Woodstock Class of 1972
30th Reunion

Blue Ridge Assembly YMCA
Black Mountain, NC
July 5th - 9th, 2002

The following provided by Jen and Ray, and updated and augmented slightly by JB

Who's Coming?

Please respond immediately just to let us know you've gotten this message (apologies if you got it twice). We'll be mailing to everyone else. In just 7 months we'll be meeting once again for our class reunion (30 years, go figure)!

So far we have reservations from the following class members:

We are lacking any kind of address for the following people. Can you help so that we can contact the entire class for the reunion?


We'd like to see as many classmates as possible, of course, so please let us know as soon as possible if you'll be attending, how many people are coming with you, and how many rooms you want.

A $20 deposit per room would be appreciated!

The rooms will cost $210 for the 3 nights of our stay. Meals (no lunches) are $61.50 per adult and $30.75 per child (ages 3-12, under 3 free) for our stay (dinner Friday through breakfast Monday).

The Booklet

Dan Martin has once again graciously volunteered to edit a booklet of autobiographical sketches for our class reunion. With the passage of time, change is inevitable (in fact sometimes change is the only constant in our lives). We'd like to know what's new with you and yours, and you can share it with us by sending your entry to

Dan Martin
5500 Estrellita del Norte, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111-1656


danmartin@aol.com (e-mail is preferred!).

In order to allow Dan to edit and compile the booklet, it would be helpful to submit entries by April 15th. Please also include updated phone numbers, snail-mail addresses, and e-mail.

Other Events and Activities

We'd like to hold an auction at the reunion to benefit Woodstock School, so please think about items to donate to the cause and be prepared to haul them to NC. Could we please hear from anyone willing to organize the donations and be the auctioneer?
Talent show
In the past we had a talent show at the reunion. Anyone interested in strutting their stuff please let us know, and volunteers are needed to coordinate the activities.
Hindustani Khanna
We seem to recall that someone was able to provide Hindustani Khanna at this year's WOSA reunion in Black Mountain. If this rings a bell could you let us know? Otherwise, we'll probably need to go to a restaurant for this long anticipated event.
Woodstock '72 Trivial Pursuit
Do you have any bits of trivia (pictures, items, questions) that we could use for a trivia game? If so, bring them along with a card asking the trivia question, and offering multiple choice answers.
Memorabilia Table
Break out those old yearbooks, photo albums, clothes, class flag (does anyone know where ours is?), toys, books, or anything else you can think of.
Dale Jones has volunteered (was pressed into service) to design the t-shirts, and Mary Ruth has agreed to coordinate printing. We'll be asking all of you, in the spring, how many and what size t-shirts you'll want, so give it some thought!
Soccer, anyone? If you have any other ideas for activities to do while we're together please let us know. And, of course, it would be great if you also volunteereed to organize it!

So, things for you to do:

  1. Let us know you're coming (rekwtfamily@aol.com, 410-461-3689, Ray Kawata, 3421 Font Hill Drive, Ellicott City, MD, 21042-3601)
  2. Send us a deposit
  3. Make your travel reservations (Asheville, NC is the nearest airport)
  4. Dream up an activity and volunteer to organize it let us know what you'll need
  5. Write a bio for our class reunion booklet and send it to Dan (danmartin@aol.com)
  6. Gather up items for the auction

Looking ahead to the 2007 reunion

As you may recall, we are planning to have our 2007 reunion in India. Planning that reunion is going to be a big job, and the sooner it's started the better. So far there have been a couple of volunteers to work on a planning committee, but a committee head (or 2) is needed to get the job started and the volunteers organized. Think about it!