. hisesii Source(s):DCAU

beséyei- vai 1) to vote 2) to vote affirmatively Source(s):DCAU

besé' ni-dep toe pl besé'eno 3 poss. hisé' Source(s):DCAU

beséee- vai to gather wood Source(s):C&M, LJC

besihii'oo3i- vai to have a wooden leg 3 changed beshii'oo3it Source(s):DCAU

besiiise' ni-dep eye pl besiiséi'i Listen: besiiise' (WaC) , nesiiise' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

besiino'oowu' ni ['wooden house'] log house Source(s):DCAU, LJC

besiite'ein- vta to hit s.o. on the head with an object Source(s):C&M

béskootéé ni ear of corn pl béskootééno Source(s):DCAU

besnóoó ni 1) wooden vessel such as pan or plate 2) extended to dishes or tableware not made from wood pl besnoono Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms, LJC

bésonon ni-dep neck pl bésonono 3 poss. hisonon Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

besóo ni-dep buttocks pl besoonó Source(s):DCAU, LJC

besoone'éinih'óó3oo na scorpion Source(s):DCAU

besoonobéé- vai to eat raw meat Source(s):DCAU

besoowu' ni lean-to Source(s):DCAU

besooyóó- vii (meat) to be raw Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bé3en ni-dep breast pl be3éno Source(s):DCAU

be3énec ni, ni-dep milk 3 poss. hibe3éneciib Source(s):DCAU, LJC

be3énecó'ono ni rush skeletonplant, skeletonweed, scientific name lygodesmia juncea Source(s):ALKms, JAC 2005

be3e'- pv hard Source(s):LJC

be3e'eihi- vai to be hard 3 changed béé3e'éiht Source(s):DCAU

bé3e'éé- vii to be hard, stiff, tough 3 changed béé3e'éé' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

be3e'ibes ni hardwood Source(s):DCAU

be3e'xóh'- vti to iron s.t. Source(s):DCAU

be3e'xóh'ei- vai to iron Source(s):DCAU

bé3e'xóh'oe ni flatiron, iron pl bé3e'xóh'oe Listen: be3o'xoh'óé (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bé3ee- vai to vomit Source(s):DCAU

be3éés ni-dep testicle pl be3éésno' 3 poss. hi3éés Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

bé3in ni-dep 1) belly button 2) umbilical cord pl bé3inó' 3 poss. hi3in Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bé3it ni-dep anus pl be3itno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

be3ii3 na-dep wart pl be3ii3iwo' 3 poss. hi3ii3iiw Source(s):DCAU

be3o'óseinoo- vii (meat) to be tough 3 changed bee3o'óseinoo' Source(s):DCAU

be3o'óóceihi- vai (e.g. a rope) to be stiff 3 changed bee3o'óóceiht Listen: bee3o'óóceiht (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

be3óot ni vomit 3 poss. hibe3óót Source(s):DCAU

betébi na old woman Source(s):C&M

betebihiisei na old woman Source(s):DCAU

betebihóókec na old cow Source(s):DCAU

betebih'ehihi', betébihihi' na little old woman (diminutive) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

betéi na flea pl betéiwo' obv. sg. betéiw Source(s):DCAU

betéihii na dancer pl beteehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

beténeyóoó ni-dep (human) body pl beténeyóóno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bétee ni-dep heart pl betóóho Listen: bétee (WiC) Source(s):Hayden 1863, DCAU, LJC

bétee- vai 1) to be holy, to habitually act in a holy or sacred way 2) to have sacred powers 3 changed bééteet Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, C&M

betééc ni-dep brain pl betééc(i)no, betééko, betéécii Listen: betééc (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

betéee- vai to dance Source(s):DCAU

betéeeh- vta 1) to make s.o. dance 2) to have a dance for s.o. Source(s):C&M

béteeh- vta to make s.o. holy, give s.o. holy power Source(s):C&M

beteen- pv holy, sacred

béteenéihi- vai to be sacred or holy Source(s):C&M

betéénee- vai to sing sacred songs Source(s):C&M

béteeneenebéihi- vai to be thought of in a sacred or holy way, to be considered sacred or holy Source(s):C&M

béteeneenéét- vti to think about s.t. in a sacred or holy way, to consider s.t. sacred or holy Source(s):C&M

béteenise- vii to be happening or occuring in a holy way Source(s):C&M

béteeniihi' adv in a sacred or holy way Source(s):C&M

beteeniisini'éhk particle on Sunday Source(s):DCAU

beteeniisi' ni ['holy day'] Sunday Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béteennih'óó3oo na ['holy white man'] minister, priest, preacher, missionary Source(s):DCAU

beteenotii na ['sacred wheel'] medicine wheel Source(s):ALKms

beteenóó- vii to be holy, sacred 3 changed beeteenóó' Source(s):DCAU

béteenóótin ni sacred song Source(s):C&M

betééntoo- vai to do sacred things, to engage in a ritual, to worship Source(s):C&M, LJC

béteentóóno'oowu' ni church Source(s):DCAU

béteentóot ni mass (religious service) Source(s):DCAU

betéésibi- vai to go on a vision quest and fast Source(s):C&M

betéé3oo na 1) shadow 2) spirit, angel pl betéé3oono' obv. sg. betéé3oow Listen: betéé3 (LD) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

beteetósoo' num one hundred Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béteetox num ten anim. bééteetoxu3i' inam. bééteetoxé'i Source(s):DCAU

béteetox néésiini num thirteen Source(s):DCAU

béteetox niisiini num twelve anim. béteetox neniisiini3i' inam. béteetox neniisiinóu'u Source(s):DCAU

béteetox niisootóxuuni num seventeen Source(s):DCAU

béteetox niitootóxuuni num sixteen Source(s):DCAU

béteetox 3i'otóxuuni num nineteen Note: Archaic.

beteexuu'eenoo ni-dep shoulder Source(s):C&M

betihii ni-dep tail pl betihiino 3 poss. hitihii Source(s):DCAU

bétison ni-dep elbow pl bétisono Note: Archaic. Listen: bétison (WiC) , nétison (WiC) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

bétii ni-dep mouth pl bétiino 3 poss. hitii , nétii (LD) Source(s):DCAU

betiit ni-dep heel pl betiitono 3 poss. hitiit Source(s):DCAU

betóooh- vta to make s.o. dance Source(s):C&M

betóoot ni dance Source(s):DCAU

betóootnóó- vii (a dance) to occur 3 changed betóootnóó' Source(s):C&M

betóo3ét ni-dep saliva 3 poss. hitóo3ét Source(s):DCAU, LJC

betóóxebió' ni-dep face 3 poss. hitóóxebió' , netóóxebió' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

bex- vti to hit s.t. with an object Source(s):C&M

béxo ni (pl.) firewood Source(s):DCAU

béxoh- vta 1) to hit s.o., strike s.o. 2) to touch s.o., make contact with s.o. Source(s):C&M

béxo'on- vta to touch s.o. 3:3' changed bééxo'onoot

bexóókee na 1) cougar, mountain lion 2) also extended to tiger pl bexóókeeno' obv bexóókeen Source(s):DCAU, ZS

bexookeesóó na cougar cub, mountain lion cub Source(s):DCAU

béyeihi' ni-dep home 3 poss. hiyeihi' loc. béyeih'e' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beyeih' na-dep lodge Source(s):C&M

beyoowu'u ni ['all lodges'] (pl.) Arapaho religious and ceremonial life, especially ceremonial dances such as the Sun Dance and dances of each of the lodges pl beyoowu'u Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

be' ni blood 3 poss. hibe'ib Listen: be' (AB) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

be'- pv red Source(s):C&M

be'ebei'ici3e' ni ['red metal'] gold Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

be'éihi- vai to be red 3 changed bee'éiht Source(s):DCAU

be'éiyoo' ni little white flat-top flower Source(s):JAC 2005

bé'en- vta to paint s.o. red Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bé'en- vti to make s.t. red Source(s):LJC

be'enóuni- vii to be foggy 3 changed bee'enóuni' Source(s):DCAU

be'énoo ni 1) fog 2) turtle pl be'énou'u obv. sg. be'énou'u obv. pl. be'énou'u Note: The turtle is associated with fog and moist weather. Source(s):DCAU

bé'e3éinóoo ni cedar pl bé'e3éinóoono Source(s):DCAU

be'e3oo'óó- vii to glow red 3 changed bee'e3oo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

be'exoh'u- vai to be red hot Source(s):DCAU

bé'e'éi ni wood's rose flowers, possibly also other rose flowers, scientific name Rosa woodsii Source(s):JAC 2005

be'éé- vii to be red 3 changed bee'éé' Source(s):DCAU

bé'eek ni ['red/blood gravy'] gravy, blood gravy pl bé'eekuu Listen: bé'eek (AB) Source(s):TA, DCAU

Be'eekunen na ['blood gravy man'] a term for Northern Arapaho identified by Kroeber 3 changed Be'eekuneno' Source(s):TA

bé'eené'eek ni ['squawberry gravy'] squawberry gravy Source(s):DCAU

be'ééni- vii to be red Source(s):C&M, LJC

be'ib na vein, artery pl be'iwo' 3 poss. hibe'iw be'ib AO Source(s):DCAU

be'inoo'óó- vii to turn red 3 changed bee'inoo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

bé'is ni-dep 1) nose 2) beak pl bé'isii, be'i3o Listen: bé'is (LD) , né'is (LD) Source(s):Hayden 1862, DCAU

be'ise- vii to be rusty 3 changed bee'ise' Source(s):DCAU

be'ii na-dep snot 3 poss. hi'iiw Source(s):DCAU

be'iini- vii to bleed 3 changed bee'iini' Listen: bee'iinit (LD) Source(s):DCAU

be'iitóoó na 1) triangular back rest made of willow twigs 2) pillow pl be'iitoonó' Listen: be'iitóoó (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bé'ii'éihii na ['red bird'] cardinal Source(s):Cowell ms

bé'see3 ni ['red evergreen'] Rocky Mountin juniper, scientific name sabina scopulorum Source(s):JAC 2005

bé'3ein- pv having to do with cedar or juniper (Sabina scopulorum and Juniperus communis) Source(s):C&M

bé'3einó'o ni 1) cedar 2) juniper Source(s):C&M

bee ni excrement, feces pl bééno Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

beebéihit na virgin Source(s):DCAU

beebei'ón particle far away, way over there Source(s):DCAU, C&M

béebé'3e'enéihii na ['little red-winged one'] red-winged blackbird Note: Archaic. Source(s):Cowell ms

beebee- vai (a dog) to bark Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béebeesétee- vai to have big ears 3 changed beneebeeseteet Source(s):LJC

béébeet particle just, only Source(s):DCAU

beebiiti' particle one after the other Source(s):C&M

beecét ni-dep 1) hand, arm 2) a constellation of five stars pl beecet(i)no 3 poss. hiicét loc. beecétine' , heecét (LD) Source(s):DCAU

beeci- vii to snow 3 changed beneeci' Listen: benééci' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

beehééc ni, ni-dep vulva 3 poss. hiitehééc, hiihééc Source(s):DCAU

beehééteiht na Christian God Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beehiiniisonóónibeihit na Christian God Source(s):DCAU

beenihéhe' particle a little bit, few Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

béénii'owuuni' ni spring (season) Source(s):DCAU

beenoku3i' na Pleiades Source(s):DCAU

beenookhu'u' ni bale of hay Source(s):DCAU

beenóókuhu' ni bale (e.g. of hay) pl beenóókuhu'uu Source(s):DCAU

bees- pv big, large

beesbéteeniisiini- vii to be a holiday Source(s):C&M

beesbetéétosóó' num ['great hundred'] a thousand Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

beesbinoc ni pie pl beesbinocóóno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beescénee na ['big grouse'] 1) turkey 2) extended to a exotic large birds such as ostriches pl beescéneeno' obv. sg. beescéneen Source(s):DCAU

beescéneeniisiis ni ['turkey month'] November Source(s):DCAU

beesei- vai to stay in the same place a long time Source(s):C&M

beeseihtee- vai to have big feet Listen: beneeséihteenoo (LD) Source(s):DCAU

beeseinéétii- vai to shout Source(s):DCAU

beeseinoehi- vai to be big, large Listen: benééseinóéht (LD) Source(s):LJC

beeséis ni majority Source(s):C&M

béései3e- vai to be big, large, have a big body 3 changed benéései3e' Listen: benéései3e' (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

beeseiti- vai to be loud, to talk loudly 3 changed beeseitit Source(s):DCAU

bééseséi- vai to be a grown woman Source(s):C&M

bééseeneb- vta to think highly of s.o. 3:3' changed benééseenowóót Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beesib ni 1) plum 2) can be extended to include other large-seeded fruit such as peaches and apricots pl beesibino Listen: beesibino (LD) Source(s):DCAU

beesisei- vai to be an older or bigger girl or woman Source(s):C&M

beesiiséihi- vai to have a loud voice 3 changed beneesiiséihit Source(s):DCAU

béésnenitee na elder, old person pl béésneniteenó' Source(s):DCAU

beesniicie ni ['great river'] Mississippi River Source(s):DCAU

beesóó- vii to be big, large 3 changed beneesóó' Source(s):DCAU

béesóowuunén na one of the five 'subtribes' identified by Kroeber, member of the branch of the greater Arapaho-Gros Ventre tribe which went by this name, variously translated as 'Great Lakes person,' or 'big lodge person' pl béesóowuunénno' Listen: béesóowuunénno' (LD) Source(s):TA, C&M

béesóowuutiit ni the language of the Béesóowuunénno' Source(s):C&M

bees3ee3ei- vai to have big hands Listen: benéés3ee3einoo (LD) Source(s):LJC

bées3éé3oo ni ['great finger'] thumb 3 poss. hibées3éé3oo Listen: bées3éé3oo (LD) , bées3éé3oo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beestó'obéé- vii to be wide 3 changed beneestó'obéé' Listen: beneestó'obéé' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

beet- pv modal preverb, want to Source(s):C&M

bee3- pv a lot Source(s):C&M

bee3- pv completative, finish Source(s):C&M

bee3ebééx- pv close to, close by Source(s):C&M

bee3ebééxoyoo3iihi' adv close by and hidden Source(s):C&M

béé3ei na owl pl bee3einó' obv. sg. béé3ein Listen: béé3ei (AB) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béé3ei be'éih na ['red owl'] eastern screech owl Source(s):Cowell ms

béé3ei béeséi3 na ['big owl'] great horned owl Source(s):Cowell ms

bee3e'ixóó' ni hardwood Source(s):DCAU

bee3h- vta to bless s.o., pray for s.o. to be successful Source(s):DCAU, C&M

bee3ibetiit ni gossip Source(s):DCAU

bée3icei- vai to belch Source(s):DCAU

béé3ih- vta to kill s.o., finish s.o. off Source(s):C&M, Cowell p.c.

bée3inihii- vai to finish saying something Source(s):C&M

bee3ise- vii 1) to be worn out 2) to have run out, be all gone 3 changed bee3ise' Listen: nihbee3ise' (LD) Source(s):C&M, LJC

bee3i'éébi- vai to gossip 3 changed benee3i'éébit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béé3ii ni 1) belly, paunch 2) lining of the paunch of an animal Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

bée3ii- vai 1) to finish camping, take down camp 2) to leave a place behind, as in moving camp Source(s):C&M

bee3iihi' adv 1) finished 2) gone Source(s):C&M

bee3iinise- vii to be finished, over Source(s):C&M

bee3iiscii3ihcehi- vai to have finished running in to a place Source(s):C&M

bee3osóhoee- vai to use sign language, to sign Source(s):DCAU

bee3osóhowuun- vta to say something to s.o. with sign language Source(s):C&M

bee3osóho'o ni sign language Source(s):C&M

bee3osóhoot ni sign language Source(s):DCAU

bee3ó'ote- vii to be frozen stiff Source(s):LJC

bee3o'oubéét ni ['it has a stiff blanket'] turtle shell Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

bee3ó'o'béé' ni hard ground Source(s):DCAU

bee3o'óoó' ni canvas, denim or other stiff, densely woven cloth Listen: Source(s):LJC

bee3o'óoti' ni tarp, tarpaulin Listen: bee3o'óoti' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

bée3tii- vti to complete s.t., finish s.t. Listen: benée3tiinoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

béé3tii- vai to complete something, finish something Source(s):DCAU

bée3too- vai to finish doing something Source(s):C&M

beetéibétee na flicker Listen: biiteibétee (LD) Source(s):Cowell ms, LJC

béete3ééyei- vai to burn something up Source(s):C&M

beetéyook na 1) bowstring 2) string or rope made of sinew 3) also extended to other string not made of sinew pl beetéyookuu Source(s):C&M, ALKms, DCAU

beeté' ni bow pl beetéii Listen: beeté' (WiC) , beeté' (AO) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bééte'in- vai to be curious, want to know Source(s):DCAU

bééteet na Christian God Source(s):DCAU

beeteetósoo'uht ni buffalo robe with one hundred lines of ornamentation Source(s):TA

béétoh- pv modal preverb, want to Source(s):C&M

béetoxuh'u- vai to be completely burned up Source(s):C&M

béetó'oo- vii 1) to be finished, over, done with 2) to pass away 3) to run out, disappear Source(s):C&M, LJC

béetóótinee- vai to finish singing Source(s):C&M

béetóó'oo- vai 1) to be gone 2) to have passed away, died Source(s):C&M

beex- pv a little, a little bit (more, farther, etc.) Source(s):C&M

beexéhceniin- pv a little farther away from the speaker Source(s):C&M

beexóni' na ['big rodent'] 1) woodchuck, rockchuck 2) marmot pl beexónii obv. sg. beexónii obv. pl. beexónii Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

bééxotii na Big Wheel Source(s):ALKms

beexoubiisee na ['bare bug'] worm pl beexoubiiseeno' Source(s):DCAU

bééxouu na ['large fox'] red fox pl beexouhuu Listen: bééxouu (LD) Source(s):DCAU

bééxo'- pv only Source(s):C&M

bééxo'éé- vii there is only (something) 3 changed bééxo'éé' Source(s):C&M

bééxo'óóteeni- vii 1) (e.g. a camp) to be laid out in just that way 2) it is placed in just that way 3 changed bééxo'óóteeni' Source(s):C&M

bééxo'ootii' particle just, only Source(s):C&M

bééxo'uuhu' adv only

bééxookee- vai 1) to be grown up 2) to be of large stature (figuratively) Source(s):C&M

bééxookeenén na 1) grown man 2) important man Source(s):C&M

beexooku3 ni ['great tooth'] molar Source(s):DCAU

bééxookuu na ['large mouse'] 1) pack rat 2) wood rat pl bééxookuuno' Source(s):DCAU

bééxoo3iihi' adv later, after a while Source(s):DCAU, C&M

beexu'kuutii- vai to sift something, as in flour Source(s):DCAU

beexuuhu' adv 1) a little bit 2) kind of, sort of Source(s):C&M

beexuuto'ówu' ni burned land, a burned area Source(s):C&M

bééyei3óót- pv it seems that, it appears that Source(s):C&M

beeyóó particle 1) perfect, just right, right on! 2) directly Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

bee'éi'i ni squawberry, skunkbrush Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

bee'étee' ni roach (hair decoration worn by dancers) pl bee'etéi'i Source(s):DCAU

béé'exooti' ni 1) mountain birch 2) Osage orange tree pl béé'exooti'i Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

béé'e'éit na ['it has a red head'] red-headed woodpecker Listen: béé'e'éit (LD) Source(s):Cowell ms, LJC

bee'éé'eit na redhead pl bee'ee'éi3i' Source(s):DCAU

bee'ice'éé' ni ['red potato', 'red round'] apple pl bee'ice'éi'i Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bee'nih'óucoo' ni ['red pepper'] red pepper Source(s):DCAU

bihceyóó- vii to be pink 3 changed biihceyóó' Source(s):DCAU

bihtesé'ei- vai to be bald, have a bald spot 3 changed biihtesé'eit Source(s):LJC

bih'ih na deer, mule deer pl bih'ihii, bih'ihó' obv. sg. bih'ihii obv. pl. bih'ihii Listen: bih'ih (AB) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

bih'ihiihoox na ['deer-like creature'] 1) mule, donkey 2) horned toad, horned lizard pl bih'ihóóxebii obv. sg. bih'ihóóxebii obv. pl. bih'ihóóxebii Source(s):TA, DCAU, Cowell ms

bih'inkuutii- vai to turn a light off Listen: bih'inkuutii (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bih'inóu'oo- vii to get dark Source(s):C&M

bih'inóotéé- vii to be dark in camp 3 changed biihi'inóotéé' Listen: biih'inóotéé' (LD) Source(s):C&M

bih'io ni deer hide Source(s):DCAU

bih'iyóó- vii to be dark 3 changed biih'iyóó', benih'iyoo' Listen: biihi'iyóó' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

bih'iyóóni- vii to be dark Source(s):ZS

bio'nó'oo- vai to be rich, wealthy Source(s):DCAU

bis- pv up, out Source(s):LJC

biscitii- vai 1) to dig up, uncover 2) to recover or revive something Source(s):LJC

bisecei'óó- vii to ooze from the ground 3 changed biisecei'óó' Source(s):DCAU

bisecei'óó- vai to sweat Source(s):DCAU

bise'eikóóhu- vai to briefly stick one's head up to see something Source(s):C&M

bise'éini- vai to stick one's head out or up from behind something Source(s):C&M

biseenéihi' adv everything Source(s):C&M

bisinihiit- vti to mention s.t. Source(s):DCAU

bisinoo'óó- vii to come out of a place (e.g. the wind from a cave) 3 changed biisinóo'óó' Listen: biisinoo'óó' (LD) Source(s):C&M

bisisee- vai 1) to appear, come in to view 2) (the sun) to rise 3 changed biisiseet Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bisi'i'oot na ['it appears by growing'] plant Source(s):JAC 2005

bisiinoo'oo- vai 1) to leak 2) (liquid) to appear Source(s):C&M

bisiiten- vti 1) to attack s.t. 2) to raid s.t. Source(s):C&M

bisiiton- vta to attack s.o., raid s.o. Source(s):DCAU

bisiitoo- vai to attack Source(s):C&M

biskóóhu- vai 1) to appear suddenly, appear running 2) to go out (searching) Source(s):C&M

bixóne'étii- vai 1) to whine, whimper, cry 2) to cry as in mourning 3 changed biixóne'étiit Source(s):DCAU, LJC, C&M

bixoyeinóóni- vii there are crying sounds Source(s):C&M

bixóót- vti to love s.t. Source(s):C&M

bixoo3- vta to love s.o. 3:3' changed biixóó3oot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bixoo3etiit ni love Source(s):DCAU

bi'- pv just, only Source(s):C&M, C&M, LJC

biibeet na bogeyman pl biibéé3i', biibeeno' biibeet AO Source(s):DCAU

biibinee- vai to eat berries (usually straight from the bush) Source(s):C&M, LJC

biibinoot ni 1) berry 2) extended to other small roundish fruit such as grape or raisin pl biibinootnó Listen: biibinoot (LD) , biibinootno (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biibi3ehi- vai to pray Source(s):DCAU

biibi3ehiihii na person who prays Source(s):DCAU

biibi3ehiit ni prayer Source(s):DCAU

biice- vii to be summer 3 changed beniice' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biice- vii to be summertime Source(s):C&M

biiceniihi' adv in the summertime Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biiceniisiini- vii to be a summer day Source(s):C&M

biiceniisiis ni ['summer moon'] June Source(s):DCAU

biiceyéihii na chickadee Source(s):Cowell ms

biiciis ni leaf pl biiciixo Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

biihceyinoo'óó' ni flower of the aster family, Asteraceae spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

biihi3 ni manure, dung, animal excrement pl biihi3ii Listen: biihi3 (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biihi3ii ni 1) buffalo chips 2) diaper powder made from dried buffalo chips Note: Finely ground buffalo chips were used as diaper powder for babies. Source(s):DCAU

biihiino'oowu' ni bathroom, privy Source(s):DCAU

biihiino'oowu' ni outhouse Source(s):DCAU

biihóuut na cricket pl biihóuutowuu Source(s):DCAU

biihtése'éit na ['it has a bare head'] bald eagle Note: Bald eagle feathers are commonly used in decorations and ceremonies. Listen: biihtese'eit (WiC) Source(s):Cowell ms

biih'inóu'oo' ni twilight Source(s):DCAU

biii na feather, plume pl biiino' obv. sg. biiin Listen: biii (AB) , biii (LD) Source(s):DCAU

biiit ni 1) quaking aspen, scientific name Populus tremuloides 2) elms, scientific name Ulmus spp.? Source(s):JAC 2005

biikousiis na ['night sun'] 1) moon 2) month obv. sg. biikousiisii Source(s):DCAU

biikoo particle 1) at night 2) last night 3) tonight Source(s):C&M, LJC

biikooniihi' adv during nighttime Source(s):C&M

biin- vta to eat s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

biin- vta to give something to s.o. 3 changed beniinoot Source(s):DCAU

biin- vti to give s.t. (to someone) Source(s):DCAU

biinéhe' ni fruit, small fruit such as a cherry, scientific name Cerasus pensylvanica pl biinóh'o Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

biinéihiinóó- vii to be edible, generally eaten Source(s):C&M

biiné'eek ni ['chokecherry gravy'] chokecherry gravy Source(s):DCAU

biiniceb ni pemmican made with chokecherries Source(s):Cowell ms

biininec ni chokecherry juice, chokecherry wine Source(s):DCAU

biino ni chokecherries (pl.), scientific name Padus virginiana (berries) Source(s):C&M, JAC 2005

biinohooó ni 1) digging stick 2) crowbar Source(s):TA, DCAU

biinóh'o ni (pl.) raisins Source(s):DCAU

biinoneeci- vii to be sleeting 3 changed beniinoneeci' Source(s):Cowell ms

biinonoo'óé' ni chokecherry bush, scientific name Padus virginiana (bush) Source(s):JAC 2005

biino3éeenóóx na packhorse Source(s):DCAU

biino3éénotii ni truck pl biino3éénotiiwo' Listen: biino3éénotii (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biino3óóhu- vai to carry a load, pack something Source(s):C&M

biino3oon- vta to load s.o. (anim. obj.) with things, pack s.o. up with things Source(s):C&M

biis na buffalo cow Source(s):Cowell ms

biisbiixuut ni fur coat Source(s):DCAU

biiscihin ni buckwheat, scientific name Eriogonum spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

biiséihi- vai to be hairy, furry 3 changed beniiséiht Source(s):DCAU, C&M

biiséii- vai to be naked Source(s):DCAU

biisetinee- vai to have a mustache 3 changed beniiséti' Source(s):DCAU

biisétinoo ni whisker 3 poss. pl. hibiisétnoono Source(s):DCAU

biisee na 1) bug, insect 2) ?worm pl biiseeno' obv biiseen biisee AO Source(s):TA, DCAU

biiseenii3óóteeyoo ni ['insect weaving'] 1) chrysalis 2) pupa pl biiseenii3óóteeyoono Source(s):Cowell ms, DCAU

biiseenówo' na pike Source(s):DCAU

biiseenóxu' ni ['insect medicine'] a medicinal mixture of several plants Note: Used as insect repellant, and as a cure for itching caused by coming in to contact with moles (the animals). Source(s):TA, JAC 2005

biiseeyou'óó- vii to tingle Source(s):DCAU

biisib ni peach pl biisibino Source(s):DCAU

biisicei- vai to have a hairy chest Source(s):DCAU

biisih- vta to feel s.o. 3:3' changed beniisihó' Source(s):DCAU

biisi3- vti to feel s.t. Source(s):DCAU

biisiyoo ni pubic hair of a man pl biisiyoono Source(s):DCAU

biisi'éi- vai to be shaggy, have shaggy hair or fur, as in a dog Source(s):DCAU

biisi'o ni nose hair pl biisi'ono Source(s):DCAU

biisiinobéé- vai to watch an event carefully in order to learn about it and be able to do it for oneself Source(s):C&M

biisiinowoo- vai to learn something for oneself by watching closely Source(s):C&M

biisiinowoot ni act of watching something closely in order to learn about it (e.g. a ceremony or skill which one wants to acquire) Source(s):C&M

biisiinowóót vti watch s.t. closely in order to learn about it (e.g. a ceremony or skill which one wants to acquire) Source(s):C&M

biisiinowóó3it- vti acquire a skill or ceremony by watching others carefully Source(s):C&M

biisii'oot ni 1) leak 2) discharge pl biisii'óó3i' Source(s):DCAU

biiskooti' ni ['the leaves appear'] May (month) Source(s):DCAU

biiskootiiniisiis ni May (month) Source(s):DCAU

biisnih'óó3oo na ['hairy spider'] tarantula pl biisni'óó3ouu Note: TA:438 Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

biisohoo ni pubic hair (woman's) pl biisoohoono Source(s):DCAU

biisóónee- vai to have hairy legs Source(s):DCAU

biistii- vti to feel s.t. Source(s):DCAU

biistoot ni nerve pl biistootno Source(s):DCAU

bii3- vti to eat s.t. Source(s):DCAU

bii3béé- vai to cook, prepare food 3 changed benii3béét Source(s):DCAU

bii3hiit ni food, things to eat, what one eats Source(s):C&M

bii3hiitoó ni table pl bii3hiitóóno loc. bii3hiitóóne' Source(s):DCAU

bii3i- vai to eat something specific 3 changed benii3i' Source(s):C&M

bii3ib ni food, something edible pl bii3iwo Note: Usually used in the plural. Listen: bii3ib (LD) , bii3iwo (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

bii3ihi- vai to eat Source(s):Hayden 1863, C&M, ZS

bii3ihiin- vta to give s.o. food, provide s.o. with food, feed s.o. Source(s):C&M

bii3oonóó- vii there is a canyon 3 changed bii3oonoo' Source(s):DCAU

bii3wóuhu- vai to cook for oneself Source(s):C&M

bii3wóon- vta to cook for s.o. (usually ceremonially) Source(s):C&M

bii3wóonéé- vai to have a meal cooked for one Source(s):C&M

bii3wóót- vti cook s.t. Source(s):DCAU

bii3woo3- vta cook s.o. Source(s):DCAU

biitéi na ghost, spirit pl biitéii, biitéino' Listen: biitéi (WaC) , biitéi (WiC) Source(s):Hayden 1862, ZS, DCAU

biiteih'ii na 1) pigeon 2) dove pl biiteih'iiho' Source(s):DCAU

biiteiséénook na ['ghost rope'] vine pl biiteiséénookuu Source(s):DCAU

biiteixoxóuhuu na ['the one who uses dirt'] swallow (bird), especially a cliff swallow pl biiteixoxó'uuho' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

biitobee- vai to walk, go on foot Source(s):C&M

biitobeeniihi' adv on foot, by walking Source(s):C&M

biitoheinénno' ni (pl.) members of the Spear Lodge Source(s):C&M

biitoheinó'éii na drum for the Spear Dance Source(s):ALKms

biitoheisoo na ['spear child'] Spear Lodge child, little Spear Lodge dancer, one of the two boys who participates in the Spear Lodge dance, also identified as a dancer of the fourth degree in the biitoh'oowu' dance pl biitoheisoono' Source(s):TA

biitoh'oowu' ni Spear Lodge Source(s):TA, C&M

biito'ówu' ni 1) earth, ground, land 2) sometimes extended to mean 'floor' loc. biito'owuu' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

biiwóóhu- vai to cry, weep Source(s):DCAU

biixonoo na plume pl biixonóóno' obv. sg. biixonóón Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biixót ni buckskin Listen: biixót (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biixóu ni buffalo cow robe Note: Archaic. Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

biixoxko'neenote' na ['bearded sheep'] mountain goat Source(s):Cowell ms

biixóxko'neenóte'uusóó na kid (young goat) Source(s):DCAU

biixoxko'onoo ni (buffalo) beard Source(s):Cowell ms

biixo'oh ni mocassin lining pl biixo'ohno Source(s):Cowell ms

biixóó' ni lance, long piece of wood wrapped with otter fur, with a point, used ceremonially pl biixóu'uu Listen: biixóó' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

biixuut ni 1) shirt, blouse 2) dress pl biixuutono 3 poss. hibiixuut Source(s):DCAU

biiyo3óu'u na colt pl biiyo3óu'uhó' obv. sg. biiyo3óu'un, biiyo3óu'o Source(s):DCAU

bii'e'éé'eesoo na illegitimate child Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

bii'eenebéihi- vai to be chosen Source(s):C&M

bii'eenéét- vti to discover s.t. abstract such as knowledge or information Source(s):C&M

bii'in- vti to find s.t. Source(s):DCAU

bii'iih- vta to find s.o. Source(s):DCAU

bii'iin- vta to find s.o.

bii'iitii- vai to find something, discover something Listen: bii'iitii3i' (ZM) Source(s):ZS, C&M, C&M

bii'onisee- vai to arrive propitiously, show up at just the right time Source(s):C&M

bii'ono'oxoh- vta to bring s.o. to a place just at the right time Source(s):C&M

bii'owoo3- vta to defeat s.o., especially in battle Source(s):C&M

Bii'oxuyoo na Found-In-Grass (title of a traditional tale and the name of the main character in it) Source(s):TA, DCAU, C&M

bobóóteenebéihi- vai to be respected Source(s):C&M

bobooteenéét- vti to respect s.t. Source(s):DCAU

bobooteenów- vta to respect s.o. 3:3' changed boobooteenówoot Source(s):DCAU

boh- pv all, everyone Source(s):C&M

bohooó na thunder Source(s):DCAU

boh'óoó na thunder Listen: boh'óoó Source(s):DCAU, LJC

boh'ooo- vii to be thundering Source(s):Cowell ms

boh'ooo hiniic ['thunder's arrow'] lightning Source(s):ALKms

boh'óoonibeé ni ['thunder feces'] 1) mushroom 2) mushroom spores pl boh'óoonibeeno Note: Mushroom spores are traditionally used as medicine on open wounds. Source(s):DCAU

boh'óoónibino' ni ['thunder berries'] hawthorn berries, scientific name Crataegus spp. (berries) Source(s):JAC 2005, LJC

boh'ooonii'eihii na ['thunder bird/eagle'] Thunderbird Source(s):Cowell ms

boh'ooonoyóót na ['thunder trap/hook'] rainbow Source(s):ALKms

bo'hókoyei- vai to have syphilis Source(s):DCAU

bó'os ni glans, head of the penis pl bó'osii Source(s):DCAU

bo'óuu'éi'oo- vai 1) to turn red 2) to blush Source(s):DCAU

bó'oobé' ni ['red sand/clay'] Oklahoma Source(s):C&M

bo'óóceibiis ni dogwood, scientific name Swida sericea Source(s):JAC 2005

Bo'óóciinén na ['red willow man', 'red osier man'] Northern Arapaho pl Bo'óóciinénno' Note: A term used by the Southern Arapaho for the Northern Arapaho. Source(s):TA, DCAU, C&M

bo'té' ni ['red hat'] king (in playing cards) Source(s):DCAU

bo'xusin- vta to paint s.o. red ceremonially Source(s):DCAU

bóoó ni 1) road, trail 2) milky way pl booonó loc. boooné' Listen: bóoó (AB) , bóoó (WiC) Source(s):Hayden 1863, ALKms, DCAU

bóó3eti- vii there is a fight, there is a battle Source(s):C&M

bóó3eti- vai to fight with one another, do battle Source(s):C&M

bóó3etiit ni fighting, war, battle Source(s):DCAU, C&M

bóó'ei- vai to fight Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

boo'óóceiyóókuu' ni peachleaf willow, scientific name Salix amigdaloides Source(s):JAC 2005, Cowell p.c.

Boo'oowu' ni ['red water'] 1) town of Hudson, WY 2) Popo Agie creek Source(s):DCAU

bóó'oowu' ni ['red liquid'] ketchup Source(s):DCAU


ceb- pv pass by Source(s):C&M

ceb ni pemmican Source(s):Cowell ms

ceb- vta to shoot s.o., shoot at s.o. Source(s):DCAU

cebéihko' na pumpkin pl cebéihkou Source(s):DCAU

cebén- vta to pass s.o. on Listen: ceebenó' (WiC) , nihcebenou'u (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebén- vti to pass s.t. on Source(s):DCAU

cebenowuun- vta to pass on s.t. to s.o. Listen: ceebenowuunó' (WiC) , nihcebenowuunó' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

cebe'ei- vai to surpass others Source(s):C&M

cebe'éici3- vta to lead an animal along with reins or a rope Source(s):C&M

cebe'éici3éi'i- vai to lead an animal along with reins or a rope Source(s):C&M

cebe'einiihi' adv beyond (a place, a limit) Source(s):C&M

cebe'éitii- vai to do something more than the limit, go beyond a limit Source(s):C&M

cebe'éitoo- vai to do something more than the number of times allowed, go beyond a limit Source(s):C&M

cebe'éi'oo- vii 1) to be passed by 2) to be left behind (in travelling) Source(s):C&M

cebeeniihi' quarter Listen: cebeeniihi' (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebeeniineecee na quarter-chief pl cebeeniineeceeno' Note: This term is used for a leader within a society or band who is not a full chief (LD). Source(s):LJC

cebihcehi- vai to pass rapidly by, run by Source(s):C&M

cebih'ohu- vai to fly by 3 changed ceebih'oht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebikóóhu- vai to pass by, travelling in a vehicle

cebikóóhuuhéi- vai to pass by, when on horseback

cebinoo'oo- vii (water) to flow by, run by, pass by 3 changed ceebinoo'oo' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

cebisee- vai to pass by, go by, walk by Source(s):DCAU

cebiseeno'uune'etiit ni the walking life, the roaming life, the travelling life Source(s):C&M

cebiseenoo- vii to proceed, happen, go on Source(s):C&M

cebit- vti to shoot s.t., shoot at s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebitee ni any oil including cooking oil, shortening, grease, gasoline, kerosene, petrolium Source(s):DCAU

cebiteenoc ni ['grease bread'] fry bread Source(s):LJC

cebixotii- vai 1) to pass something along, as a custom or ceremony 2) to carry something Source(s):C&M, ALKms

cebii- vai to shoot at someone Source(s):C&M

cebiiheti- vai to play games or gamble with one another Listen: cebiiheti3i' (WiC) Source(s):C&M

cebiihi- vai to move camp along, past a place Source(s):C&M

cebiihinee- vai to gamble Source(s):DCAU

cebiihi' adv beyond, past Note: Used in counting as in 'one hundred and one'. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

cebiihiitooni- vii (camp) is being moved along Source(s):C&M

cebiikohéi- vai to ride by Source(s):DCAU

cebiis ni right side Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebiisihihiiteeniihi' adv on the right side Source(s):DCAU

cebiisihiiteeniihi' adv on the right side Source(s):LJC

cebiisiiteeniihi' adv the right side, using the right side Source(s):C&M

cebii'oo- vai to come to be, come into being Source(s):C&M

cebii'óónoo- vii to come to be, come to pass Source(s):C&M

cébno3éénotii ni truck Source(s):DCAU

cébno3éénotii ni truck, freight train Source(s):DCAU

cébtii- vai to pass something along Listen: nihcébtiinoo (WiC) Source(s):C&M

cebtokóy ni tent pl cébtokóyono Listen: cebtokóy (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cebtóxotii- vai to lay things across one another, criss-cross Source(s):C&M

cébtoo'óóku3óó ni travois pl cébtoo'óóku3óóno Listen: cébtoo'óóku3óóno (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

cec ni winter, year pl cécinii Listen: cec (AB) Source(s):DCAU

cecéhne'eicih ni halter pl cecéhne'eicihino Source(s):DCAU

ceceecéi ni western water hemlock, a medicinal and ceremonial root, scientific name Cicuta douglasii Source(s):TA, C&M, JAC 2005

ceceecéihi'iihi' adv in a blessed way Source(s):C&M

ceceecéisóho- vii to be done in a sacred way Source(s):C&M

ceceecó'oh- vta to ceremonially bless s.o. Source(s):C&M

ceceecó'ohu- vai to be ceremonially proper Source(s):C&M

ceceecó'ohu- vii to be ceremonially proper Source(s):C&M

cecéecó'ohuun- vai to ceremonially bless Source(s):C&M

ceceecó'ohuuniini- vii to be ceremonially proper Source(s):C&M

cechóu ni ['winter blanket'] quilt, quilted blanket pl cechouwó Source(s):DCAU

cechooó ni mattress Source(s):DCAU

cécihéihi- vai to be soft 3 changed céécihéiht Source(s):LJC

cécihóó- vii to be soft 3 changed céécihóó' Listen: céécihóó' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cécihóóceihi- vai (e.g. a rope) is soft, supple Listen: céécihóóceiht (WiC)

cecihookok ni saddle blanket Source(s):Cowell ms

cécinbiiciixo ni creeping barberry, scientific name Mahonia repens Source(s):JAC 2005

ceciniihi' adv in the wintertime Source(s):C&M

cecinsine- vai to pass the winter, spend the winter in camp Source(s):C&M

ceciini' vii to be winter Source(s):C&M

cecii'éihi- vai to have a rash Source(s):DCAU

cecnóhuu na applied to several types of hawk such as goshawk, winter hawk, rough-legged hawk, harrier Source(s):DCAU, C&M, Cowell ms

cectonóx- vti to plane s.t. Source(s):DCAU

céctonoxónoo ni plane (tool) Source(s):DCAU

cectonóóbe'eiyóó ni level (tool) Source(s):DCAU

cectoyoo- vii 1) to be even 2) to be level Listen: cééctoyóó' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cehcinouhu- vai to dress differently (from other people) Source(s):C&M

céheeku- vai 1) to blink one's eyes 2) (the Thunderbird) to make lightning 3) lightening to flash 3 changed cééheekut Listen: cééheekunoo (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

céheekuhcehi- vai to blink 3 changed ceeheekucehit Listen: cééheekuhcehinoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

céheekuut ni lightning Source(s):C&M

céhnotóuhu- vai to holler a lot, make a lot of noise Listen: cééhnotóuhunoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

céhnotóu3ei- vai to make a lot of loud noise (e.g. bugling or whistling) Listen: cééhnotóu3einoo (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

cehnoocéi'oo- vii to be fringed Source(s):DCAU

céhti3- vta to call s.o. over Listen: nihcehti3oot (WiC)

cehyoooti- vai to quarrel 3 pl. changed ceehyoooti3i' Source(s):DCAU

cehyoootiib- vta to quarrel with s.o. Source(s):DCAU

cehyootiit ni quarrel Source(s):DCAU

ceh'éi- vai burn incense (from cedar) Source(s):DCAU

ceh'é3ih- vta 1) to listen to s.o. 2) to obey s.o. 3:3' changed ceeh'e3ihoot Source(s):DCAU

ceh'e3it- vti listen to s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ceh'é3tii- vai.t to listen to something Source(s):C&M, LJC

ceh'e3tiit- vti to listen to something Source(s):C&M

cei na 1) gum, pitch, resin 2) sap pl ceinó' Listen: cei (AB) Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

ceibisee- vai to move to the side, move over, get out of the way Source(s):DCAU, LJC

céibiihi' adv 1) turned aside, to the side 2) in a twisted manner, in a crooked manner Source(s):C&M, LJC

ceibii3oon- vta to twist s.o.'s beak or nose Source(s):C&M

ceikóóhu- vai to run towards the speaker Source(s):C&M

céinohuutono ni pearly everlasting, scientific name Anaphalis margaritacea Source(s):JAC 2005

céi3- vta to bring something here to s.o. Source(s):C&M

céi3ibéé- vai 1) to communicate with spirits 2) to have a guardian spirit Source(s):C&M

céi3iwooó na 1) spirit 2) (pl.) radio pl céi3iwoonó' Listen: céi3iwooó (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

céi3iihi' adv here, in the direction of the speaker Source(s):C&M

cei3kohéi- vai to ride into something, such as a patch of forest Source(s):C&M

céi3wó'oni- vai to have an accompanying or guardian spirit Source(s):C&M

ceitéihii na guest, visitor pl ceiteihiiho' obv. sg. ceiteihio 3 poss. hiiceitééw , néceitééb (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

céite'éici3éi- vai to lead an animal towards the speaker Source(s):C&M

ceiteehi- vai to have pierced ears Source(s):DCAU

céiteenén na visitor Source(s):C&M

céiteeniihi' adv this side (near the speaker) Source(s):C&M

ceitónee- vai to have a nosebleed Source(s):DCAU

céitou'óó- vai to float towards the speaker Source(s):C&M

céitoo ni earring pl céitoono Listen: céitoono (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceitóóh- vta to pierce someone's ears Listen: nihceitóóheet (WiC) Source(s):LJC

ceitóóhetiit ni piercing of the ears Listen: ceitóóhetiit (WiC) Source(s):ALKms, TA, LJC

céitoon- vta to visit s.o. 3:3' changed cenéitoonoot Source(s):DCAU

ceitoosoo' vii rain is approaching 3 changed ceneitoosoo' Source(s):Cowell ms

céiwóótee- vii to be located off to the side, has been moved aside Source(s):C&M

céixoh- vta to bring s.o. in the direction of the speaker Source(s):C&M

ceixotii- vai to bring something here Source(s):C&M

cei'isoo' vii 1) to be separate, set apart 2) to be different , C&M

cenén- vta to bring or take s.o. down from a place up above Listen: nihcénenó' (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

cenén- vti to bring or take s.t. down from a place up above Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cénenéihi- vai to be taken down Source(s):C&M

ceneneese' vii the wind is dying down 3 changed ceeneneese' Source(s):Cowell ms

cénenihcehi- vai to duck Source(s):DCAU

céne3éih- vti 1) to knock s.t. down or off someplace 2) to purchase s.t. Listen: nihcéne3éiho' (WiC) , nihcéne3éihowoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

céne3eih- vta 1) to knock s.o. down or off someplace 2) to purchase s.o. Listen: nihcéne3éihoot (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

cénee na grouse, sage grouse pl céneeno' obv. sg. céneen Note: Refers especially to hens (C&M-TM). Listen: cénee (AB) Source(s):DCAU

cénee na quail pl cenoho' Note: Archaic. Source(s):Cowell ms

cenééteenii'éihii na ['blue bird'] bluebird, blue jay, stellar's jay, pinyon jay Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

ceneeteenooxobe' na green frog (perhaps a bullfrog or a northern leopard frog) Source(s):Cowell ms

cenééteeyóó- vii to be blue or green 3 changed ceenééteeyóó' Source(s):DCAU

cenis- vai to fall 3 changed ceenise' Source(s):C&M

cenise' vii it has fallen down, fallen out Listen: cenise' (LD) , ceenise' (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

ceniih- vta to butcher s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):C&M

céniihéihi- vai to be butchered Source(s):C&M

céniihéi'i- vai to butcher Source(s):ZS, C&M

ceniihi' adv down, downwards Source(s):C&M

ceniikóóhu- vai to run far Source(s):ZS

ceniikuu3- vta to pull s.o. down Listen: nihceniikuu3oot (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

ceniikuutii- vai to pull something down Listen: heetceniikuutiinoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

ceniisee- vai to walk far Source(s):ZS, C&M

céniisiini particle far Source(s):C&M

cenii3ise' ni joint (as in a body part) pl cenii3isé'i Source(s):DCAU

cenii3ise' ni horsetail, scientific name Equisetum spp. and Hippochaete spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

céniixóotéé- vii to be far 3 changed céniixóotéé' Source(s):C&M

ceniiyóó3eti- vii a cease fire is in effect Source(s):DCAU

cenii'iisise' ni leftover, something extra pl cenii'iiséi'i Source(s):DCAU

cénii'oo- vii 1) to drip 2) to leak 3 changed céénii'oo' Source(s):DCAU

cénkoo- vii (leaves) to fall 3 changed céénkoo' Listen: céénkoo' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cénoho' na quail pl cenoho' Source(s):Cowell ms

