A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Fritz Hansen: "Coyote Falls through the Living-House Roof Hole" (1930)

Primary participant: Fritz Hansen (speaker)
Date: 1930
Project identifier: JPH_KT-12
Publication details: J. P. Harrington, International Journal of American Linguistics 6 (1930), p. 159, Text 12
Published text scan:

Note: This text retains Harrington's spelling in some cases. For example, writing double consonants, writing a small y and w for consonants that have these sounds following them, and writing some small words together as one word. Long vowels, ', ch, th, sh, and accent (where possible) are written using the current spelling system.

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uknii. pihnêeffich vookúphaan'nik ôok ithivthanéen'aachip. uum vúra vookupitti', patóo kxáramha kári tóo pchanchákkar, káru patusúpaaha kári kyúkkuum tu'êetchúrar, patusúpaaha', tuchánchaaksurar patusúpaaha'. uum vúra vaa hitíhaan ukupítti'.

Ukni. Coyote did this, here at the world center. He [Coyote] was doing that way, was closing evenings the living-house roof hole and mornings opened it up, when morning came, opened it when morning came. That was his job.


chavúra pâanpay ithâan poosúpaaha, xás uchánchaaksurar. xás uxus: " ti kanítnuupnihi'." yánava îinâak ifápiit úyruuvriv.

Then after a while one morning, then he opened it. He thought: "I am going to look in!" Behold inside he saw a maiden lying.


xás úxrar pihnêeffich. "akée. tanapíkriivrav. akée. kiri a' u'íthimship. chimi kyanpakúriihvi'. kíri a' u'íthimship."

Then Coyote cried. "Ouch. I got hurt. Ouch. Would that she would lie stomach up. Let me sing. Would that she lie stomach up."


Coyote's Song as He Descended

"káp káp, sishíxrup, "káp káp, sishíxrup."

"Káp káp, sishíxrup, Káp káp, sishíxrup."


ta'íttam a' u'íththimshipreeheen. "íii. akée." ta'íttam pihnêeffich úkyiimnupriheen chanchaaksúrak. "íii. akée. akée. ôok ichvánnihich." "akee." vura tukoohímmach'va. vaa vúra káan kunpiftákkantun'va.

Then she turned stomach up. "Oh. Ouch." Then Coyote fell through the living-house roof hole. "Oh. Ouch. Ouch. Get closer to me," [Coyote said]. "Ouch." She felt sorry for him. The two got stuck together there.


púya uum vookuphaanik pihnêeffich. kupánnakanakana. chéemyaach ík vúr ishyâat imshîinnaavish.

Coyote did this. Kupannakanakana. Shine early, Spring Salmon, hither up river.