A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Chester Pepper: "Coyote's Gambling Song" (1957)

Primary participants: Chester Pepper (speaker), William Bright (researcher)
Date: 1957
Project identifier: WB_KL-13
Publication details: William Bright, The Karok Language (1957), pp. 198-201, Text 13
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Note: Bright: "The content of this story suggests that it is actually a medicine formula, to be recited by gamblers for good luck. It lacks, however, a closing remark to the effect that 'Mankind will do likewise,' which is a usual part of such formulas."

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vaa kunkúphaanik, ithâan. peekxaréeyav yíchakanach koovúra kunpamfipishniháyaacha. kunpavyíhishrihanik. kári xás kunxútih, " chími núthtiitvunaa." ta'ítam kuníthtiitvunaa.

They did this way once. The gods all gathered together. They had assembled. And they thought, "Let's gamble." So they gambled.


pâanpay vaa tá kunkúupha. ápapkam tá kinchífich. vúra koovúra tá kunpaxeepáyaachha, pamukún'uup. vúra tá kinchífich.

Finally they did this way. One side beat them (on the other side). They won all their property from them. They beat them.


xánahichvari axmáy u'áhoo, pihnêefich. ta'ítam kuntáriheen. xás upiip, " naa vúra ninipákuri nipakúriihveesh, pani'éethkaanvahaak." ta'ítam u'éethkaanvaheen. ta'ítam upakurîihvaheen. "ayiyihanijanee hanijaaneeya."

In a little while, suddenly Coyote came. So they dealt him the "cards". And he said, "I'm going to sing my song as I shuffle the 'cards'." So he shuffled the "cards". And he sang. "ayiyihanijanee hanijaaneeya."


chavúra koovúra ixráam upikyafipáyaachha, pa'ípa kóo kinpáxeepat. peekxaréeyav vúra ixráam upikyafipáyaachha. kári xás upvôonsip. xás ta'ítam u'ípahooheen. púya vaa vúra kich.

Finally he won back all the stakes, as much as they had won away. He won back the stakes from the gods. Then he got up. And he went on again. So that's all.