cénohó' ni east Source(s):DCAU

céno'uuhu' particle at the bottom (when looking down from the top) Source(s):C&M

cenoosóó- vii to rain down 3 changed ceenoosóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cenoo'óó- vai to jump, leap Note: MU reports that when she was a child, elders would tell her "ceeceno'oo!" 'jump around!' when they heard thunder, and that this would make them taller. Source(s):DCAU

cenoo'óót- vti to jump at s.t. Source(s):DCAU

cenoo'óó3- vti to jump at s.o. Source(s):DCAU

censénee' vii it has fallen down, dropped down Source(s):C&M

censénini- vii it has fallen down, dropped down 3 changed ceensénini' Listen: ceensénini' (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

censib- vta (e.g. a horse) to throw s.o. off, buck s.o. off Note: Can also be used to describe forgetting the words of a song in the middle of singing, or forgetting what one is saying in the middle of speaking, e.g. nihcensibéinoo "I lost the words in the middle of the song" (WiC). Listen: nihcensibéinoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

censine- vai 1) to fall down 2) to be born 3 changed ceenisi' Listen: nihcensinenoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceséceini'oo- vai to cough Source(s):DCAU

cése'éihi- vai to be different Source(s):C&M

cese'eihii na game, wild quadruped mammal, wild animals hunted for food pl cese'ehiiho' obv. sg. cese'ehio Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

cese'eihiinokoy ni ['animal structure'] den pl cese'ehiinokoyono Source(s):Cowell ms

cesiceibinoo'óó- vai to start coughing Source(s):C&M

cesiceinibi- vai to cough Source(s):DCAU

cesiceinó'oo- vai to cough Source(s):C&M

cesicén- vti to scratch s.t, e.g. scratch an itch Listen: heetcesicénowoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

cesicen- vta to scratch s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cesice'oo- vai to itch, be itching 3 changed ceesice'oot Source(s):DCAU

cesice'oo- vii to itch, be itching 3 changed ceesice'oo' Source(s):DCAU

cesihcehi- vai to run away Source(s):C&M

cesin- vti to drop s.t. 3:3' changed ceeséno' Listen: nihcesinowoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

césin- vta to drop s.o. Listen: césinó' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

cesinoo'óó' vii (water) has begun flowing Source(s):C&M

césis- pv to begin to do something Source(s):C&M

césisihcehi- vai to start running, start moving rapidly, set off rapidly Source(s):C&M, C&M

cesisih'ohu- vai to fly away Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

césisih'ohu- vai 1) to begin to fly 2) to begin to fly away Source(s):C&M

cesisiikohéi- vai 1) to begin riding 2) to begin to ride away Source(s):C&M

césiskuutii- vai 1) to throw something 2) to turn on something (e.g. a radio) or start something up (e.g. a motor) Listen: céésiskuutiinoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

césistoo- vai to begin to do something Source(s):C&M, C&M

cési3oo'oo' vii it gets/has gotten started, begun Source(s):C&M

cesiiiyóó ni wrench Source(s):DCAU

césiikoh- vta to get away from s.o. Source(s):C&M

césiikuhnee- vai to get away, escape Source(s):C&M

cesiitéih'ii na mythical small person, midget pl cesiiteih'iiho' Source(s):DCAU

cesoni3ecóó- vai to be mad, angry Source(s):DCAU

cesyoo'óh- vti to unscrew s.t. Source(s):DCAU

cesyoo'óhoéé ni wrench Listen: cesyóó'ohóé (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

ce3- pv begin to do something, inceptive Source(s):C&M

ce3- vta to catch, trap or capture an animal Source(s):C&M

ce3éihi- vai to have ben caught, trapped or captured Source(s):C&M

ce3éi'oo- vai to set out, set off, depart Source(s):C&M, ZS, LJC

cé3en- vti to give s.t. away, pass s.t on to others Source(s):C&M

ce3esó'onéihi- vai to be chased away by someone Source(s):C&M

ce3esó'owuun- vta to chase something away from s.o. Source(s):C&M

cé3e3ééyei- vai to start a fire, get a fire started Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ce3ikoh- vta to run from s.o. Source(s):LJC

ce3i3ou'óó- vai 1) to float away 2) to begin to float Source(s):C&M

ce3kóóh- vta to run away from s.o. Source(s):C&M

ce3kóóhu- vai 1) to start running, set off running 2) to run away Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ce3kóóhuuhéi- vai to ride away Source(s):C&M

cé3ohwóó- vai to begin dancing Source(s):C&M

ceténowóhoeti- vai 1) to hurt oneself accidentally 2) to get oneself into trouble Source(s):C&M

ceténowoo- vai to get oneself into trouble Source(s):C&M

ceteyéihi- vai to be round, spherical 3 changed ceeteyóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceteyóó- vii to be round, spherical 3 changed ceeteyóó' Source(s):DCAU

cetéésee- vai to walk in many directions Source(s):C&M

cetó'oo- vai to be dying, about to die 3 changed ceetó'oot Source(s):DCAU

ceyótobee- vii to be false 3 changed ceeyótobee' Source(s):DCAU

ceyótow- pv false, fake Source(s):C&M

ceyótowóhoono' ni geranium, scientific name Geranium spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

ceyótowuunenitee na ['false person'] a supernatural being Source(s):TA

ceyótowuunii'éihii na ['false eagle'] turkey vulture Source(s):C&M

ceyoxesnóó- vii the mud is deep 3 changed ceeyoxesnóó' Source(s):DCAU

ceyootéihi- vai to be stubborn Source(s):DCAU

ce' pv again, back, returning Source(s):C&M

ce'biisee na ['round bug'] beetle Source(s):Cowell ms

ce'ehih- vai to be short 3 changed cee'ehiht Source(s):DCAU

ce'ehihinen na a 'short man' in the division between 'short men' and 'stout men' in ceremonies pl ce'ehineno' Source(s):TA

ce'éibes ni 1) box 2) barrel pl cé'eibéxo Listen: ce'éibes (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ce'éinóx ni container, can be used for e.g. a bag, box, luggage, purse, satchel, trunk pl ce'éinó3o Listen: ce'éinóx (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

cé'eis- pv different, various Source(s):C&M

ce'éiyoó ni 1) container 2) paper bag Listen: ce'éiyoó (LD) Source(s):DCAU

cé'enéihi- vai to be given back to someone Source(s):C&M

cé'eséihi- vai 1) to be different 2) to be diverse, of various types Source(s):C&M, C&M

cé'eséiti- vai 1) to speak differently 2) to speak a foreign language Source(s):C&M

cé'eseitiit ni foreign language

cé'esiihi' adv 1) different 2) diverse, various Source(s):C&M

cé'esóóni- vii to be different Source(s):C&M

cé'es3ootoo- vai to do various things Source(s):C&M

ce'es3óó'ooyóó- vii to be of varying or changing colors, as an oil slick in the sun Source(s):C&M

cé'e3i' particle outdoors, outside Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ce'ex'oowu' ni room (in a building) pl ce'ex'oowu loc. ce'ex'oowuu' Source(s):DCAU

ce'éé- vii to be approximately round, approximately spherical 3 changed cee'éé' Source(s):DCAU

ce'éecehinoo'óó- vai to have regained one's strength Source(s):C&M

ce'eeckóóhu- vai to come back home Source(s):C&M

ce'éecóho'óó- vai to regain one's strength Source(s):C&M

ce'eekuhu- vii to be in a knot 3 changed cee'eekuhu' Source(s):DCAU

ce'eenéti- vai to talk back 3 changed cee'eenétit Source(s):DCAU

ce'eetiit ni victory dance Source(s):DCAU

ce'éex ni war club, tomahawk pl ce'éexuu Listen: ce'éex (AB) , ce'éex (WiC) Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

ce'éexóowu' ni ['tomahawk lodge'] Tomahawk Society Source(s):C&M

ce'ééxunen na member of the Tomahawk Lodge or War Club Lodge pl ce'ééxunennó' Listen: ce'ééxunenno' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

ce'ibes ni log pl ce'ibéxo Source(s):DCAU

ce'ibinóoti' ni bead pl ce'ibinóoti' Source(s):DCAU

ce'ihcehi- vai to return quickly, run back Source(s):C&M

ce'ikotiit- vti to walk back to s.t. Source(s):C&M

ce'inihii- vai to repeat something (verbally) Source(s):DCAU

ce'isee- vai to walk back Source(s):C&M

ce'iskuu3eino'óówu' ni theater Listen: ce'iskuu3eino'óówu' (LD) Source(s):LJC

ce'iskuu3óó ni 1) film, movie 2) equipment that displays a film or movie such as a projector or television pl ce'iskuu3óóno Listen: ce'iskuu3óó (LD) Source(s):DCAU

ce'i3ee ni ash pl ce'i3eeno Listen: ce'i3ee (WaC) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

ce'i3eeniiciihehe' placename Powder River, WY Source(s):C&M

ce'iihi' adv again Source(s):C&M

ce'iisiihi' adv back again in that direction Source(s):C&M

ce'iiteyéi ni knee pl ce'iiteyéino' 3 poss. hice'iiteyéin Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ce'kóóhu- vai to run back to a place Source(s):C&M

ce'néé'eesinihii- vai to repeat oneself Source(s):DCAU

cé'no'eeckóóhu- vai to arrive back home Source(s):C&M

ce'no'okóóhu- vai to return (by car) Source(s):DCAU

ce'no'óu'oo- vai to return (by boat), come back (by boat) Source(s):DCAU

ce'no'oxoh- vta to return s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

ce'no'oxoton- vta to return something to s.o. Source(s):DCAU

ce'no'uh'ohu- vai to return (by airplane), fly back (by airplane) Source(s):DCAU

cé'no'usee- vai to return by walking Source(s):C&M

ce'no'usee- vai to return (on foot) Source(s):DCAU

cé'no'u3ecóót- vti to think back on s.t., reminisce about s.t. Source(s):C&M

ce'no'uukohéi- vai to return (by horse), ride back (on horseback) Source(s):DCAU

cé'oowusee- vai to come back down Source(s):C&M

ce'sine- vai to fall back down 3 changed cee'sine' Source(s):C&M

ce'3éin- vti to put s.t. back inside something, e.g. a container Source(s):C&M

ce'3einowuun- vta to put something back inside a container for s.o. Source(s):C&M

ce'3einoo'oo- vai to go back inside a container Source(s):C&M

ce'woniihiiho' ni peas (pl.) Source(s):DCAU

ceebéh- pv prohibitive, "don't!" Source(s):ZS, C&M

céecenoo'óó- vai to jump up and down Source(s):DCAU

céece3ó'oh particle quickly, before you know it Source(s):C&M

ceeceeséinoo'óó- vai to twinkle Source(s):DCAU

céecéé'ihéihii na ['yodeler'] snipe Note: This bird is named for the 'trilling' or 'yodeling' sound that women make on ceremonial occasions. Source(s):Cowell ms

céeciisih- vta to surprise s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ceecii'éihi- vai to have the measles Source(s):DCAU

céeetee- vii to be smoky Source(s):C&M

ceeh'éi'i- vai to burn incense, smudge cedar Source(s):DCAU

cééh'ee ni 1) juniper, scientific name Juniperus communis 2) incense pl ceeh'eeno' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, JAC 2005

ceenén- vti to lower s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ceene'eici3oo ni horse ornament pl ceene'eici3oono Source(s):Cowell ms

ceeneetéénesoo' ni green grass Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

ceenééteené'einóó' ni ['blue flower'] bluebell, scientific name Mertensia ciliata pl ceenééteené'einóu'u Source(s):TA, JAC 2005

ceenééteeyóó' ni bead pl ceenééteeyóu'u Source(s):DCAU

ceenihcoo' ni a transparent container such as a bottle, jar, or glass pl ceenihcou'u Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceeniihi' adv down, under Listen: ceeniihi' (LD) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

céénkoo' ni 1) fall, autumn 2) October Source(s):DCAU

ceenóku- vai to sit down Source(s):C&M

céénokuhcehéino'oowu' ni outhouse, bathroom, restroom Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceenókun- vta to sit s.o. down, have s.o. sit down Source(s):C&M

ceenonoo3óó- vii to be mysterious, of unknown cause 3 changed ceneenonoo3óó' Source(s):DCAU

ceeséi- pv once, one time Source(s):DCAU

ceeséihi- vai to be silly Source(s):DCAU

ceesei'óó- vii to glow, e.g. embers 3 changed ceneesei'óó' Source(s):DCAU

ceeséy particle 1) one 2) once, one time Source(s):DCAU

ceeséy nonóóke' ni ['first morning'] Tuesday Source(s):ALKms

céése' na a, one, another obv. sg. cééxoon Source(s):C&M

céése' particle just, only Source(s):DCAU

céésih- vta to procure or obtain s.o. (anim. obj., e.g. a horse) Source(s):C&M

cééston- vta to procure or obtain something for s.o., buy something for s.o. Source(s):C&M

ceestówoo- vai 1) to succeed 2) to accomplish something Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cééstowuun- vta to provide for s.o. 3:3' changed cenééstowuunoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cééstoo- vai to procure or obtain something, buy something (typically for oneself) Source(s):C&M

ceestóó- vai to work for wages Source(s):DCAU

cééstoot ni income Source(s):DCAU

cée3- pv by accident Source(s):C&M

cee3i- vai to kneel Source(s):C&M

céé3too- vai to do something by accident Source(s):C&M

cée3xóheti- vai to get oneself to a place by accident, get oneself into a bad situation Source(s):C&M

ceeteyéhit na marble, pellet pl ceeteyehi3i' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ceeteyóuhu' ni pill pl ceeteyouhuhu'u Source(s):DCAU

ceetéé ni 1) smoke (from a fire) 2) haze 3) mist Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ceetéése- vii to be hazy, misty, smoggy 3 changed ceneetéése' Listen: ceneetéése' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cééti- vai to fart, break wind, pass gas Source(s):DCAU

cééyowciinéyoono ni (pl.) vegetables Source(s):DCAU

cééyookuu' ni cactus of some type, scientific name Coryphantha or (most likely) scientific name Pediocactus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

cee'einóóni' ni sleigh bell (flowers), harebell, scientific name Campanula rotundifolia pl cee'einooni'i Source(s):DCAU

cee'einóó' ni bowl Source(s):DCAU

cee'én- vti to distribute s.t., pass s.t. out Source(s):DCAU

cee'esé'einóó' ni flower pl cee'ese'einóu'u Source(s):DCAU

cee'eyeino'óowu' ni ['distribution house'] Fort Washakie, WY Source(s):C&M

cee'éé- vii to be frayed, torn 3 changed cenee'ee' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cee'eeku3oo ni a bundle of offerings Source(s):TA, Cowell p.c.

cee'éé' ni ['it is approximately round'] 1) spherical root such as a turnip or potato, also takes preverbs to form neologisms for any spherical fruit or vegetable 2) Indian breadroot, scientific name Pediomelum esculentum 3) lemon scurfpea, scientific name Psoralidium lanceolatum pl cee'éi'i Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

céé'ih- vta to permanently give s.o. something valuable and useful, as in a knowledge or skill Source(s):C&M

cee'ihénihéihiinóó- vii to be given away, granted (caused to be given out) Source(s):C&M

cee'in- vti to distribute s.t., hand s.t. out Source(s):DCAU

cee'inonéihi- vai to be strange, confused, mixed up 3 changed cenee'inonéiht Source(s):DCAU

cee'inoyoo- vii to be strange, queer, weird 3 changed cenee'inoyoo' Source(s):DCAU

cee'nónoo3óó' vii to be unpredictable 3 changed cenee'nónoo3óó' Source(s):DCAU

cee'nónootéihi- vai to be unpredictable 3 changed cenee'nónootéiht Source(s):DCAU

cee'nóuhnee- vai to hand out food at a feast Source(s):DCAU

cee'óóceihi- vai to be frayed 3 changed cenee'óóceiht Source(s):DCAU

cih- pv directional, towards speaker Source(s):C&M

cihi'nóubee na gnat ('small fly') pl cihi'nóubeenó' Source(s):DCAU

cihi'nówo' na 1) minnow 2) ?any small fish Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

cihiixoén- vti to peel s.t. Source(s):C&M

cihkoyóó- vii to be transparent, clear Source(s):DCAU

cihkoowu- vii (water) to be clear, transparent 3 changed ciihkoowu', cenihkoowu' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cihnéés vai come here! (imperative) Source(s):C&M

cih'óéése' ni screen, mesh pl cih'óeeséi'i Source(s):DCAU

cih'óh- vti to chop s.t. Source(s):DCAU

cih'óhowoot ni bone marrow Listen: cih'óhowoot (WiC) Source(s):LJC

cih'ohusee- vai to split wood Source(s):DCAU

cih'o3ónkuu3ei- vai to type Source(s):DCAU

cih'o3ónkuu3óó ni typewriter Source(s):DCAU

cih'óte'éihi- vai to comb one's hair Source(s):LJC

cih'óte'eihóo ni comb, traditionally made from the tongue of a buffalo Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

cih'óxuu ni tinder Source(s):DCAU

cih'o'wuuci3ei- vai to harrow, break up plowed ground Source(s):DCAU

cih'o'wuuci3oó ni harrow Source(s):DCAU

cih'o'wuuhóé ni pick Source(s):DCAU

cih'oosóu ni shawl Source(s):DCAU

cis na nighthawk pl cisii obv. sg. cisii obv. pl. cisii Listen: cis (AB) Source(s):DCAU

cis- pv a duration of time, length of time, a while Source(s):C&M

cisiiisi' vii something takes a certain number of days, is done for a certain number of days Source(s):C&M

cisiini- vai to take a certain time to do something, take a while Source(s):C&M

ciwoniinóókhoosé' field sagewort, wormwood, scientific name Artemisia campestris Source(s):JAC 2005

ci' particle again Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ci' pv 1) also 2) again Source(s):C&M

ci'i3 ni, na calf of leg pl ci'i3no(‘) 3 poss. hici'i3in Source(s):DCAU, Salzmann 1963

ci'óx- vti to slice s.t. Source(s):DCAU

cii- pv negation (conjunct, irrealis interrogative, potential imperative) Source(s):C&M

ciibé- vai to sweat in a sweatlodge 3 changed ceniibé' Source(s):C&M, LJC

ciibénoo'óó- vai to perform a ceremony or ritual Source(s):C&M

ciibeen ni a thing used for a sweat lodge, especially the willow frame Source(s):C&M

ciibéét ni sweat lodge pl ciibéétino Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

ciiciihii na sparrow hawk, kestrel Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

ciihkoowu' ni clear water Source(s):DCAU

ciihóuut- vai to chat Source(s):DCAU

ciiko'ootéihi- vai to be selfish, stingy Source(s):DCAU

ciinécei beh'iihoho' na (pl.) water sprinkling old men, the last in system of the age-grade societies Source(s):TA, DCAU

ciinén- vti 1) to lay s.t. down, put s.t. down 2) to put a bad experience behind one Listen: heetciinénowoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciinen- vta 1) to put s.o. down 2) release s.o., let s.o. loose Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ciinén- vii to plant s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ciinéntoyóótiini' vii people have placed/are placing something ceremonially, as part of a ceremony Source(s):C&M

ciinéyei- vai to plant, sow Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciinih- vta leave s.o. alone Source(s):C&M

ciinihi- vii to be placed down, laid down Source(s):C&M

ciini'einéétii- vai to be cranky Source(s):DCAU

ciini'i3ecoo- vai ['not feel well'] to grieve Source(s):DCAU

ciini'i3ecóót ni grief Source(s):DCAU

ciiniiniini- vai to be separated from one's wife Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU

ciiniisi- vai to be separated from one's husband Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU

ciinkuu3- vta to release s.o., to let s.o. go, let s.o. loose Source(s):C&M, ALKms, ZS

ciinóhoé ni gas money Source(s):DCAU

ciinohuxoono ni tinder Source(s):DCAU

ciinóuhuu na farmer pl ciinouhuuho' Source(s):DCAU

ciinóuu- vai to farm 3 changed ceniinóuut Source(s):DCAU

ciinóuutono ni (pl.) applied to various crops that are planted such as grain (including wheat, rye) or vegetables Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciinówouhu- vai 1) to be delicate 2) to be touchy Source(s):DCAU

ciinówóuhuunóó- vii to be delicate 3 changed ceniinówóuhuunóó' Source(s):DCAU

ciinówóuhuunóó- vii to be delicate 3 changed ceniinówóuhuunóó' Source(s):DCAU

ciino'on- pv fairly, rather, intensifier Source(s):C&M

ciino'onéi'oo- vii to be fairly large Source(s):C&M

ciinó'onicisiihi' adv fairly far Source(s):C&M

ciino'óub- vta to reject s.o. 3:3' changed ceniino'óuwoot Source(s):DCAU

ciin3o'oeyóó ni straw Source(s):DCAU

ciintii- vai to quit Source(s):DCAU

ciis- pv 1) far in distance 2) long in time Source(s):C&M

ciiséihi- vai to have been surprised, caught unawares Source(s):C&M

ciisibih-- vta to make someone frustrated or fed up Listen: ceniisibihéinoo (WiC) , niiciisibihi3i' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

ciisibinoo'óó- vai to get tired of something, find something monotonous Source(s):C&M

ciisiniihiihi' adv far along (e.g. a path, stream) Source(s):C&M

ciisisee- vai to walk far Source(s):C&M

ciisiwoo3oo- vii to be monotonous, tedious 3 changed ceniisiwoo3oo' Source(s):DCAU

ciisiihinee- vai to take someone by surprise, as in seizing something Source(s):C&M

ciisiihi' adv far away Source(s):DCAU

ciisiikohéi- vai to ride far, ride a long ways Source(s):C&M

ciiskóx3iihi' adv far on the other side of a hill or mountain, far over the top of a hill or mountain Source(s):C&M

ciiskóóhu- vai 1) to run far 2) to travel a long distance Source(s):C&M, LJC

ciistonóót- vti to keep s.t. burning a long time, keep s.t. burning continuously Source(s):C&M

ciit- pv into, inside Source(s):C&M

cii3en- vta to take s.o. into a place Source(s):C&M

cii3hiihi' adv from inside a place (moving outwards) Source(s):C&M

cii3ibii- vai to put on a clothes Source(s):DCAU, C&M

cii3ihcehi- vai to enter rapidly, to run in to a structure Source(s):C&M

cii3ihcehi- vai to jump into an area or place Source(s):C&M

cii3iihi' adv inside, within Source(s):DCAU, LJC

cii3kóóhu- vai to run inside something Source(s):C&M

cii3kuu3- vta to throw s.o. inside a place Source(s):C&M

cii3kuutii- vai to stuff something inside a place Source(s):C&M

cii3o'- pv never Source(s):C&M

ciitehéé3ei- vai to get dressed Source(s):DCAU

ciitei- vai to enter, come in Listen: ciitei (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciitei'on- vta to enter into s.o.'s presence Source(s):C&M

ciiten- vti to take s.t. inside Source(s):C&M

ciiten- vta to take s.o. in Source(s):DCAU

ciite'eikuu3- vta to rope s.o. Source(s):DCAU

ciite'eikuu3ei- vai to rope something, be roping Source(s):DCAU

ciitéé ni foam Source(s):DCAU

ciitohko'neeyoo ni bridle pl ciitohko'neeyoono Source(s):Cowell ms

ciitosóuhunii- vai to put on socks Listen: ciitosóuhunii (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

ciitó3oo ni 1) quiver 2) gun case pl ciitó3oono 3 poss. hiciitó3oo Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

ciitotó'nii- vai to put on a hat Source(s):DCAU

ciitotó'onii vai put your hat on! Source(s):DCAU

ciitotoohoe- vai to put on pants Source(s):DCAU

ciitóukuhu- vai to be tied up inside an area, such as a corral Source(s):C&M

ciitou3ooko3inihiit ni quotation Source(s):DCAU

ciitó'- vti to put s.t. on Source(s):DCAU

ciito'óhnii- vai to put on shoes Listen: ciito'óhnii (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

ciitóó3oó ni tire pump Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciitóotéé- vii to be located inside something Source(s):C&M

ciitóowuu' adv indoors, inside something (e.g. a dwelling, a car) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciitóowuu' particle inside a dwelling or structure Source(s):C&M

ciitóo'ohu' vii it has been dragged inside a place Source(s):C&M

ciitoo'oyóó ni harness pl ciitoo'oyoonó Source(s):DCAU

ciiwóhoonéihi- vai to be evil 3 changed ceniiwóhoonéiht Source(s):DCAU

ciiwoni'inihiitooni- vii it takes a long time to say it, to tell it Source(s):C&M

ciiwoxoeenebeti- vai to be humble Source(s):DCAU

ciixóen- vti to peel s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ciixóen- vta to peel s.o. Source(s):DCAU

ciixóku- vai to be far away 3 changed ceniixókunoo Source(s):DCAU

ciixoyoo- vii to be broad Source(s):DCAU

ciixoyóó- vii to be wide (and long) Source(s):DCAU

ciixó'obéé- vii places are far apart, it is far from place to place Source(s):C&M

ciixootéé- vii to be far away 3 changed ceniixootéé' Source(s):DCAU, ZS

ciixóotéé- vii 1) to be far away 2) to be long ago, from long ago Source(s):C&M

ciiyoonó ni 1) (pl.) equipment, kit, gear 2) belongings Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, C&M

cii'éihi- vai to be lame Source(s):ZS, LJC

cii'isee- vai 1) to limp 2) (a horse) to be lame Source(s):LJC

cii'koohei- vai to run with a limp Source(s):LJC

cii'owoyéihii na dragonfly pl cii'owoyeihiiho' obv. sg. cii'owoyeihio Source(s):DCAU

cob- vta to shoot s.o. with a gun Source(s):DCAU

cóboo- vai to shoot Source(s):C&M

cóboo- vai to shoot, fire a shot Source(s):DCAU

coh'óukutoo- vai to tie one's hair in the back of the head Source(s):C&M

conóóco'ótoyoo- vii to be hilly 3 changed coonóóco'ótoyoo' Source(s):DCAU

cou'uh- vta to bother s.o. Source(s):C&M

cóu'utii- vai 1) to bother something or someone 2) to play with something casually Source(s):C&M

cowouhéi- vai to row a boat Source(s):DCAU

cowouhóéé ni oar pl cowouhóeeno Source(s):DCAU

cowouwu- vai to swim Source(s):DCAU

cówou'oo- vii to float, sail 3 changed cóówou'oo' Source(s):DCAU

cówou'oo- vai to float Source(s):LJC

cowóuubéihi- vai to wait, wait for something to happen Source(s):C&M

cowouubéihi- vai to wait Source(s):DCAU

cowouute- vii there is a ridge Listen: coowóóute' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

cowóuuwuh- vta to wait for s.o., wait on s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

cowouuwutii- vai to wait for something Source(s):DCAU

cowooówu- vai to be obese, overweight 3 changed coowooówut Source(s):DCAU

cowoo3iteihii na interpreter, translator pl cowoo3iteehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

cowoo3itee- vai to interpret Source(s):DCAU

cowoo3itoon- vta to inform s.o. 3:3' changed coowoo3itoonoot Source(s):DCAU

cowoo3itoon- vta to interpret for s.o., translate for s.o. Source(s):DCAU

cowoo3itoot- vti to interpret s.t., narrate s.t., translate s.t. Source(s):DCAU

cowóotéé- vii to be laid out, extend along a certain direction, lead in a certain way Source(s):C&M

cówoowo'óó- vii to flow (as in water) Source(s):DCAU

cowóoxéihi- vai to leave a path of tracks Source(s):C&M

cowoo'usee- vai to pass by when in a wheeled vehicle such as a wagon or wheelchair

co' pv again, back, returning Source(s):C&M

co'céi- vai to fry bread Source(s):DCAU

có'coo ni bread, loaf of bread Listen: có'coo (AB) Source(s):DCAU

co'cooniinén na Mexican person pl co'cooniinénnó' Source(s):DCAU

co'cóóniinii'éihii na ['Mexican bird/eagle'] California condor Source(s):Cowell ms

co'cóóniisei na Mexican woman Source(s):DCAU

có'oc ni bread, loaf of bread Source(s):DCAU

co'oeyóó ni dome-shaped brush shelter made of willows Source(s):C&M, LJC

co'óe'in- vti to make s.t. out of willows, e.g. a brush shelter Source(s):C&M

co'ohóe- vai to make a fist Source(s):DCAU

co'óku- vai to squat 3 changed coo'ókut Source(s):DCAU

có'onéé- vai 1) to have fur, be furry 2) to be shaggy 3 changed cóó'onéét Source(s):DCAU, LJC

có'oneenóte' na wool-bearing sheep Source(s):DCAU

có'otoyiini- vii to be hilly Source(s):C&M

co'ótoyóuhu' vii there is a small hill Source(s):C&M

có'ou'oo ni forehead pl có'ou'oono Source(s):DCAU

co'ouuhu' adv up high Source(s):C&M

co'ouu3i- vai to be high up in the air 3 changed coo'ouu3i' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

co'ouu3iihi' adv high, high-like Source(s):C&M

co'ouu3oo- vii to be high (e.g. a mountain or hill) 3 changed co'ouu3oo' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

có'ouu3óó- vii to be tall 3 changed cóó'o'uu3óó' Source(s):DCAU

co'óuute- vii to be high (e.g. a mountain, cliff) 3 changed coo'óuute' Listen: coo'óuue' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

co'ouutenéni- vii to be high up (e.g. up a cliff) Source(s):C&M, ZS

co'ouuté3ee- vii to be flaming high Source(s):DCAU

co'óuuteenéb- vta to think highly of s.o. Source(s):DCAU

co'ouutookéé na high-ranking officer Source(s):DCAU

co'oxóee- vai to be plump 3 changed coo'oxóeet Source(s):DCAU

co'o'éin ni necktie, tie Source(s):DCAU

co'óóbe'éin- vti to pile s.t. up, e.g. dirt Source(s):C&M

co'ookeehi- vai to be thick 3 changed coo'ookeehit Source(s):DCAU

co'ookeeyéihi- vai to be thick 3 changed coo'ookeeyéiht Source(s):DCAU

co'óókoo3iihi' adv back at one's home Source(s):C&M

có'ootoo'ohóe ni padlock pl có'ootoo'ohóeno Source(s):DCAU

co'ooxéénoo- vai to get even with s.o. Source(s):DCAU

co'óoxuucihi- vai to tie something around one's waist Source(s):C&M

co'ooyéise- vii to be piled up 3 changed coo'ooyéise' Source(s):DCAU

co'ooyeitii- vai to pile something, e.g. wood Source(s):DCAU

co'té' ni cap pl co'té'no Source(s):DCAU

coocóboo- vai to shoot repeatedly, fire repeated shots Source(s):DCAU

cooh- pv no longer Source(s):C&M

coohoh'óukutoot na Navajo pl coohoh'oukutóó3i' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

cooh'óee- vai to smudge or cedar Source(s):C&M

cóóh'owuun- vta to smudge s.o., cedar s.o. Source(s):C&M

coon- pv to be unable to do something Source(s):C&M

coonéihi- vai to be pregnant Source(s):DCAU

cóóne3éih'i- vai to be constipated Source(s):DCAU

coone3ééyei- vai to be unable to get a fire going Source(s):C&M

cooniiséihi- vai to have a hoarse voice 3 changed conooniiséihit Source(s):DCAU

cooniitetén- vta to be unable to reach or get to s.o. Source(s):C&M

coonóuwuheti- vai to be weak Source(s):DCAU

cóóno'óó- vai 1) to be unable to walk or run 2) to be unable to keep up Source(s):C&M

cóoó' ni 1) corral, fence 2) trap for game animals such as elk Source(s):ALKms, Cowell p.c.

coo3óni' na prairie dog pl coo3ónii Source(s):DCAU, LJC

coo3oniiseihon na ['prairie dog weasel'] black-footed ferret Source(s):Cowell ms

cóó3uwuno' (pl.) fragrant sumac, skunkbush, scientific name Rhus aromatica Source(s):JAC 2005

cóówo'on- vta to overtake s.o. 3:3' changed coowo'ónoot Source(s):DCAU

cóówo'óó' ni Monday Source(s):DCAU, LJC

coowooceiise' ni 1) wire 2) fence made from wire Source(s):DCAU, LJC

coox na enemy pl coo3ó' Source(s):DCAU

cooxucenéihii na meadowlark pl cooxuceneehiiho' obv. sg. cooxuceneehio Source(s):DCAU

cóoxucéénee na meadowlark Source(s):C&M

cóó'ob- vta to kid s.o., joke with s.o., tease s.o. 3:3' changed conoo'uwoot Source(s):DCAU

coo'ótoyóuh- vii to be a small hill 3 changed coo'ótoyóuhu' Source(s):C&M

coo'ótoyóó' ni hill pl coo'otoyóu'u loc. co'téni' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

coo'ótoyóó' vii there is a hill pl coo'otoyóu'u Source(s):DCAU

coo'óótoo'unoo'oo' wooxé ni pocketknife Source(s):DCAU

coo'óowuse' ni 1) body of water 2) puddle Source(s):DCAU, LJC

coo'oowuse' ni pond Source(s):DCAU

cóó'oo'éé' ni shrub, bush pl coo'oo'éi'i Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

coo'u3éi'i- vai to bother people, harass people Source(s):C&M


hébes na beaver pl hébesii obv. sg. hébesii obv. pl. hébesii hebes AO Source(s):DCAU

hebesokoy ni ['beaver structure'] beaver lodge Source(s):Cowell ms

hebe3 beteeniisi' ni ['great holy day'] Sunday Source(s):ALKms

hébihoonoo'óet ni toilet paper Source(s):DCAU

hebiite- vai to steal something Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hebiiteb- vta to steal from s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hebiitiihii na thief pl hébiitiihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

hébiitiihiini- vai to be a thief Source(s):DCAU

hébiitowó'ot ni theft, an act of thievery Source(s):C&M, Cowell p.c.

hébiitóóxobei- vai 1) to steal a horse, steal horses 2) also extended to stealing cattle or other livestock Source(s):ALKms, C&M

heces beteeniisi' ni ['little holy day'] Sunday Source(s):ALKms

hécesbetee3óó na ['small spirit/shadow'] angel obv. sg. hécesbetee3óón Source(s):DCAU

heceséihi- vai to be small 3 changed heeceséiht Source(s):DCAU

hécesisei- vai to be a young girl or woman Source(s):C&M

hecesiitéihii na dwarf, little person Note: Appear in Arapaho myths. Source(s):TA, C&M

hecesiiteihiisoo na dwarf child Source(s):C&M

hecésii'ehihi' na ['small little bird'] sparrow pl hecésii'ehih'o' Source(s):DCAU

hécesóuhuu na vulture pl hécesohuuho' Source(s):DCAU

hecesóó- vii 1) to be small 2) to be narrow 3 changed heecesóó' Source(s):DCAU

hecesóóceihi- vai to be thin (e.g. a rope) Source(s):DCAU

hecés3ee3oo ni ['little finger'] little finger, pinky Source(s):DCAU

hecéxonóh'oe na young boy Source(s):C&M

hecéxonóh'oe na male youth Source(s):DCAU

hecéxo'oowu' ni ['small house'] shed, small building Source(s):DCAU

hecéxookéé- vai 1) to be a child 2) to be young Source(s):C&M

hecóxookei na 1) a person of small rank or stature 2) a child, not a grown-up Source(s):C&M

hecóxookéihi- vai 1) to be a person of small rank or stature (figuratively) 2) to be a child

héctoonohuut ni cradleboard Source(s):DCAU

heh- pv emphatic Source(s):C&M, ZS

heh- pv narrative past tense form used with numbers Source(s):C&M

héhcitoonóuhu- vai to swaddle a baby Source(s):DCAU

hehin- vta to wipe s.o., wipe s.o. off (anim. obj.) 3:3' changed heehinoot Source(s):DCAU

hehin- vti to wipe s.t., wipe s.t. off Source(s):DCAU

hehiyoó ni something you wipe with, e.g. a towel, rag, tissue Listen: hehiyoó (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hehiikotii- vai to tremble Source(s):DCAU

hehiinoo'óó- vai to shake, shiver, tremble Source(s):DCAU

hehiiseb- vta to wash s.o. 3:3' changed heehiisówoot Source(s):DCAU

hehiisebeti- vai to wash oneself Source(s):DCAU

hehiise3ei- vai to do the wash, do laundry Source(s):LJC

hehiisé3einooó ni washtub Source(s):DCAU

hehiisé3oó ni washing machine Source(s):DCAU

hehiisé3oono ni laundry Source(s):DCAU

hehiisetnóuhu- vai to gargle Source(s):DCAU

hehiisio'huunooó ni washbasin Source(s):DCAU

hehiisii'ouhu- vai to wash one's face Source(s):DCAU

hehiisoonouhu- vai to wash one's feet Source(s):DCAU

hehiis3ee3ouhu- vai to wash one's hands Source(s):DCAU

hehiistii- vai to wash something Source(s):LJC

hehiixóó ni napkin pl hehiixoono Source(s):DCAU

héi- pv potential, could happen, could occur Source(s):C&M

héibi- vii to be stuck, attached to something Source(s):C&M

héibi- vai to be stuck, attached to something Source(s):C&M

héibikuu3oo ni postage stamp, sticker Source(s):LJC

héibini- vii to be stuck, attached to something Source(s):C&M

héibton- vta to stick something on to s.o. Source(s):C&M

héih- pv potential, could have, would have Source(s):C&M

héihii particle soon Source(s):C&M

heihoo- vai to go Note: Used only in questions. Source(s):C&M

héihoowciikó'ooti- vai to be generous Source(s):DCAU

héih'eihóó ni towel pl héih'eihóno Source(s):DCAU

héikóó3en- vti to pull up the side (of a tipi) Source(s):C&M

héikóó3eni' vii it has the sides raised up Source(s):C&M

heinóku- vai to be lying somewhere Source(s):DCAU

héisiib- vta to scatter people about, by force or hitting Source(s):C&M

héiso'onéihi- vai to be forced to scatter due to being chased, be chased away and apart Source(s):C&M

héi3ecoo- vai to be afraid Source(s):C&M

héix- vti to wear s.t. Source(s):DCAU

héixon- vta to wear something animate (e.g. hinów, red paint) Source(s):C&M

héixo'o ni clothing Source(s):C&M

héixo'owuu- vai to be wearing something Source(s):C&M

hei'- pv 1) when (RELATIVE) 2) once (something has occurred) Source(s):C&M

hei'- pv how far along something is in space, time or a series Source(s):C&M

héi'ii'iihi' adv as far as, up to a particular point Source(s):C&M

hei'ouute' vii how far a landform extends Source(s):C&M

héi'tobé'e- vai to tell something, say something Source(s):C&M

hei'tówoó ni saying pl hei'tówoono Source(s):DCAU

héi'towuun- vta to tell something to s.o. Source(s):C&M

henéihi- vai 1) to be long 2) to be tall 3 changed heenéiht Source(s):DCAU

henéixo' buttercup, scientific name Ranunculaceae spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

henetii- vai to lose something 3:3' changed héénetiit Source(s):DCAU

héneebees particle 1) have the opportunity to do something 2) take advantage of an opportunity Source(s):C&M, ZS

heneebinoo'óó- vai 1) to be frustrated 2) to be restless Source(s):DCAU

heneebisee- vai to pace around, walk anxiously 3 changed heeneebiseet Source(s):DCAU, LJC

heneeceinotoyeic ni buffalo hide Source(s):Cowell ms

henéécee na buffalo bull pl henééceeno' obv. sg. henééceen obv. pl. henééceeno Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heneene3ebeihit na ['snow dogs'] February Source(s):Cowell ms

henees- pv strange, foreign, other

heneesinén na (male) stranger pl heneesinénnó' Source(s):DCAU

heneesiisei na (female) stranger pl heneesiiseino' Source(s):DCAU

heneesóó- vii to be strange Source(s):DCAU

henééyoo particle right there Source(s):C&M

hénee' who is it? Source(s):DCAU, LJC

henee' particle who? Source(s):C&M

henih- vta to lose s.o. 3:3' changed heenóhoot Source(s):DCAU

Henihco'oo' placename ['[steam] goes up'] Yellowstone National Park Source(s):LJC

heninouhu- vai to wear long clothing Source(s):C&M

heninouhuuno'óowu' ni ['long robe house'] Catholic church Source(s):C&M

henixonóehi- vai to be tall Source(s):DCAU

heni'ei- vai to have long hair Source(s):DCAU, LJC

heniiniibsiceit na pelican Source(s):DCAU

henóóceihi- vai (e.g. a rope) is long Listen: heenóóceiht (WiC) Source(s):LJC

héntóu- vii to be located here, to be present pl héntóu'u'u Source(s):C&M

héntoo- vai 1) to be present 2) be in a particular place, be located somewhere Source(s):DCAU, C&M

héntoot- vti to occupy s.t. 3 changed heentootó' Source(s):DCAU

hescoowu- vii to be hot liquid (as in coffee) 3 changed heescoowu' Source(s):DCAU

heséihi- vai to be industrious Source(s):DCAU

héseineb- vta to hate s.o., resent s.o. 3:3' changed hééseinówoot Source(s):DCAU

héseinéét- vti 1) to hate s.t. 2) to resent s.t. Source(s):DCAU

heseisé- vii to be windy 3 changed heeseisé' Source(s):DCAU

heséisén ni wind Source(s):DCAU

hesinéé- vai 1) to be hungry 2) (figuratively) to be starving 3 changed heesnéét Source(s):DCAU, ZS, C&M

hesinih- vta to make s.o. mad, angry 3:3' changed heesnihoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hesitee ni 1) fire 2) furnace, heater, stove pl hesiteeno Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hesitee- vii to be hot (e.g. weather) 3 changed heesitee' Source(s):DCAU

hesitoo'óó- vai 1) to be hot 2) to be in heat Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hesiikóóhu- vai to run fast Source(s):DCAU

hesiineenih'ohu- vai to fly rapidly Source(s):C&M

hésiinii- vai to be injured Source(s):DCAU

hésiiniih- vta to injure s.o., do s.o. harm, hurt s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hésiinootéihi- vai 1) to be fast, have fast reflexes 2) to be reckless Source(s):DCAU

hesnónee- vai to be angry Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hesnonóóton- vta to be mad at s.o., angry with s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hésnóót ni 1) hunger 2) famine Source(s):C&M

hesnóótiini' vii there is hunger, there is famine Source(s):C&M

hesótee- vai to have diarrhea Source(s):DCAU

hesotóot ni diarrhea Source(s):DCAU

hesówobéihi- vai to be ill, sick 3 changed heesowobéiht Note: Used as a euphemism for menstruation. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hesówobeihiit ni illness, sickness, disease Source(s):DCAU

hesowowu3eii- vai to be in pain 3 changed heesowowu3eiit Source(s):DCAU

hesowowutii- vai to ache, hurt Source(s):LJC

héso'óó- vai to be fast (especially in running) 3 changed hééso'óót Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

héso'oobooó ni ['fast road'] railroad Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

héso'óónotii na train, locomotive pl héso'óónotiiwo' loc. béso'óónotiibe' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

héso'óónoox na fast horse pl héso'óónooxebii Source(s):C&M

hesoohob- vta to watch s.o., observe s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hesóóhobéihi- vai to be watched closely Source(s):C&M

hesoohobetiit ni mirror pl hesoohobetiitono Source(s):DCAU

hesoohóót- vti to watch s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hésooku'oo- vai 1) to watch something 2) to watch things carefully, observe intensely Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hésteiniisiini- vii to be a hot day Source(s):C&M

hesteiniisiini- vii to be a hot day 3 changed heesteiniisiini' Source(s):DCAU

hesteisi' ni a hot day Source(s):DCAU

hesteenec ni hot spring(s) Source(s):LJC

heswóoo3ih- vta 1) to offend s.o. 2) to provoke s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hésxoh'- vta to heat someone (animate object) Source(s):C&M

hesxóuh'u- vai to have a fever, to be feverish, to be hot Source(s):DCAU

hesxuhu'i- vai to have a fever 3 changed heesxuhu'ut Source(s):DCAU

hét- pv so that, in order that Note: Occurs in conjunct order; a short form of heetih-. Source(s):C&M

hét- pv must, future imperative, supposed to Source(s):C&M

he3 na dog pl hé3ebii obv. sg. hé3ebii obv. pl. hé3ebii Listen: he3 (AB) , hé3ebii (LD) Source(s):DCAU

he3césee na robin pl he3céseeno' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

he3ebéihtoonó ni milkweed, scientific name Asclepia speciosa Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

he3ebiisoo na puppy Source(s):LJC

he3kuu3- vta ?to pull s.o. towards oneself Source(s):C&M, C&M

hé3owoonéihii na ['dog-tailed one'] white-tailed deer pl hé3owooneehiihi' Source(s):DCAU

he3owoonoxu' ni ['dog root'] a medicinal root Source(s):TA, JAC 2005

hé3owoowu' ni Dog Lodge age-grade society Source(s):TA, DCAU

hetebinouhuuni- vai 1) to be pitiful 2) to be feeble 3) to be poor 3 changed heetebinouhuunit Listen: heetebinouhuuni3i' (ZM) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hetebinouhuunóó- vii 1) to be in poor condition 2) to be deteriorating 3 changed heetebinouhuunoo' Source(s):DCAU

hetehibe'éé- vii to be violet 3 changed heetehibe'éé' Source(s):DCAU

hetéini- vai to spend the night somewhere Source(s):ZS, C&M (PM stories text)

heteinih'ohu- vai to make a buzzing noise while flying (e.g. a bee) Listen: heeteinih'ohut (WiC) Source(s):LJC

hetéin3e'enéihii na ['noisy winged one'] hummingbird Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hetei'oo- vai to make a buzzing noise

héti3- vta to call to s.o. Source(s):ZS, C&M

héti3óótiini' vii there is calling, there is responding Source(s):C&M

hetóxoonéihii na opossum pl hetóxoonineehiiho' obv. sg. hetóxoonineehio Source(s):DCAU

hetóocéin- vti to pull out a rope or rope-like object Source(s):C&M

héyeih- pv almost, nearly approaching a goal Source(s):C&M

héyowuuwukóó' ni bark of service berry or June berry bush, scientific name Amelanchier alnifolia (bark) Source(s):JAC 2005

héyowuuwuno ni service berries or June berries, scientific name Amelanchier alnifolia (berries) Source(s):JAC 2005, Cowell p.c.

