A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Chester Pepper: "Coyote Tries to Reach the Sun" (1957)

Primary participants: Chester Pepper (speaker), William Bright (researcher)
Date: 1957
Project identifier: WB_KL-12
Publication details: William Bright, The Karok Language (1957), pp. 198-199, Text 12

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vaa ukúphaanik pihnêefich uum. mâam pakúusra tuváruprav. uxútih, " kumâam úkrii, pakúusrah." xás uxútih, " vaa tá káan úkrii, pakúusrah." pookfúkuvraa, yánava ithyáruk xás tuváruprav pakúusrah. chavúra pumahára, hôoy poo'aramsîiprivtih. víriva pihnêefich ukúphaanik.

Coyote did this way. The sun rose just uphill. He thought, "The sun is just uphill from here." He thought, "The sun's right there." When he climbed up over (the ridge), he saw the sun was rising across (above the next ridge). In the end he didn't find where it came from. Coyote did that.