Ling 5 - Introduction to Language and Linguistics introduces students to the main methods and results of linguistics, with an emphasis on their practical value in ordinary life. This course is a general survey of the field of linguistics. Students are introduced to a wide range of data from diverse languages to basic principles of linguistic analysis.

Ling 110 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology - is is an introduction to phonetics and phonology for advanced undergraduate linguistics majors, for first year linguistics graduate students, and for graduate students in allied language, literature and culture departments.

Ling 113 - Experimental Phonetics provides students with hands-on experience in methods of experimental phonetic research, including audio recording, acoustic speech database construction, recording and interpreting speech air flow and pressure, static palatography, speech synthesis, and the design of perception tests. In addition, students recieve training in writing up experimental results for publication.

Ling 210 - Phonetic Theory is a survey of selected theories and ideas in phonetics. The emphasis is on reading the primary research literature with an eye toward designing studies that effectively address theoretical questions.


Undergraduate courses

Introduction to Language -- Ohio State (1983-88); Berkeley (2013-2014)

Introduction to Phonetics -- Indiana (1990); UCLA (1991); University of Oklahoma (2001); Ohio State (1993-2004); UC Berkeley (2005-present)

Experimental Phonetics -- UCLA (1991); UC Berkeley (2005-present)

Introduction to Phonology -- Ohio State (2000)

Undergraduate research seminar -- UCLA (1991); University of Oklahoma (2001)

Graduate courses

Phonetic Theory -- UCLA (1991); Ohio State (1993-2004); UC Berkeley (2005-present)

Laboratory Phonology -- Ohio State (1993-2004)

Quantitative Methods in Linguistics -- Ohio State (1998, 2001); UC Berkeley (2005)

Psycholinguistics -- Ohio State (1999); UC Berkeley (2014)

Field Phonetics -- Ohio State (2000)

Methods in Phonological Analysis - UC Berkeley (2005-2007)

Graduate Seminars

1993 - Instrumental articulatory phonetics.
1994 - Talker normalization in speech perception.
1995 - Advanced acoustic phonetics.
1996 - Phonological parsing.
1997 - Speech perception in exemplar-based models of perception.
1998 - Phonetic invariance.
1999-2000 - The role of speech perception in phonology (with Beth Hume).
2003 - Frequency effects in phonology and phonetics (with Beth Hume).
2005 - Phonetic deletion and auditory word processing.
2007 - Phonological Learning (with Sharon Inkelas).