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chánhaayfur exclamation of Coyote when interrupted while raping a girl (T11.24)

ishávaas child of deceased sibling (term of address commonly used by Coyote)

pihnêefha / pihnêefhi- to howl like a coyote ; to make a whooping cry (as in the war dance)

pihnêefich / pihneef- coyote

pihneefích'anamahach coyote pup

shuuuuhuuuu imitation of Coyote's howl

sishanayâamach pretty one having a penis, a name given to Coyote

tishráam ishkuuntíhan by-name for coyote

Dictionary Entry
lexicon ID #4782 | revised Oct 31 2014

pihnêefich / pihneef- N • coyote

Source: WB 1116, p.372; JPH ani 06:650

Note: When compounded with a following element, the form pihneef- is often used, e.g. pihneeftúnviivshas 'little coyotes'.

  • pihnêefich vaa ukúphaanik, panámniik u'ífanik. Coyote did that way, he grew up at Orleans. [Reference: WB T3.1]

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  1. pihnêefich "coyote" (spoken by Lucille Albers)
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  2. pihnêefich "coyote" (spoken by Vina Smith)
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  3. pihnêefich "coyote" (spoken by Shan Davis)
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