I am a phonetician who specializes in articulatory phonetics, especially tongue ultrasound imaging. My research focuses on the phonetic structure of vowel inventories, particularly apparent "reuse" of articulatory primitives that is otherwise not needed for maintaining sufficient contrast among vowels.

I have also investigated the articulatory and acoustic properties of the so-called fricative vowels (摩擦化元音) and apical vowels (舌尖元音) in languages of Cameroon, including the Ring languages Kom and Kejom, as well as in Wu (吴) and Southern Mandarin (江淮官话) varieties of Chinese. I have carried out phonetic fieldwork in both Cameroon and China.

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley. My dissertation concerns within-speaker uniformity of articulatory strategies for fricative consonants and a subset of the fricative vowels in Suzhou (苏州) Chinese.