Lev David Michael

Department of Linguistics

University of California, Berkeley


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Last updated: 29 June 2015


Berkeley Courses

Spring 2014: Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics), Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2014: Linguistics 170 (Grammar, History and Sociolinguistics of Matsigenka), Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2014: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 222 (Linguistic Typology)

Fall 2013: Linguistics 3 (Understanding Human Linguistic Diversity), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2013: Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics)

Fall 2012: Linguistics 290A (Syntax and Semantics of Amazonian Languages; co-taught with Line Mikkelsen)

Spring 2012: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II), Linguistics 255 (Sociocultural Linguistics)

Fall 2011: Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2011: Sabbatical

Fall 2010: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics)

Spring 2010: Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II), Linguistics 245 (Anthropological Linguistics)

Fall 2009: Linguistics 240A (Field Methods I)

Spring 2009: Linguistics 150 (Sociolinguistics), Linguistics 240B (Field Methods II)

Fall 2008: Linguistics 100 (Introduction to Linguistic Science), Linguistics 250B (Language Contact)

Special Courses

LSA Institute, July 2015: Amazonian Languages

ICLDC Masterclass, February 2015: Evidentiality

LSA Institute, August 2009: Verbal Art


Dissertations directed

Jessica Cleary-Kemp. Serial Verb Constructions Revisited: A Case Study from Koro. (2015)

Stephanie Farmer. Establishing reference in Máíhɨ̃ki. (2015)

Zachary O'Hagan. TBA. (in progress)

Kelsey Neely. TBA. (in progress)

Marilola Perez. Cavite Chabacano Philippine Creole Spanish: Description and Typology. (in progress)

Tammy Stark. Person marking and alignment in Caribbean Northern Arawak; Co-chair: Line Mikkelsen. (in progress)

Dissertation committees

Ana Paula Brandão. A reference grammar of Paresi-Haliti (Arawak). (Chair: Patience Epps; UT Austin, 2014)

Roslyn Burns. TBA. (Chair: Gary Holland, in progress)

Natalia Chousou-Polydouri. From Spiders to Languages: a Phylogenetic Journey. (Chair: Rosemary Gillespie, 2014)

Rebecca Cover. Aspect, Modality, and Tense In Badiaranke. (Chair: Line Mikkelsen, 2010)

Erin Coyne. Coming Down From the Mountain: Dialect Contact and Convergence in Contemporary Hutsulshchyna. (Chair: Johanna Nichols, 2014)

Nicholas Emlen. Language and Coffee in a Trilingual Matsigenka-Quechua-Spanish Frontier Community on the Andean-Amazonian Borderland of Southern Peru. (Chair: Bruce Mannheim; University of Michigan, 2014)

Cynthia Hansen. Expressing reality status through word order: Iquito irrealis constructions in typological perspective. (Chair: Profs. Nora England and Patience Epps, UT Austin; 2011)

Brock Imel. TBA. (Chair: Mairi McLaughlin, in progress)

Iksoo Kwon. Viewpoints in the Korean Verbal Complex: Evidence, Perception, Assessment, and Time. (Chair: Eve Sweetser, 2012)

I-Wen Lai. Time in the Iquito Language. (Chair: Nora England; UT Austin, 2009)

Elena Mihas. Essentials of Ashéninka Perené grammar. (Chair: Edith Moravscik; University of Wisconson, Milwaukee, 2010)

Eric Prendergast. Borrowing Balkan Syntax: The Structure and Development of Determiner Omission in Albanian, Aromanian, and Macedonian. (Chair: Line Mikkelsen, in progress)

Kamala Russell. TBA. (Chair: Bill Hanks, in progress)

Dissertation Examiner

Sonja Gipper. Evidentiality and intersubjectivity in Yurakaré: An interactional account. (Promotoren: Stephen Levinson and Pieter Muysken; Co-Promotor: Rik Van Gijn; Radboud Universiteit, 2012)

BA and MA theses advised

Andrés Garcia Molina. The Sound Tactics of Upper Putumayo Shamans. (MA thesis, 2014)

Elizabeth Goodrich. Máíjɨ̠ki in the community of Vuelto a Nacer: The role of language ideologies in a situation of language shift and their effect on language revitalization. (BA thesis, 2014)

Grace Neveu. Spatial relations in Máíjɨ̠̀kì. (BA thesis, 2013)

Zachary O'Hagan. Proto-Omagua-Kokama: Grammatical Sketch and Prehistory. (BA thesis, 2011)

Tammy Stark. Grammaticalization and Polyfunctionality in Omagua. (BA thesis, 2010)

Briana Van Epps. Noun Classes in the Kampan Languages: Contemporary Patterns and Historical Origins. (BA thesis, 2010)

Vivian Wauters. Clause-linking in Omagua. (BA thesis, 2010)