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Phonetics & Phonology Forum is a weekly talk and discussion series featuring presentations on all aspects of phonology and phonetics.

Meeting Place & Time

Mondays, 12:00-1:00pm
46 Dwinelle


Yuni Kim
yuni at berkeley dot edu

Shira Katseff
skatseff at berkeley dot edu

Fall 2006

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September 11

Discussion of John J. McCarthy (2006), "Candidates and Derivations in Optimality Theory", led by Marc Ettlinger.

September 18

Discussion of "Phase Transitions in a Repetitive Speech Task as Gestural Recomposition" by Kenneth de Jong, Byung-jin Lim & Kyoko Nagao (2006) and "Gestural overlap and recoverability: Articulatory evidence from Georgian" by Ioana Chitoran, Louis Goldstein & Dani Byrd (to appear). Sam Tilsen will lead discussion.

September 25

Discussion of "Turbid output representations and the unity of opacity" by Matt Goldrick (2000) and "Derived Environment Effects and Consistency of Exponence by Marc van Oostendorp (2006). Teresa McFarland will lead discussion.

October 2

Discussion of "Encoding of pitch in the human brainstem is sensitive to language experience" by Ananthanarayan Krishnan, Yisheng Xu, Jackson Gandour & Peter Cariani (2005). Keith Johnson will lead discussion.

October 16 - Kazumi Maniwa: "Acoustics and Perception of Clear Fricatives"

October 23 - Grant McGuire: "Perceptual Learning and Perceptual Cues"

October 30 - Molly Babel: "Global talker characteristics and judgments of gay-sounding speech"

November 6 - Meghan Sumner: "Some projects on the interface of the Ps (phonetics, phonology, and psycholinguistics"

November 13 - Rebecca Piorkowski, Johns Hopkins University: "Undoing Phonological Assimilation in Auditory Lexical Recognition: Evidence for Phonological Interference"

November 20 - Abby Kaplan, UC Santa Cruz: "English Postnasal Stop Deletion: *NT vs. *ND"

November 27 - Scott Myers, UT Austin: "Vowel duration in Finnish: A production study"

December 4 - Arto Anttila, Stanford University: "Variation and Opacity in Singapore English Consonant Clusters"