Peter S. E. Jenks

Assistant Professor

Department of Linguistics

UC Berkeley


email: jenks(at)

twitter: @psejenks

human: 1217 Dwinelle Hall

photo by  Stephanie Shih

Recent papers and talks

August 2015

Two kinds of definites in numeral classifier languages. To appear in Proceedings of SALT 25.

June 2015

Mobile object markers in Moro: The role of tone. (with Sharon Rose) Language 91.2: 269-307.

February 2015

Elicitation and documentation of definiteness and quantification. Master class at 4th ICLDC, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. (slides)(questionnaire)

January 2015

Determiners, Bare Nouns, and Donkey Sentences in Numeral Classifier Languages. Talk at the LSA Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon. (handout)