UC, Berkeley - Linguistics

Ling 100 - Introduction to Linguistic Science - spring 2006

Final announcement - 5/16/06

We have graded your finals and assigned course grades. We thank you for the semester and wish you a warm and enjoyable summer.


Line Mikkelsen • e-mail: mylastname ât berkeley døt edu
Office: 1210 Dwinelle • Office hours: M 1-2, F 10:30-11:30 • Class: MWF 9-10am, 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building

Graduate Student Instructors

Christian DiCanio • e-mail: mylastname ât berkeley døt edu
Office: 1310 Dwinelle • Office hours: W 2-3 & F 1-2 • Sections: W 3-4, 179 Dwinelle & F 11-12, 35 Evans & F 2-3, 106 Dwinelle

Maziar Toosarvandani • e-mail: the_letter_m+mylastname ât berkeley døt edu
Office: 1310 Dwinelle • Office hours: Tu 1-2 & Th 12-1 • Sections: W 11-12, 201 Wheeler & W 2-3, 210 Dwinelle & Th 2-3, 104 Dwinelle

Course description

This course aims to do four things: i) teach you something about language, ii) teach you how to draw generalizations based on accurate and concise observations about linguistic data, iii) teach you how to reason analytically and how to provide explanations for an observed pattern, and iv) provide you with training in writing up your observations, analyses, and explanations.



Will appear here in pdf format as they get handed out in class.

Special fonts

If you would like to put the International Phonetic Alphabet font on your computer, you may download one (of many) of the fonts from the following websites:

For those of you who are more savvy, the following are links to additional, assorted IPA fonts as well as how to insert IPA in html:

If you plan on typing in IPA, then please be aware that Microsoft Office 2004 (for mac) does not recognize IPA fonts. You must use some other type of word processing program if you wish to use IPA in your assignments (like Neooffice). Or, try one of the following unicode IPA fonts:

If you use LaTex, the TIPA package contains the IPA fonts.

Links to additional resources

An announcement regarding the final - 5/12/06

The final takes place on Saturday May 13, 8AM-11AM in 230 Hearst Gymnasium.

An announcement regarding the final - 5/10/06

Since you asked us to, we have created a sample final which will help prepare for the real thing.

An announcement regarding homework 9 - 4/16/06

Part B of Homework 9 requires you to use constituency tests. One of these, pseudo-clefting, is not covered in Language Files, though it has been discussed in section. To complement your notes on this test from section, I wrote up a brief description of pseudo-clefting and how it works as a constituency test.

An announcement regarding the midterm - 3/20/06

Due to an unusual grade distribution on the original midterm, we are offering the possibility of handing in an addendum to the midterm on Wednesday March 22. The optional addendum is available in pdf format here

An announcement regarding the handout on Burmese - 2/23/06

There was a typo in the version of the handout posted yesterday. It has been fixed and the corrected handout is available here

An announcement regarding office hour - 2/22/06

LM's office hour on Friday 2/24 will be pushed 30 minutes back to 10-11.

An announcement regarding section 104 - 2/13/06

Section 104 (Wednesday 3-4) will now be held in 2311 Tolman, instead of 179 Dwinelle.

An announcement regarding office hour - 2/13/06

LM's office hour moved to 1:30-2:30 on Monday 2/13/06.

An announcement regarding the handout on engma - 2/10/06

There is a type in the handout on English engma: the publication year of Elphinston's book is 1765, not 1965.

An announcement regarding office hour - 1/27/06

Line's office hour will be pushed to 11-12 (today only).

An announcement regarding reading - 1/26/06

On the syllabus it says to read Files 3.1-3.3 this week. Please also read File 3.4

An announcement regarding enrollment - 1/17/06

The class is currently oversubscribed with a waitlist. Missed attendance at lecture or* missed attendance at section during the first two weeks of the semester or* failure to hand in the first homework will result in registered/waitlisted students being dropped from the class.

* We really do mean or: if you meet only one, let alone more than one of these conditions, you will be dropped.