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Russell Rhodes

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Linguistics
1203 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720


A (very) little about me

I am a PhD candidate in the linguistics department at the University of California, Berkeley.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in phonology. In particular, I am interested in the roles similarity (articulatory, perceptual, and structural) and locality play in shaping phonological systems. I am currently addressing this issue in my dissertation which, among other things, is looking at the relevance and irrelevance of glides in vowel harmony systems.

Additionally, I am interested in the effect that early language exposure has on the phonological systems of heritage language speakers. I have pursued this topic in research focussing on heritage speakers of Mandarin with Charles Chang, Erin Haynes, and Yao Yao.

For copies of handouts, slides, and papers, see research.

home | research | service/employment

by Russell Rhodes
with a considerable (and obvious) debt owed to Russell Lee-Goldman