A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Nettie Ruben: "The Adulterers Discovered" (1957)

Primary participants: Nettie Ruben (speaker), William Bright (researcher)
Date: 1957
Project identifier: WB_KL-39
Publication details: William Bright, The Karok Language (1957), pp. 240-241

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[1] apsunmúnukich    u-kitaxríharahi-tih   
racer.snake    3s(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR   
Western Yellow-Bellied Racer (a snake) was being unfaithful to his wife.

[2] ith'aran-ihrôoha    xákaan    kun-'ásim-tih   
stranger-wife    with.(one.person)    3pl(>3s)   
He was sleeping with another's wife.

[3] xás    t-óo    piip    apsunmúnukich    vúra    púra kára    aapúnm-eesh-ara   
then    PERF-3s(>3)    say    racer.snake    Intensive    nobody    know-FUT-NEG   
And Racer said, "Nobody will find out."

[4] xás    kúkuum    vúra    imáan    t-u-músar   
then    again    Intensive    tomorrow    PERF-3s(>3)-go.see   
So again the next day he went to see her.

[5] pa-'asiktávaan    káru    uum    t-u-vôonupuk   
the-woman    also    3.SG    PERF-3s(>3)   
The woman went out too.

[6] yiimúsich    t-óo    pmah    apsunmúnukich    PERF-3s(>3)    see.again    racer.snake   
She saw Racer a little ways off.

[7] káan    t-u-'uum   
there    PERF-3s(>3)-arrive   
She arrived there.

[8] púya-va    pa-t-óo    kxáramha    pa-'asiktávaan    t-u-'ípak    NOMZ-PERF-3s(>3)    be.night    the-woman    PERF-3s(>3)-come.back   
And when it got dark, the woman returned home.

[9] vúra    púra    húun    kupí-tih-ara   
Intensive    NEG    harmful    do-DUR-NEG   
(It was as if) she was doing no harm.

[10] vúra    yáv    pa-'asiktávaan   
Intensive    good    the-woman   
She was a good woman.

[11] káruma    uum    u-kitaxríharahi-tih   
in.fact    3.SG    3s(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR   
(But) the fact was, she was being unfaithful.

[12] xás    pa-'ávansa    vúra    uum    pu-'aapúnmu-tih-ara   
then    the-man    Intensive    3.SG    NEG-know-DUR-NEG   
And the man (her husband) didn't know.

[13] xás    kári    kúkuum    vúra    imáan        kun-pithvuyrám-eesh   
then    then    again    Intensive    tomorrow    PERF    3pl(>3s)-meet-FUT   
And again the next day they were going to meet.

[14] púya-va    imáan    t-u-vôonupuk    pa-'asiktávaan    tomorrow    PERF-3s(>3)    the-woman   
So the next day the woman went out.

[15] yanav-éek-va    t-u-'áhoo-heen    apsunmúnukich   
one-must-so    PERF-3s(>3)-go-ANT    racer.snake   
She saw Racer coming.

[16] kári    xás    ii    xás    u-piip    vúra    ník    pu-kín-'aapunm-eesh-ap    pa-nu-kitaxríharahi-tih   
then    then    oh!    then    3s(>3)-say    Intensive    a.little    NEG-3>1pl-know-FUT-NEG    NOMZ-1pl(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR   
Then (hearing someone coming) he said, "Oh, they mustn't know that we're being unfaithful!"

[17] kári    xás    u-piip    chími    na-'íshunv-i   
then    then    3s(>3)-say    soon    2s/3s>1s-hide-IMPER   
And he said, "Bury me!"

[18] kári    xás    -yuux    u-xyátap   
then    then    the-dirt    3s(>3)-cover.with   
So she threw dirt on him.

[19] u-'íshunva   
She buried him.

[20] púxay    vúra    kín-'aapunm-eesh-ap   
not.yet    Intensive    3>1pl-know-FUT-NEG   
They were not to know.

[21] kári    xás    pa-'asiktávaan    t-óo    pvâaram   
then    then    the-woman    PERF-3s(>3)    go.back   
Then the woman went back home.

[22] kári    xás    apsunmúnukich    axmáy    u-vôonuprav   
then    then    racer.snake    suddenly    3s(>3)-crawl.up.out   
And suddenly Racer crawled out (prematurely).

[23] xás    kári    ee    kári    xás    kun-piip    uum    apsunmúnukich    t-u-kitaxríharahi-tih   
then    then    oh!    then    then    3pl(>3s)-say    3.SG    racer.snake    PERF-3s(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR   
And (people) said, "Oh, Racer is being unfaithful!"

[24]     kun-'áapunma    p-oo-kitaxríharahi-tih   
PERF    3pl(>3s)-know    NOMZ-3s(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR   
They found out that he was being unfaithful.

[25] kári    xás    apsunmúnukich    u-piip    pa-yaas'ára    u-'iiníshri-haak    víri    pa-'asiktávaan    vaa    u-kupí-ti-haak    u-kitaxríharahi-ti-haak    xáat    káru    u--ti    vúra    pu-'aapúnm-eesh-ap    víri    vaa    vúra    kun-'áapunm-eesh   
then    then    racer.snake    3s(>3)-say    NOMZ-rich.person    3s(>3)-come.into.existence-when    so    NOMZ-woman    so    3s(>3)-do-DUR-when    3s(>3)-be.unfaithful-DUR-when    may    also    3s(>3)-think-DUR    Intensive    NEG-know-FUT-NEG    so    so    Intensive    3pl(>3s)-know-FUT   
Then Racer said, "When Mankind comes into existence, when a woman does this, when she is unfaithful, even though she thinks they won't find out, they will find out like this."