American English Pronunciation Workbook

Examples of the Vowel [æ]

Primary Stress

1.   [æn]

and she'll come in and she'll flop down in a chair

2.   [bæd]

casting off authority and that kind of stuff it was about someone making a bad choice

3.   [bæk]

i go back and now i just don't like it anymore

4.   [pæs]

he never did pass the reading and the writing he passed everything else but

5.   [hæd]

had for

6.   [hæv]

it's the most important freedom we have

7.   [ʤækɪʔt]

tweed jacket

8.   [hæpɛn]


9.   [næʧɹəl]

the natural

10.   [sæmpl̩]

collecting data for a hundred uh the the entire population of the entire universe you you're working with a sample trying to

11.   [ækʃən]

i think he's into scary action

12.   [æftɚ]

after her the whole time the minute she walks in the door yknow

13.   [æftɚ]

like after her two boys were almost grown up

14.   [æfdɚ]

yeah yeah i applied for it and went after it aggressively

15.   [æftə]

after the baby comes she will need to work

16.   [æfʧɹi]

they're not after you

17.   [æɾɪtud]

away from the professional attitude

18.   [ænəml̩s]

herself she's really good with with kids maybe second third grade she's so into animals and so into

19.   [ækʃuli]

yeah my roommate actually had that teacher and

20.   [ækʃəli]


21.   [fæmli]

um my family personally my parents uh

22.   [fæmɪ]

indeed is gonna take away from family i

23.   [pɚhæps]

for me i would have stayed perhaps but

24.   [ɪɡsækli]

i don't know exactly how to explain it

Secondary Stress

25.   [mæθmæɾɪks]

in school they changed the way they were doing their mathematics

26.   [kɑntæk]

kept in contact with them i think

27.   [pɹoʊɡɹæm]

called the gateway program

28.   [æbsəluʔtli]


Function words

29.   [æm]

as i am i don't

30.   [æz]

as a sort of ohio representative

31.   [æz]

as a whole we've all

32.   [æʔt]

i can't see them actually looking at like

33.   [æt]


34.   [ðæt]

that comes back to the lack of our morals and the lack of

© 2011 Keith Johnson & Erin Diehm