A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Domains: Kinship

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ákah "father" [dictionary entry]

áraar "human ; person ; Indian" [dictionary entry]

áraar "relative ; kin" [dictionary entry]

-'aramah "child" [dictionary entry]

atishpíyaan "great-grandparent ; great-grandchild" [dictionary entry]

ávan "husband" [dictionary entry]

axiich "child" [dictionary entry]

cháas "younger brother" [dictionary entry]

chíish "younger sister" [dictionary entry]

ihrôoha "wife" [dictionary entry]

ipkiitpíyaan "female great-grand-relative through woman" [dictionary entry]

keechxâach "widow (old)" [dictionary entry]

kîit "maternal grand-relative through woman" [dictionary entry]

kústaan "sister ; female cousin" [dictionary entry]

táat "mother" [dictionary entry]

típah "brother ; male cousin" [dictionary entry]

túnviiv "children" [dictionary entry]