Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop

The cover of Proceedings of the First Yuman Languages Workshop
The cover of Proceedings of the First Yuman Languages Workshop

Proceedings of the First Yuman Languages Workshop
(1976, University Museum Studies, Volume 7)
Edited by James E. Redden

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1-9Syntactic diversity in Diegueño dialects[PDF]
Margaret Langdon
10-17Diegueño case marking: Conditions of optionality[PDF]
Larry Gorbet
18-28The Cocopa auxiliary verb ya·, be located, happen[PDF]
James M. Crawford
29-34Oblique and non-oblique surface case in Kiliwa syntax[PDF]
Mauricio J. Mixco
35-44Yuman *t[PDF]
Donald E. Crook
45-54The reduction of idú: Be in Mohave[PDF]
Judith C. Crawford
55-62Mojave modals[PDF]
Pamela Munro
63-70The say auxiliary in Maricopa: Some notes and speculations[PDF]
Henry O. Harwell
71-77Not, in Yuman, I say[PDF]
Carol E. Slater
78-87Kwtsaan lyvii as an enclitic[PDF]
Susan Norwood
88-92Internal and external heads in Kwtsaan relative clauses[PDF]
Beth M. Sundheim
93-97Havasupai comparatives[PDF]
Edwin Kozlowski
98-118Yavpe irrealis constructions[PDF]
Martha B. Kendall
119-128Compound tense markers in Tolkapaya[PDF]
Sandra Chung
129-133No more schwa for Yavapai[PDF]
A. V. Shaterian
134-141Notes on Walapai syntax[PDF]
James E. Redden
142-148Some notes on Paipai object order and object-marking[PDF]
Judith Joël
149-156Notes on the interpretation of /-m/ and /-k/ in Walapai[PDF]
Akira Y. Yamamoto