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Alphabetical List of Scripts Not Yet Encoded

Below is a list of scripts that are not yet officially encoded in the Unicode Standard (and ISO/IEC 10646). (For a list of scripts that have successfully been encoded with assistance from SEI, see the Completed Scripts page.)

The Type field indicates the basic script type (A) alphabets & abjads, (A-S) alphasyllabary, (G) abugidas, (L) logosyllabaries, (I) ideographic systems, (N) numeric, (Lg) logographs, and (S) syllabaries.

The type values in the HMA field are "h" for historical scripts,  "m" for living minority scripts (including those in liturgical use and categorized as "near-modern"), and "a" for artificial scripts.

The Plane field indicates whether the proposal is suggested for encoding on the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), noted by "0", the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP), identified by "1", or on the Tertiary Ideographic Plane (TIP), shown by a "3". A representation of the planes can be found on the Roadmap pages.

The Proposal field indicates whether a proposal has been written, denoted either with a "Y" (for "Yes") or "Approved" (if the proposal has been approved by the Unicode Technical Committee). A link is made to the most current proposal, if available. In some cases the proposals are only preliminary, and may include just a code chart and a list of names. Not all scripts listed will necessarily be encoded. Those proposals which have received assistance from SEI are marked with an asterisk (*).

The Contact field is the name of the central contact person in charge of coordinating activities related to the script proposal. "Everson" is Michael Everson and "Pandey" is Anshuman Pandey.

Note: For basic questions that need to be answered on specific proposals, please see the ProposalQuestions.html webpage.


