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Scripts Needing Input

Scripts Needing Input

Script proposals benefit from feedback from scholarly experts and user communities.  This page provides links to script proposals under development (Group A ) or those under ballot (Group B).

A link to a list of general questions that can be used in reviewing script proposals is available at: Please send comments directly to: dwanders @ socrates .  berkeley . edu  or to the author of the proposal.

A. The following scripts have been proposed and need input from user communities. They have not yet been approved by the Unicode Technical Committee.

Avestan and Pahlavi  by Michael Everson
(date: 2002-12-04; proposal:
Comment: This is a fairly mature proposal; additional input from the Iranian Academy of Sciences is needed.

Brahmi draft by Stefan Baums and Andrew Glass
(date: 2003-07-27; draft:
Comment: This is a proposal to unify various Brahmi scripts. Would unifying them be helpful or would it erase important distinctions?

Manichaean by Michael Everson and Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst
(date: 2003-02-23;  proposal:; earlier proposal: date: 2002-12-03; proposal: Comment: Additional information is needed on how the various letters join, whether line-breaks can occur before or after any letters, whether any special symbols are missing, which characters have distinct initial/medial/final forms, and if ligatures are needed for the font. 

Saurashtra by Jeyakumar Chinnakkonda Krishnamoorty and Michael Everson
(date: 2003-08-13; proposal: )
Comment: Specific issues that need to be taken into consideration are located in a document at

B. The scripts listed below were approved for balloting at the June 2004 meeting of the Working Group 2 (WG2) of the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 Subcommittee 2 (JTC1/SC2). Revisions may be made in light of comments on the proposals.

Buginese by Michael Everson
(date: 2003-10-05; proposal:

Coptic by Michael Everson and Stephen Emmel
(date: 2004-04-20; proposal:, with later revisions contained in:

Ethiopic Extensions by the Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia
(date: 2004-04-23 ; proposal:, with revisions contained in:

Georgian by NSAI/ICTSCC/SC4 (Ireland) and GSDIT (Georgia) (Nuskhuri case-form of the Khutsuri script)
(date: 2003-09-04; proposal: )

Glagolitic by Michael Everson and Ralph Cleminson
(date: 2003-09-04; proposal:; additional proposal for suspension mark:

Greek characters by the TLG
(date: 2003-06-11; proposal: a directory with links to the 7-parts of this proposal is located at:;
date 2004-10-06; proposal for editorial and punctuation characters: ;
date: 2002-11-07; a proposal for Greek musical symbols: ;
date: 2004-02-08; a proposal for Greek zero by Raymond Mercier:

Kharosthi by Andrew Glass, Stefan Baums and Richard Salomon
(date: 2003-09-18; proposal:

N'ko by Michael Everson, Mamady Doumbouya, Baba Mamadi Diane, and Karamo Kaba Jammeh
(date:2004-06-08; proposal: with revisions contained in

Old Persian by Michael Everson
(date:2003-09-18; proposal:

Phags-pa by Andrew West
(date: 2003-09-18; original proposal: with additional remarks on outstanding issues in

Phoenician by Michael Everson
(date: 2004-05-29; proposal:

Phonetic Proposals (listed on PhoneticsProposals.html webpage)

Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform by Michael Everson, Karljürgen Feuerherm, and Steve Tinney
(date: 2004-06-08; proposal: ) Note: Hittite should be covered by this proposal. 

Syloti Nagri by Peter Constable
(date: 2002-11-01; proposal:

Tai Lue by Michael Everson
(date: 2003-09-29; proposal:

Tifinagh by Morocco-Canada-France (prepared by P. Andries)
(date: 2004-01-20; proposal: )

(For the latest ISO WG2 additions, see:

Unicode and SEI are separate organizations.

Providing Input on Proposals: What information is needed and where do I send it?

A general list of questions that need to be answered on proposals (and an email address of where to send such information) is contained at:


SEI and Unicode are separate organizations
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