Linguistics 158: Computer-aided methods in linguistics
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Berkeley - Spring 1997


  • A tentative schedule for the Project Presentations this week and next is now available.
  • A draft version of the list of computational linguistic resources we'll be using in the class is available.
  • The class meets Tuesdays 2032 Valley LSB and on Thursdays in the Language Microcomputer Facility ("LMF," 21 Dwinelle). Note that LMF and other microcomputer facilities on campus are available for student use at other times. Consult Microcomputer Lab Hours for the times.

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  • Chapter 3 of Jurafsky and Martin may be found at:
  • The new URL for the "parallel" computational linguistics course being taught at the University of Colorado by Dan Jurafsky is:
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    This course is intended for upper division undergraduates and graduate students in Linguistics and related fields. It is intended to teach practical skills in using computers in linguistic research.

    The course will focus on the use of computers in data gathering, linguistic analysis, and dissemination or results.

    Topics covered will include


    Course Structure

    Class meetings: The two class meetings each week will be used for lectures, class discussions, presentation and evaluation of student work, and review of student work in progress. Normally Tuesday meeting will be in the classroom, and the Thursday meetings will be in the computer lab.

    Laboratory hours: Enrolled students will have access to the Language Microcomputer Facility during the Thursday class period. The LMF and other microcomputer facilities on campus are available for student use at other times. Consult Microcomputer Lab Hours for the times.

    Course Website: Course assignments, reading lists, class calendar, and eventually student projects will be available on the Course Website: .

    Course Requirements

    Class Attendance: Enrolled students are expected to attend class meetings and to participate in class presentations and discussions.

    Assignments:Every week or two students will complete a written assignment.

    Final Project:A final project or paper must be turned in by May 1, 1997..

    Required Readings: All students are expected to read the required texts for the course. Other readings, some in paper format and others available on the Web itself, will be required for each assignment.

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