Script Name Type  HMA  Plane  Proposal Contact name
Adlam A m 1 Approved* Everson
Afáka (Ndjuka) S m 1 Y* Everson
Ahom G m 1 Approved (8.0) Hosken & Morey
Anatolian Hieroglyphs L h 1 Approved* (8.0) Everson
Archaic Miao Square script S h      
Aztec Pictograms I h 1  
Badaga G m 1    
Bagam (Eghap) S h 1 Y* Everson
Balti-A G h 1 Y* Pandey
Balti-B G h 1 Y* Pandey
Beria G m 1 Y Priest
Bété S m 1    
Bhaiksuki G h 1 Approved* Pandey & Dimitrov
Bhujinmol G h 1 Y Pandey
Blissymbols I m 1 Y Everson
Book Pahlavi A h 1 Y* Pournader
Borama (Gadabuursi) A m 1
Bowen (Lao Baiwen) 1
Byblos A h 1  
Chalukya (Box-Headed) G h 1  
Cherokee additions A m 0 Approved (8.0) Everson
Chola G h 1  
Cirth A a 1 Y Everson
Coorgi-Cox A m   Y* Pandey
Cypro-Minoan L h 1  
Demotic (Egyptian) h 1
Dhimal A-S m   Y Pandey
Dhives Akuru S h 1 Y* Pandey
Dogra G m 1   Pandey
Duota 1
Early Dynastic Cuneiform L h 1 Approved* (8.0) Crisostomo & Everson
Eebee Hmong S m 1 Y* Everson et al.
Elymaic A h 1    
Ersu Shaba I? h      
Eskaya S m 1 Y Pandey
Fula-1 (Fula Dita) A        
Fula-2 (Ba) A        
Gangga Malayu (see note 2) G h   Y* Pandey
Garay (Wolof) A m 1 Y* Everson
Gondi - Masaram G m 1 Approved* Pandey
Gondi - Gunjala G m 1 Y Pandey
Goya Kannadi   m 1    
Gurung (Khe Phri)   m 1    
Gurung (Khema) A-S m 1 Y Pandey
HamNoSys I a      
Hatran A h 1 Approved* (8.0) Everson
Hausa-1 (Salifou Hausa) A     Y  
Hausa-2 (Raina Kama) A     Y  
Hausa-3 (Tafi) A        
Hentaigana   Y Japan
Hieratic (Egyptian) h 1
Iban   m 1    
Iberian, Northeast A h 1 Y Ferrer, et. al.
Iberian, Southern A h 1 Y Ferrer, et. al.
Indic Letter Numbers (North) N 1  
Indic Letter Numbers (South) N 1  
Indus Valley Script L h 1 Y Everson
Jenticha A, A-S m 1 Y* Pandey
Jing I? m?      
Jurchen I h 1 Y Chinese NB
Kadamba 1
Kaddare A        
Kaida I, N h     M. Rosa
Kapampangang   h 1    
Karani   h      
Kawi G h 1 Y* Pandey & Miller
Khambu Rai A-S m 1 Y* Pandey
Khamti (revision of old script)   m      
Khatt-i Baburi   h   Y Pandey
Khitan Large Script (Ideographs) I h 1 Y Chinese NB
Khitan Small Script I h 1 Y Chinese NB
Khotanese (Turkestani) G h 1 Y Wilson
Kirat Rai G h 1 Y* Pandey
Kpelle S m 1 Y* Everson & Riley
Landa G h 1 Y* Pandey
Leke G m 1 Y Hosken & Fickle
Loma S m 1 Y* Everson
Luvian (see Anatolian Hieroglyphs)          
Magar Akkha G m   Y* Pandey
Mandombe A m   Y* Rovenchak et al.
Marchen G m 1 Approved West
Marchung G h      
Ma-sa-ba (Bambara) S m      
Mayan Hieroglyphs I h 1    
Medefaidrin (Oberi Okaime) A m 1 Y* Rovenchak, et. al.
Micmac Hieroglyphs Lg h 1    
Mongolian Square Script (see Zanabazar Square)          
Moon A m 1 Y Everson
Multani A m 1 Approved* (8.0) Pandey
Mwangwego G m 1 Y* Everson
Nandinagari G h 1 Y* Pandey
Naxi Dongba I h 1 Y China NB
Naxi Geba S h 1 Y Everson
Newa (Nepaalalipi) G m 1 Approved* Whistler, Pandey, Manandhar, et al.
N'Ko additions A m 1   Everson et al.
Numidian A h 1    
Nüshu I m 1 Y Chinese NB
Nwagu Aneke Igbo S      
Old Hanzi I h 3    
Old Hungarian A h 1 Approved* (8.0) Everson & Szelp
Old Italic (additions) A h 1 Approved* Everson et al.
Old Makassarese (Makasar) A-S h 1 Y* Pandey
Old Uyghur A h 1 Y  
Oracle Bone   h 1    
Osage A m 1 Approved Everson
Pallava G h 1
Pau Cin Hau Syllabary Lg m 1 Y* Pandey
Pitman Shorthand A m 1 Y R. Rajaram
Proto-Cuneiform Lg h 1    
Proto-Elamite   h 1    
Pungchen G h      
Pungchung G h      
Pyu (Tircul) G h 1 Y* Pandey
Ranjana (Landzya) G m 1   Pandey
Rohingya (Hanifi) A m 1 Y* Pandey
Rongo Rongo L h 1 Y Everson
Runic additions A h 1    
Satavahana G h 1    
Savara 1
Shankha (Shell script) h 1
Shuishu I h 1 Y Chinese NB
Sidetic A h      
SignWriting I m 1 Approved (8.0) Everson, Slevinski, & Sutton
Sirmauri G 1 Pandey
Siyaq (Diwani) N h 1 Y* Pandey
Siyaq (Indic) N h 1 Y* Pandey
Siyaq (Ottoman) N h 1 Y* Pandey
Siyaq (Persian) N h 1 Y* Pandey
Small Seal I h 1 Y TCA & Chinese NB
Sogdian A h 1    
Sogdian, Old A h 1 Y Pandey
Soyombo G m 1 Approved* Pandey
Stokoe (Stokoe Notation) A m 1   Priest
Tai Yo 1
Tangsa (Khimhun) A m 1 Y* Pandey
Tangsa (Mossang) A m 1 Y* Pandey
Tangut (Xixia) I h 1 Approved* UK et al.
Tangut Components h 1 Approved UK et al.
Tani A m 1 Y* Pandey
Tengwar A a 1 Y Everson
Tigalari (Tulu) G 1 Y V. Murthy
Tikamuli A m 1 Y* Pandey
Tocharian G h 1 Y Wilson
Todhri A h 1    
Tolong Siki A m 1 Y* Pandey
Turkestani (see note 1)        
Unifon (additions to Latin) A m 1 Y* Everson
Vattezhuttu G h 1    
Veqilharxha A h 1    
Veso Bey A h      
Visible Speech A m      
Wancho 1
Woleai (Caroline Islands script) S h 1 Y* Everson
Yezidi (see note 3)   m      
Yi Extensions L m   Y Chinese NB
Yi , Chuxiong L m      
Yi , Sani Yi L m    
Zanabazar Square A-S h 1 Approved* Pandey
Zhuang Square I h      
Znamenny Chant notation - m 1 Y Andreev & Shardt
Zou A-S m 1 Y* Pandey

Note 1: See "Khotanese" and "Tocharian".

Note 2: Withdrawn pending further info.

Note 3: May be a cipher or shorthand, not to be encoded. However, investigation is necessary to determine its status.


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Sources: Roadmap BMP 8.0.0, SMP 8.0.0

Last updated: August 13, 2015