A Dictionary and Text Corpus of the Karuk Language

Domains: Mammals

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âanxus "weasel" [dictionary entry]

áchakich "puppy" [dictionary entry]

achnaat "rat" [dictionary entry]

akvaat "raccoon" [dictionary entry]

ákviish "wildcat" [dictionary entry]

amváamvaan "otter" [dictionary entry]

apraax "fox sp." [dictionary entry]

axraas "gopher" [dictionary entry]

áxruuh "gray squirrel" [dictionary entry]

áxthaay "ground squirrel" [dictionary entry]

chínim "skunk sp." [dictionary entry]

chishiih "dog ; horse" [dictionary entry]

ikxâavnamich "wolf" [dictionary entry]

íshyuux "elk" [dictionary entry]

kaschiip "porcupine ; porcupine quills" [dictionary entry]

músmus "cow ; cattle" [dictionary entry]

nákish "pig" [dictionary entry]

nupnúpanach "fawn" [dictionary entry]

páy sáruk "otter" [dictionary entry]

pihnêefich "coyote" [dictionary entry]

púsihich "cat (dimin.)" [dictionary entry]

púufich "deer" [dictionary entry]

sahíshyuuxach "rabbit" [dictionary entry]

sahpihnîich "beaver" [dictionary entry]

sámsuuy "brown bear" [dictionary entry]

síit "mouse" [dictionary entry]

vírusur "bear" [dictionary entry]

yupthúkirar "panther ; mountain lion" [dictionary entry]

yuraschíshiih "horse" [dictionary entry]