heyóó- vii to be long 3 changed heeyóó' Source(s):DCAU

heyoocéihi- vai to be rope-like, snake-like 3 changed heeyoocéihit Source(s):DCAU, C&M

héyookoo3éihii na ['long rumped one'] pheasant Source(s):DCAU

heyooninee- vai to have a long tail 3 changed heeyoonineet Source(s):DCAU

heyooxu- vii to be fringed Source(s):DCAU

heyoo'uuw ni juneberry pl heyoo'uwuno Source(s):DCAU

he'- pv dubitative, narrative past tense Source(s):C&M

he'éihi- vai 1) to be knowledgeable, smart, wise 2) to be sane, of sound mind 3 changed hee'éiht Source(s):DCAU

he'eeneb- vta to rely on s.o. Source(s):DCAU

he'hiisi'ohuut ni soap Source(s):DCAU, LJC

he'ih- pv TAM preverb, glossed NARR because it is used in the narrative past tense, requires Irrealis conjugation Source(s):C&M

he'in- vti 1) to know s.t., understand s.t. 2) to keep s.t. in mind, remember s.t. 3 changed hee'ino' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

he'ineeyóó- vii 1) to be visible 2) to be obvious Source(s):C&M

he'ineeyoo adv in a visible or obvious way Source(s):C&M

he'inon- vta to know s.o. 3:3' changed hee'nónoot Source(s):DCAU

he'inooti- vai to be sane Source(s):DCAU

he'iyoó ni clock, knowledge Source(s):DCAU, LJC

he'iyoohééhii ni timer Source(s):LJC

he'ii- pv dubitatave, it is doubful that Note: usually requires conjunct interative inflection Source(s):C&M

he'iicis- pv 1) how far, how long (relative) 2) for some indeterminate length of time or distance Source(s):C&M

he'iicisiihi' adv for some indeterminate length of time or distance, "I don't know how far or how long" Source(s):C&M

he'iistoo- vai someone is doing something indeterminate, "I don't know what someone is doing" Source(s):C&M

he'ii3éi'- pv to what degree (relative) Source(s):C&M

he'ii3éi'nee- pv to what degree (relative) Source(s):C&M

he'ii3e'- pv somewhere there Source(s):C&M

he'ii3óu'u particle something Source(s):C&M

he'ii3ooni'i particle something Source(s):C&M

he'iiteihi3i particle someone, somebody Source(s):C&M

he'iiten- vta to embrace s.o., hug s.o. Source(s):ZS

he'iitnéi'i particle somewhere Source(s):C&M

he'iitox- pv 1) how many (relative) 2) a certain number of times Source(s):C&M, C&M

he'iitoxu- vai however many there are, it is now known how many there are Source(s):C&M

hé'neenóóxobei- vai to hide horses, put horses in a safe place where they won't be found Source(s):C&M

hé'neetéihi- vai to be the leader, head of something, e.g. a dance Source(s):ALKms

he'néétii- vai to save something for future use Source(s):DCAU

he'neetón- vta to save something for s.o. Source(s):DCAU

he'neetóuhu- vai to save something for future use Source(s):DCAU

he'nééxoh- vta to guide s.o., lead s.o. 3:3' changed hee'neexóhoot Source(s):DCAU

he'neexó3eihii na guide, usher Source(s):DCAU

hee particle yes Note: Used by men when addressing another man. Listen: hee (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

héébe exclamation hello, hello friend! Note: Used by men when addressing another man. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heebe3bei'ci3e' ni ['big metal/money'] a dollar Source(s):ALKms

heebe3inén na big man Listen: heebe3inén (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

heebe3ise'éé- vii to be wide 3 changed heneebe3ise'éé' Source(s):DCAU

heebe3iihi' adv large, big, immense Source(s):ALKms

heebé3ii'éihii na ['big bird'] 1) big eagle, big bird 2) golden eagle Source(s):DCAU, C&M, C&M

héébe3kohó'ok na ['big bee'] bumblebee Source(s):Cowell ms

heebe3nenitee na 1) big person 2) monster Source(s):C&M

héébe3nookuubeet na ['it has a large white bill'] ?merganser Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

héébe3ooxóbe' na ['big frog'] toad Note: Dorsey:214; TA:58 Source(s):Schoolcraft 1851, Cowell ms

heebe3tó'obeihi- vai to be wide Listen: heebe3tó'obeiht (LD) Source(s):LJC

héébete3ééyei- vai to burn something in a large fire Source(s):C&M

heebeteebiyoo na ['big spoon'] serving spoon Source(s):DCAU

heebetokoy ni big tepee Source(s):ALKms

heebetóte' na big sheep Source(s):DCAU

heebétox na 1) big bear 2) grizzly bear Source(s):LJC

héébetó'eii na large drum, as is used at a Pow Wow Source(s):LJC

heebetooku na ['big rabbit'] jackrabbit Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

heebetookuu na ['big mouse'] rat pl heebetookuuhu' Source(s):DCAU

héébetóóx na big horse obv pl héébetóóxebii Source(s):C&M

héébetooxe ni ['large knife'] sword Source(s):DCAU

heebetóóxei na big wolf Listen: heebetóóxei (LD) Source(s):LJC

heebiyoo na spoon pl heebiyoono' obv. sg. heebiyoon Source(s):DCAU

heecéhih- vta to revive s.o. 3:3' changed heneecehihoot Source(s):DCAU

héécen ni buffalo hide Note: Archaic. Source(s):DCAU

héécestéébiicéso'o' na Little Dipper Source(s):DCAU

heecét proclitic before (another event), while not yet Source(s):C&M, C&M, ZS

hééce'éici3- vta to cover s.o.'s head Source(s):C&M

heecikóóhu- vai to go home Source(s):C&M

héécis- pv while Source(s):C&M

heeci'eicihit na outlaw Source(s):DCAU

heeci'eicihiini- vai to be an outlaw Source(s):DCAU

heecoxóóxeiht ni January Source(s):DCAU

heenéihcikuu3- vai to toss something up Source(s):DCAU

heenéihcikuutii- vai to toss something up Source(s):DCAU

heenéikóó3en- vti to raise the sides of a tipi

heenéistóót ni ways, customs, habits, lifestyle Source(s):C&M

heenei3é'enoo- vai to have wings 3 changed heneenei3é'enoo' Source(s):DCAU

heenéi'isiihi' adv 1) various kinds 2) and so forth, and similarly, et cetera 3) ones like that Source(s):C&M

heenéi'ooku'oot ['as far as one can see'] horizon Source(s):TA, Cowell ms

heenéiite' particle two by two Source(s):C&M

heenenkósei- vai to have long fingernails Source(s):DCAU

heenesiteisooo' vii there is a heat wave 3 changed heneenesieisooo' Source(s):Cowell ms

heenetéyei- vai to unpack Source(s):DCAU

heenéti- vai to talk Listen: heneenétinoo (LD) , hééneti3i' (ZM) Source(s):DCAU

heenéti3- vta 1) to talk to s.o., speak with s.o. 2) to call s.o. over 3:3' changed heneenéti3oot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heeneti3etiib- vta to converse with s.o. 3:3' changed heneeneti3etiiwoot Source(s):DCAU

heenetiihii na 1) speaker, person who is speaking 2) talkative person Source(s):DCAU, LJC

heenetiit ni 1) language 2) speech 3) voice Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

heenétoonó3ei- vai to unpack Source(s):DCAU

heeneyeicitéé- vai to be deaf and mute 3 changed heneeneyeicitéét Source(s):DCAU

hééneyéixóhei- vai to choose, select Source(s):DCAU

heeneyoonee- vai to have long legs Source(s):DCAU

heeneetoh- vai wherever someone is (used with iterative) Source(s):C&M

heenee'iihi' adv 1) now and then, from time to time 2) seldom, occasionally Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heeninouhut na ['he wears a long robe'] 1) Catholic priest 2) sometimes extended to a Catholic person in general pl heeninouhu3i' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heeninouhuusei na ['long robe woman'] nun Source(s):DCAU

hééni' na ant pl hééni'i obv. sg. hééniiho' obv. pl. hééni'i 3 poss. hitééniiw heeni' AO Source(s):DCAU

heeniisóóneenóu'u vii 1) there are two of them, there is a pair 2) there are twins Source(s):C&M

hééniiyoowu' ni ['ant lodge'] anthill Source(s):DCAU

héénoo particle 1) regularly, generally, as a rule 2) purposefully, on purpose Source(s):DCAU, C&M, ZS

hééscii- pv before, while not yet Source(s):C&M

heesi3ecóo- vai what or how someone is thinking (relative) Source(s):C&M

héési'éi'oo- vai 1) to make faces 2) to frown 3 changed henéési'éi'oot Source(s):DCAU

heesiini vii how it is, what it is like Source(s):C&M

heesnootiini' ni famine Source(s):DCAU

héesóó- vii how it is, what it is like Source(s):C&M

heestoo- vai what someone does, how someone does something (relative) Source(s):C&M

héet- pv where (relative)

héét- pv future tense

hee3- pv how, why, what Source(s):C&M

hee3- vta to say something to s.o. Source(s):C&M

héé3eb- pv there, over there Source(s):C&M

héé3ebciisiniihiihi' adv over there far along (a watercourse) Source(s):C&M

héé3ebisee- vai walk to there, walk over there Source(s):C&M, LJC

héé3ebkóóhu- vai run to there, run over there Source(s):C&M, LJC

hee3éi'oxóeeni' ni field Source(s):DCAU

hee3éi'o'béé' ni world Source(s):DCAU

hee3ei'oo' ni ['as far as it is'] the Earth Source(s):TA, Cowell ms

hee3iten- vta to grasp s.o., hold s.o. 3:3' changed henee3itenoot Source(s):DCAU

hee3itén- vti to grasp s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hee3kuu3- vta to push s.o. Listen: henee3kuu3o' (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hée3kuutii- vai to push something away Source(s):C&M

hee3nee- pv 1) very 2) true, truly Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

héé3neebés ni cottonwood, scientific name Populus deltoides pl héé3neebéxo Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

hee3neenéé- vii to be real 3 changed henee3neenéé' Source(s):DCAU

hee3neenééni- vai to be real 3 changed henee3neenéénit Source(s):DCAU

hee3neeneetinoo'oo- vai ['be very tired'] to be dead tired, really tired Source(s):DCAU

héé3neeniihi' adv truly Source(s):DCAU

hee3ouh'u' ni price Source(s):DCAU

hee3ou'usi- vii to have a number, be numbered Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hee3óó- vii to be imperative, to be important Source(s):DCAU

hee3óóbeeneb- vta to believe in s.o. Source(s):C&M

hee3óóbeenéé- vii to be true Source(s):C&M

hee3óóbeenéét- vti to believe in s.t., consider s.t. true Source(s):C&M

hee3oowu3ecoo- vai to be sincere Source(s):DCAU

héé3ten- vta to pull s.o. toward oneself Source(s):C&M

heetcenise' ni ['where it falls'] waterfall Source(s):DCAU

héétcowóuute' placename ['where there is a ridge'] Beaver Rim, WY

heetec ni 1) large body of water 2) ocean, sea pl heetécii loc. heetéci' Source(s):TA, DCAU

heetécii'éihii na gull, seagull Source(s):DCAU

héetéihi- vai where someone is from (relative) Source(s):C&M

héetéihi- vai to be important, influential 3 changed heneetéiht Source(s):DCAU

heetéihiiwoon- vta to oversee s.o. Source(s):DCAU

heetein- vai to stay somewhere overnight Source(s):ZS

heeteinih- vta to put s.o. up overnight Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hééten- vta to push s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hééteniih- vta 1) to protect s.o. 2) to take care of s.o. 3) to watch over s.o. 3:3' changed henééteniihoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

héétese'éit na ['it has a bald head'] bald eagle Source(s):Cowell ms

heete'i'éit na monkey pl heete'iéi3i' Source(s):DCAU

héétee particle 1) before, prior, previous, earlier 2) in ancient times, traditionally Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hééteenenitee na a person native to an area Source(s):DCAU

heetééniih- vta to take care of s.o. (well) Source(s):C&M

hééteeniihéihi- vai to be taken good care of Source(s):C&M

héetéét- vti to reach a location Source(s):C&M

heeteetéi- vai to tell a story, tale Source(s):DCAU

heetéétoo ni legend, story, tale pl hetéétoo Source(s):DCAU

heetih- pv so that, in order that Source(s):C&M

Héetihco'oo' placename ['[steam] goes up'] Yellowstone National Park Source(s):Cowell p.c.

hééti3- vta to call for s.o. Source(s):C&M

heeti3eininénee- vai to call for s.o., as by whistling Source(s):C&M

héetnó'owuu' placename ['where the land comes together'] The Forks, WY, where the Big and Little Wind Rivers meet near Riverton, WY

héétno'ootéi'i ni junction Source(s):DCAU, LJC

héétoh- pv where Source(s):C&M

héétoyeinousi' ni ['where he or she is resting'] grave Source(s):DCAU

heeto'ón- vta to prod s.o. 3:3' changed heneeto'ónoot Source(s):DCAU

héetoo- vai where someone is Source(s):C&M

héétooku3 ni tusk pl héétookuto Source(s):DCAU

héétoo'ohóe ni poker (tool) Source(s):DCAU

héétse'isi' ni ['where he or she lies'] grave Source(s):DCAU

héétwóóhonootéi'i ni junction Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hééyei na hawk, falcon, swifthawk pl hééyeinó' obv. sg. hééyein Listen: hééyei (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hééyei be'éih na ['red hawk'] female Northern Harrier hawk Source(s):Cowell ms

hééyei biitei na ['ghost hawk'] 1) Swainson's hawk 2) swallow, especially a cliff swallow Source(s):Cowell ms

hééyei hóókecii na ['small hawk'] chicken hawk Source(s):Cowell ms

hééyei nookéih na ['white hawk'] male Harrier hawk Source(s):Cowell ms

hééyeih- pv it is good that something happened Source(s):C&M

hééyeinoté' na horned lark Source(s):Cowell ms

heeyóu particle what?, what is it? Listen: heeyóu (MS) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

heeyóuhuu ni 1) thing 2) stuff 3) something, anything pl heeyouhuuho Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hééyow- pv 1) every 2) each Source(s):C&M

hééyowuuhu' adv 1) every 2) each Source(s):C&M

heeyowuusi' adv every day Source(s):DCAU, C&M

heeyookóó3iit na ['it has a long rump'] pheasant Source(s):DCAU

hibóoóti' ni Rocky Mountin fir tree, scientific name Abies bifolia, possibly other Abies spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

hice'ii'isihihi' berries used as medicine to make horses run rapidly, possibly berries of sumac, scientific name Rhus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

hiciinee ni fleece, wool, cotton pl ciineenó' 3 poss. hiciineenow ciinee WiC Source(s):LJC

hico'ok na waist pl hico'ókuno' Source(s):DCAU

hico'ooteehihi' na chickadee Source(s):DCAU

hih- pv if, contrary to fact Source(s):C&M

hih- pv up, upwards

hihcébe' particle 1) above, up 2) in heaven Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hihcebe' booó ni ['above trail'] Milky Way Source(s):ALKms

hihcebee close by Source(s):C&M

hihceni- vii to be raised up (especially ceremonially) Source(s):C&M

hihcéno'oo- vai to jump up Source(s):C&M

hihce'éi- vai to raise one's head Source(s):C&M

hihcicéno'óó- vai to jump up Source(s):C&M

hihcih'ohu- vai to fly up Source(s):C&M

hihcikuu3- vta to throw s.o. upwards Source(s):DCAU

hihcikuutii- vti to throw s.t. upwards Source(s):DCAU

hihciniho'oo- vai to go westwards Source(s):C&M

hihciniihiihi' adv upriver, upstream Listen: hihciniihiihi' (LD) Source(s):C&M, LJC

hihcitóóbe' particle up in the air Source(s):C&M

hihcowoonóu'u' west Source(s):DCAU

hihco'óó- vii to rise, go up 3 changed hiihco'óó' Source(s):DCAU

hihco'óó- vai to rise, go up Source(s):LJC

hihcoo'óó- vai to be heading upwards Source(s):C&M

hih'éyooteihiit ni jealousy Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hih'óó particle okay, all right, fine Source(s):C&M, ZS

hineice' na gartersnake Note: see Dorsey:177, 202 for info. re: Sun Dance Source(s):Cowell ms

hinén na man pl hinénnó' obv. sg. hinénin hinén WiC Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hinénihii na moose pl hinénihii Note: The former plural is now used for both singular and plural. Source(s):DCAU

hinenitee na person pl hineniteeno' Listen: neniteeno' (ZM) Source(s):ZS, LJC

hinéni' na moose pl hinénihii Note: Archaic. Source(s):DCAU

hineniini- vai to be a man, manly 3 changed hiineniinit Source(s):DCAU

hinéntehe na pupil (of the eye) pl hinéntoh'o' Source(s):DCAU

hinentéeni- vai 1) to recover, feel well again 2) to be back where one belongs Source(s):C&M

hinentééni- vai to recover Source(s):DCAU

hinénteeniit na 1) mankind 2) nation 3) existence Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hinénto'óhu- vai we have someone with us, there is someone in our presence Source(s):C&M

hinénto'ohuu3ton- vta to make an animal used to the presence of people Source(s):C&M

hinee particle that, those pl hinee Source(s):DCAU

hininéi'3eeyenei'éihi- vai to get down underneath something, get below something Source(s):C&M

hinis ni bladder pl hinisino Source(s):DCAU

hinit particle right there Source(s):C&M

hini' particle that, those pl hini'iitono Source(s):C&M, LJC

hiniiihóóni- vai to have children Source(s):C&M

hiniiité' ni-dep temple (part of the head) pl hiniiitéii Source(s):DCAU

hiniin na his wife Note: Used only in 3 poss. form. Source(s):DCAU

hiniinic ni gall Source(s):DCAU

hiniinis ni horn, antler pl hiniini3o Source(s):C&M, LJC

hiniinoxuunóóx na packhorse Source(s):DCAU

hiniisiini- vai to be wounded Source(s):DCAU

hiniisooni- vai to have children Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hiniiteh'éihebeti- vai to be friends with one another, treat each other as friends Source(s):C&M

hiniito'éib- vta to be related to s.o. 3:3' changed hiiniito'éiwoot Source(s):DCAU

hiniito'éibeti- vai to be related to one another, treat one another as if related Source(s):C&M

hiniito'éibeti- vai to unite in a long stable relationship, establish a relationship 3 pl. changed hiiniito'éibeti3i' Source(s):DCAU

hinóno'éi na Arapaho person pl hinóno'éino' Listen: hinóno'éi (WiC) , nóno'éino' (ZM) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hinonó'eisóó na young Arapaho person Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hinono'eiteen ni Arapaho Tribe Source(s):C&M, LJC

hinóno'eitiit ni Arapaho language Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hinóno'éi' na Arapaho (pl.) Source(s):DCAU

hinono'oowu' ni 'Arapaho Lodge', identified as the 'fifth dance' in Kroeber's "The Arapaho" Source(s):TA

hinóno'usei na Arapaho woman pl hinóno'useinó' Source(s):C&M, LJC

hinót na blood clot pl hinótno Source(s):Salzmann 1963, DCAU

hinów na red ceremonial paint Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hinowkóóhu- vai to disappear from view below ground or water Source(s):C&M

hinówou'oo- vii to sink 3 changed hiinówou'oo' Source(s):DCAU

hinówou'oo- vai to sink Source(s):DCAU

hinowun ce'eiyoo ni paint bag Source(s):Cowell ms

hinowuse' vii it has gone below the surface, out of sight Source(s):C&M

hinowusee- vai to walk out of sight below a surface, disappear into the ground, dive into water Source(s):ALKms, C&M

hinookó3oni- vai to have a white rump 3 changed hiinookó3onit Source(s):C&M

hinookóó3 ni bird's tail Source(s):DCAU

hinóókuu- vai to have feathers on one's head, wear feathers on one's head Source(s):C&M

hinóoóx ni bark pl hinóooxuu Listen: hinóoóx (LD) Source(s):DCAU

hinootéini- vai to have matted hair 3 changed hiinootéinit Source(s):DCAU

his ni liver pl hisinoo 3 poss. hitisineb Listen: his (AB) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hisei na 1) woman 2) queen (in playing cards) pl hiseino' obv. sg. hisein Listen: hisei (AB) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiseihihi' na girl pl hiseihih'o', hiseihitéi'yoo Source(s):DCAU

hiseihiitéi'yoo na young girl, maiden Source(s):DCAU

hiseinbiixuut ni woman's dress Source(s):Cowell ms

hiseinbiixuut ni ['woman's shirt'] dress, skirt Source(s):DCAU

hiséini- vai to be a woman Source(s):DCAU

hiseinoteihii na 'woman's belly one' toad Note: Dorsey:214. TA:58 Source(s):Cowell ms

hiseinotee na ['woman's belly'] tadpole Source(s):TA

hiséé3 ni spruce, pine, scientific name Pinus spp. pl hisee3ii, hiseetó' loc. hisee3i' Listen: hiséé3 (LD) , see3 (AB) Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005, LJC

hisibéhi- vai to shake from illness Source(s):DCAU

hisiteenes ni charred wood

hisiteenéécee na fire chief Source(s):ALKms

hisi' na tick pl hisii obv. sg. hisii obv. pl. hisii Listen: hisi' (AB) Source(s):DCAU

hisiine'étii- vai 1) to be gentle, kind, meek, tender 2) (an animal) to be tame 3) to be nice, friendly 3 changed hiisiine'itiit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiso'on- vta to spook an animal, scare an animal out of hiding Source(s):C&M

hiso'on- vta to scare s.o., spook s.o. (e.g. an animal) Source(s):DCAU

hisóóne' ni rear end Source(s):DCAU

histoo- vai to do Source(s):DCAU

hi3ecinoo'óó- vai to tip over Source(s):DCAU

hi3éiciibi- vai to have roots Source(s):DCAU

hi3éihi- vai 1) to be good 2) to be good looking, pretty 3 changed hii3éiht Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hi3eti- vii 1) to be good 2) to be right 3 changed hii3eti' Source(s):Hayden 1863, DCAU, C&M

hi3é' ni wing pl hi3é'eno Source(s):DCAU

hi3ibi- vai to sneeze Source(s):DCAU

hi3ii3iibi- vai to have warts Source(s):DCAU

hi3konóót- vti to inhale s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3konoo3éi- vai to inhale Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3kuu3- vta 1) to grab s.o., seize s.o., capture s.o. 2) to rape s.o. 3:3' changed hii3kuu3oot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3kuu3éihii na rapist, sexual or violent criminal predator, serial killer Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3kuutii- vai to grab something, seize something 3:3' changed hii3kuutiit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3obeéé- vii to be correct, be saying something true 3 changed hii3oobéé' Source(s):DCAU

hi3ókunoo'óó- vii to capsize Source(s):DCAU

hi3on- vta to resemble s.o., look like s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hi3óu'oo- vii to be evening 3 changed hii3óu'oo' Listen: hii3óu'oo' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3óu'oo- vii to be evening 3 changed hi3óu'oo' Source(s):LJC

hi3ou'uuni- vii to be evening Source(s):C&M

hi3óu'uuniihi' adv evening Listen: hi3óu'uuniihi' (LD) Source(s):LJC

hi3ówoonéihi- vai to be good-looking, attractive, pretty 3 changed hii3ówoonéiht Source(s):DCAU

hi3owóonoxu' ni Indian medicine Source(s):DCAU

hi3o'obéé- vii to be flat ground Source(s):C&M

hi3o'owuu' ni 1) prairie 2) plain Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hi3óóbeceii particle under water Source(s):DCAU

hi3oobeciihi' particle under water Source(s):C&M

hi3oobéi- vai to be correct, say something true Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hi3óóbesiihi' adv underground Source(s):DCAU

hi3óóbewotóóho ni ['under pants'] (pl.) underpants Source(s):DCAU

hi3óóbe' particle underneath Source(s):DCAU

hi3oobéé- vii 1) to be correct, right 2) to be true 3 changed hii3oobéé' Source(s):DCAU

hi3oonéé- vai to hiccup Source(s):DCAU

hi3oowót- vti to believe s.t. Source(s):ZS, C&M

hi3oowoton- vai to believe Source(s):DCAU

hi3oowótonéihiinóó- vii to be believed Source(s):C&M

hi3oowówu' particle underground Source(s):C&M

hi3oowu3ecoo- vai to believe something to be true, to have faith in something Source(s):C&M, LJC

hi3oowuuhu' adv in a real or true manner Source(s):C&M

hi3oowuukóó- vii to be in the brush, under the brush Source(s):C&M

hi3oox- vta to pick nits out of s.o.'s hair Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hi3ooxuh- vta to delouse s.o., pick lice from s.o.'s hair Source(s):C&M

hitéi ni branch, treelimb pl hiteinó loc. hitéine’ Source(s):DCAU

hitéibih- vta to lure s.o. Source(s):C&M

hitéi'yooniibi- vai to have a child, have offspring 3 changed hiitei'yooniibit Source(s):DCAU

hiten- vta 1) to take s.o. 2) to grab s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hitén- vti 1) to take s.t. 2) to grab s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hiténowoo- vai to take something for oneself, get something for oneself Source(s):C&M

hites- vta to come upon s.o., run into s.o., meet s.o. unexpectedly Source(s):C&M, ZS

hitesii na Cheyenne pl hitesiino' hitesiino' MU Source(s):DCAU

Hitesiino'óowu' placename ['Cheyenne lodge'] Cheyenne, WY Source(s):C&M

hitét- vti to reach a place Source(s):C&M

hité3eiciihi' adv each one Source(s):C&M

hité3ounec na ['crane/heron water'] water drunk when breaking a fast during the Sun dance, according to Kroeber's "The Arapaho" Source(s):ALKms, TA

hité3oo na crane, especially a sandhill crane, heron, egret Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hité3oo na crane, heron pl té3ou Source(s):DCAU

hite3sine- vai to be the one whose turn has come Source(s):C&M

hitétehéi3it- vti to receive a power or skill as a blessing from superhuman sources Source(s):C&M

hitétehéi3tonéihi- vai to have been given a power from superman sources Source(s):C&M

hitétehii3it- vti to receive s.t. as a gift Source(s):DCAU

hitétehii3iton- vta to receive s.o. (anim. obj.) as a gift Source(s):DCAU

hitéteihi- vai to receive something Source(s):DCAU

hitetén- vta to reach s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hitetén- vti to reach s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hitetó'oo- vai to be next, have one's turn coming next Source(s):C&M

hitétooku'oo- vai to manage to see something, get a glimse of something Source(s):C&M

hiteyéihi- vai to be damp 3 changed hiiteyéiht Source(s):DCAU

hite'éici3- vta to put a rope around an animal's head Source(s):C&M

hite'éici3éi- vai to put a rope around an animal's head Source(s):C&M

hite'iyooni- vai to have a watch or clock Source(s):C&M

hiteehib na strawberry, scientific name Fragaria spp. pl hiteehibino' Source(s):DCAU

hitihiini- vai to have a tail Source(s):DCAU

hitii3i3 ni kidney pl tii3i3ii obv. sg. tii3i3ii obv. pl. tii3i3ii Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hitóhoen- vta to take s.o.'s hand Source(s):C&M

hitonihi'- vai 1) to own a horse 2) to have something as a pet Source(s):C&M

hitonoh'óoo3éihi- vai to be taken as a pet by someone Source(s):C&M

hitonóó3ee- vai to take along weapons Source(s):C&M

hitóuunen na Gros Ventre, member of the Gros Ventre tribe, one of the five 'subtribes' identified by Kroeber pl hitóuunenó' Source(s):TA, DCAU

hitóuuteen ni Gros Ventre tribe Source(s):DCAU

hitoyóó- vii to be damp, moist 3 changed hiitoyóó' Source(s):DCAU

hito'óowuu- vai to have a house Source(s):C&M

hitoohounóóx na workhorse Source(s):DCAU

hitookooxuunee- vai to earn a feather (through a brave deed)

hitoone- vai to have a daughter Source(s):C&M

hitoo3ib- vta to drag s.o. 3:3' changed hiitoo3iwoot Listen: hiitoo3iwo' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

hitoo3iitii- vai to drag something 3:3' changed hiitoo3iitiit Listen: hiitoo3iitiit (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hitóóx- pv last

hitooxe'einiihi' adv in the rear Source(s):DCAU

hitooxusee- vai to be walking last (as in a group or line) 3 changed hiitooxuseet Source(s):DCAU

hitóóxu'óó- vai to be trailing, coming last Source(s):C&M

hitóóxu'oo- vai to be last 3 changed hiitóóxu'oot Source(s):DCAU

hitóóxu'oonoo- vii to be last 3 changed hiitóóxu'oonoo' Source(s):DCAU

hitooxuuhu' adv in the rear Source(s):DCAU

hitooxuukohéi- vai to ride behind, ride last Source(s):C&M

hitoo'oo- vii to be damp 3 changed hiitoo'oo' Source(s):Cowell ms

hiwóxuu na elk pl hiwóxuuhuu Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hiwoxuuhóóx na horse Note: Archaic. Source(s):ALKms

hiwóxuuhoox hiwóxu' ni ['horse's medicine'] meadow rue, scientific name Thalictrum spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

hiwóxuuyéino' ni gooseberries, prickly currants, scientific name Ribes lacustre Source(s):JAC 2005

hix ni bone pl hixóno 3 poss. hitixonéb Listen: hix (AB) Source(s):DCAU

hixoniini- vai to be homosexual 3 changed hiixoniinit Source(s):DCAU

hixonokokuy ni bone whistle Source(s):C&M

hixooséihi- vai to be slippery Source(s):DCAU

hixoosóó- vii to be slippery, smooth 3 changed hiixoosóó' Source(s):DCAU

hiyohóu'uni- vii there is nothing, it does not exist Source(s):C&M

hiyoohootinoo'oo- vai to disappear suddenly, be absent, vanish Source(s):C&M

hi'- pv instrumental, with, by means of, about Source(s):C&M

hi'e3 ni pipe stem Source(s):DCAU

hi'in particle that, those Source(s):C&M

hi'iyeih'i- vai to have a dwelling place, have a home Source(s):C&M

hi'iihi' particle 1) instrumental, with 2) about, concerning Source(s):C&M

hi'iisóó na 1) maggot 2) (pl.) rice pl hi'iisóóno' Source(s):DCAU

hi'oo3iinoo- vii to have legs (e.g. a chair) 3 changed hii'oo3iinoo' Source(s):DCAU

hii- pv imperfective imperative Source(s):C&M

hiibéihii na singer pl hiibeihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

hiibinee- pv secretly Source(s):C&M

hiibineecebisee- vai to sneak by, go by secretly Source(s):LJC

hiibineen- vai to be secret Source(s):C&M

hiibineeniihi' adv secretly Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiibineeyéiti- vai to whisper Source(s):DCAU

hiicénii Indian breadroot, scientific name Pediomelum esculentum Source(s):JAC 2005

hiice'eexoowu' ni Tomahawk Lodge Source(s):TA, DCAU

hiicito'óó- vai to have cramps Source(s):DCAU

hiico'óóton- vta to find s.o., discover s.o. in hiding Source(s):C&M

hiicoo ni rib pl hiicoonoo 3 poss. hitiicoo Source(s):DCAU

hiicoo- vai to smoke Source(s):DCAU

hiicóoh- vta to smoke with s.o., specifically in the context of helping them or making an agreement with them Note: When asking someone to smoke in this particular way, one can say Cih'iicoohu. Source(s):C&M

hiicóoó na pipe, cigar, cigarette pl hiicóonó' obv hiicóón 3 poss. hitiicóon Source(s):DCAU

hiicóoxuuwóxu' ni ['smoking root'] a medicinal root Source(s):JAC 2005

hiicóó' vii there is a canyon there Source(s):C&M

hiih- vta to lend something to s.o. (for a long period of time) Source(s):DCAU

hiihkohóó'oo- vai to take an oath, make a pledge, swear 3 changed heniihkohóó'oot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiihóho'néihi- vai to be brave Source(s):C&M

hiihóho'nen- vta to act bravely towards s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiii na snow obv. sg. hiin loc. hiine' Note: This word was exclaimed by members of a wintertime storytelling audience in order to demonstrate that they were listening and had not fallen asleep. Listen: hiii (AB) , hiii (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiiko exclamation no Listen: hiiko (MU) Source(s):DCAU

hiikón ni lung pl hiikono 3 poss. hitiikono Source(s):DCAU

hiikoot particle also Source(s):C&M

hiikóó' ni 1) woods 2) brush Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiincebiit na 1) water monster 2) alligator, crocodile Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hiince'isee- vai to pace, walk back and forth 3 changed heniince'iseet Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiincó'ooceihcehi- vai to pull back and forth rapidly on a rope or rope-like object Source(s):C&M

hiinenéihi- vai to be held and pointed in various directions (as the pipe is in a ceremony) Source(s):C&M

hiinentééni- vai 1) to be well, cured from an ilness 2) to be saved Source(s):C&M

hiineyó'otii- vai to remediate a situation, make things better Source(s):C&M

hiineyóó3ei- vai to heal people, make people well Source(s):C&M

hiine'éicéheekuhcehi- vai to blink one's eyes rapidly while turning one's head Source(s):C&M

hiine'étii- vai to live, reside 3 changed heniine'étiit Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiine'étiih- vta to make a living for s.o., support s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiine'etiit ni life, living Source(s):C&M

hiine'étiiwóóhu- vai to make a living, work to make a living Source(s):C&M

hiiné'eekuu- vai to stand around aimlessly Source(s):C&M

hiinee- pv turning around, reversing direction Source(s):C&M

hiineeniihi' adv by turning around, in a turning around manner Source(s):C&M

hiinéésee- vai to turn, turn around Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiini- vai (a dog, wolf, coyote) to cry, whimper, howl Source(s):LJC

hiinih'ohu- vai to fly around, fly about Source(s):C&M

hiinikotii- vai to play Source(s):DCAU

hiinikotiib- vta to play with s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiinikotiih- vta 1) to play with s.o. 2) to tease or trick s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hiinisee- vai to walk around aimlessly, wander around Source(s):C&M

hiini3ecoo ni 1) mind 2) thought Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiiniibiinén na widower Source(s):DCAU

hiiniibiiséi na widow Source(s):DCAU

hiiniihi- vai to live in various places, move camp about Source(s):C&M

hiiniikohéi- vai to ride around aimlessly Source(s):C&M

hiiniini- vii (snow) to be on the ground 3 changed heniiniini' Source(s):DCAU

hiiniinsi- vai 1) to have horns 2) to be horn-like Source(s):C&M

hiinkóóhu- vai to run around 3 pl. changed heniinkóóhu3i' Source(s):LJC

hiinohcéineeyoonit na ['it has a rattle'] rattlesnake pl hiinohcéineeyooni3i' Source(s):DCAU

hiinokéee- vai to wade across 3 changed heniinoké'eet Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiinókotiit na toy pl hiinókotiitono' 3 poss. hitiinókotiiton Source(s):DCAU

hiinonóóx na maverick, mustang pl hiinonóóxebii Source(s):DCAU

hiinousee- vai (the sun or moon) to eclipse 3 changed heniinouseet Source(s):Cowell ms

hiinóusee- vii to be an eclipse Note: check other meaning Source(s):DCAU

hiinouwu- vai to swim around Source(s):LJC

hiinouu- vai 1) to swim around 2) to bathe Source(s):LJC

hiinoxónoh'oehiini- vai to be a useful boy Source(s):C&M

hiino'usee- vai to come wandering to a place Source(s):C&M

hiinookó3onit na ['it has a white rump'] golden eagle Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hiinoonó'et ni cloud pl hiinoonó'etii Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiinoonó'eti- vii 1) to be cloudy 2) to be stormy 3 changed heniinoonó'eti' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hiinóonó'oxoo'uu' vii there are clouds in the sky Source(s):C&M

hiinóóxuwu- vai to change a law, reverse a law Source(s):C&M

hiinoo'éi- vai to hunt Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiinoo'éihii na hunter Source(s):DCAU

hiinoo'eihiini- vai to be a hunter Source(s):DCAU

hiinoo'einén na ['hunt man'] a male hunter Source(s):DCAU

hiinóó'einiihi' adv having to do with hunting Source(s):C&M

hiinoo'éiso'onéihi- vai to be herded back together, have been herded back together Source(s):C&M

hiinoo'ei3oó quarry (animal being hunted) Source(s):DCAU

hiintisee- vai to walk around the edge of something (e.g. an obstacle) Source(s):C&M

hiis- vta to be afraid of s.o., fear s.o. 3:3' changed heniixóót Listen: heniixo' (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hiis- pv already, perfect aspect Source(s):C&M

hiis- pv what, how (relative) Source(s):C&M

hiiseineeb- vta to advise s.o., tell s.o. to do something Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiiséi3e- vai (the moon) to be full 3 changed heniiséi3é' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiiséi3e- vai (the moon) to be full 3 changed heniiséi3e' Source(s):DCAU

hiisétee- vii 1) to be cooked 2) to be ripe 3 changed heniisétee' Source(s):DCAU

hiiséteesi- vai 1) to be cooked 2) to be ripe 3 changed heniiséteesi' Source(s):DCAU

hiise'énou'u- vai to be ready 3 changed heniise'énou'ut Source(s):DCAU, ZS, C&M

hiise'énou'uh- vta to prepare someone (animate object) Source(s):C&M

hiise'énou'utii- vai to get something ready, prepare something Source(s):C&M

hiise'énouuton- vta to be ready for s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiisibén- vta 1) to lay s.o. down, put s.o. down 2) to put s.o. to bed Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiisibi- vai to lie down, go to bed Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hiisibiiton- vta to lie down with s.o., go to bed with s.o. Source(s):LJC-other

hiisisee- vai how someone got to a place, how someone made it through a test or trial Source(s):C&M

hiisi' ni day pl hiisii'i Listen: hiisi' (AB) , hiisi' (WaC) Source(s):DCAU

hiisi'i'oot- vta to raise s.o. (a child, an animal) Source(s):C&M

hiisi'i'óót- vti to grow into a role, grow into a position Source(s):C&M

hiisiihi' adv how something is done, the way something is done Source(s):C&M

hiisiii'oo- vai 1) (an animal or plant) to be mature, fully grown 2) (an animal or plant) to grow up 3 changed heniisiii'oot Source(s):DCAU

hiisiini vii how it is Source(s):C&M

hiisiini- vii to be day, daytime 3 changed heniisiini' Source(s):DCAU

hiisiinih- vta how someone treats s.o. else Source(s):C&M

hiisiiniihi' adv 1) during the day 2) in a day's time 3) as if it were daytime Source(s):C&M

hiisiino'on- vta to warm s.o. up Source(s):ZS

hiisiinoo'oo- vai to be warm Source(s):ZS

hiisiis na the sun pl hiisiisii obv. sg. hiisiisii obv. pl. hiisiisii Source(s):DCAU

hiisiisiisoo na Sun Child Source(s):Cowell ms

hiisiistéi'yoo na Sun Child Source(s):Cowell ms

hiisiiten- vta 1) to catch s.o., grab s.o., seize s.o. 2) to run after s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hiisiitenéihi- vai to have been seized or caught Source(s):C&M

hiisiiténowoo- vai to grab, get, or seize something for oneself Source(s):C&M

hiisiitookoxuunee vai to earn a feather, as a symbol of a brave deed Source(s):C&M

hiisiiyóó- vii to be warm (e.g. weather or in a room) 3 changed heniisiiyóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiisii'óó- vii (something inanimate, e.g. a plant) to be full grown 3 changed heniisii'óó' Source(s):DCAU

hiisii'óó- vai to be full grown, to be grown up 3 changed heniisii'óót Source(s):DCAU

hiiskoh'uusiini- vii to be afternoon Source(s):Cowell ms

hiisóho' vii like that Source(s):C&M

hiisóho' particle this way, like this Source(s):C&M

hiisóho'uusiihi' adv like this way Source(s):C&M

hiisó'on- vta to round up someone (animate object) Source(s):C&M

hiisó'o'ei- vai to round up horses Source(s):C&M

hiisóó- vii how it is, what it is like Source(s):C&M

hiisooowu- vai to be robust, stocky 3 changed heniisooowut Source(s):LJC

hiisóówu- vii (liquid) to be warm 3 changed heniisóówu' Source(s):DCAU

hiistii- vai to be done, be finished doing something Source(s):C&M

hiisxoxoheihii na locust Source(s):Cowell ms

hiit- pv where Source(s):C&M

hiit- vti to be afraid of s.t., scared of s.t. Source(s):C&M

hiit particle here Source(s):DCAU

hii3- pv from there (to here) Source(s):C&M

hii3- vta to say something to s.o. Source(s):C&M

hii3éihi- vai how someone habitually is Source(s):C&M

hii3einóón ni 1) buffalo 2) a herd of buffalo pl hii3einoonino' obv. sg. hii3einóónin obv. pl. hii3einoonino Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hii3einóónotii na Buffalo Wheel, Medicine Wheel (a site in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming) Source(s):C&M (PM stories text)

hii3einoonóu ni buffalo robe Source(s):Cowell ms

hii3én- vti to rub s.t. on (e.g. lotion, ointment) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hii3ee- pv why (relative) Source(s):C&M

hii3eenebéihi- vai how someone was thought of, regarded Source(s):C&M

hii3hiihi' adv through there Source(s):C&M

hii3ib- vta to miss s.o. 3:3' changed henii3iwoot Source(s):DCAU

hii3ini- vai (a baby's) umbilical cord to be still attached Source(s):LJC

hii3inoo'óó- vai to show up suddenly from someplace else Source(s):C&M

hii3iihi' adv from there, from that thing or place Source(s):C&M

hii3iini vii where it is from Source(s):C&M

hii3kóóhu- vai to run there Source(s):C&M

hii3óhowoo- vai to spread something (e.g. butter on bread) Source(s):DCAU

hii3ohwóót ni any kind of spread (e.g. butter, margarine, jam) pl hii3ohwóotnó Source(s):DCAU

hii3oowót- vti to believe s.t. Source(s):C&M

hii3oowóton- vta to believe s.o. Source(s):Cowell p.c.

hiitesiteebi na ['it possesses fire'] house finch Note: Archaic. Source(s):Dorsey & Kroeber, Cowell ms

hiiteen ni 1) village 2) tribe pl hiiteeno Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiitihiiniinoo' ni ['it has a tail'] ladle pl hiitihiiniinou'u Source(s):Cowell ms

hiitihiinoo' ni ladle pl hiitihiinou'u Source(s):Cowell ms

hiitisee- vai to come in the direction of the speaker, arrive where the speaker is Source(s):C&M

hiitiseenóó' vii where s.t. comes from Source(s):C&M

hiitixotii- vai to bring something here from someplace Source(s):C&M

hiitono'on- vta 1) to be on both sides of s.o. 2) to be all around s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiitonóó3ee- vai to arm oneself, get one's weapons Source(s):C&M

hiitoyóó' ni 1) moisture 2) dew Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hiitoohuunóókec na ox Source(s):DCAU

hiitookuutii- vai to pour something rapidly Source(s):C&M

hiitóón- vti to pour s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hiitoo'oo- vai to come 'pouring' (i.e. in large numbers, rapidly) Source(s):C&M

hiiwo' particle unexpectedly, contrary to expectation Source(s):C&M

hiiwoohob- vta to peek at s.o. 3:3' changed heniiwoohówoot Source(s):DCAU

hiiwooku'oo- vai 1) to peek, watch or see someone while hiding 2) to spy on someone 3 changed heniiwooku'oot Source(s):DCAU

hiiwóónhehe' adv 1) now 2) these days Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hiixonéihi- vai to be useful Source(s):DCAU

hiixonih- vta 1) to be useful to s.o. 2) to do s.o. a favor Source(s):C&M

hiixonoh'oehiini- vai 1) to be mature, grown up 2) to be reliable, dependable 3 changed heniixonoh'oehiinit Source(s):DCAU, LJC-philological

hiixóu'u'uuhu' adv up at the top, at the summit , LJC

hiixóuuhu- vai to climb to the top Source(s):C&M

hiixowóót- vti 1) to have enough of s.t. 2) to be satisfied with s.t. Source(s):C&M

hiixowootéihi- vai 1) to be satisfied 2) to have enough Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiixoxo na muskrat pl hiixoxohuh'o' Note: Usually used in the diminutive, hiixoxohuhu'. Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hiixoxónee- vii to be full 3 changed heniixoxónee' Listen: heniixoxónee' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

hiixoxónoh- vta to fill s.o. 3:3' changed heniixoxónohóót Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiixoxónotii- vti to fill s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hiixoxó'- vti to get close to s.t. Source(s):C&M

hiixoxo'on- vta 1) to surround s.o. 2) to come close to s.o., approach s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiixóxo'onéihi- vai to be surrounded Source(s):C&M

hiixóóhob- vta to watch s.o. in order to learn, learn from s.o. by watching Source(s):C&M

hiixoohoo3ih- vta to instruct s.o., teach s.o., to show s.o. how to do something 3:3' changed heniixoohoo3ihó' Source(s):DCAU

hiixoohoo3i3éihii na instructor, teacher pl hiixoohoo3i3eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hiixoohóótowoo- vai to learn for oneself by observing carefully Source(s):C&M

hiixoohóótowoo- vai to learn Source(s):DCAU

hiixóóko- vta to fill a pipe Source(s):DCAU

hiixookóónee- vai to be completely wet Source(s):DCAU

hiixóon ni hump ribs of the buffalo Source(s):Cowell ms

hiixóówo'on- vta 1) to make s.o. move away, drive s.o. off 2) to defeat s.o. Source(s):C&M

hiixóóxuwu- vai to pass a law about something Source(s):C&M

hiixoo'éé- vii to be dry 3 changed heniixoo'oe' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hiixoo'óó- vai to be dry, dry up 3 changed heniixoo'óót Source(s):LJC

hiixoo'óóni- vii to be dry Source(s):C&M

hiiyoohóu' vii 1) to be nothing, for there to be none of something 2) to disappear, vanish Source(s):C&M

hiiyoot- pv 1) pure 2) clean

hiiyoo3ih- vta to keep s.o. clean (primarily morally) Source(s):C&M

hiiyoo3inouhu- vai to be neatly dressed, wearing clean clothing Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hiiyoo3itii- vai to keep something clean and pure Source(s):C&M

hiiyoo3iihi' adv 1) cleanly 2) properly, respectfully Source(s):C&M

hiiyoo3nii3in- vti to possess s.t. cleanly Source(s):C&M

hiiyoo3tonóun- vti to use s.t. cleanly, properly or respectfully Source(s):C&M

hiiyootehéh- vai to be an innocent child 3 changed heniiyootehéht

hiiyootéihi- vai to be clean, neat 3 changed heniiyootéiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hiiyóótesoo- vii to be fine grass (without any weeds) Source(s):DCAU

hiiyóóte'in- vti to know s.t. cleanly, to learn and use knowledge in the right way Source(s):C&M

hiiyootéénebéihi- vai to be known to be clean or pure, be thought of as clean or pure Source(s):C&M

hiiyóótoowu' vii (water) to be pure 3 changed heniiyóótoowu' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hii'éihi- vai to be popular Source(s):DCAU

hii'otooneenóón- vta to sell s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

hii'outé- vii to be nearby 3 changed henii'outé' Source(s):DCAU

hii'óx- vti to be near s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hii'óxon- vta to be near s.o. 3:3' changed henii'oxónoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hii'oohówun particle once that is done, once that is finished (then the next thing can be done) Source(s):C&M

-ho suffix obviative plural, na

hócei- vai to fry something Source(s):DCAU

hócoo ni 1) steak 2) something fried pl hócoono Listen: hócoo (LD) , hócoo (WaC) Source(s):DCAU

hocóót- vti to fry s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hócoo3- vti to fry s.t., cook s.t. in a pan (usually meat) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoe'óén- vti to make a shelter out of willows Source(s):C&M

hohéis na 1) crazy person, foolish person 2) senile person Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoheisiini- vai 1) to be foolish, be crazy 2) to be senile 3 changed hooheisiinit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hohé' ni mountain pl hoh'énii loc. hoh’éni’ Listen: hohé' (AB) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, ZS

hohkónee particle finally Source(s):C&M

hohóu particle thank you Source(s):DCAU

hohóuhuuniisi' ni ['thank day'] Thanksgiving day Source(s):DCAU

hohóukes particle thank you Note: Used by women. Archaic. Source(s):ALKms

hoho'éniibiixoxko'o' na mountain goat Source(s):Cowell ms

hoho'nóókee na rock, stone pl hoh'onóókeeno' obv. sg. hoh'onóókeen Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hoho'nookeewox na ['rock bear'] wolverine Source(s):LJC

