Spring 2018

Linguistics 109: Bilingualism

Linguistics 290M: Psycholinguistics Graduate Seminar

Fall 2017

Linguistics 108: Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Linguistics 200: Graduate proseminar (Professional development for first-year graduate students in Linguistics

Courses taught regularly in previous semesters

Linguistics c160 / CogSci c140 Quantitative Methods in Linguistics

Linguistics 47 Introduction to Language Disorders

Linguistics 208 Graduate Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Linguistics 290 Graduate Seminar in Psycholinguistics

Dissertations directed and co-directed

Clara Cohen. Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Language Science, Penn State until Fall 2016. Thereafter: Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Scotland. 2014. Combining structure and usage patterns in morpheme production: Probabilistic effects of sentence context and inflectional paradigms.

Melinda Fricke (Postdoctoral researcher, Center for Language Science, Penn State) until Spring 2016. Current position: Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh. 2013. Word Learning and Phonetic Detail in Language Acquisition.

Yao Yao (Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University). 2011. Effects of Phonological Neighborhood Density on Lexical Production in Spontaneous Speech.

Dissertation committees in the Linguistics Department

Greg Finley. Postdoctoral Associate, University of Minnesota. 2015. Accounting for the phonetic value of nonspeech sounds.

Shira Katseff (Postdoctoral Fellow, New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour) 2010. Linguistic Constraints on Compensation for Altered Auditory Feedback.

Charles Chang (Center for Advanced Study of Language, University of Maryland) 2010. First Language Phonetic Drift during Second Language Acquisition).

Eugenia Antic (Natural Language Processing researcher with FactSet) 2010. The Representation of Morphemes in the Russian Lexicon).

Dissertation committees in other departments at UC Berkeley

Elena Dukhovny (UCB-SFSU Joint doctoral program in Special Education). 2011. Phonological encoding in aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders, California State University, East Bay.

Susan Ebbers (Education; in progress)

Jacqui Urbani (UCB-SFSU Joint doctoral program in Special Education) (2011, Implementing a Dialogic Reading Intervention: The Experiences of Teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students). Current position: Assistant Professor of Special Education, Dominican University.