Who am I?

Thanks for asking. I'm

  • a Linguist, working on Chinese and comparative Sino-Tibetan
  • a specialist in Eastern Han Dynasty Chinese lexicography (Shuo Wen Jie Zi)
  • working to digitize and analyse ancient Chinese texts
  • a researcher in Linguistics at UC Berkeley
  • STEDT Project Manager and webmaster
  • into corpora and phonological analyses
  • into computerized lexicography and Big Databases
  • into C, Perl, Unicode, Wenlin, and XML (not necessarily in that order)
  • a typographer, Adobe CIDFont developer

Brief Topochronology:

  • PhD in Linguistics, UC Berkeley (May 2003)
  • MA in Linguistics, UC Berkeley (May 2000).
  • Doctoral Student, UC Berkeley, Linguistics Department ('98-'03).
  • California resident, since '98;
  • Palo Alto ('98);
  • Oakland ('98-'02).
  • Berkeley ('02-).
  • The Younger Male Sibling Connection

    My brother Greg (center) is an Industrial Designer with Carrol Design.
    My brother Michael (left) is a Real Computer Programmer.

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