Linguistics 113
Spring, 2014

Keith Johnson, 1222 Dwinelle Hall
Office hours: Mondays 1:30-2:30, and by appointment.

Time:MWF 10-11A         Location: 85 Evans Hall
Course Code: 52405        No. of Units: 3

This course focusses on some practical experimental methods that we use in studying speech production and perception. The research methods that we will explore include audio recording, acoustic speech analysis, recording and interpreting speech air flow and pressure, static palatography, speech synthesis, and the design of perception tests. In addition, students get some training in writing up experimental results for publication.

What I expect you to do for this class: reading assignments; in-class participation; homework assignments; a final course paper.

Final grades will be based on:

Homework assignments:
Homework for this course takes the form of short exercises in using the methods that are introduced in the class. I expect to have some homework for you every week, and we will be spending time in class doing comparable exercises.
Final Paper:
The final paper for the course should use one or more of the experimental methods introduced in the class. The successful paper will test a phonetic hypothesis and be written as a scientific report.