18th Spring Workshop on Linguistic Reconstruction: CANCELLED

This workshop has unfortunately been cancelled to the campus shut-down of most in-person events.

Department of Linguistics, University of Calfornia, Berkeley

Friday – Sunday, March 13-15, 2020

Friday, March 13, 3335 Dwinelle

Saturday, March 14, Poole Conference Room (2063 VLSB)

Sunday, March 15, Poole Conference Room (2063 VLSB)

Paranimf: Bill Poser (Yinka Dene Language Institute)

Housing information

We suggest the following Berkeley hotels (more amenities and expense, close to campus):

... and motels or "inns" (fewer frills, sometimes farther from campus):

Another good option may be airbnb. It may be hard to find affordable accommodations at the last minute.

Additional information

This biennial workshop series was developed by Terry Kaufman and Sally Thomason; the first 17 meetings were at Pittsburgh and then Michigan. The 2020 organizing committee is: Alexander Elias, Paula Floro, Andrew Garrett, Teela Huff, Larry M. Hyman, Darya Kavitskaya, Edwin Ko, Myriam Lapierre, Raksit Lau, Zachary O'Hagan. We acknowledge the support of the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics and the Diebold Fund for Indo-European Studies.

Last update: March 9