Map of Ingushetia in 1931
Source: A. M. Arsharuni and S. G. Gajkuni, Po Ingushetii. Moscow: Molodaja Gvardija, 1931.


The border of the Ingush AO is outlined in vertical hatching. The western border runs west of Vladikavkaz (the city of Vladikavkaz itself, though inside of Ingushetia, is not part of Ingushetia but a separate zone because it is simultaneously the capital of Ingushetia and North Ossetia). The towns of the area to the east of Vladikavkaz (the Prigorodnyj rajon) bear their old names: Angusht (now Tarskoe), Akxi-jurt (now Sunzha), Bazorkino (now Chermen). The names were changed when the Ingush were deported and the area transferred to North Ossetia in 1944. (Vladikavkaz was renamed Ordzhonikidze in 1932 and Vladikavkaz again after 1991.) In the northwest, Ingushetia shares a border with Kabardino-Balkarija. (North Ossetia now extends north across the entire northern border of Ingushetia.) To the east is the Chechen AO, a separate unit of the same political type as the Ingush AO. At the very bottom of the map are the last few letters of "Gruz. SFSR" labeling Georgia (then the Georgian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic).