How to use the collection

The Survey archive room
The Survey archive room

Whether you are trying to find resources that you are planning to come in and look at in person or resources that you would like to view online — or, if you are just curious what we have! — the place to start is the California Language Archive catalog.

Searching the California Language Archive catalog

You can find material in the California Language Archive in two ways:

  • Explore the map: Use an interactive map interface to find resources and explore the geographic coverage of the archive's contents.
  • Search the catalog: Use a text search to find the collector, depositor, or language consultant you are interested in.

Viewing resources in person

One way of viewing a resource is to come into our office, and we can help you to find it. Due to staffing constraints, however, we have limited regular open hours. We are happy to open the archive by appointment for interested visitors from tribal, heritage, and academic communities; please send us an email to arrange a meeting time. Let us know in your email what your main goals are, and which specific material you are most interested in consulting.

Viewing resources online

An ever increasing amount of the written resources in our collection can be viewed online as high quality scans. Occasionally audio materials are also available for online listening. If a resource is available online, the number of available digital images or audio files will be listed in the CLA search results.

In order to view these images or listen to audio online, you must accept our terms of use. You will be prompted to do so the first time you attempt to access any digital materials.