Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop

The cover of Papers from the American Indian Languages Conferences
The cover of Papers from the American Indian Languages Conferences

Papers from the American Indian Languages Conferences
(1991, Occasional papers in linguistics, Volume 16)
Edited by James E. Redden

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1-27Reduplication in Luiseño nouns[PDF]
Eric Elliott
28-36Reduplicación, acento y cantidad en el Tepehuano de Milpillas Chico, Durango[PDF]
José Luis Moctezuma Z.
37-66Closed corpora and "circumstantial evidence"[PDF]
Anthony P. Grant
67-79Some uses of the demonstrative clitic pu in Jamul Diegueño[PDF]
Richard Epstein
80-91Regarding the meaning and function of the auxiliary verb paa in Jamul Diegueño[PDF]
Kim Kellogg
92-96Accusative locatives and other locatives in Walapai[PDF]
James E. Redden
97-126Obsolescence in Achumawi: Why Uldall too?[PDF]
Bruce Nevin
127-134Ethnohistoric clues: Ocuilteco place-names[PDF]
Martha C. Muntzel
135-146Conservative and innovative features of Alexis Stoney[PDF]
Eung-Do Cook and Camille Owens
147-155Preliminary analysis of Chalcantongo Mixtec tone[PDF]
Leanne Hinton, Gene Buckley, Marv Kramer, and Michael Meacham
156-167The phonetics of tone in Chalcatongo Mixtec couplets[PDF]
Michael Meacham
168-172Low-tone spreading in Chalcatongo Mixtec[PDF]
Eugene Buckley
173-182An accentual analysis of tone on Chalcatongo Mixtec[PDF]
Leanne Hinton
183-202Subject and inverse in Kutenai[PDF]
Matthew S. Dryer
203-217Metrical structures in Salcha Athapaskan[PDF]
Siri G. Tuttle
218-237Utian and the Swadesh list[PDF]
Catherine A. Callaghan