Examples of the Vowel []

Primary Stress

1.   [deɪt]

on a date

2.   [neɪm]

have my kid have his last name and i was like

3.   [meɪʤɚ]

in deep space nine they had major kira who was a soldier

4.   [fɹeɪt]

the ability to over night freight things uh

5.   [meɪd]

we have definitely made some progress in that direction

6.   [ɡɹeɪt]

that would be great

7.   [weɪb]

it's like a tidal wave they get caught up and they can't resist the direction that's being put or they are being pushed

8.   [teɪps]

just mount tapes uh

9.   [pɚsweɪsɪf]

and is it persuasive

10.   [pɹɪveɪɛl]

under the conditions that had to prevail i was treated well enough

11.   [speɪs]

have some space

12.   [ðeɪ]

uh so they sent me the award saying that they decided in their favor and all that crap well

13.   [steɪʔt]

it's for the entire state

14.   [feɪzd]

phased out

15.   [teɪsts]

i have extremely expensive tastes

16.   [leɪzi]

these lazy a lazy union as representative

17.   [leɪɾɚ]

a week later something like that and uh

18.   [leɪɾɚ]

and they'll ease up later on

19.   [meɪkɪŋ]

yknow making your workers

20.   [meɪkɪŋ]

i'm actually making more money right now in

21.   [meɪkɪn]

people asking me for that and i mean it turns out pretty nice i'm making

22.   [teɪkɪm]

was taken from the earth

23.   [mɪsteɪk]

if you did drugs okay everyone might experiment or try or make a mistake

24.   [kəmpleɪn]

i can't complain

25.   [meɪzɪŋ]

i know and isn't it amazing

26.   [kəmpleɪn]

black leaders would meet with him once a week and then they'd come out and hold this press conference and complain about he didn't do this for blacks and he didn't do

27.   [km̩junɪkeɪʃɪn]

inter communication

28.   [kɑnfɚmeɪʃɪn]

um they're not able to give the sacramental graces for baptism confirmation

Secondary Stress

29.   [mɑɾɚɹeɪɾɪŋ]

uh i think it's moderating somewhat

30.   [kænɪdeɪɾ]

overtly and said yknow support candidate a over candidate b

31.   [ɛɹpleɪnz]

yknow you'll see larger airplanes when it's

32.   [tineɪʤɚ]

kid too when i was teenager like always wanted to kill myself and stuff

33.   [ɹɛzəneɪʔt]

and the structure of it makes the sound resonate like crazy

34.   [hɑlədeɪs]

these kids don't get well just because it's the holidays

35.   [mɛɾɪkeɪɾ]

medicaid i think

36.   [stɛɹkeɪs]

walk up there's like some sorta staircase and you can actually walk up to

37.   [eɪtin]


38.   [səndeɪ]

yknow there are people that'd just go on sunday mornings there are people who just go on easter there are people who

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