Hoho'nookowuunen na ['rock man'] member of one of the five 'sub-tribes' said by Curtis to have been absorbed into the Northern and Southern Arapaho Source(s):Curtis 1911, TA

hóho'oyóóx na 1) cactus, scientific name Cactaceae spp. and Opuntia spp. 2) peyote, scientific name Lophophora williamsii pl hoho'oyóóxuu Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hóho'yóóxuunó'eiihi' na peyote drum Source(s):LJC

hohooco ni oak tree, scientific name Quercus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

hohookéhe' na moth, miller pl hohookóho' Note: TA:190-3 Source(s):DCAU

hohóókee na crazy person, foolish person pl hohóókeeno' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hohookééni- vai to be or act foolish, crazy, to disobey social norms and mores 3 changed hoohookéénit Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hohookeenikokuy ni whistle used in the Crazy Lodge dance Source(s):ALKms

hohookeenou ni robe used in the Crazy Lodge dance Source(s):ALKms

hohookoohoo ni a medicinal and ceremonial root Source(s):JAC 2005

hohóokóowu' ni ['crazy lodge'] Crazy Lodge age-grade society Source(s):TA, C&M

hóhooku- vai to wipe an eye or eyes Source(s):C&M

hóhookuneti- vai to wipe one's eyes Source(s):C&M

hohóót na 1) tree 2) cottonwood tree, scientific name Populus deltoides pl hohóótino' obv. sg. hohóótin loc. hohóóti' Listen: hohóót (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, JAC 2005

hohóótinbiiitino narrowleaf cottonwood, scientific name Populus angustifolia Source(s):JAC 2005

hohootiinoo'óó- vai to turn in to a tree, become a tree Source(s):DCAU

hóh'eniicénee na blue grouse ('mountain grouse') pl hóh'eniicéneeno' Source(s):DCAU

hoh'eniini' vii to be mountainous, there are mountains 3 changed hooh'eniini' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoh'onóókeeniititenéiht ni quarry (source of stone) Source(s):DCAU

hokeciihi- vai to be small Source(s):DCAU

hokeciihih- vai to be little, small, tiny Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hokecii'óó'oo- vii to become little, small 3 changed hookecii'óó'oo' Source(s):DCAU

hokecóuhu- vii to be little, small 3 changed hookecóuhu' Source(s):DCAU

hokecóuhuni- vii to be little, small 3 changed hookecóuhu' Source(s):C&M

hokéeekón- to wade across or cross a river as a group Source(s):C&M

hokóh- vti to close s.t., stopper s.t. Note: Used for closing up a sweat lodge, also for closing a door or window. Source(s):C&M, LJC

hokohóe ni 1) cover 2) lid 3) plug pl hokohóeno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hokóhoee ni cork, stopper pl hokóhoeeno Source(s):DCAU

hókok ni broth, soup, stew pl hókokuu Source(s):DCAU

hókoun- vii to be dammed Source(s):DCAU

hokóuyóo ni reservoir Source(s):DCAU

hokóxesnouyéi- vai to plaster, put plaster on Source(s):DCAU

hokóxesnouyóó ni plaster Source(s):DCAU

hokoo3en- vti to change s.t. Source(s):C&M

hókoo3itoo- vai to change the way one is doing something, change tactics Source(s):C&M

hokootén- vta to replace s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hokootén- vti to replace s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hokootóu3i- vai (the moon) to be new 3 changed hookootóu3i' Source(s):DCAU

hokootóu3i'éhk vii next month Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hokóóx na tepee pole pl hokóóxuno' obv. sg. hokóóxun 3 poss. hitokóóxun Source(s):DCAU

honesiihuut veiny dock, scientific name Rumex venosus Source(s):JAC 2005

hone'éékuu- vai to stand bent down Source(s):C&M

honeesi- vii to be blown over by wind 3 changed hooneesi' Source(s):LJC

honi' na squirrel Note: Archaic. Source(s):Cowell ms

honii'o na, ni rasberry, scientific name Rubus idaeus Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

hónobéihi- vai to be cheerful, happy, merry Source(s):DCAU

honobee- vai to be happy Source(s):LJC

honohube' particle on the opposite side, on the other side Source(s):DCAU

honohube' particle there, away from here Source(s):DCAU

hónohube' nooke'ehk ni the day after tomorrow Source(s):ALKms

hónohube' tih'iisiini' ni the day before yesterday Source(s):DCAU

honóh'oe na (male) adolescent, teenager, youth, young man pl honóh'oho' obv. sg. honóh'o Source(s):DCAU, ZS

honóh'oehihi' na little boy pl honóh'oehih'o' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

honóh'oe'einiine'etiit ni the life of young boys, the way young boys live Source(s):C&M

hónonihéihiinóó- vii (a gift, special power or knowledge) to be waited for patiently Source(s):C&M

honou3éiniisiis ni December Source(s):DCAU

honóuunee- pv superlative, most Source(s):C&M

hónouuneenóó- vii to be difficult Source(s):C&M, DCAU

honóuunowóót- vti to do s.t. in the preferable or best way Source(s):C&M

hónowounóuhu- vai to embrace one another Source(s):C&M

hónowoo3- vta to embrace s.o. Source(s):C&M

hónowóótooku'oo- vai to have a good time watching something Source(s):C&M

hónowu3ecoo- vai to be happy, be in a joyous mood 3 changed hóónowu3ecoot Source(s):C&M, LJC

honowu3ehi- vai to rejoice Source(s):DCAU

hóno' ni sky loc. honó'u' Source(s):DCAU

hono'uton- vta to have or keep people or animals together Source(s):C&M

hóno'utonéihi- vai 1) to be whole 2) to to be very wealthy 3 changed hóóno'utonéiht Source(s):DCAU

hono'utoyóó- vii to be complete, all there 3 changed hoono'utoyóó' Source(s):DCAU

hóno'utoyoo- vii to be whole 3 changed hóóno'utoyoo' Source(s):DCAU

hónookó3ookunu' buckwheat, scientific name Eriogonum spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

honookowuubeet na ['it has a bent nose'] elephant Source(s):Cowell p.c.

hónoot particle until Source(s):DCAU

honootónoo'oo' ni March (month) Source(s):DCAU

hónoowuuxó' bulrush, scientific name Scirpus or Schoenoplectus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

honóoyóó don't you dare! Source(s):C&M

honxówoo ni safety pin pl honxówoono Source(s):DCAU

hoséihiinén na ['offering man'] Sun Dance participant, man who has participated in the Sun Dance Source(s):C&M

hoséihiinohwóót ni 1) Sun Dance Lodge 2) dance performed during Sun Dance Source(s):DCAU

hóseihiinóot ni Sun Dance song Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoseihoowunotii na Sun Dance Wheel Source(s):ALKms

hóseihoowu' ni ['offerings lodge'] Sun Dance Lodge, Sun Dance ceremony Source(s):TA, DCAU

hoseikuu3- vta to throw s.o. away Source(s):DCAU

hoseikuutii- vti to throw s.t. away Source(s):DCAU

hoséino' ni meat pl hoseinouu Source(s):DCAU

hosei3- pv reverse

hosei3iihi' adv in reverse Source(s):DCAU

hosei3kóóhu- vai to run in reverse Source(s):DCAU

hoseiyoo ni offering, the act of giving something away Source(s):ALKms

ho3 ni arrow pl hó3ii Note: Possessive forms are irregular, e.g. neic my arrow, heic, your arrow, hiniic his arrow. Listen: ho3 (AB) , hó3ii (AO) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ho3eihtee- vai to have stinky feet 3 changed hoo3eihteet Source(s):LJC

hó3es- pv clear, clearly Source(s):C&M

hó3es particle in the open, plainly visible Source(s):DCAU

ho3esóó- vii to be in plain sight, visible Source(s):C&M

ho3es3ii'ookuu- vai to be standing in plain sight Source(s):DCAU

ho3hi- vai choke Source(s):DCAU

ho3io' na a young man who serves as a helper, assistant or runner during a ceremony pl ho3io'nó' Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

ho3i'eeb- vta to ask s.o. a favor, ask s.o. to do something Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ho3i'ééb- vta to hire s.o. 3:3' changed hoo3i'ééwoot Source(s):DCAU

ho3i'eebee- vai to be asked a favor, be asked to do something Source(s):C&M

ho3i'eenebéihi- vai to be thought of as a person who can be asked to do something, be thought of as dependable Source(s):C&M

hó3o' na star pl hó3o'uu obv. sg. hó3o'uu obv. pl. hó3o'uu Source(s):DCAU

hó3o'huuho' na (pl.) Star Men, members of the Star Lodge age-grade society Source(s):TA, DCAU

hó3o'uhuunén na Star Man, member of the Star Lodge pl hó3o'uhuunénno' Source(s):DCAU

hó3o'uusoo na star child, Little Star Source(s):C&M

hó3oowub- vta to blame s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hóteibii3hiit ni ['sheep food'] yellow stonecrop flower, scientific name Amerosedum lanceolatum Source(s):JAC 2005

hóteiciineenó' ni (pl.) sheep wool Source(s):DCAU

Hóteikoh'owu' placename Little Wind River Source(s):LJC

hoteiné3 na ['sheep dog'] sheepdog Source(s):DCAU

hoteine'có'eihii na sheepherder, shepherd pl hoteine'co'eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

hóteiniicie ni ['sheep river'] Big Wind River Source(s):DCAU

hóteinoséino' ni mutton, meat of sheep or lamb Source(s):DCAU

hoteiisóó na lamb pl hoteiisóóno' Source(s):DCAU

hóte' na sheep pl hóteii obv. sg. hóteii obv. pl. hóteii Source(s):DCAU

hotii na 1) wheel, either on a vehicle or a sacred ceremonial object, such as a stone wheel structure, as in the Bighorn Mountains 2) vehicle with wheels (e.g. car, wagon) 3) a game implement shaped like a wheel pl hotiiwo' obv. sg. hotiiw 3 poss. hitotiiw loc. hotiibe' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hotiibiiwó'o ni ['the way of the wheel'] a ceremony concerning the Sacred Wheel or the wheel in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming Source(s):C&M

hotohine ni (arctic) rush, scientific name Juncus arcticus Source(s):JAC 2005

hotówou3ecóó- vai to grieve Source(s):DCAU

hotóob- vta to consume s.o., gobble s.o. up Source(s):C&M

hotóóbe- vai to consume something, eat something up, gobble something up 3 changed hootóóbe' Source(s):ZS, C&M

hotóóneihii na merchant, seller Source(s):DCAU

hotóónee- vta to burrow in to s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hotóónee- vti to burrow in to s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hotóónee- vai to shop, buy things Source(s):LJC

hotóóneeno'oowu' ni market, store Source(s):DCAU

hotóóneewohoonónook ni twine Source(s):DCAU

hotóónoot- vti to buy s.t., purchase s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hotóonóó3eti- vai 1) to exchange things among one another 2) to support one another Source(s):C&M

hótoowkuu3- vta 1) to swallow s.o. 2) to devour s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

hótoowkuutii- vai 1) to swallow something 2) to devour something 3:3' changed hóótowkuutiit Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, ZS>

hótoowkuutoot ni uvula pl hótoowkuutotno Source(s):DCAU

hóu ni blanket, robe pl hóuwó Listen: hou (AB) , houwó (LD) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

houhuut ni step Source(s):DCAU

hóuhuut- vti to climb s.t. Source(s):DCAU

houneenóó- vii to be difficult 3 changed hónouneenóó' Source(s):DCAU

hou3inee- vai to be on top of something Source(s):DCAU

hóu3oó ni rack, shelf pl hóu3oono Source(s):DCAU

houte- vii to be hanging Source(s):DCAU

houtéyoonee- vai to hang up meat to dry 3 changed honoutéyoonéét Source(s):DCAU

houtihii ni 1) porcupine tail 2) comb made from porcupine quills Note: Porcupine quills were used as combs, and for ear piercing. Source(s):DCAU

hou'utii- vai to hang something up Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hóuu na 1) crow 2) raven 3) God, Man-Above pl hóuunó' obv. sg. houun obv. pl. houuno Listen: hóuu (AB) , hóuu (LD) Source(s):DCAU

hóuuhu- vai to climb Source(s):DCAU, LJC

houuhuut ni ladder Source(s):DCAU

hóuuhuutón- vta to climb s.o. 3:3' changed honóuuhuutónoot Source(s):DCAU

hóuunée- pv really, extremely, the most Source(s):C&M

hóuuneenóó- vii to be difficult Source(s):C&M

houunohowoot ni Crow Dance Source(s):ALKms

houusoo na Porcupine Child Source(s):Cowell ms

houusóó ni top (toy) 3 poss. hitouusóó Source(s):DCAU

hóuu3ine- vai 1) to be hanging or hung in a place 2) to be in an elevated position 3 changed honóuu3ine' Source(s):C&M

hóuu3kuutii- vai to throw something so that it hangs Source(s):C&M

hóuute- vai to hang, be hung 3 changed honóuute' Source(s):C&M

hóuutéyoonéé- vai to hang meat out to dry Source(s):C&M

howneenówobehiit ni serious illness Source(s):DCAU

howoh- pv many, much, a lot Source(s):C&M

howohnon3éineecihi' vii there is a lot of noise being made Source(s):C&M

howóho'óé vai (imperative) wait! Note: Used by men. Source(s):C&M

howóh'oowu' ni ['many houses'] town loc. howóh'oowuu' Source(s):DCAU

Howóh'oowu' placename town of Lander, WY

howóten- vta to rouse s.o., wake s.o. up 3:3' changed hoowótenoot Source(s):DCAU

howóto'óó- vai to wake up Source(s):DCAU, ZS

howóuunon- vta 1) to have mercy on s.o. 2) take pity on s.t. 3) sympathize with s.o. 3:3' changed hóówouunónoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hówouunónetiit ni mercy, pity Source(s):C&M

howóó particle also, even Source(s):C&M, LJC

hówoo3itoo- vai to enjoy Source(s):DCAU

hówooyéiti- vai to pray (especially in a ritual traditional way involving crying and pleading) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

howooyéitiit ni prayer Source(s):DCAU

hówooyéitoo- vai to engage in prayer for oneself Source(s):C&M

howooyóó- vii to be rare Source(s):DCAU

hówoo'oo- vai to pray, worship Source(s):C&M

hówoo'oo- vai to worship Source(s):DCAU

hówoo'óót ni worship, prayer, act of worshipping or praying Source(s):C&M

hówoo'uubiis ni water birch, scientific name Betula fontinalis Source(s):TA, JAC 2005

how3o'- pv never

howuhnéniinóó' vii 1) there is a lot 2) there is too much Source(s):C&M

howuhsei- vai to have many children, offspring 3 changed hoowuhseit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

howuutééyei- vai to shut the door Source(s):DCAU

hóxehisei na female animale Source(s):DCAU

hóxes ni mud Source(s):DCAU

hoxesiinec ni muddy water, dirty water Source(s):ALKms

hoxesiini- vii to be muddy 3 changed hooxesiini' Source(s):DCAU

hoxesiini- vai to be muddy, dirty 3 changed hooxesiinit Source(s):DCAU

hoxesiinoowu- vii (water) to be murky, muddy Source(s):DCAU

hoxkuh- vai 1) to button up 2) to zip up Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hóxkuhuut ni button Source(s):DCAU

hoxób- vta to feed s.o. 3:3' changed hooxówoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoxóbetiiniisi' ni 'ration day' Saturday Source(s):LJC

hoxóbetiit ni ration pl hoxobetiitono Source(s):DCAU

hoxóehi- vai to be ticklish Source(s):DCAU

hoxotóóno' ni cliff, precipice pl hoxotóónou'u Listen: hoxotóóno' (LD) , hoxotóónou'u (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hoxou'éi'óó- vai to smile Source(s):DCAU

hoxou'éi'óóton- vta to smile at s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hóxowkoohu vai to take a shortcut (running or by car) 3 changed hóóxowkoohut Source(s):DCAU

hóxowkoohuuhéi- vai to take a shortcut (on horseback) 3 changed hóóxowkoohuuhéit Source(s):DCAU

hoxowusee- vai to take a shortcut (on foot) Source(s):DCAU

hoxoxóh- vta to scrape s.o. off (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

hoxoxóh- vti to scrape s.t. off, as in scraping a hide Source(s):DCAU

hoxoxohoe ni scraper Source(s):Cowell ms

hoxoyéi- vai 1) to sew something 2) to mend something (by sewing) Source(s):DCAU

hoxoyóót- vti 1) to stitch s.t., sew s.t. 2) to mend s.t. 3) to fix s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoxoyóó3- vta to mend s.o., stitch s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoxo'oh- vta to make s.o. laugh Source(s):LJC

hoxo'oni- vai to laugh Listen: hooxo'oninoo (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoxóóxeen- vta to tickle s.o. Source(s):DCAU

Hoxoo'o3inéno' na (pl.) one of four Arapaho bands identified by Kroeber, said by Kroeber to have been on the South Canadian river in Oklahoma Source(s):TA

hoxtóóno' ni bank, cliff Source(s):C&M, LJC

hoxtóóno'óuni- vii there is a bank, steep slope, or cliff there Source(s):C&M

hoxuse- vii to be decaying (e.g. meat), rotten 3 changed hooxuse' Source(s):DCAU

hoxux na 1) berdache, transvestite 2) also applied to a homosexual person (of either sex) pl hoxuxonó' obv. sg. hoxuxun Source(s):TA, DCAU

hoxuyéi- vai to knit 3 changed hooxuyéit Source(s):DCAU

hoxuus, hoxwuus ni box elder tree, scientific name Negundo aceroides Source(s):JAC 2005

hoyéi- vai to win Source(s):DCAU

hoyéihowoot ni shelter Source(s):DCAU

hóyeikóóhu- vai take cover (e.g. from bad weather) Source(s):DCAU

hóyeinoo- vii to be sheltered Source(s):DCAU

hoyóó3- vta to win against s.o., beat s.o. in a contest Source(s):DCAU

ho' ni dirt Listen: ho' (AB) Source(s):DCAU

-ho' suffix plural, na

ho'éihii na painter Source(s):DCAU

hó'éii na drum pl hó'eih'o' obv. sg. hó'eih'o Source(s):DCAU

ho'esciibis ni ash tree, scientific name Fraxinus pensylvanica Source(s):JAC 2005

ho'éeét ni 1) paint 2) clay pl ho'oeetono Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ho'oee3oo ni paintbrush Source(s):Cowell ms, Cowell p.c.

ho'oeétii- vai to paint something Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ho'onóóx ni ax pl ho'onóó3o Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ho'oowu' ni house pl ho'oowuu 3 poss. hito'oowu' Source(s):DCAU

ho'uwoonó3 ni parfleche, bag for jerked meat Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ho'uwoonóx ni rawhide bag pl ho'uwoono3o Listen: ho'uwoonó3o (LD) Source(s):DCAU

ho'uuni- vai to be dirty, be dusty 3 changed hoo'uuni' Source(s):DCAU

ho'uuw ni jerky, dehydrated meat, dried meat pl ho'uuwonó Source(s):DCAU

ho'yóóxuunokóy ni ['peyote structure'] Peyote Lodge Source(s):C&M

hoo na porcupine pl houu'o', houu Listen: hoo (AB) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoobéihi- vai to lack something, not have something Source(s):C&M

hoobeihiit ni the things which one is lacking, things which one doesn't have Source(s):C&M

hoocéisee- vai to crawl or slither, e.g. a snake 3 changed honooceiseet Source(s):Cowell ms, ZS

hóócoo na devil, Satan pl hóócoono' obv. sg. hóócoon Listen: hóócoo (WaC) , hóócoo (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoohóókee na fool, foolish person pl hoohóokeeno' Source(s):DCAU

hookéihtoo ni hoof pl hookeihtoono Source(s):Cowell ms

hóókoh particle because Source(s):DCAU

hookonoonéihi- vai 1) to be serious 2) to be respected Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hookónoonééneb- vta to think of s.o. respectfully Source(s):C&M

hookónooninihiit- vti to say or mention s.t. respectfully Source(s):C&M

hookónooniseenóó- vii to occur in a respectful way Source(s):C&M

hookónooni3ecoo- vai to think in a respectful way Source(s):C&M

hookónooniihi' adv in a respectful or sacred manner Source(s):C&M

hookónoono'óó- vai to act consistently respectful Source(s):C&M

hookónoontoo- vai to do something in a respectful way Source(s):C&M

hookónooyóó- vii to be sacred, respected Source(s):C&M

hóokóto ni cane pl hookótohoo Source(s):DCAU

hookoubiixuut ni jacket, coat Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hookóuhu- vai to cook something for oneself Source(s):C&M

hookow- pv bent

hookowoonéétee- vii to shrivel (due to heat) 3 changed honookowoonéétee' Source(s):DCAU

hookoyóó- vii to be thick 3 changed honookoyóó' Source(s):DCAU

hooko'éé- vai to cast a spell Source(s):DCAU

hooko'óó3 vta to put s.o. under a spell Source(s):DCAU

hooko'óóx ni saddle pl hooko'óóxno Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hooko'ooxnih'oohoe ni saddle pad filler (made from buffalo hair) Source(s):Cowell ms

hóókoonéyei- vai to make a vow Source(s):DCAU

hóókoonéyeih- vta to make a vow for the benefit of s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hóókoonéyoó ni vow Source(s):DCAU

hóókoo3- vta to take s.o. home Source(s):C&M

hookoo3itoo- vai to change the way one does something, change one's ways Source(s):C&M

hookoo3iihi' adv homeward, on the way home Source(s):ALKms

hóókootén- vti to change s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hookootéso'on- vta to chase s.o. to their home Source(s):C&M

hookootii- vai to take something to one's home Source(s):C&M

hóókooto'óh- vti to unscrew s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hookoo'eeni- vii (brush) to be thick Source(s):ZS

hookseetohuut ni tipi cover, tipi liner Source(s):Cowell ms

hóókuhu'ee ni head pl hóókuhu'eeno Source(s):DCAU

hookun- vti 1) to untie s.t., unlace s.t. 2) to loosen a knot Source(s):DCAU

hookun- vta 1) to untie, unlace (anim. obj.) 2) to loosen a knot Source(s):DCAU

hookuu na mouse pl hookuuhuho' Listen: hookuu (LD) , hookuuhuho' (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hookuuhuhu' na mouse (diminutive) Note: Archaic. Listen: hookuuhuhu' (LD) Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), LJC

hookuuno'óó' vii it has warmed up (e.g. after a cold day) 3 changed honookuuno'óó' Source(s):DCAU

hóokuus- proclitic have to, must Source(s):C&M

hookuusiini- vii to be a warm day after a cold day Source(s):Cowell ms

hookuusiini- vii to warm up (e.g. after a cold day) 3 changed honookuusiini' Source(s):DCAU

hóókuu3- vta to cook for s.o. (non-ceremonially) Source(s):C&M

hóókuu'óó- vii to thaw, warm up 3 changed honóókuu'óó' Source(s):DCAU

hoonino' na 1) quill 2) ?porcupine pl hooninou'u Note: Porcupine quills are used for quillwork decorations on tepees, clothing etc., though beads have become more common for this type of work. Listen: hoonino' (LD) , hooninou'u (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC, ALKms

hoonii particle a long time, after a long time Source(s):C&M, C&M

hoonobéé' ni a happy situation, circumstance Source(s):DCAU

hoonónkuutéhib- vta to wrestle with s.o. 3:3' changed honoonónkuutehiwoot Source(s):DCAU

hoono3oobéé- vii to be mysterious 3 changed honoono3oobéé' Source(s):DCAU

hoonotóu'u- vai to feel pain from being burned Source(s):C&M

hoonotoon- vta to pay s.o. 3 changed honóóntoonoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoonotoonowuun- vta to pay for s.o. Source(s):LJC

hoonóu3ootiini- vii to be Christmas 3 changed honoonou3ootiini' Source(s):LJC

hóónowóótooku'oo- vai to have a good view of something, as a spectator Source(s):C&M

hoonoyóóh- vta to guard s.o. 3:3' changed honoonoyoohówoot Source(s):DCAU

hoonoyóóhob- vta to watch s.o., guard s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoonoyoohowun- vta keep an eye on s.o. , Cowell p.c.

hoonoyoohóót- vti 1) to watch s.t. 2) to guard s.t. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoonoyoohoot- vta keep an eye on s.t. , Cowell p.c.

hoonoyoohóó3eihii na sentry pl honoyoohoo3eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hóónoyoohóo3éihii na guard Source(s):C&M

hóónoyoohóo3éi'i- vai to watch out for things, be on guard Source(s):C&M

hoonoyoohóótowuun- vta to watch something for s.o. Source(s):LJC

hóóno' particle not yet Source(s):C&M

hóóno'oéi- vai to paint, e.g. a wall Source(s):DCAU

hoono'oeé3- vta to paint s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hooó ni bed pl hóoowó loc. hóóbe’ Listen: hóoó (AB) , hóoó (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoosóó- vii to rain 3 changed honoosóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoosóó- vii to be fancy 3 changed hónoosóó' Source(s):DCAU

hoosóó- vii to be fancy 3 changed hónoosóó' Source(s):DCAU

hoosoonéc ni rainwater Source(s):DCAU

hoosooti- vii to rain 3 changed honoosooti' Source(s):DCAU

hoo3- pv next in time, next in a sequence Source(s):Cowell p.c., LJC

hoo3ceciini'éhk particle next year Source(s):DCAU

hoo3iteihii na narrator Source(s):DCAU

hoo3ite'e- vai to tell a story Source(s):C&M

hoo3itee- vai to testify Source(s):DCAU

hóó3itóuhu- vai to tell a story for oneself Source(s):C&M

hoo3itoó ni story, tale pl hoo3itoono Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoo3itoon- vta to tell s.o. a story, tell s.o about something 3:3' changed honoo3itoonoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoo3itooniini- vai to have a story (about oneself, or to tell) Source(s):C&M

hoo3itoot- vti to tell s.t., narrate s.t. (e.g. a story) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoo3itoo3óó' vii (a story) is told, has been told Source(s):C&M

hoo3itootiini' vii stories are told Source(s):C&M

hoo3i'in- vta 1) to have a hold on s.o., have a line around s.o.'s feet 2) to be owed money by s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hoo3iihi' adv 1) later 2) next time 3) another time Source(s):DCAU

hoo3iisiini- vii to be the next day Source(s):C&M

hoo3on particle ?next, upcoming Source(s):LJC

hóó3onéihi- vai 1) to triumph over a challenge, resist successfully 2) to be undefeatable Source(s):C&M

hóó3onih- vta to resist s.o., defeat s.o. Source(s):C&M

hoo3óntii- vai to be unable to manage something Source(s):DCAU

hóó3o' particle I bet it is so Source(s):C&M

hoo3oonoyoot ni spider web Source(s):Cowell ms

hoo3óó'o' na 1) (plural) others 2) (plural) the rest 3) (plural) some Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hoo3tone'einouu3i- vai to be upside down 3 changed hónoo3tone'éinou3i' Source(s):DCAU

hoo3tone'einóótee- vii to be upside down 3 changed honoo3tone'einóótee' Source(s):DCAU

hóoté ni sinew pl hóotohó Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hóoteeni' vii something is located there, something is arranged or laid out there, there is a camp there Source(s):C&M, C&M

hóotéé' vii something is located there, something is arranged or laid out there, there is a camp there Source(s):C&M, C&M

hóotii- vai to camp (individually rather than as a group or tribe), to set up camp Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hóótonee- vai to put out a fire Source(s):C&M

hóótonéén- vti to turn the heat off Source(s):DCAU

hóótoneeniisiis ni ['wind month'] March (month) Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hóótowkuu3- vta to devour s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hootooh- vti to hammer s.t. 3 changed honootooho' Source(s):LJC

hootoohóé ni nail (metal fastener) pl hootoohóeno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hootoohóé ni screw pl hootoohóéno Source(s):DCAU

hóótoonéihi- vai to be paid Source(s):C&M

hóótoonéihini- vii 1) to be attached with sinew 2) to be sewn Source(s):C&M

hoow- pv negation (irrealis negative) Source(s):C&M

hóówben- vta to take s.o. down Listen: nih'óówbenó' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

hoowbén- vti to take s.t. down Listen: nih'oowbénowoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

hoowcénoo'óó- vai to jump down Source(s):DCAU

hoowciiyei'i- vai to step down Source(s):DCAU

hoowkóu3iihi' particle recently Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hoowkóóhu- vai to run down a hill or slope Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hóówkuu3- vta to throw s.o. down Source(s):DCAU, LJC

hóówkuutii- vai to throw something down Source(s):LJC, Cowell p.c.

hoownoohobéihi vai ['not seen'] to be invisible 3 changed hoownoohobéihi Source(s):DCAU

hoowoho'ohteihii na ['it has many legs'] centipede Note: TA:438, 443 Source(s):Cowell ms

hoowo3óów ni 1) breath 2) air 3) life Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

hoowo3óówo- vai to breathe Source(s):LJC

hoowóto'óó- vai to be awake Source(s):DCAU

hoowouuhu- vai to climb down Source(s):LJC

hóówo'bisisi- vii to be barely showing Source(s):C&M

hoowóóh- pv no more, no longer Source(s):C&M

hoowtéciitoo- vai to roll down Source(s):DCAU

hoowtei'éihi- vai-NEG ['not strong'] to be feeble Source(s):DCAU

hoowtoxu'óó- vii ['not sharp'] 1) to be blunt 2) to be dull Source(s):DCAU

hoowuciisiihi' adv not far away Source(s):C&M

hoowuh- pv too much, too many, excessively Source(s):C&M

hoowuhcehi- vai to jump off, get down or go down quickly, dismount Listen: nih'oowuhcehit (LD) Source(s):C&M

hoowuho'ohteet na ['it has many legs'] centipede Note: TA:438, 443 Source(s):ALKms, Cowell ms

hoowuh'ohu- vai to fly down Source(s):C&M

hoowuh'ohuukóóhu- vai to fly down quickly Source(s):C&M

hoowuniihinen na Lower Arapaho Source(s):LJC

hoowuniihisee- vai to go down along (a stream) Source(s):C&M

hoowuniihiihi' adv downriver, downstream, down along a river Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hoowunii'ou'oo- vai float downriver Source(s):LJC

hoowuno'oo' vii (water) is flowing downstream Source(s):C&M

hoowusee- vai to go down, go downhill, get down Source(s):C&M, LJC

hoowusee- vai 1) to get down (e.g. off a horse) 2) go down (e.g. downhill) Source(s):LJC

hoowu3oow ni air, breath Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), Cowell ms

hoowuuhu' adv down, downwards Note: also used to mean South, esp. when referring to Oklahoma Source(s):C&M

hoowuuhu' adv none, not Source(s):C&M

hoowuuni vii not, none, nothing Listen: hoowuuni (WaC) , hoowuuni (MU) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hoowuuni- vii to be nothing, zero Source(s):DCAU

hooxéb ni 1) spring (source of water) 2) fountain 3) well pl hooxébino Source(s):DCAU

hooxebeciihi' particle in spring water Source(s):C&M

hóóxehib ni buffalo berry, bull berry pl hóóxehib(i)no Source(s):DCAU

hóóxei na wolf pl hooxéihino' obv. sg. hooxéihin Listen: hóóxei (LD) Source(s):DCAU, ZS

hooxéihiinéniinohwóót ni Wolf Dance, Pawnee Dance Source(s):DCAU

hóóxee- pv in exchange, in response, in return Source(s):C&M

hóóxeebéihi- vai to swap something, trade something (?anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

hooxeebiin- vta to swap with s.o., trade with s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hooxeebiineti- vai to swap, trade with one another Source(s):DCAU

hóóxeehibino' ni buffalo berry, scientific name Shepherdia canadensis Source(s):JAC 2005

hóóxeehiwox na male elk, elk bull Source(s):Cowell ms

hóóxeesiisiiyei na ['bull snake'] bullsnake, gopher snake Source(s):Cowell ms

hóoxobéihe' particle close by, near Source(s):C&M

hooxóebiineti- vai to trade, exchange things Source(s):C&M

hooxóénihii- vai to answer, respond 3 changed honooxoenihiit Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

hooxóénihii3- vta 1) to answer s.o. 2) to respond to s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hóóxoeniitóuhu- vai to howl or holler back in response, answer back by howling or hollering Source(s):C&M

hóóxoentéesisee- vai to exchange a horse Source(s):C&M

hooxóeen- vti to exchange s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hooxohéén- vta to retaliate against s.o. Source(s):DCAU

hooxohéénowoo- vai to retaliate Source(s):DCAU

hooxóhoekuu3- vta to juggle s.o. (animate objects) Source(s):DCAU

hooxóhoekuutii- vti to juggle s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hóóxohóeniihi' adv in return, in response, in exchange Source(s):C&M

hóóxonó'oo particle across the river, on the other side of the river Source(s):DCAU, C&M

Hóóxonó'oo placename ['across the river'] Riverton, WY Source(s):DCAU

hóoxóubee- vai to wear a blanket, cover oneself with a blanket Source(s):C&M

hooxooheti- vai to laugh to oneself Source(s):C&M

hóóxub- vta to threaten s.o. 3:3' changed honooxuwoot Source(s):DCAU

hooxuwuh- vta 1) to order s.o., give s.o. an order 2) to establish a rule or restriction for s.o. to follow 3) to sentence s.o., as in a court Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

hooxuwutii- vai to establish rules about something Source(s):C&M

hooxuwuunén na a person who is an official representative of the law, such as a judge, lawyer or congressperson pl hooxuwuunennó' Source(s):DCAU

hooxuwuut ni 1) law 2) rule 3) regulation Source(s):DCAU, C&M

hóóxuwuutéé' vii there is a rule (about something), a rule has been made about something Source(s):C&M

hooxuu- vai to cross something Source(s):C&M

hooxuucenoo'óó- vai to jump across Source(s):DCAU

hóóxuucihiit ni 1) girth, a band that holds a saddle on a horse 2) cinch pl hóóxuucihiitono Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

hóóxuuku ni bellyband, saddle girth Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hooxuusee- vai to walk across Source(s):LJC

hooxuu3iiw ni bridge pl hooxuu3iiwono Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

hóóxuu'óót- vai to jump over s.t., jump across s.t. Source(s):C&M

hóóyei pv most Source(s):C&M

hóóyei particle most Source(s):DCAU

hóóyeiniihi' adv all the way to a place Source(s):C&M

hooyeinoosoo- vii (rain) to be drizzling Source(s):Cowell ms

hooyéi'on- vta to circle or corral s.o. (e.g. a horse) Source(s):C&M

hoo'éicii3ihcehi- vai to run in to a place as a group, to enter rapidly as a group Source(s):C&M

hóo'éihi- vai to collect, gather something Source(s):LJC

hoo'eikóni' vii (a group or tribe) is assembled Source(s):C&M

hoo'éikóóhu- vai to assemble together, run together Source(s):C&M

hóo'éin- vti to collect s.t., gather s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hoo'einéihi- vai to be together, assembled

hoo'einóuw ni supply of jerky Source(s):DCAU

hoo'einoxun- vta to rake s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

hoo'einoxun- vti to rake s.t. Source(s):DCAU

hoo'einoxuyóó ni rake Source(s):DCAU

hoo'eiséé- vai to gather, come together, have a meeting 3 pl. changed honoo'eiséé3i' Source(s):DCAU

hoo'eisó'ei- vai to round up livestock Source(s):DCAU

hoo'eisó'oeet ni roundup Source(s):DCAU

hoo'éisó'onéihi- vai to be rounded up Source(s):C&M

hoo'éixotii- vai to gather something Source(s):C&M

hóó'etii ni corn, scientific name Zea mays pl hóó'etii Note: Refers to the plant, not to corn as food. Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

hoo'oonéihi- vai to be rough Source(s):DCAU

huut particle here Source(s):DCAU

huu3e' particle there, over there Source(s):DCAU

huutino particle here, around here Source(s):DCAU, C&M

huutóuuk particle sure enough, just like you'd expect Source(s):C&M


kóe'sóhoe- vai to clap Source(s):DCAU

kóhei- vai to rise, get up (from a sitting position) Source(s):DCAU

kohei'i- vai get up or stand up (from a sitting or lying position), arise Source(s):DCAU, C&M

kohei'isihcehi- vai to jump up from a sitting or lying position Source(s):C&M

kohe'éihi- vai to be cracked 3 changed koohe'éiht Source(s):DCAU

kohké3ee- vii to be flaming up Source(s):C&M

kóhkohéi- vai to sting, e.g. an insect Source(s):Cowell ms

kóhkutii- vai 1) to complete a task 2) to complete a ceremony Source(s):C&M

kóhkutoo- vai to accomplish one's goal Source(s):C&M

koho'- pv half Source(s):DCAU

koho'eikuu3- vta to cut off s.o's head Source(s):C&M

koho'éé' vii to be cracked, esp. cracked in half 3 changed kooho'éé' Source(s):LJC

kóho'ok na bee, wasp, yellowjacket, hornet pl kohóh'okuu obv. sg. kohóh'okuu obv. pl. kohóh'okuu Source(s):DCAU

koho'okuunokoy ni ['bee structure'] beehive Source(s):Cowell ms

koho'owooó na ball pl koho'owóono' obv. sg. koho'owóon Source(s):DCAU

koho'ówu' ni 1) gully, ditch, ravine, gulch 2) small stream pl koho'ówu'u Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

koho'ookutó ni hominy Source(s):DCAU

kóho'uuh- vta to inspect s.o. carefully Source(s):C&M

koho'wuuni' vii there is a gully, ditch or small stream there Source(s):C&M

kóhooxoénoo'ooni- vii (a fire) is burning Source(s):C&M

kohóóxoénoo'óó' vii (a fire) is burning Source(s):C&M

kohóóxoe' vii there is a fire Source(s):C&M

kóhtobéihi- vai to be funny, strange, unusual Source(s):C&M

kóhtobee- vai 1) to be harmed, hurt or injured 2) to have something wrong Source(s):C&M

kóhtowee- vai to do something mischievous or harmful Source(s):C&M

kóhtowucénee na ['funny-acting grouse'] pheasant Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

kóhtowuh- vta to do s.o. harm, do something mischievous or harmful to s.o. Source(s):C&M

kóhtowu3ecóó- vai to think that something is amiss, feel strange about something Source(s):C&M

kóhtowuuni' vii there is something amiss, untoward Source(s):C&M, Cowell p.c.

kohyeibi3oó ni postage stamp Source(s):DCAU

kohyé'eek ni oatmeal Source(s):DCAU

kohyóhoé ni glue, paste Source(s):DCAU

koh'én- vti to divide s.t., split s.t. 3:3' changed kooh'éno' Source(s):DCAU

koh'e3eih- vta to strike someone and cause them or part of them to break or crack Source(s):C&M

koh'óh- vta to split s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

kóh'oti- vii to be cracked 3 changed kóóh'oti' Source(s):DCAU

koh'ówuunén na ['creek person'] Kiowa Indian Source(s):C&M

kóh'owuuni' vii there is a gully, ditch, small stream there Source(s):C&M

koh'ówuutéén ni the Kiowa tribe Source(s):C&M

koh'unoo'oo- vii to be cracked, split open Source(s):C&M

koh'uwuno' ni hawthorn, scientific name Crataegus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

koh'uusiii' particle at midday, around noontime Source(s):DCAU

koh'uusiini- vii to be midday, noon 3 changed kooh'uusiini', konoh'uusiini' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kokiy ni 1) tube 2) whistle (traditional type) 3) gun, rifle pl kokuyono Source(s):Hayden 1862, DCAU, LJC

kokóh'eeneb- vta to think of s.o. 3:3' changed kookóh'eenówoot Source(s):DCAU

kokóh'eenéét- vti to think about s.t. Source(s):DCAU

kokoh'óuutiin- vai to discuss Source(s):DCAU

kokónoo'obéihi- vai to be earnest Source(s):DCAU

kokóubéi ni awl pl kokóubéiho Source(s):DCAU

kokóuh'utii- vai to examine something carefully Source(s):C&M, ZS

kokoun- pv thin, narrow

kokóuniisóó- vii to be thin (e.g. paper) Source(s):DCAU

kokóunówo' na trout Source(s):DCAU

kokoyóó- vii to be square 3 changed kookoyóó' Source(s):DCAU

kokóóhowóó- vai to possess and/or wear a warbonnet Source(s):C&M

kokóóhowóót ni warbonnet with a trailer pl kokóóhowóótno Source(s):DCAU

kokóon- pv on the side, beside Source(s):C&M

kókoo'un- vta to be beside s.o. Source(s):C&M

kókuteenéihi- vai to be spotted, have spots Listen: kóókuteenéiht (WiC) , konóókokuteenéiht (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kokuyono ni elderberries, scientific name Sambucus coerulea, possibly Sambucus microbotrys Source(s):JAC 2005

kokuyonó3 ni shell of a bullet Source(s):DCAU

kokuyoono3oot ni 1) powder horn 2) bullet pouch Source(s):Cowell ms, Cowell p.c.

