A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Lottie Beck: "Duck Hawk and His Wife" (1957)

Primary participants: Lottie Beck (speaker), William Bright (researcher)
Date: 1957
Project identifier: WB_KL-25
Publication details: William Bright, The Karok Language (1957), pp. 220, Text 25

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[1] á 'iknêechhan    pirishkâarim    muhrôoha   
falcon    grizzly    his.wife   
Duck Hawk's wife was Grizzly Bear.

[2] ka'tim'îin    kun'iin   
Ishi.Pishi.Falls    they.lived   
They lived in Katimin.

[3] á 'iknêechhan    pamu'îin    ukyâanik   
falcon    his.falls   
Duck Hawk made his falls (there).

[4] xás    pa'áraar    poo'îinhiti    víriva    musúrukam    kun'írunaatih   
then    the.people    where.the.falls.were    so    underneath.them    they.were.walking   
And the people traveled behind where the falls were.
(Bright: "That is, the falls were so high, and their top jutted out so far, that it was possible to cross the river by walking underneath them.")

[5] xás    uxús    tishráam    kanvâarami   
then    he.thought    valley   
And he thought, "Let me go to Scott Valley."

[6] xás    káan    askitávaan    utápkuup   
then    there    woman    he.likes   
He liked a woman there.

[7] u'ípak    kúkuum   
he.came.back    again   
He came back again.

[8] vúra    upvâaram   
Intensive    he.went.away.again   
He went away again.

[9] vúra    xára    tusínmoo   
Intensive    long.time    he.has.been.absent   
He was away for a long time.

[10] pâanpay    pirishkâarim    tuthítiv    káan    tu'iimníhva   
after.while    grizzly    she.had.heard    there   
Finally Grizzly Bear heard he was having a love affair there.

[11] xás    kóova    úxviipha    pa'îin    upáktaapsip   
then    so    the.falls   
And she was so mad, she tipped the falls up on one end.
(Bright: "This is the origin of á'uuyich, the hill known in English as Sugarloaf. As stated in sentence 26, this hill is the present-day home of Duck Hawk; see Kroeber, 1946, pp.13-14.")

[12] xás    upvâaram   
then    she.went.away   
Then she went away.

[13] káruma    á 'iknêechhan    u'ípahootih   
in.fact    falcon    he.was.going.back   
The fact was, Duck Hawk was coming back.

[14] tishravará'iivreer    tupikfúkuvraa   
Etna.Mountain    he.climbed.over   
He came over Etna Mountain.

[15] pamu'îin    hôoy    ník    úxaaktih   
his.falls    where    a.little    it.was.making.noise   
There was no sound of his falls.
(Bright: "Lit., 'Where were his falls sounding somewhat?' This is an instance of the way in which Karok uses a question stylistically to express a negative.")

[16] vúra    vaa    u'ípahootih   
Intensive    so    he.was.going.back   
He was coming back like that.

[17] asa'urúh'iivreen    upitshîiprin   
He caught sight of it at asa'urúh'iivreen (a hill near Katimin).

[18] yáh naa    panani'îin        kunpáktaapsipreeheen   
surprise    my.falls    PERF   
"yáh naa, my falls have been tipped up on end."
(Bright: "yáh naa is an interjection occurring only in this text, according to the informant.")

[19] aseeshtákak    u'íipma   
placename    he.returned   
He got to aseeshtákak (a spot near Katimin).

[20] pirishkâarim    tupaatíraa    ka'tim'iinkároom   
grizzly    uphill.and.upriver.from.Katimin   
Grizzly Bear was carrying (her belongings) uphill from Katimin.

[21] xás    uxús    chími    kankúniihki   
then    he.thought    soon   
And he thought, "Let me shoot her!"

[22] âapun    ásak    upathakhíish   
on.the.ground    on.a.rock   
He kneeled down on a rock.

[23] poo'áaksur    pirishkâarim    sáruk    uikyívunih   
when.he.releases.the.arrow    grizzly    downhill    she.fell.downhill   
When he released the arrow, Grizzly Bear fell downhill.

[24] yánava    sáruk    tóo    krivrúuhnih   
visible    downhill    she.has   
He saw her roll downhill.

[25] xás    vaa    vúra    payváheem    pamupathakhíram    káan    kunmáheesh   
then    so    Intensive    nowadays    his.kneeling-place    there   
And nowadays his kneeling-spot can be seen there.

[26] káru    á'iknêechhan    á'uuyichak    ukrii   
also    falcon    at.Sugarloaf    he.lives   
And Duck Hawk lives in Sugarloaf.