Examples of the Vowel [ɔɪ]

Primary Stress

1.   [ɔɪl̩]


2.   [bɔɪ]

a neighbor boy

3.   [bɔɪ]

some boy

4.   [bɔɪ]

lets it get away she lets him be a little rough because he's a boy but

5.   [bɔɪ]

oh boy like

6.   [bɔɪz]

i really didn't because i felt like i was in love with these boys

7.   [ʧɔɪs]

choice there if you want the news you're gonna get it one way or the other but on the web you can go somewhere else

8.   [tɔɪz]

we would go like to toys r us

9.   [nɔɪs]

they'd start driving around around ten thirty try and bust them for noise

10.   [ʧɔɪs]

no no they take no they take the money whether you're in it or not you have no choice you have a choice as to whether you're a member or not but they still take the money

11.   [pɔɪʔt]

difficulty at that point

12.   [pɔɪnʔt]

navy seals then females from a biological stand point

13.   [pɔɪns]

five points to pass

14.   [vɔɪsɪs]

whether they were voices from the inside

15.   [ənɛmplɔɪmɛn]

yknow very high unemployment like council

16.   [ənɛmplɔɪmɛnʔt]

yknow they get unemployment because once they've had a kid even if they're not

17.   [ənɔɪɪŋ]

so that's really annoying too

18.   [tɔɪlɪʔt]

he cleans the toilet too because he's a boy and boys

19.   [bɔɪfɹɛnt]

boyfriend for um

20.   [bɔɪfɹɛn]

she is twenty two and she lives with her boyfriend

21.   [divɔɪst]

completely devoiced in america because of the effects of the cold war

22.   [pɔɪzn̩z]

poisons used in it is like rat poison or something like that

23.   [lɔɪəlti]

you you'll have more loyalty i would think

24.   [ɪnʤɔɪd]

reading and playing with stuff like that they they enjoyed yknow so

25.   [dɪʃʧɹɔɪɪŋ]

uh this kinds of thing is being developed on the peripheral of the cities is just totally destroying those

© 2011 Keith Johnson & Erin Diehm