Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 12
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 12

Volume 12
Proceedings of the 50th anniversary conference
Edited by Lisa Conathan and Teresa McFarland

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1-8Fieldwork and the survey: Remarks from the panel discussion
William Shipley, Robert Oswalt, Leonard Talmy, and Brent Galloway
9-17John P. Harrington's field work methods[PDF]
Kathryn A. Klar
18-31Split intransitivity and possession in Chimariko[PDF]
Lisa Conathan
32-46The vowel system of California Hokan[PDF]
Jeff Good
47-54Interjections in Kashaya[PDF]
Robert Oswalt
55-63Rhetorical nominalization in BarbareƱo Chumash[PDF]
Marianne Mithun
64-88Northwestern California ethnolinguistics: A study in drift[PDF]
Sean O'Neill
89-97Tying loose ends in Kawaiisu phonology: Some comments on Zigmond, Booth, & Munro (1990)[PDF]
Sheldon Klein
98-107Special language in Shoshoni poetry songs[PDF]
Jon Dayley
108-118Blue munk: Towards an analysis of causatives and the like in Chinuk Wawa[PDF]
Jon Dayley
119-136A pan-Penutian database of materials for comparison and reconstruction: Its organization, uses, and current results[PDF]
Marie-Lucie Tarpent
137-154Directionality and affectedness: Semantic extension in Chickasaw applications[PDF]
Larry Gorbet and Pamela Munro