The Berkeley Phonetics & Phonology Forum ("Phorum") is a weekly talk and discussion series featuring presentations on all aspects of phonology and phonetics.


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Sarah Bakst

Matt Faytak

Berkeley Phonetics and Phonology Forum

Schedule of Talks for Fall 2014

September 22 -

Ronald Sprouse and Keith Johnson (UC Berkeley)
The Berkeley Phonetics Machine

Abstract coming soon

Previous Meetings

September 8 -

Myfany Turpin (University of Queensland)
Linguistic fieldwork and song

Jointly hosted by Phorum and FForum


September 15 -

Megha Sundara (UCLA)
Phonetic similarity biases phonological learning in infants

Researchers have suggested that learners are biased to prefer phonological mappings between sounds that are phonetically similar (Steriade, 2001; Peperkamp et al., 2006; Wilson, 2006; White, 2014). We tested this claim in one artificial language study and one natural language study involving 12-month-old infants. Our results demonstrate that infants generalize phonological learning in ways that are not predicted from the input alone and sometimes even fail to learn patterns available in their input. These findings show that input statistics alone cannot account for how infants learn phonological alternations. Instead, phonological learning is biased by a preference for alternations involving phonetically similar segments.