kon- proclitic for no reason, for just any reason Source(s):C&M

kónee- vai to dream Source(s):DCAU

kóni'óhoee ni chisel pl kóni'óhoeno Source(s):DCAU

kóni'oosóó- vii to be sprinkling, raining lightly 3 changed kóóni'oosóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kóni'oosóóti' vii (rain) is sprinkling 3 changed kóóni'oosóóti' Source(s):DCAU

konóh- pv all Source(s):C&M

konoho'u3oó ni powder Source(s):DCAU

kónohuxóh- vta to singe s.o. (anim. obj.), as in feathers Source(s):DCAU

kónohuuhu' adv 1) all, everything 2) most, majority Listen: kónohuuhu' (WaC) Source(s):LJC

konóhxuu particle anyhow, anyway, despite warnings Source(s):C&M

kono'óé- vii to be loose, as in clothing Source(s):DCAU

kos particle no Note: Archaic. Used by women. Source(s):DCAU

koseinóóni- vii to click Source(s):DCAU

kósoo ni scrotum Source(s):DCAU

ko3- vta to miss s.o., as in shooting at an animate target Source(s):C&M

ko3éi- pv old, from long ago Note: Used for inanimate objects, not to describe the age of persons or animals. Source(s):C&M, LJC

ko3éiniihi' adv of an old type, ancient Source(s):C&M

ko3eiyóó- vii to be old Source(s):DCAU

ko3en- vta 1) to miss s.o. when trying to meet 2) miss s.o. when trying to grasp, catch, or hit Source(s):DCAU, LJC-philological

kotee- vii 1) (a large conflagration) to give off smoke, to burn 2) there is a brush fire 3 changed kootee' Source(s):Cowell ms, LJC

kotóhuu- vii to be beaded Source(s):C&M

kotóus- vai 1) to be left behind, as when in hiding 2) to hide, get under cover 3 changed kootóusi' Source(s):C&M, C&M

kotousine- vai to hide Source(s):DCAU

kotoyóh- vti to cover s.t. 3:3' changed kootoyóho' Source(s):DCAU

koto'oheibéi ni a very fine needle Source(s):DCAU

kóuhuyé'einóu'u ni (pl.) curlycup gumweed, scientific name Grindelia squarrosa Source(s):JAC 2005

kóuhuyóó- vii to be sticky Source(s):DCAU

kóuhuyóó' ni ['it is sticky'] 1) Indian paintbrush, scientific name Castilleja spp. 2) honey Source(s):JAC 2005, DCAU

kousén- vti to spill s.t. (liquid, dirt, sand) Source(s):DCAU

kóuskuu3éihi- vai to be spilled out of something Source(s):C&M

kouskuutii- vai 1) to pour something 2) to spill something Source(s):ZS, LJC

kóu3- pv a long time, take a long time to do something Source(s):C&M

kou3héyei- vai to spit Source(s):DCAU

kou3iihi' particle after a little while, a little while later Source(s):C&M

kou3iihi' particle for a long time, after a long time Source(s):C&M

kóuten- vta 1) to divorce s.o. 2) to get rid of s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kouteso'owoot ni fly brush (made from the tail of a buffalo) Source(s):Cowell ms

kóutohséinohwóót ni round dance Source(s):DCAU

koutonéihi- vai 1) to be late 2) to take a long time to do something Source(s):DCAU, C&M

kouwkoohu- vai to work up a sweat Source(s):DCAU

kouwkoohuh- vta to cause s.o. to work up a sweat Source(s):LJC

kouwo'óó- vai to perspire, sweat Source(s):DCAU

kouwo'óónoo- vii to sweat Source(s):DCAU

kóuwo'oot ni perspiration, sweat Source(s):DCAU

kóuwo'oot ni sweat Source(s):DCAU

Kóuwoo'óé' placename ['it is a place with sweaty brush'] Nowood, WY Source(s):C&M

kou'ci3- vta to scratch s.o. Listen: nihkóu'ci3oot (WiC) , konookóu'ci3eti3i' (WiC) Source(s):C&M

kouun particle just, only Source(s):DCAU

koxceii- vai to be fat 3 changed kooxceiit Source(s):DCAU

koxhóotéé- vii to be split off or cut away from Source(s):C&M

koxku3ééyei- vai to rekindle a fire Source(s):DCAU

koxoééyooó ni wire cutter Source(s):DCAU

kóxoh- vta to dig for s.o. Source(s):C&M

koxóhei- vai to dig for something, esp. roots Source(s):ALKms, C&M

koxouhtiit ni handgame Source(s):DCAU

koxóx- vti to cut s.t. off, procure by cutting Source(s):C&M

kóxo'kóóhu- vai to run slowly Source(s):DCAU

kóxo'oo3oo- vii to be slow 3 changed kooxo'oo3óó' Source(s):DCAU

kóxo'ootéihi- vai to be slow Source(s):DCAU

kóxo'tóése- vii ['slow wind'] to be breezy 3 changed kooxo'toese' Source(s):Cowell ms

kóxo'usee- vai to walk slowly 3 changed kooxo'useet Source(s):DCAU, LJC

koxo'uten- vti to slowly take something Note: The imperative koxo'utenoo is used idiomatically to mean "take it easy." Source(s):LJC

kóxo'uuhu' adv slowly Source(s):C&M

Kóx3i' placename ['over the ridges'] town of Lander, WY Source(s):LJC

kox3iihi' adv over the top of a hill or mountain, on the other side of a hill or mountain Source(s):C&M

koxtisee- vai to walk over a hill to the other side Source(s):C&M, ZS

kóxtouute' ni a location on the other side of a hill or mountain Source(s):C&M, LJC

koxukóh- vta 1) to pierce, stab s.o. 2) to vaccinate s.o., give s.o. an injection 3:3' changed kóóxukóheet Source(s):DCAU

koxukóh- vti to pierce s.t., stab s.t. Source(s):DCAU

koxukohu- vai to get a vaccination, get an injection Source(s):DCAU

koxukoo'ohóe ni poker (tool) Source(s):DCAU

koxunoo'oo- vii to be cracked or broken suddenly Source(s):C&M

koxu3cenoo'óó- vai to jump over Source(s):DCAU

koxu3inee- vai (a baby's umbilical cord) to fall off Listen: kooxu3ineet (WiC) Source(s):LJC

kóxu3i' particle over a hill, over a ridge Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

kóxuu- pv another, alternative, different Source(s):C&M

kóxuunenitee na person from a different or foreign place, non-Arapaho Source(s):C&M

kóxuuniihi' adv 1) something else, a different one 2) somewhere else Source(s):C&M

koxuuten- pv 1) suddenly 2) surprisingly Source(s):C&M

koxuute' particle 1) suddenly 2) unexpectedly 3) sometimes Source(s):C&M

koyein- vta to take s.o. off, pull s.o. out Source(s):DCAU, LJC

koyein- vti to take s.t. off, pull s.t. out Source(s):DCAU

koyih'ohu- vai 1) to fly away 2) to escape by flying Source(s):C&M

koyih'ohukóóhu- vai to fly away and escape rapidly Source(s):C&M

koyikuutii- vai to pull something out of someplace, free something Source(s):C&M

koyootéé na belt pl koyóótoohó' Source(s):DCAU

ko'éi- pv round, circular Source(s):C&M

ko'einohowoot ni Circle Dance Source(s):ALKms

ko'einoxóeyóo ni corral pl ko'einoxóeyóonó Source(s):DCAU

kó'einoxtééni' vii there is a circular meadow in the forest Source(s):C&M

ko'einó'ohtóó na tire pl ko'eino'ohtóóno' Listen: ko'einó'ohtóó (LD) Source(s):DCAU

ko'einóó- vii to be circular, round 3 changed koo'einóó' Source(s):DCAU

ko'einoohtóó na 1) wheel 2) tire pl ko'einoohtóóno' Source(s):DCAU

ko'einootii- vai to camp in a circle Source(s):C&M

ko'éin3i'óku- vai to sit in a circle Source(s):C&M

ko'éisee- vai to turn around (while walking) Source(s):DCAU

ko'éitónoti' vii there is a round hole Source(s):C&M

ko'eiyóó ni 1) rawhide 2) moccasin sole Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

ko'étee- vii to pop, make a popping sound Listen: ko'étee' (LD) Source(s):ZS, C&M

kó'neebi'eistiit ni razor Source(s):DCAU

kó'neebi'iis- vta to shave s.o. 3:3' changed kóó'neebi'iisóót Source(s):DCAU

kó'neebi'iistii- vai to shave Source(s):DCAU

ko'oe- vti to tear s.t. out (e.g. a check from a checkbook) Source(s):LJC

ko'óe3einee- vai to have been cut open, be lying cut open Source(s):C&M

ko'óe3ikuu3- vta to cut s.o. open Source(s):C&M

ko'óéyoó ni petrolium jelly, Vaseline Source(s):DCAU

ko'óh- vti to remove s.t. from something else Source(s):C&M

ko'ohuu ni pulse Source(s):DCAU

ko'ohuu- vai to pulse, throb Source(s):DCAU

ko'ohuuni- vii to throb, pulsate Source(s):LJC

ko'ós- vai to hit something by accident, fall into or onto something 3 changed ko'ósi' Source(s):C&M, C&M

ko'ósib- vta to throw s.o. against something Source(s):C&M

ko'osóh- vti to mow s.t. (e.g. a field) Source(s):DCAU

ko'osóhei- vai to mow (e.g. a field) Source(s):DCAU

kó'osohóe ni scythe, sickle pl kó'osohóeno Source(s):DCAU

ko'ounin- vta to pluck s.o. (anim. obj.) 3:3' changed kou'ouniinoot Source(s):DCAU

ko'óx- vti to cut s.t. with a knife or scissors Source(s):C&M, LJC

ko'ookuteen- vta to pull out s.o.'s tooth Source(s):DCAU

ko'ookuunen- vta to pluck out s.o.'s feathers Source(s):C&M

ko'óóneen- vta to pull s.o. off Source(s):DCAU

ko'oot- vti to bite s.t., take a bite of s.t. Source(s):LJC

ko'óó3onii- vai to be ready to strike, e.g. a snake Source(s):Cowell ms, ZS

kó'ootéihi- vai to be generous Source(s):DCAU

ko'un- vti to pull s.t. out, pluck s.t. out Source(s):C&M

ko'un- vti to pluck s.t., pull s.t. off Note: Can be used for picking fruit, though cf. ko'u(u)yei- 'pick berries'. Source(s):DCAU

ko'un- vti to pick s.t. (e.g. a flower) Source(s):DCAU

kó'unbiisétneeyoo ni tweezers Source(s):DCAU

ko'usé' vii 1) it lies a certain way 2) it flows a certain way Source(s):C&M

ko'uxónoo ni scissors, shears pl ko'uxónoono Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

ko'uyei- vai to pick berries Source(s):LJC, DCAU

ko'yeiyóó ni frying pan, skillet Source(s):DCAU

ko'youhu- vai to cook or boil something for oneself Source(s):C&M

koo- proclitic indicates a yes/no question Source(s):C&M

kóóhob- vti to boil s.t. Source(s):DCAU

koohoyéit na salamander, water dog pl koohoyéi3i' obv. sg. koohoyeini3 Source(s):DCAU

kookéé'eit na Flathead pl kookéé'ei3i' Source(s):DCAU

kookóh'u3ecóó- vai to think Source(s):DCAU

kookón particle 1) for no reason, without a clear reason, just for any reason 2) just anything Source(s):C&M, LJC

kookónkuu3- vta to shake s.o. 3:3' changed konookónkuu3oot Source(s):DCAU

kookonkuutii- vai to shake something Source(s):DCAU

kookousiisiiyei na bullsnake, gopher snake Source(s):Cowell ms

kookóu'unéihii particle special address form used in prayers, 'please, please let it be' Source(s):C&M

kookoxuuténin particle suddenly Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kookoyóó' ni square Source(s):DCAU

kóóko'óuhu- vai to examine s.o. Source(s):DCAU

kookóós- pv modal preverb, hope, want, 'I wish that...' Source(s):DCAU

kookóósoonéihii na ['thin legged one'] 1) heron, egret 2) also perhaps curlew, slough bird, rail or other birds with long, thin legs Source(s):Cowell ms

kóokóosóóneet na ['it has thin legs'] ?mountain plover Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

kookóóxee na woodpecker Source(s):Cowell ms

kookuteenéiht na ['it is spotted'] pinto Source(s):DCAU

kookuteeyóó- vii 1) to be spotted 2) to be polka dotted Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kookuyón particle for no reason, without care or discernment Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

koonén- vti to open s.t. Source(s):DCAU

kooneniii- vai to tan (a hide) Source(s):DCAU

kóónee- vai to beg for something, beseech someone for something Source(s):C&M

kóónee'éébi- vai to ask for something seriously, in the proper manner Source(s):C&M

kooniitee- vii (a hide) is tanned 3 changed konooniitee' Source(s):Cowell ms

kóoniiteeni- vii it can be opened, it opens Source(s):C&M

kooniiteetee- vii (a door) to be opened Source(s):C&M

koonkuu3ei- vai to open something quickly Source(s):C&M

koonoti- vii to be open 3 changed konoonoti' Source(s):DCAU

koonóutoséii' ni Ethete (placename) Source(s):DCAU

koonóyeisiihi' adv having to do with shelter or an animal's den or lodge Source(s):C&M

koonooku- vai to open one's eye(s) Source(s):C&M

koonookuhcehi- vai to open one's eyes quickly Source(s):C&M

koonoonooxobe' na a large toad (unidentified type) Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

kóónootoo'hóe ni key pl kóónootoo'hóeno Source(s):DCAU

koonóóyo'un- vta to uncover s.o. (e.g. take blankets off) Source(s):DCAU

kóóntoo- vai to rub oneself ceremonially after smudging Source(s):C&M

koon'oeht ni wrinkle pl koon'oehtno Source(s):LJC

koos- proclitic 'I wish that ...' Source(s):C&M

kóótee- vii to boil 3 changed konootee' Listen: konóótee' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

kootéé- vii to be smoky 3 changed konootéé' Source(s):DCAU

kóotéébinoo3- vta to curse s.o., swear at s.o. Source(s):DCAU

koox- proclitic again Note: Implies suddenness, unexpectedness, emphasis. Source(s):C&M

kooxcéii- vai to be fat Source(s):DCAU

kooxceiit na a fat person or animal Source(s):DCAU

kooxcééyoti' ni fat Source(s):DCAU

kóóxooteinihó'noox ni hoe, garden hoe Source(s):DCAU

kooxootéé' ni street Source(s):DCAU

kooxuuhu' particle in the brush

koo'einkóehit na poplar pl koo'einkoehi3i' Source(s):DCAU

kóó'einóó' ni ['it is round'] circle Source(s):DCAU

koo'eiyóó ni rawhide (of a buffalo, horse, cow) pl koo'eiyóóno Source(s):DCAU

kóó'oe- pv slowly, carefully, in due time Source(s):C&M, LJC

kóó'oetoo- vai to do something slowly Source(s):LJC

koo'óh na coyote pl koo'óhwuu obv. sg. koo'óhwuu obv. pl. koo'óhwuu Note: Coyote figures prominently in Arapaho legends as a helper figure or nemesis to Nih'oo3oo, not as a trickster figure as he is in many other cultures. Source(s):DCAU

koo'óhwuusóó na coyote puppy Source(s):C&M

koo'óuu3oo- vii to be dusty 3 changed konoo'ouu3oo' Source(s):Cowell ms, LJC

koo'óuute- vii to be dusty Source(s):LJC

koo'ówootéihi- vai to be fussy 3 changed konoo'ówootéiht Source(s):DCAU

koo'óó- vii to swell Source(s):DCAU

kóó'ookuhcehi- vai to wink Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kóó'ookuhcehiiton- vta to wink at s.o. 3:3' changed konoo'ookuhcehiitonoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

kuhnee- vai to be chased Source(s):C&M


-n suffix obviative, na

ne- prefix 1 possessive pronominal prefix

neb na fish pl nowo' Note: Archaic. Source(s):Cowell ms

nebésiibéhe' na-dep 1) my grandfather 2) my ceremonial sponsor obv. sg. nebésiiwóho' 3 poss. hibésiiwóho' Listen: nebésiibéhe' (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nébi na-dep (my) older sister pl nebihó' 3 poss. hi-bio Listen: nébi (ZM) , nébi (MU) Source(s):DCAU

nebihcehi- vai to make as if to jump Source(s):C&M

nebii'ó'oo na-dep my sweetheart, my girlfriend, my boyfriend pl nebii'ó'oono' 3 poss. hibii'ó'oon Source(s):DCAU

nébkuuhu- vai to have been touched after first having had a touching motion made four times, as in ceremonial blessing or painting Source(s):C&M

nébkuutii vai to touch something after first having made a touching motion four times, as in ceremonial blessing or painting Source(s):C&M

nec ni water loc. néci' Listen: nec (AB) Source(s):DCAU

néc ceenise' ni ['water falls'] waterfall Source(s):DCAU

necénoo'oo- vai to die suddenly, be struck dead Source(s):C&M

nécesi3ecoot ni jealousy Source(s):DCAU

necikou'óó- vii to wilt 3 changed neecikou'óó' Source(s):DCAU

néciibéiko' ni water snake grass Source(s):JAC 2005

neciini- vii 1) to be wet 2) there is water 3 changed neeciini' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

neciini- vai to be wet Source(s):DCAU

neciinookóónotii- vai to moisten something, put water on something Source(s):DCAU

neh- pv directional, away from the speaker and towards addressee, from here to there Source(s):C&M

neh- pv emphatic imperative, "you had better (do something)" Source(s):C&M

nehéi na-dep my aunt 3 poss. hihéo Listen: nehéi (WiC) , nehéi (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nehéihe na-dep my mother in law Source(s):DCAU

néhe' particle this, animate demonstrative Source(s):DCAU

néhe'eenóh particle this one Source(s):DCAU

nehéé3ei- vai to undress Source(s):DCAU

nehéé3ein- vta to undress s.o. 3:3' changed neehéé3einóót Source(s):DCAU

nehinee particle that's enough! Source(s):C&M

nehtiih- vta to recognize s.o., know who s.o. is 3:3' changed neehtiihoot Source(s):DCAU

néhtiihetiit ni recognition, recognizing one another Source(s):C&M

néhtiihi- vii to be known, recognized, familiar Source(s):C&M

néhtiitii- vai to recognize something Source(s):C&M, ZS

néhtonéihi- vai to be tricky, deceitful Source(s):C&M

néhtonih- vta to deceive s.o., cheat s.o. 3:3' changed nééhtonihoot Source(s):DCAU, ZS

néhtonitoo- vai to act in a tricky or deceitful manner, do something tricky or deceitful Source(s):C&M

néhtowóót- vti to recognize the sound of s.t. Source(s):C&M

nehyóhoniihi' adv concerning inspection, concerning checking up on something Source(s):C&M

néhyon- vai to inspect something, check something out Source(s):C&M

néhyonihee- vai to be checked up on Source(s):C&M

néhyonóóhob- vta to inspect s.o., check up on s.o. visually Source(s):C&M

nehyóntii- vai to check something, check up on something Source(s):C&M, Cowell p.c.

nehyóntii- vai to inspect something, check up on something Source(s):C&M

néh'- vta to kill s.o. 3:3' changed nooh'oot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

neh'éihii na 1) killer 2) murderer Source(s):DCAU

neh'einiisi' ni ['slaughter day'] Friday Source(s):LJC

neh'eti- vai to commit suicide Source(s):DCAU

neh'i- vai to be three in number Source(s):C&M

nei- prefix 1st person pronominal verbal prefix, irrealis conjugation

néibi'ini- vii to be (habitually) attached to something or someplace Source(s):C&M

néic ni arrow Source(s):C&M

neih- vta to scare s.o., frighten s.o. 3:3' changed néneihoot Source(s):DCAU

néihoow- pv negation (irrealis future, future imperative) Source(s):C&M

neih'e na-dep (my) son pl. (1 poss.)g neih'ohó' 3 poss. hiih'o Listen: néih'e (WaC) , néih'e (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

néih'kuu3- vta to kill s.o. quickly and violently Source(s):C&M

néini'éi- vai to be dizzy Source(s):DCAU

neini'einoohowuu- vai to be dazzled, confused Source(s):LJC

neini'einoo'óó- vai to be nauseous Source(s):DCAU

néinoo na-dep (my) mother, (my) aunt (mother's sister) 3 poss. hiinóón voc. no'óó Listen: néinoo (MU) Source(s):DCAU

neinoo'óó- vai to be scared Source(s):DCAU

neisie na-dep (my) grandchild, grandson, granddaughter voc. neisii Listen: neisie (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neisónoo na-dep my father, my uncle voc. neixóó Listen: neisónoo (MU) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nei3ébi na-dep (my) sibling in law of the opposite sex, (my) brother in law (woman speaking), (my) sister in law (man speaking) Listen: nei3ébi (ZM) , nei3ébi (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

néito'éi na-dep my kin, my relation, my relative pl néito'éino' Source(s):DCAU

nei'- pv closely, tightly Source(s):C&M

nei'béhe' na-dep (my) grandmother 3 poss. hiniiwóho' Listen: nei'béhe' (MU) Source(s):DCAU

néi'be'éici3- vta to hold on tightly to a horse's reins Source(s):C&M

néi'biihi' adv holding on in a tight manner Source(s):C&M

nei'hónonih- vta 1) to hold s.o. tight or close to oneself (figuratively) 2) to cherish or respect s.o. Source(s):C&M

néi'in- vta to hold s.o. tightly Source(s):C&M

néi'inii3oon- vta to accompany s.o. closely on a trip or errand Source(s):C&M

nei'iitehéibi- vai to cling to something tightly, as if stuck to it Source(s):C&M

néi'iitiibi- vai to hold on to something tightly Source(s):C&M

nei'óku- vai to sit tight, sit still Source(s):C&M

nei'óóhob- vta to look at s.o. 3:3' changed nenei'oohówoot Source(s):DCAU

nei'oohóót- vti to look at s.t. Source(s):DCAU

néi'oonoyóóhob- vta to watch over s.o. closely, guard s.o. closely Source(s):C&M

néii ni sand Listen: néii (LD) Source(s):LJC

Néiiniicié placename Sand Creek Listen: Néiiniicié (LD) Source(s):LJC

nénebeeniihi' adv regarding restrictions, taboo Source(s):C&M

Nenebinén na ['northern man'] term for Northern Arapaho identified by Kroeber pl Nenebinéno' Source(s):TA

nenebiihi' adv north, in the north Source(s):DCAU, C&M (PM stories text)

nénebiihi' né'iii na goose, Canada goose Source(s):DCAU

nénesnouusee- vai to pretend to go outside Source(s):C&M

nenéé- vii it is it, that is it Source(s):C&M

nenéénin pronoun you, second person sg. pronoun Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nenééninoo pronoun I, first person sg. pronoun Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nenéénit pronoun he, she, third person pronoun Source(s):C&M, LJC

neneeni3i' pronoun they, third person plural pronoun Source(s):LJC

neneesnéniinoo' ni trinity Source(s):DCAU

neneesó'ohtéénoo ni tripod Source(s):DCAU

neneesootoxei'i ni buffalo robe with eight lines of ornamentation Source(s):TA

neneesoo'ouht ni buffalo robe with twenty lines of ornamentation Source(s):TA

nenee' pronoun it, third sg. inan. pronoun Source(s):DCAU

nenih- pv 1) leave something alone, let something be 2) forget about something Source(s):C&M

néniniixoeh- vta to shake s.o.'s hand Source(s):C&M

néniniixóuhu- vai to shake hands with people Source(s):C&M

néniniixoo3- vta to shake s.o.'s hand Source(s):C&M

neniibiicóoonéét na keeper of the Flat Pipe Source(s):DCAU

neniicisoxu'oo' ni ['hollow root'] a medicinal root, possibly bitter root, scientific name Lewisia rediviva Source(s):JAC 2005

neniiheii na-dep my parents pl neniiheii Source(s):DCAU

neniiniihi' adv close by Source(s):C&M

neniisib- vta to urge s.o. 3:3' changed neeniisiwoot Source(s):DCAU

neniisi3é'einoo' ni gilia, a dicot perennial herb, scientific name Ipomopsis congesta Source(s):JAC 2005

neniisóó na-dep (my) child Listen: neniisóó (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neniisootoxu3i' heneeceeno' na ['seven buffalo bulls'] Pleiades Source(s):Cowell ms

nénii3é- vii to be just right, exactly on target Source(s):LJC

nenii3iiyéi'it na keeper Source(s):DCAU

neniiteine3éneet na sow (female pig) Source(s):DCAU

neniitówun pc first of all Source(s):DCAU

nenkouté- vii to be marshy 3 changed neenkouté' Source(s):DCAU

nenowó3o' na north star pl nenowó3o'uu obv. sg. nenowó3o'uu obv. pl. nenowó3o'uu Source(s):DCAU

nenseinetineenówo' na sucker (fish) Source(s):DCAU

nentóuhu- vai to be a liar 3 changed neentóuht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nentoonób- vta to lie to s.o. 3:3' changed neentoonówoot Source(s):DCAU

nentooyéi- vai to lie, tell a falsehood Source(s):DCAU

neséihi- vai 1) to be wild 2) to be in union with nature 3 changed neeséiht Listen: neeséiht (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

néseihiiniine'étii- vai 1) to live in the wild, live with or in contact with nature 2) to live as lived prior to reservation days Source(s):C&M

neséihiinóó- vii to be wild (in a pejorative sense), crazy Source(s):C&M

neséinoox na chicken hawk, scientific name Accipiter spp. pl neséinooxuu Listen: neséinoox (LD) Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

néseinóóx na wild horse Source(s):LJC

nési na-dep uncle, mother's brother pl nésihó' 3 poss. hisio Listen: nési (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nesi3ee na-dep my father in law Source(s):DCAU

nesooku- vai to see well, have good eyesight 3 changed neesookut Source(s):DCAU

néstouhu- vai to be careful Source(s):C&M

nestóukuhu- vii to be left behind tied to something Source(s):C&M

néstoob- vta to warn s.o. Source(s):C&M, DCAU

néstoobéé- vai to have been warned Source(s):C&M

néstoobee'i- vai to warn people about something Source(s):C&M

néstoonóó- vii to be dangerous Source(s):C&M

néstoonoo3óó- vii to be very dangerous Source(s):C&M

néstoonoo3óó- vii to be dangerous 3 changed nééstoonoo3óó' Source(s):DCAU

néstoonootéihi- vai to be dangerous 3 changed nééstoonootéiht Source(s):DCAU

ne3e'é3e na-dep (my) nephew pl ne3e'é3oho' 3 poss. hi3e'é3o Listen: ne3e'é3e (MU) Source(s):DCAU

ne3é'ex ni-dep my son in law Source(s):DCAU

ne3éé3oo ni-dep finger (1 poss.) pl ne3éé3oonó 3 poss. hi3éé3oo Source(s):DCAU

néteséi na-dep (my) sibling of the opposite sex, (my) brother (woman speaking), (my) sister (man speaking) 3 poss. hiteséiw Listen: néteséi (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

netesih'e na-dep wife 3 poss. hitesih'o Source(s):DCAU

néyei- pv conative, try Source(s):C&M

neyeih- vta to count s.o. Source(s):DCAU

neyeiséé- vai to be separated, as in husband and wife Source(s):DCAU

neyéisisee- vai to walk away from one another, separate Source(s):C&M

neyéisiihi' adv separating, going opposite ways Source(s):C&M

neyéiskóóhu- vai to run away from one another, separate Source(s):C&M

neyéiskóóhuuhéi- vai to run away from each other Source(s):C&M

neyéisxóótiini' vii people are walking away and leaving Source(s):C&M

neyei3éi- vai 1) to count 2) to read 3) to study, go to school, be a student Source(s):DCAU

neyéi3eibéihii na teacher pl neyéi3eibeehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

neyéi3eibeihiini- vai to be a teacher Source(s):DCAU

neyéi3eibee- vai to teach Source(s):DCAU

neyéi3eih- vta to teach s.o. 3:3' changed neeyei3éihoot Source(s):DCAU

neyei3éihii na 1) pupil, student 2) reader, literate person pl neyéi3eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

neyéi3eihiini- vai to be a student Source(s):C&M

neyei3einotii ni ['school vehicle'] schoolbus Source(s):DCAU

neyei3éino'oowu' ni ['study house'] school loc. neyei3éino'oowuu' Source(s):DCAU

neyei3ei3éihii na teacher Source(s):DCAU

néyei3ib- vta to try s.o. out, try and see if s.o. will do something Source(s):C&M

néyei3itii- vai to try to do something Source(s):DCAU

néyei3itoo- vai to try to do something Source(s):DCAU

neyéi3iihi' adv by trying, with effort Source(s):C&M

neyéi3oonóotéé' vii there is a circular camp located there Source(s):C&M

neyéitii- vai 1) to go to school 2) to learn 3) to read Source(s):DCAU

neyéitii- vti to read s.t., count s.t. Source(s):DCAU

néyeito'éi- vai to ride a bronco, as in a rodeo Source(s):C&M

neyéixohowóó- vai to try to get/bring things back for oneself Source(s):C&M

neyóo na-dep my brother in law pl neyooono' 3 poss. hiyóón Note: Used by men. Listen: neyóo (MU) , neyóo (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neyoooxét ni 1) twister, tornado, whirlwind, dust devil 2) caterpillar Note: check association with Whirlwind Woman Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms, LJC

neyoooxetiineesé' ni tornado wind Source(s):DCAU

Neyooxetisei na Whirlwind Woman Source(s):TA, C&M

neyoo'uut ni 1) ornament 2) cosmetics, makeup pl neyoo'uutono Source(s):Cowell ms

ne' na goose pl né'ii Listen: ne' (AB) Source(s):DCAU

ne'- pv narrative tense marker meaning then, next, and then Source(s):C&M, LJC

ne'- proclitic that (back reference) Source(s):C&M

ne'ehnii3in- vta to retain s.o. Source(s):DCAU

ne'ehnii3in- vti to retain s.t. Source(s):DCAU

né'eh'éntoo- vai to remain someplace Source(s):C&M

né'ee vai (imperative) wait! Note: Used by women. Source(s):C&M

ne'ibinó' ni (pl.) golden currant berries, scientific name Ribes aureum (berry) and possibly other Ribes spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

ne'ibiis ni golden currant bush, scientific name Ribes aureum (bush) and possibly other Ribes spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

ne'isee- vai (the sun) to set Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

né'iisóó na gosling, young goose pl né'iisóóno' Source(s):DCAU

ne'ii'iihi' particle then Source(s):DCAU

né'niis- pv that is how (cleft) Source(s):C&M

né'niit- pv that's where (cleft) Source(s):C&M

né'nii'- pv that is when (cleft) Source(s):C&M

Nééceini'ec placename ['chief lake'] Bull Lake, WY Source(s):C&M

néécee na chief pl neecééno' obv nééceen Source(s):DCAU

nééceeni- vai to be chief Source(s):C&M

nééceeniiinon ni the chief's tipi Source(s):C&M

nééceenóhoó ni gift pl nééceenóhoono Source(s):DCAU

nééceenóhoót ni a public give-away Source(s):TA

nééceenóhoo3- vta to give s.o. a gift in a traditional ceremony 3 changed nenééceenóhoo3oot Source(s):DCAU

nééceenóu ni the chief's blanket Source(s):C&M

neecéés na gelding, castrated horse pl neecéésii obv. sg. neecéésii obv. pl. neecéésii Source(s):DCAU

neecéései na ['chief woman'] queen pl neecééseino' Source(s):DCAU

neecisee- vai to go on along, move along, proceed Source(s):C&M, ZS

neeciih- vta to lend something to s.o. (for a short period of time) Source(s):DCAU

neeciihétiit ni loan Source(s):DCAU

nééco'on- vta to move s.o. along Source(s):C&M

nééco'oo- vta to go on, to go on one's way Source(s):C&M

nééhebéhe' na-dep younger sibling, younger brother or sister 3 poss. hinoohowoho' Listen: nééhebéhe' (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neehéiso'óó- vai to be equally fast Source(s):C&M

neehéyei- pv close, near Source(s):C&M

neehéyeikóóhu- vai to approach something running Source(s):C&M

neehéyeikuutii- vai to approach something rapidly Source(s):C&M

neehéyeiniihi' adv close by

neeheyéisee- vai to approach something walking

neehéyei'- vti to approach s.t. Source(s):C&M

neehéyei'on- vta to approach s.o. Source(s):C&M

nééheekuu- vai to be outstanding 3 changed nenééheekuut Source(s):DCAU

neehiicxóóyeihi- vai to be of the same generation, be the same age 3 changed neneehiicxóóyeihi3i' Source(s):DCAU

neehiisoo- vii to be identical, matching, the same 3 changed neneehiisóu'u Source(s):DCAU

neehii3eihi- vai 1) to be matching, be matched 2) to be identical, the same 3 changed neneehii3eihi3i' Source(s):DCAU

neehii3éi' particle in the center, in the middle Source(s):DCAU, C&M

neehii3éi'éékuu' vii it stands in the middle of something Source(s):C&M

neenéisiihóho ni weather Source(s):DCAU

neenéisiisooó' ni weather Source(s):DCAU

neenéi3xootiini' ni trail Source(s):DCAU

néénéiitó'- vta to face s.o. Source(s):DCAU

neeneecéihi- vai to swing Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neeneece'óó- vai to sway Source(s):DCAU

neeneecihiit ni swing Source(s):DCAU

neeneeckuu3- vta to swing s.o. Source(s):DCAU

neeni- pv leave it like that, leave it like it is Source(s):C&M

nééni- vai stem for a verb that forms pronouns Source(s):C&M

nééni'ih- vta to treat s.o. well 3:3' changed nééni'ihoot Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nééni'oub- vta to shout at s.o. in anger Source(s):DCAU

neeniitoo na old-fashioned Indian doll made of buckskin pl neeniitoonó' Source(s):DCAU

neenkouté' ni quicksand Source(s):DCAU

néenonih- vta 1) to continually bother s.o. 2) to continually persecute s.o. Source(s):C&M

neenouhuutonéihiinóó' vii a thing has been prepared for someone to use Source(s):C&M

neenout- vti to prepare for s.t., get ready for s.t. 3 changed neneenoutó' Source(s):DCAU

neenóutii- vai to prepare something Source(s):DCAU

néenóu'u- vai to get ready for something, prepare for something Source(s):ZS

néenóu'uh- vta to prepare s.o., get s.o. ready Source(s):DCAU, C&M

néenóuuton- vta to be ready for s.o. Source(s):C&M

néenóóhob- vta to keep seeing or looking at s.o. Source(s):C&M

néenoohóót- vti to keep s.t. in sight Source(s):C&M

néenóootiini' vii things have been prepared, are being prepared Source(s):C&M

neenóóxobei- vai 1) to bother someone's horses 2) to take someone's horses Source(s):C&M

nees na-dep my husband 3 poss. hiix Source(s):DCAU

néeséb na-dep daughter in law (1 poss.) 3 poss. hiisébio voc. néésobóó Listen: néeséb (LD) Source(s):DCAU

neesébi na-dep (my) niece pl neesébiho' 3 poss. hiisébio Listen: neesébi (MU) , hiisébio (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neeséh'e na-dep older brother, also used to refer to the person fulfilling the role of 'older brother' in a ceremony or dance pl neesoh'ohó' 3 poss. hiisóh’o Listen: neeséh'e (MU) , hiisóh’o (MU) Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

neeseineeét na midwife, obstetrician Source(s):DCAU

neesééntoo- vai to stay, remain in a place Source(s):DCAU, LJC

néesi'owóó- vii 1) to be the third time 2) it is the third one Source(s):C&M

néesiiis ni three days Source(s):C&M

néesiinsine- vai to stay somewhere for three days Source(s):C&M

néésnenii- vai to be three in number, to be a group of three Note: not used as a simple count verb Source(s):C&M

nééso num three Source(s):DCAU

neeso nonóóke' ni ['third morning'] Thursday Source(s):ALKms

nééso nonóóke' ni Wednesday Source(s):LJC

neesocówo'oo' Wednesday Source(s):LJC

néésouni- vii to be forked into three prongs 3 changed nenéésouni' Source(s):DCAU

néésootósoo' pc eighty Source(s):DCAU

néésootox num eight Source(s):LJC

néésootox béteetósoo' pc eight hundred Source(s):DCAU

néésootoxéneni'i vii (pl.) to be eight in number Source(s):C&M

néésootóxuuni' pc eighteen Source(s):DCAU

néé3ee- pv that's why (cleft)

néé3ibii- vai to undress Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

nee3onéihi- vai to tarry, stay longer than intended Source(s):DCAU

nee3ó'oo- vai to stay in a particular place Source(s):DCAU, LJC

neetci3- vta to tire s.o. out, make s.o. tired Source(s):DCAU

neetebi- vai 1) to get tired of swimming 2) to drown Source(s):LJC

neetéihi- vai to be tired Source(s):DCAU

néétetóuhu- vai to sigh Source(s):DCAU

neetih'ebi- vai to pass out (e.g. from drinking) Source(s):DCAU

neetikotii- vai to be tired from walking Source(s):DCAU, ZS

neetikóóhu- vai to be tired from running Source(s):DCAU

neetinoo'oo- vai to be tired Source(s):DCAU

neetokooyéi- vai to starve, be starving Source(s):DCAU, LJC

néétokóóyei- vai to die of thirst Source(s):C&M

neetónoohuu- vai to be busy Source(s):DCAU

néeto3i- vai to freeze to death, to die from cold 3 changed nenéeto3i' Source(s):DCAU

neetóu3ecóó- vai to be homesick, lonely, lonesome, unhappy Source(s):DCAU

neetouubéihi- vai to feel tired Source(s):DCAU

néétoxuh'u- vai to burn to death Source(s):C&M

néétoxuuh- vta to overpower s.o. 3:3' changed nenéétoxuuhoot Source(s):DCAU

neetoxuuh- vta to tire s.o. out, make s.o. tired Source(s):DCAU

néétoxuuni- vai to be tired from working Source(s):DCAU

neetó'osibeti- vai to work or run oneself to exhaustion Source(s):C&M

néét3oowukóóhu- vai to die of lack of breath due to running Source(s):C&M

neeyéic ni timber Source(s):DCAU

neeyéici' ni forest, woods loc. neeyéicii' Source(s):DCAU

nééyeinih'ohu- vai to fly close by, to approach by flying Source(s):C&M

neeyéiniihi' adv close by Source(s):C&M

nééyei3- pv having to do with a camp circle Source(s):C&M

neeyéi3einóotii- vai to camp in a circle Source(s):C&M

neeyéi3kó'einiihi' adv in a close circle, as in a camp Source(s):C&M

neeyéi3o'óó- vii 1) there is a circular camp 2) (pl.) (tipis) are set up in a circle for camping Source(s):C&M

neeyéi3óó' vii there is a circular camp Source(s):ALKms, C&M

nee'éi'isi- vii that is how it ends Source(s):C&M, ZS

néé'eec- pv that is how long Source(s):C&M

néé'eecis- pv that's how far, that's how long (cleft) Source(s):C&M

néé'ees- pv that is how, that is what, thus Source(s):C&M, C&M

néé'eeséé- vii that is the way it goes Source(s):C&M

nee'eesih'- vta to name s.o., call s.o. Source(s):C&M

nee'eesih'i- vai to be named, called Source(s):DCAU

néé'eesih'iinóó- vii that is what it is named Source(s):C&M

néé'eesih'iit- vti that is what they call it Source(s):C&M

néé'eesiihi' adv like that, thusly Source(s):C&M

néé'eesiini- vii that is how it is Source(s):C&M

nee'eesóó- vii it is thus, it is like that, that is how it is 3 changed nee'eesóó' Source(s):DCAU

néé'eesóóni- vii that is how it is Source(s):C&M

nee'eestoo- vai to do something like that, do thusly Source(s):C&M

néé'eet- pv that is where Source(s):C&M

néé'ee3éihi- vai that is how someone is, that is what someone is like Source(s):C&M

néé'ee3éi'- pv to that degree (cleft) Source(s):C&M

néé'ee3e'in- vti to be certain, be sure of s.t. Source(s):DCAU

néé'ee3e'inonéihiinóó' vii that is how something is known, that is how something is named, called Source(s):C&M

néé'ee3óó' vii that is where something is from, that is how something came about Source(s):C&M

néé'eetéihi- vai that is where someone is from Source(s):C&M

néé'eetéébe' particle in the back (e.g. of a tipi) Source(s):C&M

néé'eetisee- vai that is where someone is coming from Source(s):C&M

néé'eetóu- vii that is where it is located, where it is at Source(s):C&M

néé'eetox- pv that's how many (cleft) Source(s):C&M

nee'éétox particle enough Source(s):DCAU

néé'eetoxtóowóóhu- vai to do something enough, do something enough times Source(s):C&M

néé'eetoxtóowóoti- vai to do something enough, do something enough times Source(s):C&M

néé'eetoxunihii- vai to say enough Source(s):C&M

nee'éétoo- vai that is where someone is located, that is where someone is staying Source(s):C&M

nih- pv past tense Source(s):DCAU

nihi'- pv quickly Source(s):C&M

nihi'in- vta to insist that s.o. do something, force s.o. to do something Source(s):C&M

nihi'kóóhu- vai ['run swiftly'] 1) to run quickly 2) (a horse) to gallop 3 changed niihi'kóóhut Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

nihi'kóóhuuhéi- vai to ride fast on a horse Source(s):C&M

nihi'kóohuunoo'oo- vai to reel, be suddenly running, as when landing from flight Source(s):C&M

nihi'nei- vai to insist on something Source(s):C&M

nihi'neenokohu- vai to sleep soundly Source(s):ZS

nihi'néésee- vai walk quickly Source(s):LJC

nihi'nééton- vta 1) to demand s.t. of s.o. 2) to force s.o. to do something, insist that s.o. do something Source(s):DCAU

nihii- vai 1) to say 2) to guess (as in a handgame) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nihii particle hesitation particle, used similarly to English "well..." Source(s):DCAU

nihiit ni 1) word 2) saying, phrase pl nihiitono Listen: nihiitono (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

nihii3- vta to tell s.o., say something to s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nihkuutii- vai to turn something on (e.g. water) Source(s):DCAU

nihóusoo3eihiiho ni poison ivy Source(s):DCAU

nihoonbei'ci3einowo' na ['yellow/orange metal fish'] goldfish Source(s):Cowell ms

nihóóncebitee ni ['yellow grease'] butter Source(s):DCAU

nihoonéihi- vai to be yellow 3 changed niihoonéiht Source(s):DCAU

nihooninoo'óó- vii to turn yellow Source(s):DCAU

nihoonii'ehihi' na ['little yellow bird'] any small yellow bird such as a yellow warbler or goldfinch Source(s):Cowell ms

nihoonnih'éeno' na ['yellow blackbird'] yellow-headed blackbird Source(s):Cowell ms

nihoonó3oyéihii na ['orange rumped one'] red-tailed hawk Source(s):Cowell ms

nihoono3oyéihii na red-tailed hawk Source(s):DCAU

nihoonotii ni ['yellow vehicle'] schoolbus pl nihoonotiiwo' Source(s):DCAU

nihoonóxu' ni ['yellow medicine'] a medicinal plant mentioned in Kroeber's "The Arapaho" Source(s):TA

nihoonóóbe' ni yellow paint Source(s):DCAU

nihóónookuuno' ni glacier lily, scientific name Erythronium grandflorum Source(s):JAC 2005

nihooyóó- vii to be yellow 3 changed niihooyóó' Source(s):DCAU

nih'eikuutii- vai to scatter Source(s):DCAU

nih'einowóótiini' vii something has been split up, something has been divided up among people, scattered among people Source(s):C&M

nih'éiseenóó- vii to be spread, disseminated

nih'et- pv 1) would, would have 2) was supposed to 3) were going to Note: used in contrary-to-fact statements and if-then clauses Source(s):C&M

nih'eenó' na blackbird pl nih'eenóuu obv. sg. nih'eenóuu obv. pl. nih'eenóuu Source(s):DCAU

nih'ih'oh- vta to raise s.o. Source(s):C&M

nih'ih'oo- vai to grow up Source(s):C&M

nih'inéésee- vai to walk fast Source(s):DCAU

nih'iitciineneet ni grave Source(s):DCAU

nih'otoo'ohóe ni screw pl nih'otoo'ohóeno Source(s):DCAU

nih'oubé'eek ni ['pepper gravy'] tabasco sauce, hot sauce Source(s):DCAU

nih'óunéé- vai to keep trying something, be persistant Source(s):C&M

nih'óusoo3eihiiho' poison ivy, scientific name Toxicodendron rydbergii Source(s):JAC 2005

nih'óó- vii to be tight 3 changed niih'óó' Source(s):DCAU

nih'oobeesé- vii to move in the wind Listen: niih'oobeesé' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

nih'oobeesi- vai to move in the wind Listen: niih'oobeesi' (WiC) , niih'oobeesinenoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

nih'oocéihii na locust, grasshopper pl nih'ooceihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

nih'ooceiin- vta to pull on s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nih'ooni- vai to try hard at something

nih'oonóuhu- vai to nurse a baby, breastfeed Source(s):DCAU

nih'oo3oucénee na ['white man's grouse'] pheasant Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

nih'óó3ounéc ni ['white man water'] liquor, any kind of hard alcohol (e.g. whiskey) Source(s):DCAU

nih'óó3ounih'ééhi- vai to be called or named a certain way by Whites Source(s):C&M

nih'óó3ouniihi' adv in the way or manner of white people Source(s):C&M

nih'óó3ounii'éihii na chicken pl nih'óó3ounii'ehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

nih'oo3ouwóx na ['white man's bear'] pig pl nih'oo3ouwóxuu Source(s):DCAU

nih'óó3ouwóxuu ni bacon Source(s):DCAU

nih'óó3ouwoxuunoséino' ni ['white man bear meat'] pork Source(s):DCAU

nih'óó3oo na 1) spider 2) white man (person), Caucasian 3) a trickster figure in Arapaho mythology pl nih'óó3ou'u obv. sg. nih'óó3ou'u obv. pl. nih'óó3ou'u Source(s):DCAU

nih'oo3ooyóu ni rag pl nih'oo3eeyóuwo Source(s):DCAU

nih'ootéibéihii na butterfly Listen: nih'ootéibéihii (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nih'óótoohéé- vai to be wearing tight pants Source(s):DCAU

nih'ootoo'óh- vti to screw s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nih'oowkuutii- vai to twitch, move or flap (e.g. one's ears) Source(s):LJC

nih'oowóóhu- vai to do something which requires a great deal of effort Source(s):C&M

nih'oowóónineekoohu- vai to wag one's tail Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nih'oowoonineekuuhu- vai to wag one's tail Source(s):DCAU

nih'oo'óh- vti to tighten s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nini- vai (a dog) to howl Source(s):DCAU

ninou'oo- vii to float 3 changed niinou'oo' Source(s):DCAU

nio'óótonéé- vai to put out a fire well, put out a fire completely Source(s):C&M

niscibes ni switch, whip pl niscebéxo Source(s):DCAU

niscih'ebiit ni a sweet beverage (e.g. lemonade or pop) Source(s):DCAU

niscinec ni wine (sweet commercial wine) Source(s):DCAU

nisciixonóót ni something sweet to eat Source(s):DCAU

nisice na 1) antelope, pronhorn antelope 2) water strider pl nisicoho' obv. sg. nisico Source(s):DCAU, C&M, Cowell ms

nisicihininouhu- vai to wear buckskin Source(s):C&M

nisicihininouhuut ni the act or custom of wearing buckskin clothes Source(s):C&M

nisickoho'ok na ['sweet bee'] honeybee Source(s):Cowell ms

nisihii- vai to whistle Source(s):C&M

nisihiib- vta to whistle at s.o. 3:3' changed niisihiiwoot Source(s):DCAU

nisihiiniihi' adv in a whistling manner Source(s):C&M

nisih'oo- vii to be brown Source(s):DCAU

nisikoc ni cake, baked goods, pastry pl nisikocóóno Source(s):DCAU

nisikocoonéhe' ni cookie pl nisikocoonóh'o Source(s):DCAU

nisikocóóno ni (pl.) sweets Source(s):DCAU

nisikoh- vta to whip s.o., switch s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nisikoh- vti to switch s.t., whip s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nisiscoo- vii to be sweet Source(s):DCAU

nisiyoono3óo ni pocket pl niseiyoonoo3óóno Source(s):DCAU

niskóhei- vai to whip, switch Source(s):C&M

niskohóe ni switch, whip, quirt pl niskohóeno Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

nisoniciitoot- vti to inflate s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nisoniciitóó3oó ni pump Source(s):DCAU

nisoniciitoow- vta to inflate s.o., pump s.o. up (animate object, e.g. a tire) Source(s):DCAU

nisonóxoh'óe ni leavening agent such as baking powder or yeast Source(s):DCAU

nisono'óó- vai to swell 3 changed niisono'óót Source(s):DCAU

nisóno'óó- vii to be swollen, inflated 3 changed niisóno'óó' Source(s):DCAU

nisóób- vta to lick s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nisóót- vti to lick s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ni3i'eséi'oo- vai to recoil (e.g. a snake) Source(s):DCAU

nito'éi- vai to be timid Source(s):DCAU

nito'oxówoonoo- vii to recoil (e.g. a gun) Source(s):DCAU

nitootoukuto'óh- vti to quilt s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ni'- pv good, well Source(s):C&M, LJC

ni'- pv potential, able to Source(s):C&M

-ni' suffix 1pl vai realis conjugation

ni'bóooti- vii to smell good Source(s):DCAU

ni'cóó- vii to taste good 3 changed nii'cóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ni'ec ni lake pl ni'ecii loc. ni'éci' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ni'eciini' vii there is a lake Source(s):C&M

ni'éihi- vai 1) to be nice 2) to be handsome, good looking 3 changed nii'éiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ni'einóehi- vai to be fit Source(s):DCAU

ni'éiti- vai to speak well Source(s):C&M

ni'étóyoti' vii it sounds good Source(s):C&M

ni'e'in- vti to know s.t. well Source(s):C&M

ni'eeneb- vta to like s.o. 3:3' changed nii'eenówoot Source(s):DCAU, ZS

ni'eenéineyóó3ei- vai to make people feel well Source(s):C&M

ni'eeneet- vti to like s.t. 3:3' changed nii'eeneetó' Source(s):DCAU

ni'ibóutéé' ni ['it smells good'] sweetgrass Source(s):C&M

ni'ibóu'óó- vii to smell good Source(s):DCAU

ni'ibootou ni Colorado spruce tree, scientific name Picea pungens Source(s):JAC 2005

ni'ibootouu ni silver spruce Source(s):DCAU

ni'ikóóhu- vai to be able to run Source(s):C&M

ni'i3ecóó- vai to be glad, happy 3 changed nii'i3ecóót Source(s):DCAU, LJC

ni'itii- vai to rectify something, make something right Source(s):DCAU

ni'itoo- vai 1) to do something well 2) to be able to do something 3 changed nii'itoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ni'iiciini adv 1) without 2) not using something Source(s):C&M

ni'iine'étii- vai to live well Source(s):C&M

ni'iini vii it is good Source(s):C&M

ni'iini- vii that's fine, it's ok, it's good Source(s):DCAU

ni'iiséihi- vai to have a nice voice 3 changed nii'iiséiht Source(s):DCAU

ni'iisooo- vii to be good weather 3 changed nii'iisooo' Source(s):Cowell ms

ni'iit- vti to call s.t. a certain name Source(s):C&M

ni'ii3éihi- vai to be called or named Source(s):C&M

ni'ii3éé- vai to be called by a certain name Source(s):C&M

ni'iite'ino- vii to be known by a certain name Source(s):C&M

ni'koko'u3ecoo- vai to be able to concentrate, think clearly Note: Neihoowuuni'koko'u3ecoo, 'I'm stumped!; I can't concentrate.' Source(s):LJC

ni'noéyoti' vii it appears to be good, looks good Source(s):C&M

ni'obee- vai to be able to perceive something Source(s):C&M

ni'óku- vai to sit fast, be a good bronc rider 3 changed nii'ókut Source(s):LJC

ni'onéébetiit ni peacefulness, feeling good together Source(s):C&M

ni'o3inoo'óó- vii to be freezing 3 changed nii'o3inoo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

ni'o3isetii- vti to freeze s.t. Source(s):DCAU

ni'óte- vii to be frozen 3 changed nii'óte' Source(s):DCAU

ni'ouwuhti- vai to be tipsy Source(s):DCAU

ni'ouubéihi- vai to be elated, high, intoxicated Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

ni'óxon- vta to make s.o. feel right, cause s.o. to feel right Source(s):C&M

ni'óxu' ni ['good medicine'] sweetgrass, HierochloĎ hirta Source(s):ALKms, TA, JAC 2005

ni'óó- vii to be good, nice, acceptable, ok Source(s):DCAU, C&M

ni'oob- vta to agree with s.o. Source(s):C&M

ni'oobéihi- vai to be agreed with, have one's offer or proposal accepted

ni'óóbeti- vai to agree with one another

ni'oohonóh'oehiini- vai to be a good boy Source(s):C&M

ni'oonóóyeinoosóó- vii to be drizzling Source(s):C&M

ni'óótowoo- vai to have one's prayer or wish fulfilled Source(s):C&M

ni'óótowóotéé' vii (a prayer or wish) has been fulfilled Source(s):C&M

nii- pv imperfective Source(s):C&M

niib- vta to marry s.o. Source(s):DCAU

niibecohuut ni canteen Source(s):Cowell ms

niibecoo ni canteen Source(s):Cowell ms

niibéi- vai to sing Source(s):DCAU

niibeihii- vai to be a singer Source(s):DCAU

niibei'eikuu3ei- vai to play a wind instrument, e.g. a flute Source(s):DCAU

niibeiikuu3oo ni ['noise maker'] something that makes music or sound, e.g. an organ (musical instrument), phonograph record, audio tape, cd, tape player, cd player, etc. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niibeiinen na singer pl niibeiinénnó' Source(s):DCAU

niibeneibihi'i ni (pl.) grapes, scientific name Vitis spp. Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

niibéteesébitit na person who is engaged in some holy endeavor Source(s):DCAU

niibe'ehiht ni penny Source(s):DCAU

niibe'e'eitsiisiiyei na ['red head snake'] copperhead snake Source(s):Cowell ms

niibéébetóó'oot na person who is performing a holy ceremony, officiant Source(s):DCAU

niibiicó'onee- vai to carry a pipe along on a trip and use it for smoking Source(s):C&M

