A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Phoebe Maddux


(Source: Julian Lang, Ararapikva (1994))

Phoebe Maddux was born and raised at Íshipishi, the village located across the river from Ka'tim'îin. Her Indian name was Imkánvaan, "wild sunflower gatherer." Phoebe Maddux single-handedly helped save vast amounts of Karuk native knowledge through her extensive (more than five years) consulation with John P. Harrington, a linguist working with the Bureau of American Ethnology. Maddux often consulted with elders still living during the mid-1920s, learning songs, specific stories, medicine formulas, and other cultural information. She then transmitted them to Harrington. [His publications based on what she taught him include the 1932 books Karuk Indian myths and Tobacco among the Karuk Indians of California.]

Texts associated with Phoebe Maddux

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Year Title Text ID
1930   Coyote's Journey JPH_KT-05
1929   "Bluejay Myth" JPH_PHM-24-343a
1932   The Name of Tobacco JPH_TKIC-III.2
1932   Black Nightshade JPH_TKIC-III.3
1932   Downslope and Upslope Tobacco JPH_TKIC-III.4
1932   Morphology of the Tobacco Plant: The Plant JPH_TKIC-III.5.A
1932   Sense Characteristics JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.a
1932   Parts of the Tobacco Plant JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.b-g
1932   Leaf JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.h
1932   Gum JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.i
1932   Phases of Flowering JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.j.a1'
1932   Seed JPH_TKIC-III.5.A.k
1932   They Knew That Seeds Will Grow JPH_TKIC-IV.3
1932   But They Never Packed Seeds Home JPH_TKIC-IV.4
1932   Practices Bordering on a Knowledge of Tillage JPH_TKIC-IV.5