Spring 2018
Ling 404: Field Methods — Georgetown University
Spring 2018
Ling 411: Phonology 1 — Georgetown University
Fall 2017
Ling 412: Phonology 2 — Georgetown University

Graduate student instructor

Spring 2017
Ling 115: Intro to Phonology and Morphology — UC Berkeley, with Professor Larry Hyman
Fall 2016
Ling R1b: Undergraduate reading and writing course on endangered languages — UC Berkeley
Spring 2015
Ling 120: Intro to Syntax and Semantics — UC Berkeley, with Professor Peter Jenks
Fall 2014
Ling 130: Historical Linguistics — UC Berkeley, with Professor Andrew Garrett


Linguistics Research Apprenticeship Program — UC Berkeley.
— Undergraduate research apprentices paired with linguistics graduate student mentors
1. Online searchable database creation for Guébie (Fall 2014-present)
2. Phonetic cues of stress in Amharic (Spring 2015)


Associate Director of Francophone-based Documentation for Afranaph
Spring 2016
Co-organizer of ACAL 47UC Berkeley.
Summer 2015
Co-editor of the proceedings of BLS 41UC Berkeley.
Spring 2015
Co-organizer of BLS 41UC Berkeley.
Fall 2014-2016
Co-coordinator of Fieldwork ForumUC Berkeley.