niibiii- vai to do quill work Source(s):DCAU

niibiiniit na angel pl niibiini3i' Source(s):DCAU

niibiiséébit na coot, mud duck Source(s):Cowell ms

niibobóóteenebéiht na a respected person Source(s):DCAU

niibo'ooseinoehit na ['it has red meat'] salmon pl niibo'óseinoeehi3i' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

niiboon- vta to sing for s.o. Source(s):DCAU

niibóót ni song, melody Source(s):DCAU

niibóót- vti to sing s.t. Source(s):DCAU

niice'enooó ni pail Source(s):DCAU

niice'éé- vii to be gray 3 changed neniice'éé' Source(s):DCAU

niice'ise- vii to be moldy 3 changed neniice'ise' Source(s):DCAU

niice'nóubee na ['gray fly'] horsefly pl niice'nóubeeno' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

niice'nowo' na ['gray fish'] crayfish Source(s):Cowell ms

niicibéso'on- vta to chase s.o. back, chase s.o. to the rear Source(s):C&M

niicibe' particle in back, especially in the back of the camp, in the rear Source(s):C&M

niicibisee- vai to walk to the back, walk to the rear Source(s):C&M

niiciseih- vii to be empty, hollow 3 changed neniiciséiht Source(s):DCAU

niicisóó- vii to be empty, hollow 3 changed neniicisóó' Source(s):DCAU

niicii ni river pl niiciihoho Listen: niicii (WaC) , niicié (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niiciibeetih'ohut na ['it doesn't want to fly'] swan Note: Archaic. Source(s):Cowell ms

niiciihehe' ni little river Source(s):C&M

niiciiheihiinén na Kiowa pl niiciiheiniinénno' Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

niiciihéihiiteen ni Kiowa tribe Source(s):DCAU

niico'cutee' ?saltbush, scientific name Chenopodiaceae spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

niicó'owuu particle close by Source(s):C&M

niico'uno' a plant growing on rocks in the mountains, possibly a lichen Source(s):JAC 2005

niicoob- vta to suck s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

niicoonitete'inooni' ni ['the knowing of it cannot be attained'] ?infinity Source(s):TA, Cowell ms

niicoot- vti to suck s.t. Source(s):DCAU

niicoo'ówcei- vai to taste salty 3 changed neniicoo'ówceit Source(s):DCAU

niicoo'ówcoo- vii to taste salty 3 changed neniicoo'ówcoo' Source(s):DCAU

niicoo'ówutii- vai to put salt on something Source(s):DCAU

niicóo'ówu' placename ['salty earth'] Great Salt Lake Source(s):C&M

niicoo'ówu' ni salt Source(s):DCAU

niihen- pv by oneself, of one's own accord Source(s):C&M

niihénehéi3it- vti to own some power or skill which was given by a superhuman source Source(s):C&M

niihenéihi- vai to own something, possess something Source(s):C&M, C&M

niihenkóóhu- vai to run of one's own accord Source(s):C&M

niihénoohóót- vti to see s.t. for oneself Source(s):C&M

niihéyoo adv by oneself, on one's own Source(s):C&M

niihiihi' adv along (e.g. a river or stream) Source(s):C&M

niihonéihi- vai to be somewhere a long time, especially when this requires effort or strain Source(s):C&M

niihonkóóhu- vai to run for a long time or long distance Source(s):C&M

niihonokóóyei- vai to go for a long time without drinking Source(s):C&M

niihon3óówu- vai to keep one's breath for a long time, avoid running out of breath for a long time Source(s):C&M

niihó'- vti to stay close by something, to follow along something (e.g. a river, when traveling) Source(s):C&M

niihó'ob- vta to stay close to s.o., to follow along with s.o. Source(s):C&M

niiho'ohon- vta to follow alongside s.o. Source(s):C&M

niihoobéi- vai to go along with others on a trip or journey Source(s):C&M

niihoobéinoh'uunee- vai to be allowed to participate Source(s):C&M

niihooku'oot ni act of watching an event closely Source(s):C&M

niihooné'einóó' ['yellow flower'] buttercup, scientific name Ranunculus glaberrimus, possibly other Ranunculus spp., also black-eyed susan and related plants, scientific name Rudbeckia spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

niihoonice'éé' ni ['orange/yellow potato/sphere'] orange pl niihoonice'éi'i Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niihóónkoo' ni September Source(s):DCAU

niihóónkóo'uuniisiis ni ['month of yellow leaves'] August Source(s):DCAU

niihóótee- vii to be located along somewhere Source(s):C&M

niihooyóó' ni ['it is yellow'] 1) egg yolk 2) banana Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niih'eikóni' vii the tribe is moving apart, the tribe is scattering Source(s):C&M

niih'eikóóhu- vai to scatter by running, run and scatter Source(s):C&M

niih'éinookut na ['slanted eyes'] 1) an East Asian person 2) someone who resembles an East Asian person pl niih'éinooku3i' Source(s):DCAU, LJC-f

niih'óeht na tough guy Source(s):DCAU

niii- vai to camp Source(s):C&M

niiib- vta to want s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

niiini- vai to make camp Source(s):C&M

niiinón ni tepee (tipi), tent pl niiinóno Source(s):DCAU, ZS, LJC

niiinoniihi' adv related to tipis Source(s):C&M

niiit- vti to want s.t. Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

niiit- vti to request s.t. Source(s):DCAU

niiitowóó- vai to ask for something for oneself Source(s):C&M

niiitowuun- vta to request something from s.o. Source(s):DCAU

niiitoo- vai to locate camp, be located in camp Source(s):C&M

niikoxoo'óte' ni January Source(s):DCAU

niiko'óéyei- vai to receive a pension, be on social security 3 changed niiko'óéyeit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niikookohéi'it biisee na ['bug that stands up'] scorpion Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

niikóoniiteeni' ni ['it opens up'] a breech-loading rifle Source(s):C&M

niikoo'ouutisee3i' na oxen (pl.) Source(s):DCAU

niikóó'owu' ni nut pl niikóó'owu'u Source(s):DCAU

niinebeh'eeét na ['it kills fish'] kingfisher pl niinebe'éé3i' Source(s):DCAU

niinén ni fat, lard, tallow pl niinenii Source(s):DCAU, ZS, LJC

niinéniiniiciihéhe' placename ['little tallow river'] 1) Unknown place in central Wyoming 2) Denver and the South Platte River in Colorado Source(s):C&M

niineeneiseikóóhut na ['it runs all over'] mole Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), Cowell ms

niinéét ni 1) nipple 2) bottle for feeding a baby pl niinéétno Source(s):DCAU

niini- vai to have a wife Source(s):C&M

niinih'ohuunoo' ni ['it flies around'] airplane pl niinih'ohuunóu'u Source(s):DCAU

niinih'oub- vta to scold s.o. 3:3' changed neniinih'óuwoot Source(s):DCAU

niiniibeicenee na ['singing grouse'] ruffled grouse Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

niiniihencebkóóhut na automobile, car Source(s):LJC

niino'unoo'oo' ni June Source(s):DCAU

niinooxuwut 1) government 2) person in a position of government leadership such as a governor or president Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niis- pv 1) only 2) alone Source(s):C&M

niis num two anim. néniisi3i' inam. neniiséi'i Source(s):DCAU

niis particle twice Source(s):DCAU

niis nonóóke' ni ['second morning'] Wednesday Source(s):ALKms

niisbéi'ici3eiyóó ni pocketbook, purse Source(s):DCAU

niisciiyei'i- vai to take a single step Source(s):LJC

niiscowo'óó' ni Tuesday Source(s):LJC

niiseihi- vai 1) to be one 2) to be alone 3 changed neniiseiht Source(s):DCAU

niisén- vti 1) to wrap s.t. 2) to cover s.t. up 3:3' changed neniisenó' Source(s):DCAU

niisén- vta to wrap s.o. (anim. obj.) 3:3' changed neniisenoot Source(s):DCAU

niiseti- vii to be one 3 changed neniiseti' Source(s):DCAU

niise'eici ni kerchief, scarf pl niise'éicihino Source(s):DCAU

niiseekuunó3onohóe ni marriage license Source(s):DCAU

niiseenou'u vii (pl.) they are of two different types Source(s):C&M

niisi- vai to be two in number Source(s):C&M

niisih- vta to bless s.o., pray over s.o. Source(s):C&M

niisihéihiinóó- vii to be made Source(s):C&M

niisiheswouh ni arm band pl niisheswouhno Source(s):Cowell ms

niisihkuu3- vta to bless s.o. quickly or rapidly Source(s):C&M

niisih'- vta 1) to name s.o. 2) to call out s.o.' name 3:3' changed neniisih'oot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niisih'i- vai to have a name Source(s):C&M

niisih'iit- vti to name s.t. Source(s):C&M

niisih'iit ni name pl niisih'iitono Source(s):DCAU

niisiscoo' ni sugar Source(s):DCAU

niisisee- vai to be alone, be left alone Source(s):C&M

niisi3ei- vai to have a job, work Source(s):DCAU

niisi3eihii na worker Source(s):DCAU

niisi3oó ni job, labor, work pl niisi3oono Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niisi3oociiyoono ni tool Source(s):DCAU

niisi3oot ni labor Source(s):DCAU

niisiyoo3óó ni sack pl niisiyoo3óóno Source(s):DCAU

niisi'owóó- vii to be the second time or the second one Source(s):C&M

niisiickuuhu' ni collapsible cup made from the paunch of a buffalo Source(s):Cowell ms

niisiiis ni two days Source(s):C&M

niisiitoon- vti 1) to fold s.t. 2) to roll a cigarette Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niisiitooyei- vai 1) to fold something 2) to roll a cigarette Source(s):LJC

niiskosei- vai to have two nails, claws or hooves Source(s):C&M

niiskoséihii na ['two clawed'] crab, lobster pl niiskoseihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

niisnenii- pv alone Source(s):ZS, C&M

niisnenii- vai to be two in number, be a group of two Note: not used simply as a count verb Source(s):C&M

niisnenii- vai to be together 3 pl. changed neniisnenii3i' Source(s):DCAU

niisniikó'usi'i ni ['it is cut twice'] (pl) hay, alfalfa Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niisnonóóke' ni Tuesday Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niisouni- vii to be forked into two prongs or branches (e.g. a tree) 3 changed neniisouni' Source(s):DCAU

niiso'- pv 1) with, jointly, acting together 2) mixed Source(s):C&M

niisóó na twin pl niisóóno' Source(s):DCAU

niisóókuu- vai to stand in a certain way, stand in that way Source(s):C&M

niisookuunee- vai to be wearing two feathers, have two feathers on one's head Source(s):C&M

niisoonei'i vii 1) (pl.) there are two 2) (pl.) they are of two types, two kinds Source(s):C&M

niisóóneenóó' vii it has two parts, two components Source(s):C&M

niisóotéé' vii how the camp is, how the camp is set up Source(s):C&M

niisootósoo' num seventy Source(s):DCAU

niisootox num seven anim. niisootoxu3i' inam. niisootoxé'i Source(s):DCAU

niisootoxu- vai to be seven in number Source(s):C&M

niisootoxuuusi'i vii 1) (pl.) there are seven days 2) (pl.) it lasts for seven days Source(s):C&M

niisootoox nonóóke' ni ['seventh morning'] Monday Source(s):ALKms

niisóó' num twenty Source(s):DCAU

niistii- vai 1) to do something (independent clause) 2) to make something 3 changed neniistiit

niiston- vta 1) to serve s.o. 2) to work for s.o. 3) to make something for s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

niistoo- vai 1) to do something (independent clause) 2) what someone is doing (relative clause)

niistoowóohu- vai to perform a ceremony, engage in a ceremony Source(s):C&M

niistoowóohuut ni a performance of a ceremony or ritual Source(s):C&M

niit- pv where (relative clause) Source(s):C&M

nii3- pv with, along with, jointly Source(s):C&M

nii3- pv why (habitual, imperfective aspect)

nii3éihi- vai to menstruate 3 changed nenii3éiht Source(s):TA, DCAU

nii3es- vta to carve s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nii3e'etii- vai to live with s.o., live together Source(s):C&M

nii3e'etiib- vta to live with s.o., as in marriage Source(s):C&M

nii3ee- pv why (habitual, imperfective aspect) Source(s):C&M

nii3eenébi- vai to be unwilling Source(s):DCAU

nii3in- vta to keep s.o., possess s.o., hold s.o. 3:3' changed nenii3inoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nii3in- vti to keep s.t., possess s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nii3ini- vii 1) to be held, possessed 2) to be available, at one's disposal Source(s):C&M

nii3iine'étii- vai to live together, live with someone Source(s):C&M

nii3iine'étiib- vta to live with s.o. Source(s):ZS, C&M

nii3kóóhuub- vta to run together with s.o. Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nii3neniib- vta 1) to be with s.o, accompany s.o., be with s.o. 2) to support s.o., stand by s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

nii3niiteiyeekuu- vai to stand in a line, queue Source(s):DCAU

nii3nowóó- vai to permanently possess something for oneself Source(s):C&M

nii3nóyei- vai 1) to trap with others 2) to compete in trapping Source(s):C&M

nii3nóóyoti- vii to be sounding out Source(s):C&M

nii3oe'inowoo- vai to make a willow shelter (e.g. coo'oeyóó) for oneself Source(s):C&M

nii3o3ousé' ni sandwich, hamburger pl nii3o3ousé'ii Source(s):DCAU

nii3óun- vta to milk s.o., e.g. a cow 3:3' changed nenii3óunoot Source(s):DCAU

nii3óuyei- vai to milk (e.g. a cow) Source(s):DCAU

nii3ouyóó na milker, milk cow pl nii3ouyoonó Source(s):DCAU

nii3ouyóó ni udder pl nii3ouyoonó Source(s):DCAU

nii3oxesnóun- vti to mix s.t., e.g. dough, cement Source(s):DCAU

nii3óxesnóuyóó ni dough Source(s):DCAU

nii3oxóen- vta to enclose s.o. in a fenced area Source(s):C&M

nii3oxoeyéi- vai to build a fence, repair a fence Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nii3oxoeyóó ni 1) fence 2) corrall pl nii3oxoeeyóno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nii3óyeiseihi- vai to be plentiful Source(s):DCAU

nii3óyeisóó- vii to be plentiful Source(s):DCAU

nii3óyeiteihi- vai to be plentiful Source(s):DCAU

nii3o'ini' ni ground meat, hamburger meat Source(s):DCAU

nii3o'oo- vai to become like something else Source(s):C&M

nii3óón- vta to go with s.o., to accompany s.o. Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nii3óotééni- vai to be braided, be in braids Source(s):C&M

nii3óotééni- vii to be braided 3 changed nenii3óotééni' Source(s):LJC

nii3ootééyei- vai to weave Source(s):DCAU

nii3óótee'ein- vta to braid s.o.'s hair Source(s):DCAU

nii3óótee'en- vti to braid s.t. (hair, rope), make a braid Source(s):LJC

nii3óótee'ee ni braid pl nii3óótee'ééno Source(s):DCAU

niitbisiseet na ['where [the sun] appears'] the east Source(s):C&M

niiteceenéét- vti to guess s.t. Source(s):DCAU

niitehéi- vai to help out with things Source(s):C&M

niiteheib- vta to help s.o. 3:3' changed neniitehéiwoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

niitehéibetiit ni help, helping one another Source(s):C&M

niitehéit- vti 1) to help s.t. 2) to improve a situation Source(s):C&M

niitei- pv 1) line 2) row

niiteiniihi' adv one after another, as in a line Source(s):C&M

niiteiniikohéi- vai to ride in single file Source(s):DCAU

niiteiséé- vai to walk in single file, march Source(s):DCAU

niitéiyeekuu- vai to stand in a row 3 pl. changed neniitéiyeekuu3i' Source(s):DCAU

niitéiyeekuu- vii to stand in a row, be in a row 3 pl. changed neniitéiyeekuu'u Source(s):DCAU

niitei'óó- to be arranged in single file Source(s):DCAU

niitén- vta to kiss s.o. 3:3' changed neniiténoot Source(s):DCAU

niitisee- vai to arrive from someplace Source(s):C&M

niitkooneetóótiini' ni privy, toilet Source(s):DCAU

niitne'iseet na ['where [the sun] goes down'] the west Source(s):DCAU, C&M

niito num six Source(s):DCAU

niitobe'einiihi' adv first Source(s):C&M

niitobee- vai to hear Source(s):C&M, ZS

niitobéeé- vai to be first in line, go first, lead 3 changed neniitobéeet Source(s):DCAU, C&M

niitobeekuu- vai to stand ahead, be first Source(s):ZS

niitobééti- vii to be heard Source(s):C&M

niitohkóu'usé'i ni airport Source(s):DCAU

niitókuuw- vta to ride with s.o. 3:3' changed neniitokuwoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niitón- vta to doctor s.o. by sucking Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niiton- vta to hear s.o., understand s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niitóuub- vta to howl at s.o., holler to or at s.o. Source(s):C&M

niitóuub- vta to holler, yell at s.o. 3:3' changed neniitóuuwoot Source(s):DCAU

niitóuuhu- vai 1) to howl, holler, yell 2) (a mouse) to squeak Listen: niitóuuhunoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

niitóuuhu- vai (an animal) to make a noise such as howling or bugling, (a person) to holler, yell Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

niitóuuhu- vai to thunder 3 changed neniitóuuhut Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

niitóuuhu3- vta to whistle at s.o. Source(s):C&M

niitouukuu3óó ni piano Source(s):DCAU

niitóuut- vti to whistle at s.t. Source(s):C&M

niitóuu3éi'i- vai to whistle at things Source(s):C&M

niitóuu3óó ni 1) whistle 2) flute 3) bugle pl niitóuu3óóno Listen: niitóuu3óó (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

niitowo'éiniihi' adv the first way, the first type Source(s):C&M

niitówo'oo- vai to be first, be in the lead 3 changed neniitówo'oot Source(s):DCAU

niitówoó ni information, news Source(s):DCAU

niitowóón- vta to lead s.o., go ahead of s.o. 3:3' changed neniitowóónoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

niitowóot- vti to hear s.t. Source(s):Salzmann 1963

niitowootéé- vii to be first 3 changed neniitowooté' Source(s):DCAU

niito' particle first Source(s):C&M, ZS

niito' tih'iisiini' ni the day before yesterday Source(s):DCAU

niitoo- vai where someone is located or staying (habitually or generally) Source(s):C&M

niitookuub- vta to stand with s.o. Listen: neniitookuuwoot (WiC) Source(s):LJC

niitootósoo' num sixty Source(s):DCAU

niitootox num six anim. neniitootoxu3i' inam. neniitootoxéi'i Source(s):DCAU

niitootoxu- vai to be six in number Source(s):C&M

niitootoxuunee- vai to be wearing six feathers, have six feathers on one's head Source(s):C&M

niiwóh- vta to hold s.o. in one's mouth 3 changed neniiwóheet Source(s):DCAU

niiwóh- vti to hold s.t. in one's mouth 3 changed neniiwóho' Source(s):DCAU

niiwohóe ni flag pl niiwohóeeno Source(s):DCAU

niiwoho'ón- vti to carry s.t. along (e.g. on a trip) Source(s):C&M, LJC

niiwoho'un- vta to carry s.o. 3:3' changed neniiwoh'unoot Source(s):DCAU

niiwóuhu'un- vta to carry s.o. (animate object) along (e.g. on a trip) Source(s):C&M

niiwouwu- vai to carry a blanket Source(s):C&M

niiwo'óó- vii to decrease 3 changed neniiwo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

niiwo'óó- vai to decrease 3 changed neniiwo'óót Source(s):DCAU

niiwóókoxon- vta to give s.o. food to carry with them on a trip Source(s):C&M

niiwóó3heihiit ni the things which one carries on a journey Source(s):C&M

niiwoowó3onóheit na ['s/he makes marks'] artist pl niiwoowó3onóhei3i' Source(s):DCAU

niixohóusi- vii to be covered with smoke Source(s):C&M

niixóxo'on- vta to be close to s.o. Source(s):C&M

niixó'ou'óó- vai to make motions, especially ceremonial Source(s):C&M

niixóó particle also Source(s):C&M

niixóó particle also, in addition Source(s):C&M

niixookuunee- vai to be wearing one feather, have one feather on one's head Source(s):C&M

niixooneeni' ni lantern pl niixooneeni'i Source(s):DCAU

niixoonee3éé3oo ni ring (a plain band) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

niixooseiht na ['it is slippery'] racer snake Note: see Dorsey:177, 202 for info. re: Sun Dance Source(s):Cowell ms

niixóosóoti' ni silk Source(s):DCAU

niiyeih- vta to do s.o. a favor Source(s):C&M

niiyoo'óé ni red-bush, red birch, mountain birch, water birch, scientific name Betula fontinalis Source(s):C&M, Cowell ms

nii'- pv when (relative clause) Source(s):C&M

nii'bisiseet ni ['when it appears'] sunrise Source(s):DCAU

nii'cénkoo' ni October Source(s):DCAU

nii'eheinó'eti- vii to be an eagle cloud or thunder cloud Source(s):C&M

nii'ehihi' na ['little bird'] sparrow pl nii'ehih'o' Source(s):DCAU

nii'ehiihi' adv having to do with eagles or birds Source(s):C&M

nii'ehiini- vai to be a bird, be an eagle Source(s):C&M

nii'ehiiniihi' adv in a bird-like or eagle-like manner Source(s):C&M

nii'ehiisoo na young bird, nestling pl nii'ehiisoono' Source(s):C&M

nii'éihii na 1) bird 2) eagle pl nii'ehiiho' obv. sg. nii'ehéo obv. pl. nii'ehiihoo Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nii'éihiinó'et ni ['eagle cloud'] eagle cloud, thunder cloud Source(s):C&M

nii'éihiitoowó'o ni a ceremony concerning eagles, the Eagle Way Source(s):C&M

nii'eikuu3- vta to cover s.o.'s head Source(s):C&M

nii'eeso'sii'oo' ni stinging nettle, scientific name Urtica gracilis Source(s):JAC 2005

nii'éé3neebiiskooti' ni ['the leaves really appear'] June Source(s):DCAU

nii'éétee' ni a plant known as bear root, biscuit root, pungent desert parsley or consumption plant, scientific name Lomatium dissectum, described by Kroeber as "a greasy, carrot-like root" (TA:32) Source(s):TA, JAC 2005

nii'ibounóókhooseii ni sweet sage, scientific name Artemisia ludoviciana Subsp. ludoviciana Source(s):DCAU, Curtis 1911

nii'ibóoóti' ni spruce or fir tree, scientific names Abies bifolia, Picea engelmannii, Pseudostuga menziesii Source(s):JAC 2005

nii'iibee- vai to blow one's nose Source(s):DCAU

nii'iiwoo ni handkerchief Source(s):DCAU

nii'ne'iseet vai-inflected ['when it goes down'] sunset Source(s):Cowell ms

nii'ne'iseet ni ['when it goes down'] sundown Source(s):DCAU

nii'ou3etii- vai to soak s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nii'óu3ib- vta to soak s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

nii'tesico'ouu3i' zenith, when the sun is at its zenith Source(s):Cowell ms

-no suffix obviative plural, na

noehi- vai to come or go out, come or go outside Source(s):DCAU, C&M, ZS

noh particle and Source(s):LJC

nohcéinee- vai to ring something (e.g. a bell) Source(s):DCAU

nohceineekuu3oo ni buzzer Source(s):LJC

nohceinéén- vti to ring s.t. (e.g. a bell) Source(s):LJC

nohcéineeyei- vai to ring (e.g. a bell) 3 changed noohceineeyeit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nohceinééyeihii na ['rattler'] rattlesnake pl nohceineeyeihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

nohcéineeyóo ni bell Source(s):DCAU

nohceinóóni- vii to ring 3 changed noohceinóóni' Source(s):LJC

nohcó'oo- vai to participate, take part in something 3 changed noohcó'oot Source(s):DCAU

nohk- pv with, comitative (e.g. kept with a person, carried along with a person) Source(s):C&M

nohkcésisih'ohu- vai to fly away with something, fly away while holding something Source(s):C&M

nohkcé3ei'oo- vai to go away and take something with one Source(s):C&M

nohkce3kóóhu- vai to run away while carrying something Source(s):C&M

nohkeeckóóhu- vai to go home with something Source(s):C&M

nohkniicibisee- vai to walk to the back or rear with someone Source(s):C&M

nóhko3on ni bark of the dogwood, scientific name Swida sericea (bark) Source(s):JAC 2005

nóhktonóun- vti to use s.t. in conjunction with something else Source(s):C&M

nohkubééxookee- vai to grow up with something, grow up while possessing something Source(s):C&M

nohkuhcih'ohu- vai to fly up and away with something Source(s):C&M

nohkuseic particle 1) morning 2) tomorrow morning Source(s):DCAU

nohkuseiciini- vii to be morning 3 changed noohkuseiciini' Source(s):DCAU

nohkuseiciini- vii to be morning

nohkuuhu' adv with (as in keeping something with one) Source(s):C&M

nóhkuusi'i'oo- vai to grow up with something (e.g. a language) Source(s):C&M

nohkuuxonóh- vta to poison s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nohkuuxonó3oó ni poison Source(s):DCAU

nohohee- pv soon Source(s):ZS

nóhohóuhu- vai 1) to hurry 2) to be in a rush Source(s):DCAU

nóhohoobée3too- vai to hurry up and finish doing something Source(s):C&M

nóhohooniihi' adv immediately, instantly, soon Source(s):DCAU

nóhohooniino'usee- vai to arrive somewhere on foot while hurrying Source(s):C&M

nohokoo3oo- vii to be bitterly cold 3 changed noohookoo3oo' Source(s):Cowell ms

nóhousoo- vii to be curved Source(s):DCAU

nóhowóh particle is everything okay? Source(s):C&M

nóho'e3eeyóó ni lamp pl nóhoe'3eeyóóno, nóho'e3eeyóóno Source(s):DCAU

nóho'eyici3óo ni pole strap (of a harness) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóho'huuhu' adv up, upwards Source(s):C&M

nóho'kóso'oo- vii to glitter 3 changed nóóho'kóso'oo' Source(s):DCAU

nóho'kóóhu- vai to run upwards Source(s):C&M

nóho'nihi'kóóhu- vai to run upwards quickly Source(s):C&M

nóho'nóoxéihi- vai to leave tracks going upwards Source(s):C&M

noho'óuub- vta to invite s.o., treat s.o. by paying on their behalf 3:3' changed nooh'óuuwoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóho'óuuhu- vai to climb upwards Source(s):C&M

noho'óó- vii to dawn, be dawn 3 changed nooh'óóke' Source(s):DCAU

nóho'uhcéhi- vai to go upwards quickly, run or jump upwards Source(s):C&M

noho'ukotii- vai 1) to gallop 2) to run 3 changed nooho'ukotiit Source(s):DCAU

nóho'usee- vai to walk upwards, uphill Source(s):C&M

nóhoo na stallion Source(s):DCAU

nohóóxobee ni leftovers, meat scraps, remains from butchering animals Source(s):C&M

nohtóu particle why? Source(s):DCAU

nohuusóho- vii that's how it is, let it be that way 3 changed nohuusóho' Note: Said at the closing of a speech, story or prayer. In prayers, used as the equivalent of 'Amen'. Source(s):C&M, LJC

nohuux ni nest pl nohuuxo Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

noh'eihóó ni 1) window 2) skylight Listen: noh'eihóó (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noh'éisib- vta to scatter s.o. on the ground, leave s.o. scattered about Source(s):C&M

noh'en- vti to lift s.t. by hand, raise s.t. up Source(s):DCAU, C&M

noh'enob- vta to lift s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noh'óeseicii- vai to be in an illuminated place Source(s):C&M

noh'óeséihi- vai to shine, be illuminated Source(s):C&M

noh'óeseihihi' na ['little lit up one'] firefly pl noh'óeeseihihi' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

noh'óéseikuu3oo ni light switch Source(s):LJC

noh'óéseikuutii- vai to turn a light on Listen: noh'óéseikuutii (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noh'óesein- vti to light or illuminate a place Source(s):C&M

noh'óeséitee- vii to be illuminated (e.g. a place by natural light) Source(s):C&M

noh'óéseiteeni- vii to be illuminated, lit up Source(s):ZS

noh'óeséi'oo- vii to shine, be illuminated Source(s):C&M

noh'óesei'óó- vii to be illuminated (e.g. a tipi)

noh'óesiihi' adv as if lit, like illumination Source(s):C&M

noh'óé' vii there is light (to see by) Source(s):C&M

noh'ohkóóhu- vai to run up a hill or slope Source(s):C&M

nóh'ohkoohu- vai to run up Source(s):DCAU

noh'óhoé ni lever Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

nóh'ohóuuhuuton- vta to climb up to s.o. Source(s):C&M

nóh'ohusee- vai to walk uphill, walk upwards Source(s):C&M

noh'óunéé- vai to persist, keep trying Source(s):C&M

noh'óuutohóe ni the center pole of the Sun Dance lodge Source(s):C&M

noh'oxóót- vti to jump over s.t. Source(s):C&M

noh'ooheti- vai to massacre oneself Source(s):C&M

noh'óóke- vii to be light outside, be daytime Source(s):C&M

nóh'ookono'óó- vii to become light Source(s):C&M

noh'ukutii- vai to lope 3 changed nonoh'ukutiit Source(s):Cowell ms

noh'uwunbiise' ni bearberry bush, scientific name Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bush) Source(s):JAC 2005

noh'uwuno ni bearberries, scientific name Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (berries) Source(s):JAC 2005

nókohu- vai to sleep, be asleep Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nokohukóóhu- vai 1) to go to sleep 2) to take a nap Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nokohuunoo'oo- vai to fall asleep Source(s):C&M

nokó3ton- vta to copy s.o., imitate s.o. 3:3' changed nookó3tonoot Source(s):DCAU

nókowuuhu' particle down here, at the bottom Source(s):C&M

nókoonii- vai to yawn 3 changed nóókoniit Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nokóóyei- vai 1) to fast ritually 2) to be thirsty Source(s):DCAU

nokóóyeiniiitowóót- vti to ask for s.t. through the process of fasting Source(s):C&M

nokooyóót ni fasting Source(s):DCAU

nokooyóó3i'eyóo ni stone monument built at a fasting spot Source(s):C&M

noni- pv wrongly

nonibii3i- vai to eat something wrongly, eat something forbidden Source(s):C&M

nonih particle pay attention!, listen up! Source(s):C&M

nonih'i- vai to forget Source(s):DCAU

nonih'ii3it- vti to forget s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nonih'ii3iton- vta to forget s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noninihii- vai to say the wrong thing Source(s):DCAU

noni3e'eexu- vai to have nightmares 3 changed nooni3e'eexut Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noni3oxuuhéihi- vai to have become lost or confused due to harassment Source(s):C&M

nonii exclamation how cute! Source(s):C&M

nonii ni the back fat of a buffalo Source(s):Cowell ms

noniikoh- vta 1) to hide from s.o. 2) to run away from s.o. 3:3' changed nooniikóhoot Source(s):DCAU

noniikuhnee- vai to flee and hide, be chased away into hiding Source(s):C&M

noniikuut- vta to misplace s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noniikuutii- vai to misplace something Source(s):DCAU

nonóneeneet- vti to be concerned about s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nonóneenów- vta to be concerned about s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nonóuheti- vai to race (with each other) Source(s):C&M

nonóuhetiib- vta to race against s.o. Source(s):C&M

nonóuhtiinóóx na race horse Source(s):DCAU

nonou3óó ni million Source(s):DCAU

nonóuti- vai to race Source(s):DCAU

nonoutiib- vta to race s.o. 3:3' changed nonoutiiwoot Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nonoutiinóóx na racehorse Source(s):DCAU

nonoxóó3ei- vai to be funny 3 changed noonoxóó3eit Source(s):DCAU

nonoxootéihi- vai to be mean, vicious Source(s):DCAU

nónoyoo- vii to be wrong Source(s):DCAU

nóno'éiniihi' adv in the Arapaho way Source(s):C&M

nóno'éiniine'etiit ni the Arapaho way of life Source(s):C&M

nonó'o3on- pv to be busy or engaged with something Source(s):C&M

nonoocoo' booo ni Milky Way Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

nonookuce'éé' ni ['white potato/sphere'] turnip pl nonookuce'éi'i Source(s):DCAU

nonóókunéseet na ['it has shiny fur'] grizzly bear pl nóókunéseehiiho' obv. sg. nonóókunéseeni3 obv. pl. nóókunéseeni3i Source(s):DCAU

nonookusono' na ['it has a white neck'] male grouse Source(s):Cowell ms

nonookuusooninéét na ['has a white mane'] palomino pl nonookuusooninéé3i' Source(s):DCAU

nónooni na young buffalo cow, approximately 2-3 years old pl nónoonihiiho' Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

nonóónoko' particle might as well, it's worth a try Source(s):C&M

nonooxeisé' ni a track Source(s):DCAU

nonooxóyoti' ni trail Source(s):DCAU

nonsih'ebi- vai to be drunk Source(s):DCAU

nónsoo' vii there is confusion, chaos, disorder Source(s):C&M

non3éineecihi' vii a lot of noise is being made Source(s):C&M

non3éineeci3ei'i- vai to make a lot of noise Source(s):C&M

nón3einóóni- vii to be noisy Source(s):C&M

nóntoo- vai 1) to make a mistake, do something wrong 2) to be wrong, do wrong 3 changed nóóntoot Source(s):DCAU

nóntoot ni error, mistake Source(s):DCAU

nosóu- pv continue to do something, still, ongoing Source(s):C&M, LJC

nosouniihi' adv still, ongoing Source(s):C&M

nosóunoxuuh- vta to keep bothering, harassing or persecuting someone Source(s):C&M

no3- vta to fetch s.o., seize or grab s.o. Source(s):C&M

no3oncebitee ni shortening Source(s):DCAU

no3onéihi- vai to be idle Source(s):DCAU

no3óóbeeneb- vta to suspect s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notéineeb- vta to call for s.o. by making a sound, such as whistling Source(s):C&M

notéii3ih- vta to look for s.o. who will do something for you Source(s):C&M

notikoni- vai 1) to scout for enemies 2) to be on the warpath Source(s):DCAU

notin- vti to look for s.t. Source(s):DCAU

notinihiit- vti to search for the right way to say something, look for a word or means of expression Source(s):C&M

noti'onéihi- vai to be looked for in order to do something for someone, be looked for on someone's behalf Source(s):C&M

notiih- vta to look for s.o., search for s.o. 3:3' changed nootiihoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

notiineenéét- vti to search for new knowledge or ideas Source(s):C&M

notii3in- vta to grope around for s.o., to feel around for s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notii3in- vti to grope around for s.t., to feel around for s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nótiitii- vti to look for s.t., search for s.t. Source(s):C&M

notkóniinén na 1) scout 2) warrior pl notkóniinénno' Source(s):C&M

nótnoohóót- vti to try to see s.t., look for s.t. Source(s):ZS, C&M

nótnoo'éini- vai to look around for things (as on guard duty) Source(s):C&M

noton- vta to ask s.o., ask s.o. a question Source(s):DCAU

notónih- vta to doctor s.o. 3:3' changed nootonihoot Source(s):DCAU

notónihéihii na medicine man, doctor, physician pl notóniheihiiho' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notónihéisei na 1) female nurse 2) female physician's assistant pl notoniheiséino' Source(s):DCAU

notónihiinén na 1) male nurse 2) male physician's assistant Source(s):LJC

nótonohein- pv medicine, doctoring Source(s):C&M

nototéihi- vai to be shy Source(s):DCAU

notóyeic ni 1) hide 2) rind (e.g. of an apple) Source(s):DCAU

notóyeiciibiis ni ['rind/hide leaf'] netleaf hackberry, scientific name Celtis reticulata Source(s):JAC 2005

noto'óh- vti to fasten s.t. Source(s):DCAU

notó'u na-dep 1) (my) sister in law 2) (my) female friend pl notó'uhó' Note: Used by women. Listen: notó'u (MU) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notóóbe'éitii- vai to fill a hole Source(s):DCAU

notóóh- vti to hammer s.t., nail s.t. Source(s):DCAU

notóóne na-dep daughter (1 poss) 3 poss. hitóóno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notóónoo3- vta to support s.o., 'take up' for s.o. Source(s):C&M

notóonóó3etiit ni process of supporting one another in difficulty, such as when going through a fasting ceremony Source(s):C&M

notoo'óh- vti to poke around for something using an instrument (e.g. a stick, a fork) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

notoo'óh- vta to poke around for something (animate object) using an instrument (e.g. a stick, a fork) Source(s):LJC

nottówoó ni question pl nottówoonó Source(s):DCAU

nóubee na fly pl nóubeeno' obv. sg. nóubeen Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóuxon- vta to meet s.o., to make s.o.'s acquaintance Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nou'usééneti- vai to hold hands Source(s):DCAU

nouu na swift fox pl nouu Note: Sometimes used in the diminutive -- nouuhehe'. The fox is associated with the Kit Fox Lodge. Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

nóuucéno'oo- vai to jump outside Source(s):C&M

nouuciitóó3eihii na ['one who blows [dirt] out [of the ground]'] gopher, possibly also mole pl nouciitóó3eiihiiho' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms, LJC

nouuciitoo3oo ni gopher hole Source(s):Cowell ms

nóuuhcehi- vai to run outside, go outside quickly Source(s):C&M, ZS

nouuhnénnó' na Kit Fox men, members of the Kit Fox Lodge age-grade society Source(s):TA, DCAU

nóuuhuuton- vta to climb (an. object) habitually Source(s):C&M

nóuuh'óowu' ni the Kit Fox Lodge age-grade society Source(s):C&M

nóuunóóhob- vta to go outside to see s.o. Source(s):C&M

nouuse'éici3oo ni long lance with a hook like a cane, staff Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

nouusee- vai to walk out of a place or area Source(s):C&M

nouu3ine- vai to be in water Source(s):DCAU

nouu3iihi- vai to move out (e.g. of a house, camp) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nouuten- vta to take (animate obj.) outside Source(s):DCAU

nouute'éici3oo ni staff (long stick, rod) Source(s):DCAU

nóuutowusee- vai to keep on walking, be walking continuously Source(s):C&M

nowóne- vai to be drowsy, sleepy Source(s):DCAU, ZS

nówo' na fish pl nówou'u Note: TA:58 Source(s):DCAU

nowóó3 left side Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nowóo3i- vai to be left-handed 3 changed noowoo3it Source(s):DCAU

Nowoo3inen na ['left-handed man'] member of the Southern sub-tribe of Arapahos, identified by Curtis pl Nowoo3inenno' Note: Hayden identified this band's range as "along the Arkansas River and its tributaries" (1863:321). Source(s):Hayden 1863, Curtis 1911

nowoo3iihi' adv on the left Source(s):DCAU

nowóó3iihiiteeniihi' adv on the left Source(s):DCAU

nowootooku na ['left/impure rabbit'] rabbit Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

nowuh- vta to track s.o., follow s.o.'s tracks 3:3' changed noowuhoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nowu3éi'i- vai to track someone or something Source(s):C&M

nóxhoeniihi' adv quickly, rapidly Source(s):C&M

noxnonéihi- vai to be quick Source(s):DCAU

nóxohoe- pv quickly, rapidly Source(s):C&M, ZS

nóxohóeniihi' adv hurriedly, in a hurrying manner Source(s):C&M

nóxohu- vii to be rapid, occur quickly Source(s):C&M

nóxonéihi- vai (a person) to be loaded with things Source(s):C&M

noxoséihi- vai 1) to be good looking, attractive 2) to be sweet 3 changed nooxoseiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noxow- pv 1) very (intensifier) 2) barely 3) just now Source(s):C&M

noxowniiwo'óó- vii to become little, small 3 changed nooxowniiwo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

noxowouuhu- vai to climb close, climb closer Source(s):ALKms, LJC

nóxowóó3oo ni war club, killing club Source(s):C&M

nóxowuh- vta to kill s.o. violently through impact Source(s):C&M

noxowus- vai to be violently smashed and killed 3 changed nooxowusi' Source(s):C&M

nóxowusee- vai to go through a time of intense experience, especially pain and suffering Source(s):C&M

nóxowuuhu' adv 1) intensely, greatly 2) near, close, almost Source(s):C&M, LJC

noxoxeihi- vai to be envious Source(s):ZS

noxóxh- vta to envy s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noxóónoo- vii 1) to be near the edge, pushing the margins 2) to be dangerous Source(s):C&M

noxóo3ih- vta to be mean to s.o., treat s.o. harshly Source(s):C&M

nóxootoohob- vta to stare at s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóxoownóó- vii to be dangerous Source(s):C&M

noxuhu- vai to hurry, do things quickly Source(s):C&M, LJC

noxu3ecoo- vai to worry Source(s):DCAU

noxu3ecóóh- vta to worry someone, cause someone worry 3:3' changed nooxu3ecóóhoot Source(s):DCAU

noxuuh- vta to bother s.o., persecute s.o. Source(s):C&M

noxuutéikoohu- vai run up, go up quickly Source(s):LJC

noxuutéiniihi' adv 1) upslope, upstream 2) in or to the west Source(s):C&M

noxuutéisee- vai go upwards, go upslope Source(s):LJC

noxuutéixoh- vta 1) to take s.o. upstream 2) to take s.o. westwards Source(s):C&M

noxuutéi' 1) upwards (upslope), upstream 2) in the west, westwards Source(s):C&M

noxuutiihi' adv in the west Source(s):C&M

noxxoeniihi' adv soon Source(s):DCAU

nóyei- vai to fish Source(s):DCAU

noyéihii na ['fisher'] kingfisher Source(s):Cowell ms

noyéihii na fisher(man) pl noyeihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

noyóót na 1) rainbow 2) fishhook, fishing gear 3) ?trap pl noyóótno Note: A rainbow is the fishook of the Thunderbird. Listen: noyóót (LD) Source(s):DCAU

nóyoo3- vta to trap s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

no'- pv to reach the terminal point of a linear path, arrive Source(s):C&M

-no' suffix 12 vai realis conjugation

-no' suffix plural, na

nó'ceikóóhuuhéi- vai to arrive riding toward the speaker Source(s):C&M

nó'cou'u3éi'i- vai to come to bother or harass people Source(s):C&M

no'eihi' na mink pl no'éih'o', noh'eiho' obv. sg. no'éih'o, noh'eiho obv. pl. no'éih'o, noh'eiho Source(s):DCAU

no'éi'ihó' na swan Source(s):Cowell ms

no'esó'on- vta to chase s.o. to here, where the speaker is Source(s):C&M

no'eeckóóhu- vai to arrive back at one's home Source(s):C&M

no'éése- vii (wind) to start to blow Source(s):C&M

no'koséihi- vai to be shiny 3 changed noo'koséiht Source(s):DCAU

no'kósoo- vii to be shiny 3 changed noo'kósoo' Source(s):DCAU

no'kóóhu- vai to arrive by running Source(s):C&M, ZS

no'kóóhuuhéi- vai to arrive on horseback Source(s):C&M

nó'neetii- vai to reach a place, get to a place Source(s):C&M

no'óeneb- vta to expect s.o. Source(s):DCAU

no'oeniihi' adv around, around here Source(s):LJC

no'óéteikóóhuuhéihi- vai to be taken or made to run down to a river Source(s):C&M

no'óéteiniihi' adv at the river, by the river Source(s):C&M

no'óetéixoh- vta to take s.o. down to a river Source(s):C&M

no'óetisee- vai to walk in the direction of a river or water Source(s):C&M

nó'oe'éici3éi- vai to lead a horse here, in this direction Source(s):C&M

nó'oe'éicitonéihi- vai to be led here for someone, in order to be given to someone Source(s):C&M

no'oe'én- vti to take s.t. out of water Listen: noo'oe'énowoo (WiC) Source(s):LJC

no'oe'én- vta to take s.o. out of water Source(s):LJC

nó'ot- pv much, a lot Source(s):C&M

nó'o3ehéit- vti to have a lot of superhuman power Source(s):C&M

nó'o3e'in- vti to know a lot about something Source(s):C&M

nó'o3éé'eenebéihi- vai to be depended on greatly Source(s):C&M

nó'o3ikobee- vai to act tough (in a false way) Source(s):C&M

nó'o3iini vii there is a lot Source(s):C&M

nó'o3iinii3e'éé- vai to have a lot of hair Source(s):C&M

no'o3nentóóhu- vai to be a lot of people around Source(s):C&M

nó'o3óó- vii to be cruel, tough, very difficult to endure 3 changed nono'o3oo' Source(s):C&M, LJC

nó'otehéi3it- vti to receive a lot of power (via a gift from superhuman sources) Source(s):C&M

nó'otéihi- vai 1) to be tough, mean 2) to have power Source(s):C&M

no'otéihi- vai to be powerful Source(s):DCAU

no'óteinéése- vii to make a roaring noise (e.g. water) 3 changed nono'óteinéése' Source(s):DCAU

no'oteineesee- vai to walk loudly Source(s):LJC

nó'oteinóóni- vii to be very noisy Source(s):C&M

no'ote'éihi- vai to know a lot, to be very knowledgable Source(s):LJC

no'oteeci- vii to snow heavily Source(s):Cowell ms

nó'óteenéb- vta to think highly of s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nó'oteenebéihi- vai to be thought of highly Source(s):C&M

no'óteesé- vii to be very windy 3 changed nonooóteesé' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nó'otnéihino' na Sioux Source(s):C&M

nó'otoséee- vai to gather a lot of wood Source(s):C&M

no'otoosóóti- vii to rain heavily Source(s):C&M

nó'otooyéitee' vii there is a big pile of something Source(s):C&M

no'otoo'óé- vii to be brushy Source(s):C&M, ZS

nó'ouh na 1) squirrel 2) extended to other similar small rodents pl nó'ouh'o' Source(s):DCAU

no'óutihii ni yarrow, scientific name Achillea lanulosa Source(s):JAC 2005

no'ou'oo- vai to arrive by floating, float to a place Source(s):C&M

no'ouuhtoohóee ni center pole (in the sun dance) Source(s):DCAU

no'owunoo'oo- vii to shake Source(s):C&M

no'oxóéhi- vai to ache, be sore Source(s):LJC

no'oxoh- vta to bring s.o. Source(s):ZS

no'óxoyóó- vii to be sore, tender 3 changed noo'óxoyóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nó'oxóó- vii the time has arrived Source(s):C&M

nó'oxoohóhk particle then Source(s):DCAU

nó'oxuuheti- vai to get oneself to a place by hard work, with difficulty Source(s):C&M

no'óokéi'i- vai to bring something home, transport something to one's house Source(s):C&M

no'óókoo3- vta to bring s.o. home Source(s):C&M

nó'oonó3ei- vai to gather one's things Source(s):C&M

nó'oo3ite'e- vai to bring a story here from another place Source(s):C&M

no'óotéé- vii to be located or laid out in that way, to that extent Source(s):C&M

nó'oo' particle far away from the camp circle Source(s):C&M

nó'oo'héése- vii to be blown far from camp Source(s):C&M

nó'oo'kóóhuuhéi- vai to ride far away, way out there Source(s):C&M

nó'oo'uuhu- vai to move camp, shift dwelling place to far away from the present location Source(s):C&M, LJC

nó'oo'xoh- vta to take s.o. far away from the camp circle Source(s):C&M

no'ucéitoon- vta to arrive to visit s.o. Source(s):C&M

no'uhcehéihi- vai to have arrived quickly at a place, have just gotten somewhere in a hurry Source(s):C&M

no'uhcehi- vai to arrive quickly, run or ride up to a place Source(s):C&M, ZS

no'uh'ohu- vai to arrive by flying Source(s):C&M

no'u3ecoo- vai to think back Source(s):Cowell p.c.

