Linguistics 110 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology

Autumn, 2013

Keith Johnson

Welcome to the Linguistics 110 homepage. Many of the handouts that you want to find (including lecture notes, slides, and homework assignments) are linked from the course syllabus. Below on this page you will find course materials, important dates, an example of a really good term paper from a previous year, the webpage that accompanies our texbook A Course in Phonetics, and links to other useful web pages.

We use bspace to deliver weekly quizzes (on Wednesdays) and keep the gradebook for this course. Use bspace to keep on top of the assignments that are required in 110! If you have suggestions about how to make the course more "user-friendly" please let me know.

Also, if you find broken links or outdated or misleading information on this page, please send me an email.

Course materials

The course syllabus has links to all of the handouts and lecture slides, as well as some section handouts, and the homework assignments.

Get a detailed description of the course project

Get a copy of a final exam from a previous year..

Important dates

Sept. 11 Homework 1 is due.
Sept. 16 Homework 2 is due.
Sept. 23 Course project interim report is due.
Sept. 30 Homework 3 is due.
Oct. 14-18 Production exam (by appointment).
Oct. 21 Midterm exam.
Oct. 28 Homework 4 is due.
Nov. 25 Homework 5 is due.
Dec. 13, 5 pm. Term Paper is due.
Dec. 19, 7-10 pm    Final Exam (location TBA)

Course in Phonetics

Visit the Course in Phonetics web page for sound files and movies related to A Course in Phonetics and much more.

Example term paper

Here are two examples of exceptionally good term project reports.
Will Chang project report
Daniel Bruhn project report
(many thanks to Will and Daniel for granting permission to post their papers here).

Other helpful links

Acoustic Phonetics

1. Download WaveSurfer - an open sourse tool for sound visualization and manipulation. I like this one better than Praat.

2. Or download the Praat speech analysis software package.

3. Check out Keith Johnson's youtube channel.

Phonetic Transcription

1. The IPA website has a great tool for listening to the sounds of the IPA.

2. Hear Peter Ladefoged demonstrate the sounds on the IPA chart.

3. Here's a link to voice coach Paul Meier's IPA charts.

4. Get the SIL IPA phonetic fonts.

5. See the Course in Phonetics "extras" page for phonetic illustrations from around the world, extra transcription exercises, and MRI and ultrasound movies of the speaking vocal tract.