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by William Bright and Susan Gehr (© Karuk Tribe)

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áramsip / áramsiipriv- / aramsîiprin- to start three-strand twining (in basketry)

árav / áram- to weave with three strands (in basketry)

asavêehkak The Three Sisters

ikninihkóoch edgewise feathering (of arrows, when three half-blades of feathers are attached edgewise)

ikrírihka / ikrírihku- place edgewise to, as when three half-blades of feathers are attached edgewise to an arrow with their planes parallel

ishvínipich a placename, Three-Dollar Bar

keevkaríhthuuf Three Dollar Bar Creek

kuynáakich only three

kuynákmahich three at a time

kuynakyâanich only three times

kuyraak three

kuyráakan in three places

kuyraakávan three (human)

kuyráktak three-point buck

kuyrákyaan three times

kuyrak'íkyav three deals! (hollered when there are only two counters left, in Indian cards)

Dictionary Entry
lexicon ID #626 | revised Jun 26 2014

asavêehkak N • The Three Sisters

Literally: 'rock standing-on'

Derivation as vêehka-a-ak

Source: WB 146.12, p.322