no'u3ecóót- vti to think back to s.t., have s.t. arrive in one's mind Source(s):C&M

no'uxoh- vta to deliver s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nó'uxohéihi- vai to have been delivered to a place Source(s):C&M

no'uxotii- vti to deliver s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nó'uxoton- vta to deliver something to s.o. Source(s):C&M

no'uxóóton- vta to arrive at s.o.'s location, come to s.o. Source(s):C&M

nó'uuhu- vai to arrive at camp Source(s):C&M

no'uuhu' adv to here, up to a point or place Source(s):C&M

no'uusi'oo- vai to close one's eyes Source(s):C&M

no'uusooó- vii to be stormy, storming 3 changed noo'uusooó' Source(s):DCAU

nóóbe' ni 1) sand 2) clay Source(s):DCAU

noobe'éini- vii to be sandy 3 changed nonoobe'éini' Source(s):DCAU

nóóbe'einiihi' adv 1) in the south 2) to the south, southwards Source(s):C&M

nooceiyoo ni thong Source(s):Cowell ms

noocóó- vii to be white 3 changed nonoocóó' Source(s):DCAU

noohób- vta to see s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóóhobéihi- vai to be visible 3 changed nonóóhobéihit Source(s):DCAU

nóóhobéihiinoo- vii to be visible 3 changed nonóóhobéihiinoo' Source(s):DCAU

nóóhousóó' ni banana Source(s):LJC

noohowkuu3- vta to glance at s.o., to catch sight of s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noohówootiihi' adv by seeing, by watching Source(s):C&M

noohoot- vti to see s.t. 3:3' changed nonoohootó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noohóó3ei- vai to see, see things Source(s):C&M

noohoo3ih- vta to show something to s.o., make something visible to s.o. Source(s):C&M

nook- pv white, light

nookbéi'ci3e' ni ['white metal'] zinc Source(s):DCAU

nookcebitee ni ['white grease'] lard Source(s):DCAU

nóóke- vii to be daylight, morning 3 changed nonóóke' Source(s):DCAU

nookéihi- vai to be white 3 changed nonookéiht Source(s):DCAU

nookéni- vii to be daylight, morning 3 changed nonookéni' Source(s):ZS

nookétee- vii to be faded 3 changed nonookétee' Source(s):DCAU

nooke'éhk particle 1) tomorrow 2) tomorrow morning Source(s):DCAU

nooké'ei- vai to have white hair Source(s):DCAU

nooke'éibeh'éi na ['white headed old man'] bald eagle Source(s):C&M

nooké'ei'óó- vai to have hair that is turning white Source(s):DCAU

nookhoosé' ni sagebrush, scientific name Artemisia spp. pl nookhooséii Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

Nookhoosinen ni ['sage brush man'] a term for Northern Arapaho pl Nookhoosineno' Note: Hayden identifies this as one of the many bands of Arapahos, who lived "around the sources of the South Platte and the region of Pike's Peak, also northward to the Red Buttes on the North Platte" (1863:321). Source(s):Hayden 1863, Curtis 1911, TA

nooknih'óucoo' ni ['white pepper'] white pepper Source(s):DCAU

nookóe'éi- vai to have white hair Source(s):DCAU

nookoheinooo ni bucket Source(s):Cowell ms

nookohéi'i- vai to fetch water, get water Source(s):C&M

nóókohóé ni 1) water dipper 2) medicine switch 3) bucket Source(s):C&M, Cowell ms

nookóhowoo- vai to dip something up for oneself Source(s):C&M

nookohóókee na ['white crazy man'] a dancer of higher degree in the hohookoowu' dance Source(s):TA

nóókohwóót ni rabbit dance Source(s):DCAU

nookon- pv all night, until dawn Source(s):Cowell p.c.

nookoniibeit na ['sings all night'] 1) hermit thrush 2) also used as a personal name Source(s):Cowell ms

nóókoniitén- vti 1) to clear the way for s.t. 2) usher in s.t. (as in a ceremony) Source(s):C&M

nóóko3óni' ni white tail feather of an eagle Source(s):C&M

nooko3onohóé ni paycheck pl nooko3onohóeno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóókox na 1) white bear 2) polar bear Source(s):DCAU

nookoxóeén- vti to fence off an area with willows Source(s):C&M

nookoyóuhu' ni nickle, five cent coin Source(s):DCAU

nookó'eti- vii to be a white cumulous cloud 3 changed nonookó'eti' 3 pl. pres. nonoonookó'eti'i Source(s):LJC

nookóóbe' ni kaolin, white clay for ceremonial painting, white paint Source(s):DCAU

nóókookuu 1) white plume 2) white mouse Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

nookoo3eines ni green paint Source(s):Cowell ms

nookootisee- vai get out of the way Source(s):DCAU

nóókooto'n- vta to be facing s.o., opposite s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nookóóx na 1) cross 2) morning star obv. sg. nookóóxuu Listen: nookóóx (WiC) Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

nooksiisiic na ['white duck'] 1) swan 2) snow goose Source(s):DCAU

nóóku na 1) cottontail rabbit, or used for rabbits generally 2) hare pl nóókuho' obv. sg. nóókuo Note: Rabbits are associated with the Rabbit Lodge, a part of the Sun Dance. Listen: nóóku (LD) , nóókuho' (LD) Source(s):DCAU

nookubéi'ci3e' ni ['white metal'] silver Source(s):DCAU

nookubee3ei na 1) white owl 2) used figuratively to refer to snowy weather or frost Source(s):ALKms, Cowell ms

nookuhisei na ['white woman'] the pledger of the woman's Buffalo dance Source(s):TA

nookuhoowu' ni Rabbit Lodge Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

nookuhsoo na young rabbit Source(s):DCAU

nookunoo'óó- vii to turn white, become white 3 changed nonookunoo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

nóókusee3 ni ['white pine'] lodgepole pine tree, scientific name Pinus contorta Source(s):JAC 2005

nóóku3e'ineehihi' na ['white winged bird'] 1) mockingbird 2) lark bunting Source(s):DCAU

nookuwuno ni ['white berries'] silverberry, scientific name Elaeagnus commutata Source(s):JAC 2005

nooku'éi- vai to be pale Source(s):DCAU

nooku'uusii ni rabbitbrush, scientific name Chrysothamnus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

nóokuusebéi- vai to own a white horse Source(s):C&M

noon ni egg pl nóóno Source(s):DCAU

noonoeseihoo ni fly brush (made from the tail of a buffalo) Source(s):Cowell ms

noonóh'oxoo- vai to leap (as in a deer) Source(s):DCAU

noononóutóósi- vai to be coiled up, e.g. a snake 3 changed nonóononóutóósi' Source(s):Cowell ms, ZS

nóónonóxoo3ih- vta to torture s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nóonono'oenih'ohuut- vti to fly or soar in a circular direction around some thing or place Source(s):C&M

nóononoo'ih'ohuut- vti to fly or soar in circles about s.t. Source(s):C&M

nóononóó'oo- vai to fly in circles, to soar in circles (e.g. a bird) Source(s):C&M

nóónonóó'oo- vai to glide 3 changed nonóónonóó'oot Source(s):DCAU

nóononóó'ootii- vai to fly in circles around a thing or place, to soar in circles around a thing or place Source(s):C&M

nóononóó'ooton- vta to fly in circles around s.o., to soar in circles around s.o. Source(s):C&M

nóonóxowuuhu' adv suddenly, implies a violent event Source(s):C&M

nóonóxoo particle one by one, each in its turn Source(s):C&M

nóónoyootééyei'i- vai (a spider) to weave a web Source(s):Cowell ms

noonóócohout ni toothpick Source(s):DCAU

noonoo'oekóóhu- vai to run around Source(s):DCAU

noonoo'óééyookuu ni warbonnet pl noonoo'óééyookuu'u Source(s):DCAU

noonsóó' ni 1) chaos 2) confusion 3) mess, disorder Source(s):DCAU

nóooxunéihii na speaker, person who is speaking Source(s):DCAU

nóooxunéé- vai to announce something publicly Source(s):C&M

nóooxunóóhu' vii it has been announced Source(s):C&M

nóooxunóótiini' vii it has been announced publicly Source(s):C&M

nooó' particle in a remote place Source(s):DCAU

nooo'usee- vai to go to a remote place Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noosoo' ni ?tinder, plant used for tinder Source(s):JAC 2005

nóót- vti to leave s.t. behind, walk away from s.t. Source(s):C&M, LJC

noo3- vta 1) to leave s.o. behind 2) to abandon s.o. 3:3' changed nonoo3óót Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nóó3ib- vta to leave s.o. behind, as when going away from them Source(s):C&M

noo3ikobee- vai to be tough Source(s):DCAU

nóo3inoo'oo- vai to have gotten used to something or someone Source(s):C&M

nóo3iiton- vta to be or get accustomed to s.o. Source(s):C&M

nóó3sei- vai to have many children, many offspring 3 changed nonóó3seit Note: Refers especially to an animal, e.g. a dog. Listen: nonóó3seit (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóó3toowoot- vti to omit s.t., leave s.t. out Source(s):DCAU

nooteinóóni- vii to be loud, make a loud noise 3 changed nonooteinóóni' Source(s):DCAU

nóótesei'i- vai to flee in fright, to run away in fright 3 changed nonóóteseiit Source(s):DCAU

noote'eisib- vta to slam s.o. Source(s):DCAU

noote'eistii- vai to slam something Source(s):DCAU

nóótouh'u- vii to be expensive Source(s):DCAU

nóótoxéihi- vai to be filthy Source(s):DCAU

nóótoxuuni- vai to work hard Source(s):DCAU

nootooku'oo- vai to stare Source(s):LJC

nootoosóó- vii to rain heavily 3 changed nonootoosóó' Source(s):DCAU

noow- pv down Source(s):LJC

Noowo3ineehee'ene na one of the five 'sub-tribes' identified by Kroeber Source(s):TA

noowube'éi'i ni (pl.) fragrant sumac, scientific name Rhus aromatica Source(s):JAC 2005

Nóówunén na ['Southern man'] Southern Arapaho man pl Nóówunénnó' Listen: Nóówunénnó' (ZM) Source(s):TA, DCAU

Nóówunóno'ei na Southern Arapaho Source(s):C&M

noowuuhu' adv 1) down, downward 2) South, used especially to refer to Oklahoma by Northern Arapahos Listen: noowuuhu' (ZM) Source(s):ALKms, LJC

noowuukóó- vii to be down in the brush Source(s):C&M

nóoxcitii- vai to dig a hole with hands or feet 3 changed nonooxcitiit Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nóoxéihi- vai to make tracks, leave tracks or footprints 3 changed nonooxeihit Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nooxéihi' adv 1) maybe, perhaps 2) probably Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nóoxeihiit ni a path, tracks Source(s):C&M

nooxeis- vti to make a mark on s.t. Source(s):LJC

nooxeisé- vii to be marked 3 changed nonooxéisé' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nooxóbe' na frog pl nooxóbei'i obv. sg. nooxóbei'i obv. pl. nooxóbei'i Note: TA:58 Source(s):DCAU

nooxóh- vti to dig s.t. (e.g. a hole) Source(s):DCAU

nooxóhei- vai to dig, especially a hole Source(s):DCAU, C&M

nooxóheen- vta to take vengeance on s.o. Source(s):DCAU

nooxohéénowóó- vai to take vengeance Source(s):DCAU

nooxowóuhut na watermelon pl nóóxowoohu3i' Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

nooxoyes- vta to notch s.o. Source(s):Cowell p.c.

nooxóyesi- vii to be marked by a notch 3 changed nonooxóyesi' Source(s):DCAU

nooxóyoti- vii to be marked, notched 3 changed nonooxóyoti' Source(s):DCAU

nooxoyóx- vti to make a notch in s.t. Source(s):DCAU

nooxookóónee' vii there is a hole made by water, the ground was washed out by water Source(s):C&M

nooxunéihii na master of ceremonies Source(s):DCAU

nooxuneihii na announcer, crier Source(s):LJC

nooxunee- vai 1) to shout 2) speak loudly as when announcing something Source(s):DCAU

noo'éici3- vta to lead an animal by rope up to a place Source(s):C&M, LJC

noo'éici3- vta to lead an animal by a rope or leash Source(s):DCAU

nóó'eiyéi- vai to drive (a car) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

noo'één- vta to rotate s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

noo'één- vti to rotate s.t. Source(s):DCAU

noo'oece'eekuu- vai run around in circles, like a knot (e.g. a bunch of kids) 3 changed nonoo'oece'eekuut Source(s):LJC

noo'oekuu3- vta to make s.o. go around Source(s):LJC

noo'oekuu3oot ni poker (in cards) Source(s):DCAU

noo'óén- vti to move s.t. around or about, as in a circle Source(s):C&M

nóó'oeniihiineetó'osibeti- vai to exhaust oneself by running around a place Source(s):C&M

nóó'oenotnoo'éini- vai to look all around, in all directions for something (as a guard) Source(s):C&M

noo'óee- pv around (a spot), in circles Source(s):C&M, LJC

noo'óeekóóhu- vai 1) to run around a place 2) to circle around a place Source(s):C&M

noo'óeekóókuuhéi- vai to ride around a place Source(s):C&M

noo'óeeniihi' adv around Source(s):C&M

noo'óeeniikohéi- vai to ride around s.t., encircle s.t. Source(s):C&M

noo'óeetóukuhu- vii to be tied up all around an area or place Source(s):C&M

noo'óééyoó ni tripe Source(s):DCAU

noo'oheicénee na quail pl noo'oheicéneeno' Source(s):DCAU

noo'oohetiit ni massacre Source(s):DCAU

noo'unoo'oo' ni flood Source(s):DCAU

nuhu' particle this, inanimate demonstrative pl nuhu'uunóh Listen: nuhu'uunoh (ZM) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

nuhu'uunóh particle this one Source(s):DCAU

nuhu'uusi' today Source(s):DCAU


sebeyén- vti to aim at s.t. Source(s):C&M

sebeyóhoéé ni gun sight Source(s):DCAU

sebeyoohóó3ei- vai to aim at s.t. Source(s):C&M

seh- pv from here to there (used for seeing, not motion) Source(s):C&M, C&M

séihiwox na wolverine Source(s):Cowell ms

seihon na weasel Note: Possibly the diminutive is used -- seihonéhe' (DCAU). Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

séi3eti- vai to wet oneself Source(s):DCAU

sei'kuu3éi- vai to play cards Source(s):LJC

sei'kuu3óó ni playing card pl sei'kuu3óóno Source(s):LJC

sei'óóbe- vai to wet the bed 3 changed senei'óóbe' Source(s):DCAU

sei'3e'iwoo3ii- vai to spread one's wings Source(s):DCAU

sei'3éé3oo ni palm of hand Source(s):DCAU

seiikóóhu- vai to urinate Note: Used by women Source(s):DCAU

séiit ni urine Source(s):DCAU

senéi'owuu3eet ni mariposa lily, scientific name Calochortus gunnisonii Source(s):JAC 2005

seniicénkoo' ni ['leaves falling'] November Source(s):DCAU

seséihi- vai to be mean, ill-tempered 3 changed seeséiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

seséisinohuuhéi- vai to ride on a horse at a trot Source(s):C&M

sesiicebiihihi' na chickadee Source(s):C&M

sesiihi- vai to be eager Source(s):DCAU

sesiini'oo- vai to ache Source(s):LJC

sesiinóókowuu- vai to be in pain Source(s):LJC

sesiinóókowuut ni rheumatism Source(s):DCAU

sesiisnooku'oo- vai to squint Source(s):DCAU

séskout na oriole pl seskoutówuu obv. sg. seskoutówuu obv. pl. seskoutówuu Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

seskouutiinii'éihii na dipper (bird) Source(s):Cowell ms

seskóuutówuu'éihii na dipper (bird) Source(s):Cowell ms

seyeineeceenóhoe- vai to pledge something in a traditional manner Source(s):DCAU

seyéinoh'óóke- vii to be just before dawn, before it gets light Source(s):C&M

séyoun- vta to crush s.o. by hand, squash s.o., squeeze s.o. Source(s):DCAU

séyoun- vti to squash s.t. with one's hand Source(s):DCAU

séyóunob- vti to crush s.t. by hand, mash s.t., squeeze s.t. Source(s):DCAU

séyou'on- vta to squash s.o. with one's foot Source(s):DCAU

séyou'ow- vti to crush s.t. by foot Source(s):DCAU

séyowcéi na chewing gum Source(s):DCAU

seyow3ei- vai to chew Source(s):LJC

seyóóko'onii- vai to chew Source(s):DCAU

seyookóónetii- vai to water something Source(s):DCAU

seyookóóno3éi- vai to water (?e.g. plants) Source(s):DCAU

seyóot ni marrow Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

se'béi'ci3e' ni ['flat metal'] shovel, spade pl se'béi'ci3éi Source(s):DCAU

se'béxo ni ['flat wood'] (pl.) lumber Source(s):DCAU

sé'ciinén- vti to lay s.t. down flat

se'eicooo ni ['flat pipe'] Flat Pipe Source(s):TA

se'éictoot ni apron pl se'éictóótno Source(s):DCAU

se'éihi- vai to be flat Listen: hoho'nóókee heebe3se'éiht (LD) Source(s):LJC

se'eihtee- vai 1) to have flat feet 2) to have webbed feet 3 changed see'eihteet Source(s):Cowell ms

se'éihtoo ni sole (of the foot) pl se'éihtoono Source(s):DCAU

se'esine- vai to be lying down, lying flat 3 changed see'isine' Source(s):DCAU

sé'esiinoo'oo- vai to have laid down, be laid out Source(s):C&M

se'ésoonéé- vai to slice meat Source(s):DCAU

se'éé- vii to be flat 3 changed see'éé' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

se'ibes ni board, plank pl sé'ibéxo Source(s):DCAU

se'nóoó ni plate pl se'noonó Source(s):DCAU, LJC

se'nooonéhe' ni ['little flat vessel'] saucer Source(s):DCAU

se'tebi'eih- vta to slap s.o. 3:3' changed see'tebi'éihoot Source(s):DCAU

seencéi ni petrolium jelly, Vaseline Source(s):DCAU

seenéihi- vai 1) to be soft 2) (a tire) to be flat 3 changed seneenéiht Source(s):DCAU

seenéi'oxuu3eet ni scientific name Calochortus gunnisonii Source(s):JAC 2005

seeniwo' na lizard pl seeniwou'u obv. sg. seeniwou'u obv. pl. seeniwou'u Note: TA:58 Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

séénook ni 1) rope, lariat 2) a long scarf worn in the Dog Lodge ceremony pl séénookuu obv. sg. séénookuu obv. pl. séénookuu Listen: séénook (WiC) Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

see3céi ni pine pitch, pine resin, pine sap Source(s):DCAU

sée3ibino' ni ['pine berries'] berries or cones of pine or juniper trees, scientific names Juniperus communis, Sabina spp., Pinus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

see3iinii'éihii na ['pine bird'] clark's nutcracker, gray jay Source(s):Cowell ms

see'iini3eet na ['it has flat horns'] moose Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

see'ii3éét na 'its nose is flat' pig pl see'ii3éé3i' Source(s):DCAU

see'3iixohu' ni 1) flat surface nailed on to something 2) sheetrock Source(s):DCAU

siteekuu3oo ni match (for igniting fire) Note: Used in Oklahoma Arapaho. Source(s):LJC

sii- proclitic intensifier, really, a lot, very Source(s):C&M, LJC

sii- pv very, really

siicen- vta to unfold s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

siicén- vti to unfold s.t. Source(s):DCAU

siiceneewóxu' ni yucca, scientific name Yucca glauca, probably other Yucca spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

siico'óuhu- vai to stretch out and lie down

siikoocéin- vta to stretch s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

siikoocéin- vti to stretch s.t. Source(s):DCAU

siikooceiikuu3oo ni rubber band pl siikooceiikuu3oono Source(s):DCAU

siinceneewoxu' ni yucca Source(s):DCAU

siininee- vai to take things away (e.g. from an enemy) Source(s):C&M

siisincoo- vii to be sour 3 changed seniisincoo' Source(s):DCAU

siisiic na duck pl siisiicii Note: Archaic. Source(s):DCAU

siisiikó' na duck pl siisiikóu'uu Source(s):DCAU

siisiiy na 1) gourd 2) rattle (traditionally made of a gourd) pl siisiiyonó' obv. sg. siisiiyon Source(s):DCAU, C&M

siisiiyei na snake pl siisiiyeino' obv. sg. siisiiyein Source(s):DCAU

siisiiyeibiis ni ['snake bush'] greasewood, scientific name Sarcobatus vermiculatus Source(s):JAC 2005

siisiiyeibii3hiit ni ['snake food'] ?locoweed, ?crazyweed, scientific name Oxytrophis spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

siisiiyeinóxu' ni ['snake medicine'] a plant, possibly aster, scientific name Asteraceae Source(s):ALKms, JAC 2005

siisoowoo na tobacco, scientific name Nicotiana attenuata obv. sg. siisoowoon Source(s):DCAU

siiwonéi- vai to ice skate Source(s):DCAU

siiyeinóóni- vii to be too noisy, loud 3 changed seniiyeinóóni' Source(s):DCAU

siiyon ni 1) rocks 2) a rocky area 3) (pl.) pebbles, sand, gravel pl siiyonó loc siiyonii’ , siiyonó (LD) Source(s):C&M, LJC

sii'ehwo'oyóó ni boiled meat Source(s):DCAU

sii'eihcénoo'óó- vai to jump into water, dive in to water Source(s):DCAU, LJC

sii'ih- pv motion into water Source(s):LJC-philological, LJC

sii'ihéiton- vta to put something in water (to cook or boil) for s.o. Source(s):C&M

sii'ihinowusee- vai to walk out of sight into the water Source(s):C&M

sii'ihkuu3éihi vai to be thrown into water Source(s):C&M

sii'ihwó'oyei- vai to put something into a pot or kettle to cook or boil Source(s):C&M

sii'iihéisee- vai to go into water or onto ice Source(s):C&M

sii'ohwó'oyeinooó ni pot Source(s):DCAU

sósoni' na Shoshone person pl sosoni'ii Source(s):DCAU, C&M

sósoni'isei na Shoshone woman Source(s):DCAU

sosoni'iinén na Shoshone man Source(s):DCAU

sósoni'iiteen na Shoshone tribe Source(s):DCAU

so'oo3óó ni 1) tablecloth, mat 2) carpet, rug pl so'oo3óóno Source(s):DCAU

só'ootéé- vii to be flat, arranged in a flat way, lie flat Source(s):C&M

sóo3óó- vii to be dirty 3 changed sonóo3óó' Listen: sonóo3óó' (LD) Source(s):LJC

sóotéihi- vai to be dirty, messy 3 changed sonóotéiht Note: Used to refer to a baby with a soiled diaper. Listen: sonóotéiht (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

sóótoowu- vii (water) to be murky 3 changed sonóótoowu' Source(s):DCAU

sóóxee exclamation let's go! Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

soo'oééx- vti to slice s.t. Source(s):DCAU

soo'to'onéét na ['wide-brimmed hat'] Quaker pl soo'to'onéé3i' obv. sg. soo'to'onééni3 obv. pl. soo'to'onééni3i Source(s):DCAU


-t suffix 3s pronominal suffix, vai realis conjugation

tebéin- vta to rub s.o., massage s.o. 3:3' changed teebéinóót Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tébes- vta to cut s.o. off, saw s.o. off Source(s):DCAU

tébe3éih- vti to hack s.t. off Source(s):C&M

tebéx- vti to cut s.t. off, saw s.t. Source(s):DCAU

tebexónee- vai to be sawing Source(s):DCAU

tebexónoo ni saw (tool) pl tebexónoono Source(s):DCAU

tebé'ei- vai 1) to be broken off at the head 2) to have the top broken off Source(s):C&M

tebe'eibee3ei na ['broken necked owl'] prairie owl, burrowing owl Source(s):Cowell ms

tebe'éis- vti to cut someone's head off Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tebe'éis- vta to cut s.o.'s head off Source(s):LJC

tébi- vii 1) to be deep (e.g. water, snow) 2) to be full 3 changed téébi' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tebikuutii- vai to break something Source(s):ALKms

tebiiineeci' vii (snow) is deep teebiiineeci' Source(s):LJC

tebiiinoo' vii [snow] is deep 3 changed teebiiinoo' Source(s):DCAU

tebii3oobiis ni 'cut nose bush' a tree or shrub which produced a walnut worn by children for good luck Source(s):JAC 2005

tecén- vti to roll s.t. (e.g. a cigarette) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tecénoo na, ni door, gate pl tecénoonó, tecénoonó' obv. sg. tecénoon Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tecenóóne' ni doorway, area around the door Source(s):DCAU

téce' ni night pl téce'ii Source(s):DCAU

tece'iini- vii to be night 3 changed teece'iini' Source(s):DCAU

tece'iini'éhk particle tonight Source(s):DCAU

téce'iiniihi' adv at night, as if at nighttime Source(s):C&M

téce'iiniini- vii to be as if nighttime Source(s):C&M

téceenéét- vti to guess s.t., try to figure s.t. out, calculate s.t. in one's mind Source(s):C&M

tecinihii- vai to compare things with s.o. else, compare two things Source(s):C&M

técitoo- vai to roll over Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tecó'on- pv always Source(s):C&M

tecó'oniihi' adv always, all the time Source(s):C&M

teicóó- vii to be tough (e.g. wood) Source(s):DCAU

tei3nén na midget pl tei3nénnó' Source(s):DCAU

téi3neniteenó' na midgets Source(s):DCAU

teitóóx na Shetland pony pl teitóóxebii Source(s):DCAU

tei'- pv strong

tei'bi- vai to have lice Source(s):Cowell ms

téi'éihi- vai to be strong Source(s):DCAU

téi'einóehi- vai to be strong, physically fit Source(s):DCAU

tei'ihcehiit- vti to jerk s.t. Source(s):DCAU

tei'iniihi- vai to pull Source(s):DCAU

téi'iit- vti to stand up to a test through strength, be strong enough to pass a test Source(s):C&M

téi'iitowoo- vai to be strong enough to obtain something for oneself Source(s):C&M

téi'óuuwuheti- vai to feel strong Source(s):C&M

téi'oxoeh- vai to be tough (e.g. wood) Source(s):DCAU

téi'oxu'wunee ni 'strong root' Source(s):JAC 2005

téi'oo- vii to be strong Source(s):C&M

téi'oocéihi- vai (a rope or rope-like object) to be strong Listen: tenéi'oocéiht (WiC) Source(s):C&M

tei'óówu- vii to be strong liquid (e.g. coffee, tea) 3 changed tenei'óówu' Source(s):DCAU

téi'oo' vii it makes a noise Source(s):C&M

téi'3i'óku- vai to sit strongly, to continue sitting in the face of harassment Source(s):C&M

tei'tii- vai to reinforce something Source(s):DCAU

téi'toun- vta to hold on to s.o. strongly Source(s):C&M

téi'toononóh'oehihi' na a young person on the boundary between childhood and boyhood, less than twelve Source(s):C&M

téi'yoonbétee ni ['child heart'] child's heart Source(s):C&M

tei'yoonéhe' na child, infant pl tei'yoonóh'o' Listen: tei'yoonóh'o' (ZM) Source(s):DCAU, ZS

téi'yoonehihi' na baby, small child Source(s):DCAU

téi'yoonii- vai to be a child Source(s):LJC

téi'yooniinóóni- vai to be emotionally immature, childish 3 changed téi'yooniinóóni' Source(s):DCAU

téi'yoonoo3- vta 1) to treat s.o. like a child 2) to to pamper s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

téi'yoonootéihi- vai to be emotionally immature, childish 3 changed téi'yoonootéihit Source(s):DCAU

teiise- vii to be breezy 3 changed teneiise' Source(s):Cowell ms

teiitoonéihi- vai 1) to be quiet 2) to sit still 3) to be well behaved 3 changed teneitoonéiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

téiitoonéihi- vai to be quiet, calm, still Source(s):C&M

téiitooniihi' adv quietly, in a quiet way Source(s):C&M

téiitooniine'étii- vai to live quietly, live calmly Note: Elders generally live in a 'quiet, calm' manner. Source(s):C&M

téiitooyéékuu- vai to stand calmly, quietly Source(s):C&M

téiitooyóó- vii to be calm, still, quiet Source(s):C&M

teiitooyóó- vii to be quiet 3 changed teneitooyóó' Source(s):DCAU

téii'iikohéi- vai to ride a horse calmly or quietly Source(s):C&M

tekooceiyoó ni tape measure Source(s):DCAU

tékooninéihii na raccoon pl tékoonineehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

tenéitoonéiht na virgin Source(s):DCAU

tenéii'iihi' adv just right, right on, exactly Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tenééteexóó3eit na general, high ranking military officer Source(s):DCAU

tes- pv very Source(s):DCAU

tese'éihi- vai to know a lot, to be very knowledgable Source(s):LJC

tesinoo'óó- vai to twitch Source(s):DCAU

tesni'cóó- vii to taste very good Source(s):LJC

tesnohkuseic particle very early in the morning Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tesókeciihih- vai to be tiny, very small 3 changed teesókeciihiht Source(s):DCAU

tesókecóuhu- vii to be tiny, very small 3 changed teesókecóuhu' Source(s):DCAU

te3esine- vai to do one's share in some task Source(s):C&M

té3oucénii ni ['crane/heron turnip'] a sweet edible root Source(s):JAC 2005

teteesih- vta to treat s.o. in a friendly manner, treat s.o. politely Source(s):C&M

tetééso'óó- vai to act in a friendly manner Source(s):C&M

tetéesó'ooton- vta to do something in a friendly manner for s.o. Source(s):C&M

teyéih- vta to embarass s.o. 3:3' changed teeyéihoot Source(s):DCAU

teyeihei- vai to be ashamed for someone Source(s):DCAU

teyeihi- vai to be ashamed Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects)

te'ceeci- vii to be snowing and melting Source(s):Cowell ms

te'ci'oo- vii to be melting, thawing Source(s):DCAU

te'ci'oo- vai to melt, thaw Source(s):DCAU

té'etinoo'oo- vai to have one's mouth hanging open Source(s):C&M

té'etneekóóhu- vai to open one's mouth quickly Source(s):C&M

té'etoneti- vai to open one's mouth for s.o. Source(s):C&M

te'éé- vii to be greasy 3 changed tee'éé' Source(s):DCAU

téébe particle just now, just in time Source(s):DCAU, LJC-philological

teebecéébii'ouhut na newborn Source(s):DCAU

téébehiihi' adv 1) just in time 2) just now Source(s):LJC

teebi3e'ineenoo' ni vest Source(s):DCAU, LJC

téébiicéso'o' na Big Dipper Source(s):DCAU

téécxo' particle long ago Listen: téécxo' (ZM) Source(s):C&M, LJC

teekó'- vti 1) to fit s.t. (e.g. clothes) 2) to be ready or suited for s.t. (e.g. a power) Source(s):C&M

teenéihi- vai to be sad Source(s):DCAU

teenéi3ibeti- vai (horses) to neigh or whinny back and forth to each other Source(s):C&M

teenéi'oo- vai 1) to look sad 2) to frown 3 changed teneenéi'oot Source(s):DCAU

teenoku- vai 1) to sit sadly 2) to be sad, depressed, down Source(s):LJC, ZS

tees- pv 1) on top of 2) very, most Source(s):C&M, LJC

teesciinén- vti to put s.t. down on top of something Source(s):LJC

teesciiyei'i- vai to step up Source(s):DCAU

teesihcehéino'oowu' ni railroad station, train station Source(s):DCAU

teesihcehi- vai to get on to something rapidly, jump on top of something Source(s):C&M

teesiko'ós- vai to fall on top of something and hit it 3 changed teneesiko'ósi' Source(s):C&M

teesisee- vai 1) to get on something, get on top of something 2) to mount a horse 3) to get in something (e.g. a car) Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

teesi' adv on top Source(s):DCAU

teesiihi' adv on top of Source(s):ALKms, LJC

teesnókohu- vai to sleep on top of something Source(s):C&M

teesokéeekóni' vii cross a river on top (of ice) as a group Source(s):C&M

tees3i'óku- vai to sit on top of something Source(s):C&M

téetékooninéihii na raccoon Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), Cowell ms

téétee where is (s.o.)? Source(s):C&M

teexciinén- vti to put s.t. down on top of something Source(s):C&M

teexó- vai to ride (e.g. in a vehicle) Source(s):LJC

teexóku- vai to ride (e.g. a horse or in a vehicle) Source(s):DCAU

tééxokuuniihi' adv on horseback Source(s):C&M

tééxokuunóóx na saddle horse pl tééxokuunóóxebii Source(s):DCAU

teexokuut na saddle horse, riding horse pl teexokuutono' obv. sg. teexokuuton Source(s):DCAU, C&M

teexouuhu- vai to climb up on to something Source(s):LJC

tééxo'oowu' ni upstairs room Source(s):DCAU

tééxoot- vta to load things onto s.o. (animate object) Source(s):C&M

teexóó3ei'i- vai to have things upon oneself (e.g. a soldier adorned with medals)

tih- pv when (imperfective), since Source(s):C&M

tihceciiniini' particle last year Source(s):DCAU

tihii ni tail pl tihiino 3 poss. hitihii Listen: tihii (WaC) Source(s):DCAU

tih'ii- pv past habitual, whenever Source(s):C&M

tih'iisiini' ni yesterday Source(s):DCAU

ti'iihii na killdeer pl ti'iihiiho'

ti'iihiinen na Apache person pl ti'iihiihinenno' Source(s):Cowell ms

tiit- vti to be afraid of s.t., fear s.t. Source(s):C&M

tiitiicéi'ii ni moss Source(s):DCAU

tii'en- vta to touch s.o. (e.g. to get their attention) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

toco'on- pv frequently, often

toco'oniihi' adv frequently, often Source(s):DCAU

tóe'sóh'owuun- vta to make a sign to s.o. to stop doing something Source(s):C&M

toeese- vii to be cold and breezy, there is a cold breeze 3 changed tonoeese' Source(s):Cowell ms

toh- pv when, because, after Source(s):ZS, C&M

tohuu- pv when, because, after (habitual aspect) Source(s):C&M

tohuucis- pv how far, how long (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tohuu3éi'- pv to what degree (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tohuutox- pv how many (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tohuutox- pv how many times? Source(s):C&M

toh'et- pv was supposed to Source(s):C&M

toh'uubeihii na mosquito pl toh'uubeehiiho' obv. sg. toh'uubeihio Source(s):DCAU

tokóh- vti 1) to measure s.t. 2) to survey s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tokóh- vta to measure s.o. Source(s):DCAU

tokóhoé ni ruler pl tokóhoéno Source(s):DCAU

tókohu- vai to flee, to run away 3 changed tóókohut Source(s):DCAU

tokohuu3ei- vai 1) to stampede 2) to win (e.g. a basketball game) by a large margin 3 pl. changed tookohuu3ei3i' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tokó'- vti to measure out a distance by stride or pace Source(s):DCAU, LJC

toko'óó ni pace, measure Source(s):DCAU

tokoohóót- vti to measure s.t. by looking at it, estimate a measurement by sight Source(s):LJC

tokookeihi' ni shield Source(s):Cowell ms

tokóóxuunéi'ooku'oo- vai to look over or across a thing or place Source(s):C&M

tokóóxuuniihi' adv across, on the other side Listen: tokóóxuuniihi' (WiC) Source(s):C&M, LJC

tokooxuunokeéee- vai to wade across Source(s):LJC

tonci3- vta have sex with s.o. Note: Vulgar. Source(s):DCAU

toncitii- vai to drill a hole Source(s):DCAU

tonen- vti to pierce a hole in s.t. Source(s):DCAU

tones- vta to pierce a hole in s.o. Source(s):DCAU

tóne'eih- vta to cut or knock a hole in s.o.'s head Source(s):C&M

toneeniiwoo ni nostril pl toneeniiwoono 3 poss. hitoneeniiwoo Source(s):DCAU

tónohou3éihii na ['hole maker'] woodpecker, esp. hairy or downy woodpeckers Listen: tónohou3éihii (LD) Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms, LJC

tónohou3óo ni ice pick Source(s):DCAU

tonotiini' vii there is a hole Source(s):C&M

tonóun- vta to use s.o. Source(s):DCAU

tonóun- vti to use s.t. Source(s):DCAU

tonoxtééni' vii 1) there is a cave, there is an opening in the earth 2) there is a meadow or clearing in the forest 3) there is a tundra area beyond the forest Source(s):C&M, LJC

tono'óh- vta to puncture s.o. Source(s):DCAU

tono'óh- vti to puncture s.t. Source(s):DCAU

tóno'wuuhee- vai to dig a hole in the ground Source(s):C&M

tóno'wuuheeniini' vii there is a hole there (e.g. a cellar, a cave, or some other enclosed space) Source(s):C&M

tóno'wuuhowóótiini' vii a hole is/has been dug out there Source(s):C&M

tonooxóhei- vai to dig a hole Source(s):DCAU

tónooxóhoé ni auger pl tónooxóhoééno Source(s):DCAU

to3ih- vta to follow s.o., stay close to s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

to3itii- vai to follow something (e.g. a course, a road, a river) Source(s):LJC

toteekuutii- vai to tear something Source(s):DCAU

toteen- vta to tear s.o. (anim. obj.)

totoub- vta 1) to dissuade s.o., to talk s.o. out of something 2) to rebuke s.o., scold s.o., correct s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tótoos proclitic even, even if, not even Source(s):C&M, ZS

touhóo na cowboy pl touhoonó' Source(s):DCAU

touhóóno'óh ni boot pl touhóóno'óhno Source(s):DCAU

tóukóus- vai to stay in the shade 3 changed tonóukóusi' Source(s):C&M

toukousé- vii to be shady 3 changed tonoukousé' Source(s):DCAU

toukoyóó- vii to be shady 3 changed tonoukoyóó' Source(s):DCAU

toukoohóe ni 1) lean-to 2) shade (type of shelter) pl toukoohóeno Listen: toukoohéé (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

toukóóhowoot ni 1) lean-to 2) porch 3) umbrella Source(s):DCAU

tóukuhu- vai 1) to be tied up 2) to be in jail 3 changed tonóukuhut Source(s):C&M, LJC

toukuhuuhuu na prisoner pl toukuhuhuuho' Source(s):DCAU

tóukuhuuno'oowu' ni jail, penitentiary, prison Source(s):DCAU

tóuku3- vta to tie s.o. up 3:3' changed tonouku3oot Source(s):DCAU

touku3eibéi'ci3é'i ni chain Source(s):DCAU

touku3éihii na police officer pl touku3eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

tóuku3eti- vai 1) to tie oneself up 2) to tie something to oneself Source(s):C&M

touku3óó- vii to be tangled 3 changed tonouku3óó' Source(s):DCAU

tóukutii- vai to tie something up Source(s):DCAU, C&M

toukutooceisi- vai to be tangled 3 changed tonoukutooceisi' Source(s):DCAU

tóukutóóxobéi- vai to tie up horses Source(s):C&M

toun- vti to hold s.t. 3:3' changed tonounó' Listen: tonóunowoo (LD) Source(s):DCAU

toun- vta to hold s.o. 3:3' changed tonóunoot Source(s):DCAU

tóuninee- vai 1) to count coup on an enemy 2) to capture an enemy 3) to defeat or kill an enemy Source(s):DCAU

tóuninoo3- vta to capture, defeat, or count coup on an enemy Source(s):DCAU, C&M

tous particle well then, so then, okay then Source(s):C&M

tóus- pv what, how (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tous exclamation hello Note: Used by women or by men when addressing a woman. Source(s):DCAU

tóusébi- vai 1) to swim 2) to take a bath, bathe Source(s):DCAU

tóusebiino'óówu' ni bathroom Source(s):LJC

tóusebiixohéi- vai to be taken to bathe Source(s):C&M

touse3óo ni pouch or bag for tobacco, pipe, porcupine quills, etc. pl touse3oono Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

touse'eneihi- vai to be baptized 3 changed tonouse'eneiht Source(s):LJC

tousiihi' adv how Source(s):DCAU

tousiihi' particle which way? Source(s):DCAU

tóusoo vii how is it? Source(s):C&M

tousooti' particle why? Source(s):DCAU

tóu3é'eikuu3- vta to give s.o. a gift ceremonially Source(s):Cowell p.c.

tóu3é'eikuutii- vai to give a gift ceremonially Source(s):Cowell p.c.

tóu3é'ein- vta to give s.o. a gift ceremonially Source(s):DCAU, C&M

tóu3ee- pv why (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tóu3eenéét- vti what does (s.o.) think of s.t.? Source(s):C&M

tou3eeniihi' particle why? Source(s):DCAU

tóuyoo ni cup pl tóuyoono Source(s):DCAU

tóu'- pv when (interrogative) Source(s):C&M

tóu'cihiit ni diaper pl tóu'cihiitono Source(s):DCAU

tou'ci3- vta to stop s.o. Source(s):DCAU

tóu'kuu3éi'i- vai to stop quickly or suddenly 3 changed tóu'kuu3éi'it Source(s):C&M

tou'kuutii- vai to turn something off (e.g. water) Source(s):DCAU

tou'uhcehi- vai to stop suddenly Source(s):C&M

tou'uuhu' particle when Source(s):DCAU

towonoxowoot ni cutting of the hair over the forehead Source(s):ALKms, TA

towó'on- vta to interrupt s.o., get in s.o.'s way 3:3' changed tóówo'noot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

tówo'oni- vii to be broken Source(s):C&M

towóónee- vai to have a broken leg Source(s):DCAU

towóoxéisé' vii 1) something is marked by breaking, a route or road has been made by breaking things (as in railroad construction) 2) a border is marked Source(s):C&M

toxoonineihii na opossum Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), Cowell ms

toxu'éihi- vai 1) to be pointed 2) to be sharp 3 changed tooxu'éiht Source(s):DCAU

toxu'óh- vti to sharpen s.t. Source(s):DCAU

toxu'óó- vii to be pointed, sharp 3 changed tooxu'óó' Source(s):DCAU

tóxu'óónee- vai to have a sharp leg Source(s):ZS

tóxu'óóxuhee- vai to sharpen a knife Source(s):C&M

tóxu'use3óo ni whetstone Source(s):DCAU

toxu'uuwuno' ni (pl.) gooseberries, scientific name Ribes inerme, possibly other Ribes spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

toyéinóus(ine)- vai to rest 3 changed tooyéinóusi' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

toyeinou'óó- vai to rest Source(s):DCAU

toyo3eese- vii a cold wind to blow 3 changed tooyo3eese' Source(s):Cowell ms

toyo3iisiini- vii to be a cold day Source(s):Cowell ms

tóyo3óó- vii to be cold 3 changed tooyo3óó' Source(s):DCAU

tóyouni- vii to be autumn Source(s):C&M

tóyouniihi' adv in the autumn Source(s):C&M

toyóu'uuwu- vai to remember a lesson, learn something and keep it in mind Source(s):C&M

tóyo'sine- vai to lie in the cold, sleep in the cold (without getting cold or freezing) Source(s):C&M

toyóób- vta to bite s.o. Source(s):DCAU

toyoobéé- vii to be cool 3 changed tooyoobéé' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

toyooceiyóoóno ni 1) rein 2) a long scarf worn during the Dog Lodge ceremony pl toyooceiyóoóno Source(s):TA, DCAU

toyoohóób- vta to wait for s.o. Source(s):DCAU, ZS

toyoohóót- vti to wait for s.t.

toyóow- pv cold Source(s):C&M

toyoowkuu3- vta to snap at s.o., bite s.o. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

toyoowóó3oo ni icebox, refrigerator Source(s):DCAU

toyóówusé3oo ni icebox, refrigerator Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

toyoowu' ni ice cream Source(s):DCAU

toyoowu' vii the water is cold, there is cold water here Source(s):DCAU

to'éihi- vii to be short 3 changed too'éihit Source(s):DCAU

to'ób- vta to hit s.o. 3:3' changed too'ówoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

to'ob- vta to hit s.o., punch s.o., strike s.o. 3:3' changed too'ówoot Source(s):DCAU

tó'obeihi- vai to be wide Source(s):LJC

tó'obéé- vii to be wide 3 changed tóó'obéé' Source(s):DCAU

to'oee- vii to be short 3 changed too'oee' Source(s):DCAU

to'ohuh- vai to be short 3 changed too'ohuht Listen: too'ohuht (WiC) Source(s):DCAU

to'ótoo ni shorts Source(s):DCAU

to'otoohéé- vai to wear shorts Source(s):DCAU

to'oxón- vta to kick s.o. 3:3' changed too'oxónoot Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

to'oxowooo na medicine ball pl to'oxowooono' Source(s):Cowell ms

to'óot- vti to hit s.t. Source(s):C&M

tó'oo' ni pistol, revolver pl to'oo'uu Source(s):DCAU

to'se3oo ni die (as in dice) pl to'se3oono Source(s):Cowell ms

tó'see3 ni juniper, scientific name Juniperus communis Source(s):JAC 2005

to'ux- vti to kick s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

to'uut ni hammer pl to'uutno Source(s):DCAU

to'uu3eebexóókee na ['short nosed mountain lion'] bobcat pl to'uu3eebexóókeeno' Source(s):DCAU

to'uu3i'eibexóókee na ['short faced mountain lion'] bobcat Source(s):Cowell ms

too- pv almost Source(s):C&M

tóó- vai to do Source(s):C&M

tóón- pv indefiniteness, as in 'wherever,' 'whenever,' etc. Source(s):C&M, C&M

tóónei'iihi' adv sometime, whenever Source(s):C&M

tooniihi' adv almost Listen: tooniihi' (LD) Source(s):LJC

tóónonitii- vai 1) to hold on to something (figuratively) 2) to value something, cherish something Source(s):C&M

toonoti' ni hole, opening pl toonoti'ii Source(s):DCAU

toonoxtééni' ni meadow or clearing in a forest Source(s):DCAU

toonoo'óó' ni hoop pl tonoo'óu'u Source(s):DCAU

toot- pv where (interrogative) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

too3- pv close, near Source(s):ZS

too3iihi' adv near, nearby, close to something Source(s):DCAU, ZS

tootisee- vai to go near a place Source(s):C&M

tootóu vii where is it? Source(s):C&M, LJC

tootoxu'éihi- vai to be prickly 3 changed tonootoxu'éiht Source(s):DCAU

tootoxu'óó- vii to be prickly 3 changed tonootoxu'óó' Source(s):DCAU

tooto'oonee- vai to have short legs Source(s):DCAU

tóótoocibino' ni (pl.) grapes, scientific name Vitis spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

toowunéihi- vai to be insane 3 changed tonoowunéihit Source(s):DCAU

toowu'ei- vai to have a broad, flat face Source(s):C&M

tóóxu'óókuteet na ['it has sharp teeth'] wolverine Source(s):Cowell ms

tóóxu'óó' ni ['it is sharp'] 1) phlox, scientific name Phlox spp. 2) thistle, scientific name Cirsium spp., probably Cirsium edule pl tóóxu'óu'u Source(s):JAC 2005

tooyéinee- vai to scream, holler (involuntarily, as when in pain) Source(s):C&M

tooyeinéétii- vai to be screaming on and on, make screaming or hollering noises Source(s):DCAU

tooyéit- vti to scream, holler (involuntarily) Source(s):C&M

tóóyeitéé' vii there is screaming, one can hear screaming

tooyéito- vai to yelp Source(s):DCAU

tooyéitoh'- vta to make s.o. scream or holler involuntarily Source(s):C&M

tóóyouni- vii to be fall, autumn Source(s):DCAU, LJC

tooyo'óénoo' ni pliers Source(s):DCAU

too'én- vti to stop s.t. Source(s):DCAU

too'enowuun- vta to force s.o. to stop doing something Source(s):C&M

too'uhcehi- vai to stop running, stop short Source(s):DCAU, LJC

too'uhohu- vai to stop flying Source(s):DCAU

too'usee- vai to stop walking Source(s):DCAU, C&M


3eb- pv there Source(s):C&M

3ebcii3iihi' adv inside a place or area over there Source(s):C&M

3ebcii3ó'bee3iihi' adv forever Source(s):DCAU

3ebetocó'oniihi' adv forever Source(s):DCAU

3ebéx ni flesh, meat scraped from a hide Source(s):DCAU

3ebhiin3iihi' adv around (circumventing) there Source(s):C&M

3ebisee- vai to walk over there, walk away Source(s):C&M

3ebiihi' adv in that direction Source(s):LJC

3ebiisiihi' adv in that direction, towards over there Source(s):C&M

3ebiisnóehi- vai to go outside in that direction Source(s):C&M

3ebiixóu'uniihi' adv towards the top Source(s):C&M

3ebkóóhu- vai to run there Source(s):DCAU

3ebóoséi3iihi' adv 1) back there, away over there 2) in the past Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3ebóoséi3xoh- vta to take s.o. away over there Source(s):C&M

3ebóowuuhu' adv down there Source(s):C&M

3ebóóxonóo particle 1) overseas, across the ocean, any place overseas or across the ocean 2) across the river Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3ebtéeti3- vta to call to s.o. there Source(s):C&M

3ei- pv in Source(s):LJC

3éicéno'oo- vai to jump into some structure of enclosure Source(s):C&M

3éici' ni root pl 3éicii Source(s):DCAU

3eikóóhu- vai to run while inside a place or area Source(s):C&M

3einé'eini- vai to put one's head inside a place or area Source(s):C&M

3einiihi' adv inside (an area) Source(s):DCAU

3einóóxobee ni pasture Source(s):DCAU

3eisé3oó ni internal organ pl 3eisé3oono Source(s):DCAU

3eisé3oono ni intestines Source(s):DCAU

3éisi- vai to be inside 3 changed 3enéisi' Source(s):DCAU

3ei3 ni 1) tendon 2) cartilage 3) muscle pl 3eito' Listen: 3ei3 (AB) , 3eito (LD) Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

3éi3é' ni armpit pl 3éi3é'eno Source(s):DCAU

3eiyei'ok ni stirrup pl 3eiyei'okno Source(s):Cowell ms, Cowell p.c.

