Survey Reports

Survey Reports is an occasional series published by the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages. A complete listing of titles is given below. Volume 12 is out of print. All other volumes are available for order from the Survey using this printable order form.

All items posted here, published or otherwise unpublished, are copyright (©) by their authors and editors.

Cover of Survey Reports Volume 1
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 1
Volume 1Survey reports (1981)
Volume 2Wintu dictionary (1981)
Alice Schlichter
Volume 3Freeland's Central Sierra Miwok myths (1982)
Edited by Howard Berman
Volume 4Studies in Mesoamerican linguistics (1983)
Edited by Alice Schlichter, Wallace L. Chafe, and Leanne Hinton
Volume 5A lexicon of Atsugewi (1984)
D. L. Olmsted
Volume 6The Sapir-Kroeber correspondence (1984)
Edited by Victor Golla
Volume 7Wappo studies (1984)
Jesse O. Sawyer
Volume 8Proceedings of the Meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas July 2-4, 1993 and the Hokan-Penutian Workshop July 3, 1993 (1993)
Edited by Margaret Langdon
Volume 9Proceedings of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop July 8-9, 1994 and July 5-6, 1995 (1995)
Edited by Victor Golla
Volume 10The Hokan, Penutian, and J. P. Harrington Conferences and the Mary R. Haas memorial July 28-29, 1996 (1996)
Edited by Leanne Hinton
Volume 11Proceedings of the Meeting of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop June 17-18, 2000 (2002)
Edited by Laura Buszard-Welcher
Volume 12Proceedings of the 50th anniversary conference (2002)
Edited by Lisa Conathan and Teresa McFarland
Volume 13Conference on Otomanguean and Oaxacan Languages (2004)
Edited by Rosemary Beam de Azcona and Mary Paster
Volume 14Language is life: Proceedings of the 11th Annual Stabilizing Languages Conference (2004)
Edited by Wesley Y. Leonard and Stelómethet Ethel B. Gardner
Volume 15Structure and contact in languages of the Americas (2013)
Edited by John Sylak-Glassman and Justin Spence
Volume 16Basic Yurok (2014)
Andrew Garrett