University of California, Berkeley

May 18-19, 2014


The aim of ABC↔Conference is to bring together key participants in the development of ABC and related areas to address these issues in invited talks, discussion, and an open poster session.





Agreement by Correspondence (ABC) is a theory of similarity-based surface phonological interaction, originally introduced to account for the behavior of long distance consonant assimilation patterns (Walker 2000; Hansson 2001; Rose & Walker 2004; et seq.). Recent years have seen an upsurge in work that extends ABC beyond its originally intended empirical and formal parameters. This growing body of work positions ABC as a potentially powerful framework that can account for vowel harmony, dissimilation patterns, and local segmental interactions. Investigations have reached a point where essential issues about the development of ABC need to be addressed:

  1. the developing architecture of surface correspondence theory;
  2. the extensibility of surface correspondence beyond long distance consonant assimilation;
  3. the relationship between ABC and alternative frameworks based on licensing or autosegmentalism; and
  4. the functional bases, in phonetics or psycholinguistics, underlying surface correspondence and phonological similarity.

Talk handouts, posters, and discussant remarks have been collected in a conference archive, published in the 2014 UC Berkeley Phonology Laboratory Annual Report.


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Invited speakers
Will Bennett (Rhodes)
Sam Bowman (Stanford)
Gunnar Hansson (UBC)
Sharon Inkelas (Berkeley)
Peter Jurgec (Toronto)
Florian Lionnet (Berkeley)
Kevin McMullin (UBC)
Sharon Rose (UCSD)
Stephanie Shih (Berkeley/Stanford)
John Sylak-Glassman (Berkeley)
Rachel Walker (USC)

Invited discussants
Gillian Gallagher (NYU)
Larry Hyman (Berkeley)
Jeff Mielke (N Carolina State)
Jaye Padgett (UCSC)
Rebecca Scarborough (CU Boulder)
Donca Steriade (MIT)
Alan Yu (U Chicago)
Kie Zuraw (UCLA)