3éiyoó ni container, cupboard, filing cabinet Listen: 3éiyoó (LD) Source(s):DCAU

3ei'éiyei- vai to thread Source(s):DCAU

3ei'ikuu3ee- vai put something inside something else

3éi'ikuuton- vta to toss or throw something into a container for s.o. Source(s):C&M

3éi'ise- vii to be inside (e.g. a container, a dwelling) 3 changed 3enéi'ise' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

3éi'isi- vai to be inside (a container, a dwelling) 3 changed 3enéi'isi' Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3éi'iikoh- vta to carry s.o. piggyback Source(s):DCAU

3ei'iinóót- to carry s.t. or s.o. on one's back Source(s):C&M

3e3i'oowu' vii the water is rough, waves are high or rough 3 changed 3ee3i'oowu' Source(s):Cowell ms

3é'ei3eih- vta to hit s.o. on the top of the head Source(s):C&M

3eeyocéi- vai to roast something Source(s):DCAU

3eeyocóót- vti to roast s.t. Source(s):DCAU

3eeyocóó3- vta to roast s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

3eeyoute- vii to be concave 3 changed 3eneeyoute' Source(s):DCAU

3io'tox'ówoonoo vii to be ninth 3 changed 3io'toxówoono' Source(s):DCAU

3iwohoeenó ni sneezeweed, scientific name Dugaldia hoopesii Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

3iwoo particle let's see now, ok, wait Source(s):C&M

3i'- pv maybe, perhaps Source(s):C&M

-3i' suffix 3 plural vai realis conjugation

3i'ci3- vta to pinch s.o. Source(s):DCAU

3i'eibi- vii to jut out, stick out Source(s):DCAU

3i'eyoo ni 1) monument along a trail 2) the pile of dirt in front of a sweatlodge, dug out from the firepit 3) altar Source(s):TA

3i'eyóonéihiinóó' vii an altar has been set up, an altar has been established Source(s):C&M

3i'eyóonóót- vti to place an altar at a location Source(s):C&M

3i'eyóonóótii- vai to set up an altar or monument Source(s):C&M

3i'e'éi- vii to be pointy (e.g. a mountain, rock or land formation) Source(s):C&M

3i'e'eiite- vii to be pointy, there are protuberances (e.g. peaks on a mountain range or a rock formation) Source(s):C&M

3i'isóó- vai to urinate Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU

3i'iinoxuu3oo'óó- vai to have a runny nose Source(s):DCAU

3i'iinoo'ó- vai to have diarrhea Source(s):DCAU

3i'óku- vai to sit, be sitting Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3i'okuut- vti to sit with s.t. Source(s):C&M

3i'okuutoo ni furniture one sits on such as a chair, couch, seat pl 3io'kuutóoono Source(s):TA, DCAU, LJC

3i'okuutóo ni seat pl 3i'okuutóono Source(s):DCAU

3i'otósoo' num ninety Source(s):LJC-other

3i'otox num nine anim. 3io'toxu3i' inam. 3io'toxé'i Listen: 3ió'tox (WaC) , 3ió'toxéi'ii (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3i'otóxuuni' num nineteen Source(s):LJC

3i'otox'ówoo- vai to be ninth 3 changed 3io'toxówoot Source(s):LJC-other

3i'ookuu- vai to stand 3 changed 3ii'ookuut Source(s):ZS, DCAU

3i'ookuuhu- vii to be made to stand, stood up Source(s):C&M

3i'ookuu3óó ni fence post Source(s):DCAU

3i'ookuutii- vai to stand something up, set something in an upright position Source(s):LJC

3i'ooneekóóhu- vai to run with one's tail up 3 changed 3ii'ooneekóóhut Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3i'ooni'oo- vai (e.g. a horse) to have one's tail up Source(s):LJC

3i'óó' vii there is a protuberance, mountain, pinnacle Source(s):C&M

3iihoho ni forefinger pl 3iihoono Source(s):DCAU

3iik ni 1) corpse 2) skeleton pl 3iikóno' Listen: 3iik (AB) Source(s):DCAU

3iikon ni 1) skull 2) skeleton pl 3iikóno' Source(s):DCAU

3iikoné' ni skull pl 3iikoné'ii Source(s):DCAU

3iikóne'éikuu3- vta to scalp s.o. quickly or violently Source(s):C&M

3iikóne'éis- vta to scalp s.o. Source(s):C&M

3iikonibino' ni ['ghost berries'] 1) (pl.) snowberries, scientific name Symphoricarpos spp. (berries) 2) (pl.) dogwood berries, Swida sericea (berries) Source(s):JAC 2005

3iikonwoniihiiho' ni (pl.) possibly chainpod, peavine, scientific name Hedysarum spp., or sweetclover, scientific name Melilotus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

3iikó'ei na pelican Note: Provided by EW; said to describe the call of the pelican. Source(s):Cowell ms

3iito'ooko'oox ni saddle tree Source(s):Cowell ms

3iiw ni boat, canoe, ship pl 3iiwono loc. 3iiwóne’ Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

3iixobéé- vii to be steep Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3iixo'óé ni 1) peg 2) stake pl 3iixo'óéno Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3iixo'oekuutii- vai to stick something in the ground standing up Source(s):C&M

3iiyouhu- vai to get a haircut Source(s):Cowell p.c.

3iiyoonee- vai to have thin hair, short hair (e.g. a short-haired dog or horse) Source(s):LJC

3ii'óóbe- vai to snore 3 changed 3enii'óóbe' Source(s):DCAU

3ohooné'eek ni ['flour gravy'] meat gravy with flour Source(s):DCAU

3oncéihi- vai to be naked Source(s):DCAU

3onóuhu- vai to be lazy Source(s):DCAU

3onouyoteyóó' ni peak of a mountain Source(s):DCAU

3onóó3eeneb- vta to remember s.o. Source(s):C&M

3onoo3eenów- vta to remember s.o. Source(s):DCAU

3onooxu3ecóó- vai to remember Source(s):DCAU

3o3ohkuhu' na monkey pl 3o3ohkuhó' Source(s):DCAU

3o3outé' ni 1) horizon 2) on the ridge pl 3o3outéii' loc. 3o3outéi' Source(s):DCAU

3o3óuutei- pv ridged, ridge-like Source(s):C&M

3o3óuuteiniihi' adv ridge-like, characterized by ridges Source(s):C&M

3o3óuute'éini' vii there is a ridge there Source(s):C&M

3ouhó'yoo ni kettle pl 3ouhó'yoono Source(s):DCAU

3óuxósi' ni cracker pl 3óuxósii Source(s):DCAU

3ouxosuu ni headdress pl 3ouxosuuu Source(s):Cowell ms

3ouyi'éihii na 'pointy faced one' greyhound Source(s):DCAU

3óu'uuniitii- vti to demolish s.t. Source(s):DCAU

3ouu- pv cone-shaped, pointed

3ouuyéihi- vai to be cone-shaped, pointed 3 changed 3onouuyéiht Source(s):DCAU

3ouuyice'ee' ni ['pointy potato/sphere'] pear Source(s):LJC

3ouuyokóy ni tepee, cone-shaped tent pl 3ou'yokóyono Listen: 3óuuyokóy (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3ouuyoteebexóókee na ['pointy eared mountain lion'] lynx pl 3ouyoteebexóókeeno' Source(s):Cowell ms

3ouuyoo- vii to be cone-shaped, pointed 3 changed 3onouuyoo' Source(s):DCAU

3owe'ei- vai to have a broken face, a face that is misshapen from a fight or injury Source(s):LJC

3owo3ii- vai to rise, get up (from a lying position) Source(s):DCAU, ZS

3owó3nenitee- pv in an Indian way, Indian-like Source(s):C&M

3owó3nenitee na ?['upright person'] Indian person pl 3owó3neniteenó' Source(s):DCAU

3owo3nóoó ni ['upright vessel'] can Source(s):DCAU

3owóun- vta to take s.o. apart (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

3owóun- vti to take s.t. apart Source(s):DCAU

3owóótee- vii to be located over there , Cowell p.c.

3oxonih- vta to treat s.o. meanly, mistreat s.o. Source(s):Cowell p.c., ZS

3oxóni'éi'oo- vai 1) to look angry 2) to frown Source(s):DCAU

3oxono'eisi- vai to make oneself mad (e.g. get mad at yourself because you fell down) 3 changed 3ooxono'eisi' Source(s):LJC

3oxóo ni tomahawk, club, war club pl 3oxóoono Listen: 3oxóo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3oxoohówu- vai to growl, roar, make a roaring noise 3 changed 3ooxoohówut Source(s):DCAU

3oxookutee- vai to be missing a tooth Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3óxu'usééto' ni Colorado spruce, scientific name Picea pungens Source(s):JAC 2005

3o'eiinoo- vii to be pliable Source(s):DCAU

3o'én- vti to crush s.t., grind s.t., mash s.t. Source(s):DCAU

3o'én- vta to crush s.o.

3o'oéyoo ni threshing machine Source(s):DCAU

3o'óh- vti to pound s.t., shatter s.t. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3o'óhcei- vai to pound meat, pound jerky Source(s):DCAU

3o'óhcoo ni pounded, dried, shredded meat pl 3o'óhcoono Note: Usually used in the plural. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3o'ohóeeno ni 1) flour 2) wheat Listen: 3o'ohóeeno (LD) Source(s):DCAU

3o'ohóunoo ni pestle Source(s):DCAU

3o'ohuuwunoo ni pestle for preparing jerky Source(s):DCAU

3o'óseinooti' ni 'pounded meat' tender meat, pounded meat Source(s):DCAU

3ó'owu'uwonee- vai to grind or crush berries Source(s):C&M

3o'oxousi- vii to be decaying (e.g. a tree) Source(s):DCAU

3ó'o'óótiinoon- vta to crush or smash a part of s.o.'s body Source(s):C&M

3ó'o'wuuci3ei- vai to plow Source(s):DCAU

3ó'o'wuuci3óo ni plow Source(s):DCAU

3o'óóbe'éiyoó ni disk (farming implement) Source(s):DCAU

3o'óóceihi- vai to be soft (e.g. a rope) Source(s):DCAU

3o'unoo'óó- vii to be crumbling 3 changed 3oo'unoo'óó' Source(s):DCAU

3o'unoo'óó- vai to be crumbling 3 changed 3oo'unoo'óót Source(s):DCAU

3o'us- vai to shatter 3 changed 3oo'usi' Source(s):C&M

3o'usetii- vai to shatter something by smashing or throwing Source(s):DCAU

3óokés ni war club Source(s):C&M

3ook3oninoo'óó- vai to get an x-ray Source(s):DCAU

3ook3ónkuutii- vai to take an x-ray Source(s):DCAU

3óók3onóh- vti to copy s.t. (e.g. off a blackboard) 3:3' changed 3onóók3onóho' Source(s):DCAU

3óókuh- vta 1) to follow s.o. 2) track s.o., trail s.o. Source(s):C&M

3óokuni'ei' at the top of the head (of a person) Source(s):C&M

3ookusee- vai to follow, walk behind Source(s):LJC

3ooku3eihii na follower pl 3ooku3eihiiho' Source(s):DCAU

3ookutii- vai to follow, most often figuratively Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3ookuuhu' adv through Source(s):DCAU

3ookuu'oo- vii to ooze 3 changed 3onookuu'oo' Source(s):DCAU

3ooniihi' adv 1) below, less, in the middle 2) at the summit (as of someone's head, or the course of the sun) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3ooniisiini' midday Note: archaic Source(s):Hayden 1863, Cowell ms

3óontéce' particle midnight, in the middle of the night Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3oontééc ni top of the head Source(s):DCAU

3óó3eeneb- vta 1) to remember s.o. 2) to think about s.o. Listen: 3onóó3eenebé3en (WiC) Source(s):LJC

3óó3eenéét- vti 1) to remember s.t. 2) to think about s.t. Listen: 3onóó3eenéétowoo (WiC) , nosou3oo3óó3eenéétowoo (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3óo3oon ni the top of one's head Source(s):C&M

3óó3oonbiiceniisiis na ['height of summer moon'] July Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

3óó3ooncécniisiis ni December Source(s):DCAU

3oo3oonei3e'ee ni the middle or crown of one's head Source(s):C&M

3oo3oonisee- vai to be high overhead, e.g. the sun Listen: 3oo3ooniseet (WiC) Source(s):LJC

3óo3ooniihi' adv 1) on the top of someone's head 2) in the middle, at the height Source(s):C&M, ZS

3oo3ooniihi' adv in the middle Source(s):LJC

3oo3ooniisi' midday, noon Source(s):DCAU

3ootece'iini'éhk particle at midnight Source(s):DCAU, LJC

3óówohóu'u' particle in the middle, at the center Source(s):C&M

3oox ni entrails, guts, intestines, bowels pl 3ooxuu Listen: 3oox (AB) , 3ooxuu (AB) Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

3oox ni seed pl 3ooxuu Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

3ooxé na glove, mitten pl 3óóxohó' Source(s):DCAU

3ooxuun- vti to notice s.t. Source(s):DCAU

3ooxuunon- vta to notice s.o., catch sight of s.o. Source(s):DCAU, C&M

3oo'oekuu- vai to be standing stuck upright in the ground Source(s):C&M

3óó'oekuutii- vai to stick something upright in the ground Source(s):C&M

3oo'oo'ohóe ni poker (tool) pl 3oo'oo'ohóeno Source(s):DCAU


woce'ók ni-dep hip pl woce'ókuno' Source(s):DCAU

woce'ót ni-dep stomach pl woce'ótno 3 poss. hice'ót , neco'ót (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wóhbee- vai to bark Source(s):Cowell ms

wohéi particle 1) greeting, "well!" 2) narrative particle, well, ok, yes Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wóhnii'oo- vii to be dripping (in several places) Source(s):DCAU

wohnóx ni bracelet Source(s):C&M

wohou'ounoo'oo' vii (the weather) is clearing up 3 changed woohou'ounoo'oo' Source(s):Cowell ms

wóhoo na peppermint, mint scientific name Mentha penardi and Mentha arvensis pl wóhoonó' Note: When referring to the peppermint plant, usually used in plural, the singular is also used as a female personal name (Wóhoo). Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005, LJC

wóhoo ni tongue of a shoe or boot pl wóhoonó Source(s):DCAU

wohooninook ni string, thread, yarn pl wohooninookuu Source(s):DCAU

wohunohóé ni ?backrest, pillow Listen: wohnohóé (WiC)

wohunootéén- vti to weave s.t.

wohuuk na shoelace pl wohuukuno' Source(s):DCAU

wohuukutii- vai to tie shoelaces Source(s):DCAU

woh'ooó na badger pl woh'ooó'uu obv. sg. woh'ooó'uu obv. pl. woh'ooó'uu Listen: woh'ooó (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC, C&M

wokóoó ni-dep rump pl wokoowó Source(s):ALKms, DCAU

won- pv allative, going to do something Source(s):C&M, LJC

woniseineehiis ni 1) burr plant 2) a figure representing a burr painted on the body during the Tomahawk Lodge ceremony 3) wild licorice, scientific name scientific name Glycyrrhiza lepidotac Source(s):TA, C&M, JAC 2005

woniihiiho' na beans, scientific name Fabaceae spp. Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

wóniiwóót- vti to salvage s.t. Source(s):DCAU

wóniiwóó3- vta to salvage s.o. (anim. obj.) Source(s):DCAU

wónohnoocéise' ni net Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wonóhnookuteenóó' ni hand rake Source(s):DCAU

wonót ni-dep abdomen, belly pl wonótno 3 poss. hinót , hinót (LD) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wonotóno' ni-dep 1) ear 2) tepee flap pl wonotónouu 3 poss. hinotóno' Source(s):DCAU

wonotóyeic ni-dep hide (animal skin) 3 poss. hinotóyeic Source(s):DCAU

wonóut ni breechcloth, loincloth pl wonóutno Source(s):DCAU

wonóu'o ni-dep palate Source(s):DCAU

wonóx ni-dep, na-dep skin pl wonóxno, wonóxno' 3 poss. hinóx Source(s):DCAU

wonó'- pv one shouldn't ... Source(s):C&M

wonó' ni-dep 1) ankle 2) wrist pl wonó'no 3 poss. hino' Source(s):DCAU

wonoonii'óót na young person, member of a younger generation pl wonoonii'óó3i' Source(s):DCAU

woséinóóx na sharp-skinned hawk Listen: woséinóóx (LD) Source(s):Cowell ms

woséin3e'enéihii na 'brown/ugly/old/worn out winged one' bat pl wosein3e'neeihiiho' obv. sg. wosein3e'neehio Note: Folk etymology: 'devil wings'. Listen: woséin3e'enéihii (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

woséii na devil Note: ?Archaic. Listen: woséii (LD) Source(s):DCAU

wosohóe 1) ramrod 2) ?foreman pl wosohóeno Source(s):DCAU

wosouhóne' ni Mill Creek Source(s):DCAU

wosóuhu' ni 1) sock 2) (pl.) stockings pl wosouh'unó' Source(s):DCAU

wosootiinén na Osage pl wosoo3iinén, wosoosiinén Source(s):DCAU

wot- proclitic evidential, indicating non-verifiability, 'I guess it is so,' 'they say it is so' Source(s):C&M

wo3oninoo'óh- vta to take a picture of s.o., a photograph of s.o. Source(s):DCAU

wo3oninoo'óót na 1) picture 2) photograph pl wo3oninoo'óótno' obv. sg. wo3oninoo'óótin Listen: wo3oninoo'óót (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wo3oninoo'oo3éi- vai to take a picture, photograph Source(s):DCAU

wo3oninoo'ootii- vai to take a picture of something, a photograph of something Source(s):DCAU

wo3onisi- vii to be depicted representationally (e.g. engraved, carved, incised, drawn) Source(s):C&M, LJC

wo3ónkuu3óó ni copy machine, Xerox machine Source(s):DCAU

wo3onóh- vti to draw s.t., write s.t. Source(s):DCAU

wo3ónoh- vta to draw s.o. Source(s):DCAU

wo3onóhei- vai to draw, write Source(s):DCAU

wo3onóheihii na secretary, stenographer Source(s):DCAU

wo3ónohéihiinóó- vii to be written Source(s):C&M

wo3ónohóe ni paper, book, notebook, mail, anything made of paper pl wo3onohóeno Listen: wo3ónohóe (WaC) , wo3ónohóe (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wó3onóhowuun- vta to write to s.o. Source(s):DCAU

wo3onóhooé ni writing implement, pen, pencil Listen: wo3onóhooé (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wo3ono'ux- vti to mark s.t., carve s.t. Source(s):DCAU

wotéihei- vai to knock, make noise Source(s):DCAU

wóteihó'oyóó ni drumstick pl wóteihó'yoono Source(s):DCAU

wóteihó'yei- vai to drum Source(s):DCAU

woteiho'yeinoo ni beating drum Source(s):ALKms

wóteikuu3óó ni telephone Source(s):DCAU

wóteikuuton- vta to telephone s.o. Source(s):DCAU

wotéiniini' vii there is a noise, a noise has been made Source(s):C&M

wotéinoxónee- vai to gnaw, make a gnawing noise 3 changed wootéinoxóneet Source(s):Cowell ms

wotéinóóni- vii there is a noise, a noise has been made Source(s):C&M

woteinóóni- vii to make noise 3 changed wooteinóóni' Source(s):DCAU

wotéisee- vai to walk noisily, make noise while walking Source(s):ZS, C&M

woté' ni 1) hat 2) women's warbonnet pl woté'eno 3 poss. hinoté' Source(s):DCAU

wotees- pv into the center

wotéésee- vai 1) to walk into a crowd, camp or gathering 2) to walk into the center Source(s):C&M

wóteexoh- vta to take s.o. into a crowd, camp, gathering or camp circle Source(s):C&M

wotih'ohu- vai to fly away Source(s):C&M

wotikuu3- vta to put s.o. into a fire Source(s):C&M

wotio'óxoo' vii it has been cut off, trimmed away Source(s):C&M

wóti3óuhu- vai to start a fire for oneself Source(s):C&M

wotitoneihii ni fire carrier , fire starter Source(s):ALKms, Cowell ms

wótitonéé- vai to start a fire Source(s):C&M, ZS

woti'- pv gone, removed, gotten rid of Source(s):C&M

woti'éso'on- vta to chase s.o. away (permanently), remove s.o. by chasing Source(s):C&M

woti'esóó- vii to be removed Source(s):C&M

woti'etóótiini- vii to be taken away, removed Source(s):C&M

woti'eyéihii na janitor Source(s):DCAU

woti'ohéi- vai to sweep Source(s):DCAU, LJC

woti'ohéihii na sweeper, janitor Source(s):DCAU

woti'ohóe ni broom pl woti'ohóeno Source(s):DCAU

woti'ookoonó3etiit ni shaking hands upon separating at the end of an event Source(s):C&M

wotóhko' ni-dep jaw, chin pl wotóhko'óno 3 poss. hitóhko' Source(s):DCAU

wótonihéihi- vai to have been set on fire Source(s):C&M

wótonóuhu- vai to start a fire for oneself Source(s):C&M

wótotóoy ni-dep backbone, spine pl wótotóoyóno Source(s):DCAU

wotóxoobéihi- vai 1) to be dirty, filthy 2) to be unkempt 3 changed wootóxoobéiht Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wotóxoobee- vii to be filthy 3 changed wootóxoobee' Source(s):DCAU

wóto' ni-dep nape, back of the neck 3 poss. hito' loc. woto'óne' Source(s):DCAU

wótoo ni 1) pants, trousers, leggings 2) (pl.) underwear, panties pl wotóóho Source(s):DCAU

wotóót ni match (to ignite fire) pl wotóotnó Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wówe'éi- vai 1) to have a wrinkled face 2) to have a face that is out of shape 3 changed woowe'eit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wowouunoo'óó- vai to have a seizure 3 changed woowouunoo'oot Source(s):DCAU

wowo'oniini ni mask Source(s):Cowell ms

wowóoniini- vai to be captive, have been captured Source(s):C&M

wox na bear pl wóxuu obv. sg. wóxuu obv. pl. wóxuu Listen: wox (LD) , wox (AB) Source(s):DCAU

wox niiinon placename ['bear teepee'] Devil's Tower, a national monument in Wyoming Source(s):Cowell ms

woxcóó- vii to taste bad 3 changed wooxcóó' Source(s):DCAU

wóxec ni swamp pl wóxecii Source(s):DCAU

woxeciini- vii to be swampy 3 changed wooxeciini' Source(s):DCAU

woxecii'iini- vii to be swampy 3 changed wooxecii'iini' Source(s):DCAU

woxéihi- vai 1) to be bad, mean 2) to be ugly 3 changed wooxéiht Source(s):C&M, LJC

woxesiit ni paintbrush Source(s):Cowell ms

wóxeeneb- vta to think badly of or about s.o. Source(s):C&M

woxhóóx na horse pl woxhóóxebii obv. sg. woxhóóxebii obv. pl. woxhóóxebii Note: Possessed forms are irregular, e.g. nótonihi my horse, hitoniho’ his/her horse. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wóxhoox hitihii ni ['horse's tail'] wild rye grass, scientific name Leymus spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

wóxhooxebii3hiitono ni oats (pl.) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wóxhooxebii3ib ni oats (pl.)

wóxhooxuno'oowu' ni ['horse house'] stable (for horses) Source(s):DCAU

woxkónee- vai to have a bad dream Source(s):C&M

woxniinen ni bear fat Note: medicinal use: rubbed on aching joints Source(s):LJC

wóxos na shin pl woxosóno' 3 poss. hixosón Source(s):DCAU

woxóuubéihi- vai to feel bad Source(s):DCAU

woxó'oo- vai to have tuburculosis 3 changed wooxó'oot Source(s):DCAU

woxo'óót ni tuberculosis Source(s):DCAU

woxookeihi' ni shield Source(s):Cowell ms

woxooneehi- vai 1) to be thin, skinny 2) to be overly thin, too skinny 3 changed wooxóóneehit Source(s):DCAU, LJC

woxóónoo'oo- vai to lose weight Source(s):DCAU

woxoowuse- vii (a liquid, e.g. milk) to be rotten, spoiled, rancid 3 changed wooxoowuse' Source(s):DCAU

woxóóxobe'- pv relating to buzzards, vultures

woxse'eihtoo ni bear paw

woxubouhu- vai to smell bad, stink 3 changed wooxubouhut Source(s):LJC

woxubou'óó- vii to smell bad, stink 3 changed wooxubou'óó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

woxubóooti- vii to smell bad Source(s):DCAU

woxubóoó' vii it stinks, smells bad 3 changed wooxubóoó' Source(s):LJC

wóxuh- vta to harm s.o. Source(s):C&M

woxuse- vii to be bad, decaying (e.g. flesh) rancid, rotten, spoiled 3 changed wooxuse' Source(s):DCAU

wóxusii- vai to paint ceremonially Source(s):ALKms, C&M

woxusiit ni ceremonial paint Source(s):C&M

woxusn- vta to paint s.o. ceremonially 3:3' changed wooxusinoot Source(s):DCAU

woxusyéihii na person who paints ceremonially Source(s):DCAU

woxutoo- vai 1) to do something wrong, do something bad 2) to sin Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wóxu' ni 1) medicine 2) spiritual or ceremonial power or authority pl wóxu'uu Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

woxu' ni 1) grass, scientific name Poaceae spp. 2) hay pl woxu'uno Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005, LJC

wóxu'óóntoo- vai to perform a blessing ceremony Source(s):C&M

woxu'oo3- vta to grant s.o. special power or authority, either temporary or permanent, so that they can accomplish some task or ceremonial duty Note: The process of granting this authority involves rubbing and ceremonial blowing. Source(s):C&M

woxu'ootiini' vii 1) it has been blessed 2) power or authority has been granted ceremonially Source(s):C&M

woxu'uuwu- vai to bless something Source(s):C&M

wóxuuhooxbii3hiit ni saltbush, scientific name Atriplex canescens, possibly other Atriplex spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

woxuusóó na bear cub Listen: woxuusóó (WaC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

woxuuxonéihii na ['the one who makes the sound woxuuxon'] raven pl woxuuxoneehiiho' Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

woxwohoonó' ni 'bear mint' 1) a plant, possibly hyssop, scientific name Agastache spp. 2) a perfume made from this plant Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

wo'éin ni 1) necklace 2) scarf 3) tie pl wo'éinono Source(s):DCAU

wo'éinooni- vai to make noise Source(s):C&M

wo'éi3 particle or, but Listen: wo'éi3 (ZM) Source(s):DCAU

wó'éii3ów particle 1) just right 2) right there Source(s):C&M

wo'obén- vti ['put to the side'] 1) to move s.t. 2) to postpone s.t. 3:3' changed woo'obéno' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wo'óh ni 1) shoe 2) moccasin pl wo'óhno Source(s):DCAU

wo'ohnéihii na shoemaker Source(s):DCAU

wo'ohno3oo ni moccasin top pl wo'ohno3oono Source(s):Cowell ms

wo'ohnóonéihi- vai to be given mocassins or shoes Source(s):C&M

wó'oteencéi ni ['black pitch'] tar Source(s):DCAU

wo'otéénehisei na Ute woman Source(s):DCAU

wó'oteenéhiinén na Ute man Source(s):DCAU

wó'oteenéhiisóó na Ute child Source(s):DCAU

wó'oteenéhiitéén ni Ute tribe Source(s):DCAU

wo'oteenih'óó3oo na ['black white man'] black person, African American person Source(s):DCAU

wó'oteensiisiiyei na 'black snake' water moccasin Source(s):DCAU

wo'óteeyoo na 1) African American, black person 2) buffalo soldier Source(s):C&M

wo'óteeyóó- vii to be black 3 changed woo'óteeyóó' Source(s):DCAU

wo'óuhuu na heron, egret Source(s):Cowell ms

wo'ouusóó na kitten Source(s):DCAU

wó'ow ni ice Source(s):DCAU

wo'owuuni- vii to be icy 3 changed woo'owuuni' Source(s):DCAU

wo'ox ni-dep fingernail, toenail, claw, hoof pl wo'oxuu obv. sg. wo'oxuu obv. pl. wo'oxuu 3 poss. hi'ox Source(s):DCAU

wo'oxéin- vta to shoe a horse Source(s):DCAU

wó'o'oto' particle right then, just at the right time Source(s):C&M

wo'óoó na cat pl wó'ouu obv. sg. wó'ou obv. pl. wó'ou voc. wo'ouun Listen: wo'óoó (LD) , wo'óoó (WaC) Source(s):DCAU

wó'oo3 ni-dep foot, leg pl wo'óóto 3 poss. hi'oo3 loc. wo'óóte' Listen: wó'oo3 (WaC) , nó'oo3 (LD) Source(s):DCAU

wo'teen- pv 1) black 2) dark

wo'teenbexóókee na ['black mountain lion'] black panther Source(s):DCAU

wo'teenbeesib ni ['black plum'] prune pl wo'teenbeesibino Source(s):DCAU

wó'teenbooó ni ['black road'] highway, paved road Source(s):DCAU

wo'teencebitee ni ['black grease'] crude oil Source(s):DCAU

wo'teenéihi- vai to be black Source(s):DCAU, C&M

Wo'tééneihi' placename ['the place where they are black,' 'the place where the Utes are'] Utah Source(s):C&M

wó'teenih'óó3oubeniiinen na ['black white man soldier'] African American soldier, black soldier Source(s):C&M

wo'téénii'éihii na 'black eagle' 1) a term used for several kinds of black or dark birds, including a black eagle (a young bald eagle), winter bird, dark-eyed junco, grackle 2) a female personal name Source(s):C&M, Cowell ms

wo'teenóte'éi- vai to have black hair Source(s):DCAU

Wó'teenótoyóó' placename ['black mountain'] Elk Mountain, WY Source(s):C&M

wó'teenó'ete' vii there is a black cloud Source(s):C&M

wo'teeno'uxoo' vii dark clouds are gathering, the sky is getting dark 3 changed woo'teeno'uxoo' Source(s):LJC

wo'teenóóbe' ni ['black paint'] black paint Source(s):DCAU

wó'teenóókhoosé' ni possibly ragweed, scientific name Ambrosia psilostachya Source(s):JAC 2005

wo'teensiisiiyei na ['black snake'] water moccasin, cottonmouth Note: see Dorsey's account of the origin of the Sun Dance Source(s):Cowell ms

wó'toteenóóku na ['dark eared rabbit'] jackrabbit pl wó'toteenóókuhó' Source(s):DCAU

wo'tóóbe' ni black paint Source(s):Cowell ms

wo'uucéh exclamation gee whiz!, I can't believe it!, for no reason at all! Source(s):C&M

wo'wuciiskóóhu- vai to run a little farther (e.g. than the day before) Source(s):C&M

wo'wusee- vai to move, move over, move along Source(s):DCAU, C&M

wo'wu3oo na hailstone pl wo'wu3oonó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wo'wu3oonoosóó- vii to hail (weather condition) 3 changed woo'wu3oonoosóó' Source(s):DCAU, LJC

wo'wuuhu- vai to move, move camp farther along, change residence Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

wo'wuuhu' adv farther along Source(s):C&M

wóóhon- pv together, united Source(s):C&M

wóóhonéihi- vai to be united, be a group, be together Source(s):C&M

wóóhonén- vti to join s.t. together Source(s):DCAU

wóóhonisee- vai to join a group, unite, come together Source(s):DCAU

wóóhoniseenóó' vii things have come together, things have become linked or joined Source(s):C&M

wóóhoniihi' adv together, in a joint fashion Source(s):DCAU, C&M

wóóhonóusé' vii things are laying together, laid out together Source(s):C&M

wóóhonooku3oó ni splint Source(s):Cowell ms

wóóhonootéé- vii to be (lying) together 3 pl. changed wonóóhonootéi'i Source(s):DCAU

wóókec na 1) cow 2) (pl.) cattle, livestock pl wóókecii obv. sg. wóókecii obv. pl. wóókecii Source(s):DCAU

wóókeciinén na ['cattle man'] rancher, cattleman Source(s):DCAU

wookéciisoo na calf Source(s):DCAU

wookuuno' ni 'plumes' penstemon, beardtongue, scientific name Penstemon spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

woon- pv 1) new 2) youngp 3) latest, most recent, last (e.g. day, week) Source(s):C&M

woonéihi- vai 1) to be young 2) to be new 3 changed wonoonéiht Source(s):DCAU

woonée'in- vti to recall s.t., remember s.t. after having forgotten Source(s):C&M

wooninouhu- vai to wear new clothing Source(s):LJC

wooniihi' particle recently Source(s):DCAU

woonootees na young person, often referring to someone in their teens Source(s):LJC

wóosóó3 ni arrowhead, flint pl woosóó3ii Source(s):DCAU

woo3éihi- vai to be many Source(s):C&M

woo3éi'i vii there are many of them Source(s):C&M

woo3éé- vii to be many 3 changed wonoo3éi'ii Source(s):DCAU

woo3éé- vai to be many 3 changed wonoo3éé3i' Source(s):DCAU

wóó3eeniini'i vii there are many of them (pl) Source(s):C&M

woo3onesi' ni 1) leather 2) leather strap pl woo3onesi'i Source(s):DCAU, C&M

wóó3o' ni a medicinal root, otherwise unidentified Source(s):JAC 2005

wootii particle it's like, it seems that, as if Source(s):DCAU, C&M

wootóó particle step aside, go away Source(s):C&M

wóóukohéi exclamation welcome! Source(s):DCAU

woow particle now, already Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

wóówoséi- vai to use filthy language, to talk dirty Source(s):DCAU

woowotóx particle in vain, uselessly Source(s):DCAU

woowoyóte'éi- vai to have unkempt hair 3 changed woowoyóte'éit Source(s):DCAU

woowoyóó- vii to be rough Source(s):DCAU

woowóóhonó'oo- vii to be wrinkled Source(s):DCAU

wóóxcoo' ni ['it tastes bad'] bitter root, scientific name Lewisia rediviva Source(s):JAC 2005

wooxé ni knife pl wóóxoho Source(s):Hayden 1862, DCAU

wooxéti' na person who is foulmouthed Source(s):DCAU

wooxón ni 1) bracelet 2) also used for jewelery in general pl wooxóno Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms, LJC

wooxubóu'óó' ni sweet cicely and related plants, scientific name Osmorhiza spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

Wooxu'eihi3i' na ['ugly ones'] (pl.) one of four bands identified by Kroeber, said by Kroeber to have been around Cantonment, OK Source(s):TA

wooyoo- vii 1) to be new 2) to be fresh 3 changed wónooyoo' Source(s):DCAU

woo' na calf (baby cow) pl wou'u Note: Can refer to a young girl participating in the women's Buffalo dance. Source(s):TA, DCAU

wóó'oséino' ni veal Source(s):DCAU

woo'ówou3óóni' ni inflation (in prices) Source(s):DCAU

wóó'oowoo3iibeihii na snail pl woo'oowoo3iibeehiiho' Source(s):DCAU

woo'tééneiht na ['s/he is black'] Ute person pl woo'tééneihi3i' Source(s):TA, C&M

woo'teennih'óucoo' ni ['black pepper'] black pepper Source(s):DCAU

woo'téénoowu' ni ['black water'] coffee Source(s):DCAU

woo'uh'ei na magpie pl woo'uh'einó' obv. sg. woo'uh'ein obv. pl. woo'uh'eino Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

wuho'ookuuhu' adv almost right, almost what I want Source(s):C&M


xóekuu'oo- vai (a horse) to rear 3 changed xonóeku'oot Source(s):DCAU

Xonou'oo' ni ['it is smoking'] town of Thermopolis Source(s):DCAU

xonóuu particle immediately, instantly, right away Source(s):DCAU

xoubeekuu- vii to be erect, stand upright 3 changed xonóubeekuu' Source(s):DCAU

xoubeekuu- vai 1) to be erect 2) stand straight, upright Source(s):DCAU

xoucebitee ni skunk oil Note: Medicinal use: drops in ear for an earache. Source(s):LJC

xoucén na onion, scientific name Allium spp. pl xoucénii, xouucénii 3 poss. hixoucéniiw, hixouucéniiw Source(s):DCAU, JAC 2005

xouhu' na skunk Note: Archaic. Source(s):AD (Arapaho Dialects), ALKms

xouwoo3- vta to let s.o. do something Source(s):DCAU, Cowell p.c.

xóuubéihi- vai to be straight, upright 3 changed xonouubéiht Source(s):ALKms, Dorsey & Kroeber, LJC

xouubéé- vii 1) to be straight 2) to be upright 3 changed xonouubéé' Source(s):ALKms, DCAU, LJC

xóuunéé- vai to cheer

xouunooni- vii there is cheering Source(s):C&M

xóuuw- pv 1) straight, straightly 2) direct, directly Source(s):C&M

xouuwéi'towuun- vta tell s.o. in a straight, direct manner, be forthright with someone Listen: heetxouuwéi'towuuné3en (WiC) Source(s):LJC

xóuuwoo3ib- vta to permit s.o. to do something, allow s.o. to do something Source(s):C&M

xóuuwoo3ih- vta to permit s.o. to do something, allow s.o. to do something 3:3' changed xonóuuwoo3ihoot Source(s):LJC

xóuuwoote'in- vti 1) to know s.t. correctly 2) to have s.t. straight Source(s):C&M, LJC

xóuuwóotéé- vii to be placed in a straight way Source(s):C&M

xóuuwunihii- vai to speak in a straight, proper, truthful way Source(s):C&M

xouuwuno'oo- (water) to flow straight Listen: xonouuwuno'oo' (WiC) Source(s):LJC

xóuuwusee- vai to go straight, walk in a straight line Source(s):C&M, LJC

xóuuwuseenóó- vii to proceed in a straight or proper way Source(s):C&M

xóuuwutoo- vai to act straight, act properly Source(s):C&M

xóuuwuuhu' adv straight, in a straight manner Source(s):C&M

xouu'eeyóo ni chimney Source(s):DCAU

xóuu'oo- vii to give off smoke, steam or vapor 3 changed xonóuu'oo' Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

xoxonóu particle immediately, instantly Source(s):DCAU

xoxooyóni' na chipmunk, striped ground squirrel pl xoxooyónii Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

xo'éiyoó ni salve Source(s):DCAU

xo'én- vti to apply ointment, rub lotion on Listen: xoo'éno' (WiC) Source(s):DCAU, LJC

xo'éneti- vai 1) to apply ointment on oneself 2) ointment

xo'éyoó ni ointment, lotion pl xo'eyonó Source(s):DCAU, LJC

xo'óheé ni shoe polish Source(s):DCAU

xó'owkuu3- vta to gag s.o., put something in s.o.'s mouth Source(s):C&M

xo'u3kuu3- vta to gag s.o., to cause s.o. to retch 3:3' changed xoo'u3kuu3oot Source(s):DCAU

xoo na skunk pl xouu obv. sg. xouu obv. pl.s xouu , xou (AB) Source(s):DCAU

xook- pv through

xookowobéihi- vai to have pneumonia Source(s):DCAU, LJC

xookówobeihiit ni pneumonia Source(s):LJC

xookusee- vai to walk through something, go through something Source(s):C&M

xookusee- vai to walk through something Source(s):DCAU

xoonoo'óh- vta to hang s.o. Source(s):DCAU

xooóyoo- vii to be oblong 3 changed xonooóyoo' Source(s):DCAU

xooxouuwóóte'in- vti to really understand s.t. Source(s):DCAU

xooxo'oesé- vii to become springtime, for the weather to thaw 3 changed xono'oesé' Source(s):DCAU

xooxo'oese' vii 1) wind is blowing 2) spring is in the air 3 changed xonoono'oese' Source(s):Cowell ms

xóó'oekuu- vai to kneel, kneel down 3 changed xonóó'oekuut Listen: xonóó'oekuut (LD)

xóó'oekuuceenóku- vai to sit down in a kneeling position Source(s):C&M

xóó'oekuu'oo- vai 1) to kneel 2) (a horse) ?to rear Source(s):C&M, LJC


yehéihoo exclamation exclamation of surprise, "gee!," "wow!," "isn't that something!" Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU, C&M, LJC

yéihow- vta to chase s.o. Source(s):C&M

yéihowóó- vai to chase something Source(s):C&M

yeihówoonoox na a chasing horse, used for pursuit pl yeihówoonooxebii Source(s):C&M

yein num four (counting form) Source(s):DCAU

yein nonóóke' ni ['fourth morning'] Friday Source(s):ALKms

yéini- vai to be four in number Source(s):C&M

yeini'owoo- vai to be fourth 3 changed yeneini'owoot Source(s):DCAU, C&M

yeini'owoo- vii to be fourth 3 changed yeneini'owoo' Source(s):DCAU

yéiniiis ni four days Source(s):C&M

yéiniiisi' vii something has been done for four days Source(s):C&M

yeiniini' num fourteen Source(s):DCAU

yeiniis ni wood's rose bush, scientific name Rosa woodsii (bush) Source(s):JAC 2005

yéinoh'óóke- vii to be the fourth morning Source(s):C&M

yéinonóóke' ni Thursday Source(s):DCAU

yeinóu'u na louse nits (pl.) Source(s):DCAU

yéino' na tomato pl yéinóuu Source(s):DCAU

yéintoowó'ohéihi- vai to have something done to one four times Source(s):C&M

yéintoowóót- vti to do something four times Source(s):C&M

yeiy na otter pl yeiyonó' obv. sg. yéiyon Listen: yeiy (AB) Source(s):DCAU

yeiyóó' num forty Source(s):DCAU

yeneinit na carrot, indian carrot, gardner's yampah, scientific name Perideridia gairdneri pl yeneini3i' Source(s):DCAU

yenéinkóóti'i ni buttercup, scientific name Ranunculaceae spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

yeneiyóuni' ni four-pronged pitchfork pl yeneiyouni'i Source(s):DCAU

yeoh particle yes, indeed, you bet Source(s):C&M

yéyeinoxuus ni reed, otter weed pl yéyeinoxuusii Source(s):DCAU, Cowell ms

yéyeinoxuus ni hairgrass, may also be called 'otterweed', scientific name Eleocharis spp. Source(s):JAC 2005

yih- pv directional preverb, toward a distant place

yihkóóhu- vai to run towards some distant place or thing Source(s):C&M, ZS

yihóó- vai to go to a place, walk to a place Source(s):ZS, C&M, ALKms

yihoon- vta to go to s.o. Source(s):C&M

yihoon- vta to go to s.o., go to where a person is Source(s):C&M

yih3okusee- vai to crawl over to a distant place Source(s):C&M

yih3ooninoo'oo- vai to descend quickly towards down there Source(s):C&M

yihxoh- vta to take s.o. to a distant place Source(s):C&M

yih'óon- vta to chase s.o., chase after s.o. yiih'oonoot Listen: yiih'óonoot (LD) Source(s):DCAU, C&M

yiisiihi' adv towards a distant place Source(s):C&M, ZS

yii3e'einiihi' adv towards a distant place Source(s):C&M

yii3é'eekuunóón- vta to face s.o. Source(s):DCAU

yonoohut na pledger, e.g. of a dance Source(s):TA, DCAU

yooh- vta to hide s.o. 3:3' changed yonóóhoot Source(s):DCAU, LJC

yoohoot- vai to die 3 changed yonoohoote' Source(s):C&M

yóóhu- vai to put up a ceremonial lodge, especially Sun Dance Source(s):C&M

yoohuuhuu na pledger, e.g. of a dance Source(s):DCAU

yóókox ni willow shrub or tree, scientific name Salix spp. pl yóókoxuu Source(s):DCAU, C&M, JAC 2005

yóónoohow- vta to check up on s.o. Source(s):C&M

yoo3ón num five Source(s):DCAU

yóó3oni- vai to be five in number Source(s):C&M

yóó3oni'owoo- vai 1) to do something five times 2) to be the fifth one Source(s):C&M

yoo3óniini- vai fifteen (an.) 3 changed yonoo3óniini3i' Source(s):DCAU

yoo3óniini' vii fifteen (inan.) Source(s):DCAU

yoo3oyó'owoo- vii to be fifth 3 changed yonóó3oyó'owoo' Source(s):DCAU

yoo3oyó'owoo- vai to be fifth 3 changed yonóó3oyó'owoot Source(s):DCAU

yóó3oyoo' vii fifty Source(s):DCAU

yootisee- vai to hide Source(s):DCAU

yootii- vti to hide s.t. Source(s):DCAU


-' suffix 3 singular vii realis conjugation

'eee particle hesitation particle, similar to mmmmm..... Source(s):C&M

-'i suffix 3 plural vii realis conjugation

'ine particle 1) yes 2) ok, well Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

'inehouu particle 1) yes 2) ok, well Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU

'iiheihóó, exclamation exclamation of surprise, gee!, wow! Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU, LJC

'oh particle but Source(s):C&M, LJC

'osteihoo exclamation exclamation made when something bad happens, when something is not right, "I could have done better!" Note: Used by men. Source(s):LJC

'oo exclamation yes Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU

'óohéi particle a war cry, used when striking a blow, counting coup, or scalping someone Source(s):C&M

'oohóó exclamation Exclamation Source(s):ZS

'oo'hó exclamation ouch! Note: Used by men. Source(s):DCAU, ZS

'oo'xu exclamation ouch! Note: Used by women. Source(s):DCAU